Counting Stars

Mountainside Planetarium 
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Her clientele, as well as the locations, was starting to grow. Rory wondered if she should consider hiring extra hands to meet the demand. So far she had been keeping up but maybe, at least, hiring a translator wouldn't hurt. Heck, she could definitely afford to do it. However, she wouldn't know where to start. Maybe put out an ad for one? Either way, it was the end of a busy day and she had finished up with her last client for the night. The last thing she wanted to do was spend the rest of the evening thinking about work.

So there she was, at a place she had never been to, and Rory was quite amazed by how the place looked. Mountainside Planetarium. The structure itself was breathtaking. She couldn't imagine what the inside looked like and as she walked in her lips parted slightly in awe. Ah, it was stunning. She didn't know where to start at first but she eventually found herself at the paintings of the heavens. When she was finished looking at the art she would love to go see the stars and planets but for now, she stared at a painting marveling its beauty.


Beauregard actually did try to avoid hunting in the planetarium. A mistake here would be far more public and with far greater chance to draw attention to the clutch.

But it was difficult to resist a psychic, particularly when the new moon ticked a bit closer each day. And so he began a slow wandering, admiring the exhibits he'd seen many, many times before. He breathed in the heater-warmed air, a bloodhound of sorts as he tracked steadily toward his potential meal.

And at last, there she was. Pretty and young, no less. He could sense her wonder as he neared, and he let his gaze wander to the painting, offering a small hum before sidling up some feet from her.

"Striking, isn't it?"


Rory was mesmerized by what she was looking at. It amazed her what some people could do. If she were to try her hand at drawing or painting anything it wouldn't even come close to the stuff in this building. She almost laughed at the thought of what her own work would look like...It was pretty much like a child who got a hold of some art supplies and went crazy on paper with them. Her work of art was a different category. What she could do in the kitchen was definitely a work of art. She loved cooking and she was excellent at it as well.

It was easy to get lost in your own world, especially when hers was so quiet. It was a blessing and a curse. She was so focused on studying the painting that she failed to notice anyone had joined her and as she turned to move on, without a thought, she lightly bumped into the gentleman that happened to be near her after taking a couple steps. Startled she looked up at the man with her hand covering her parted lips. "Holy Toledo, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" Her hand had moved away from her mouth so she could speak without anything distorting her words.

Not a word in response. Quite truthfully, he was offended, and Beauregard's handsomeness would be lessened by a frown. At very least, she could have acknowledged him, even if it was with a less than favorable response.

He opened his mouth again to express some degree of playful hurt, but she was turning, and quite unexpectedly bumping into him. His eyebrows rose in surprise, but he chuckled to her choice of words. A phrase he hadn't heard in years.

"Just fine, no need to worry," he said warmly. "Mesmerized by the painting, were you?"

Rory felt rather embarrassed at what happened. She knew better than to move without looking in a public setting. Though, she doubted she had hurt the gentleman seeing as it felt like she bounced off a wall. Blue eyes focused on his lips as he spoke trying to catch the words being spoken. It appeared that he wasn't at all upset, which was a good thing. As for the last part, she believed he said something about her being mesmerized?

"Very much, yes. "A sheepish grin appeared. "The art is just too good. It made me forget I wasn't alone." As she let out a chuckle, she wasn't sure if she should let this person know she was deaf. Even after all these years she still wasn't sure how to make it known to strangers. It just didn't seem pleasing to start a conversation like "Hi, I'm deaf. How are you?" The only time it felt natural was when it was work-related or maybe when she was eating out.

Her eyes fell south of his own, an unfortunate choice. But as she spoke, there was a curious edge to her voice, the words rounding strangely in her mouth.

Beauregard found himself with a hint of a theory. How rude it would be to ask, of course. And far more fun to test.

"Happens to the best of us," he said with a smile.

Then, perhaps cruelly, he turned his head away to obscure his face, gesturing further down the hall.

"All of these high tech exhibits, and yet these are among my favorite."

It was such a relief to see that the gentleman was not mad. There were plenty of times when the similar encounter went the opposite way. She really needed to stop being a klutz.

Catching most of what he said at first, she smiled. "Very true," she said with a smile. However, that smile turned into a very soft frown when the man’s head turned away from her which made it impossible to read his lips. Oh, of course he was talking.

Rory bit her lip with mild frustration. What was she to do now? She leaned to the side to try and get a better angle but no luck and she was sure she looked weird doing that. With defeat she spoke up, either interrupting him or not. "Ah,’m actually deaf." And here comes the part where they walk away shortly after, right?

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