Homemaker (nsfw)

Lavender Heights 
outfit plus black thigh high boots

She. Just.

Couldn't help it.

Safi was such a draw for her. Even as Asha knew she'd be smelling like a corpse. Even if they couldn't share a pizza and get stupid drunk beforehand. Even if nothing ended up happening because of corpse smell and they were just friends after all! Asha just couldn't help but dress up a little for Safi.

Even if it was cold as fuck and my god pants would have been great.

Anyway, she arrived at Safi's new apartment building with some wine and catnip for herself. Because now that she knew, she supposed Safi could see her at her most ridiculous.

She wondered if Safi liked drinking magic people blood. Considering she used to be one.

Buzz buzz, Asha rang.


Candles were so scary now. She had gotten one of those long lighters that she could hold away from her, but lighting the six candles was a lot of stress still. But she'd managed it, and then she had gone up stairs to shower and lather herself in nice smelling lotion and spray herself with perfume and also her clothes. Then she fabreezed the couch and bed even though she knew there was not much of a chance that things would really happen or anything but best to be prepared anyway. She had considered going out and trying to find a psychic to feed from but the high would be gone by the time she got back home so oh well. She could have a nice time sober. She did feed from like four people earlier that night though, so hopefully no issues.

She had just closed the door to Ossy's kennel in the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. She hurried to reach through and give the pup one last scritch before placing a blanket over his cage and turning to exit, closing the door behind her. With vampire speed because she was excited, she hurried down to the front door to open it. When she did, she took a step back and grinned from ear to ear at the sight of Asha. She was so fucking pretty. Prettier than ever. And the dress was amazing. "Hi." She hummed, and would extend a hand toward her friend to maybe run her hand along her arm or pull her into a hug or both.

Oh god.

Well like, there was definitely still a delicate lining of corpse smell. But there was also, like. Candles. And perfume. And lotions. And febreeze. And dog. And more death, which was really the only thing Asha had been prepared for. (Well, that and blood. She didn't know Safi's eating habits.)

But anyway. She recognized the effort made as her nose tickled with the urge to sneeze. And Safi was reaching a hand out but ASHA WAS RUSHING TO COVER HER NOSE WITH THE COLLAR OF HER SWEATER DRESS THING AND SNEEZE.

Thankfully, she managed to do this. She giggled, going a little red in the cheeks for it. "Sorry. Hi," she smiled, and if Safi wouldn't pull away she'd go right on in for that hug with all the headiness mixed in from all these SMELLS.

Asha immediately pulled back and buried her face in her dress and for a moment Safiya was genuinely mortified at the idea that Asha was pulling away from her dead person smell. But then she sneezed, and pulled away to smile and go in for the hug and Safiya relaxed her shoulders from where they had tensed up in horror. "It's okay!" She said with a little nervous laugh, and pulled Asha into a hug as the door shut behind her. She was so warm. Warmer than Safiya remembered. It was nice.

"It doesn't smell like death in here does it?" She asked as she pulled away.

She was hugging a literal icicle. Asha didn't know why that was funny, but she shook with silent giggles through it.

Which became not so silent at the question, but remained tiny giggles. Smol giggles. Safi she was just a little giddy, sorry. Maybe it was the nose overload happening. Her cat swatted at the metaphysical air like it would help their brain process it all better.

"Nope!" Asha smiled with such enthusiasm she almost believed it. It did, Safi. It did a little bit. Asha barreled through the lie and held up the bagged bottle in her hand. "I brought, um. Not blood. Wine. And. That was probably terrible of me because you can't even drink it, I'm sorry."

Asha gave a little lip bite through her smile and gave an exhale to set her brain straight, or try to. "Do I smell like a cat?"

The giggling was infectious and it helped distract from the smell of cat pee and wet jungly weirdness. Safiya bit her lip as she stepped back. Nope, no death smell. Except it was a LIE, ASHA. Her eyes narrowed some, but playfully. She hated this power sometimes. Why couldn't she just let herself believe that her house and her body didn't smell like a coffin. Oh well, Asha was barreling on through. The wine was a little sad but she wouldn't let Asha know that. "That's okay. I'll have fun watching you be cute and tipsy." Which was actually the truth. Asha the warm, drunk little cat. Well, big cat, but.

"Not too badly." She lied but she was good at those and Asha didn't have the advantage that she did.

With that, she turned to head toward her cabinets, as the front door was on the level with the kitchen, and retrieved a glass for the wine. "Here!" She exclaimed brightly as she offered it to Asha. "We can go downstairs to the den." She gestured to the stairs, and would head there if there was no objection.

Asha was very cute and tipsy, thanks. And apparently she didn't smell badly, which was even better.

Safi wanted her to get the party started sooner than later, and who was Asha to deny her that. She took the glass with a grin and moved to follow her. Asha didn't need a corkscrew because it was a simple screw off top instead of a cork. Easy peasy.

"This is a nice place though," she complimented, the "though" being entirely unnecessary to add but sometimes talking was like that. Anyway, an apartment with a downstairs was always stupidly expensive. "You got a sugar daddy you haven't been sharing with me?"

Was it Beau??

Safiya smirked at the comment. "I wish." She scoffed. "You save a lot of money when you don't have to buy food or alcohol and you're not driving around all day." Plus, she was doing really well at work. "And business is booming, cause college kids like to believe in fortunes and stuff." A shrug as they reached the den. Honestly her apartment would still be small if it weren't split weirdly into three levels. She only had one room and a tiny kitchen. But it felt big all split up like this. It was weird, but she liked it. She headed toward the couch, and flopped comfortably into it.

No Beau daddy. "Man, I'm jealous. You spend so much money on food to feed this stupid animal. And sometimes she still busts out and tries to like, eat people."

She could joke about that, right? Because Safi bit people now. Asha gave a grin and, seeing Safi get all comfortable on the couch, was like. Attracted. Really attracted. Fuck.

But also, dead smell, whiiiiich brought her to something she'd thought about as she went to go get comfy on the couch with her. She pulled her boots off too, just to get cozy. And started pouring the wine for herself. "Soooo... I was curious. Do you think it's possible to do one of those mind control things on me? Like... to make me not notice the dead smell or something?"

Sipping wine smoothly. There was still lots of other smells, and it all amounted to slightly dizzying for her, so like. Alcohol would surely help, right cat?

"Yeah and electricity is less cause it's lights off during the day, and I'm out most of the night." It was pretty nice, honestly. Except for the being dead part and being able to combust into ash at the touch of a flame and almost killing people all the time hahahaha. Well at least Asha had to deal with some of the killing people issues, too. Safiya laughed, and was genuinely glad that they had something in common. Even if it was supernatural person struggles.

Asha took off her boots and got comfy, then poured the wine to start on getting drunk. Ugh, she should have found a psychic. Oh well. Asha's next words brought her eyebrows up some. She hadn't even thought about that. Safiya bit her lip. Maybe... maybe it would work? She really hadn't ever used her suggestion thing like that. Just for forgetting and keeping quiet. "Couldn't hurt to try." She said with a little smirk.

"Gimme your eyes." She sat up some to lock her eyes with Asha's. "Do you wanna be alright with just my dead smell or all?"

Asha was nothing if not totally obedient when it came to hot vampires.

The question was... difficult, though. Because really, she wanted it for both Safiya and Beauregard. Even if Beauregard was a guy and therefore off limits by Abraham but you know just reasons okay >_>

But. The fact was that being able to sniff out a vampire was one of those things that was important for her survival. Considering she was almost fucking killed by one. If all smelled pleasant forever then any future assholes would just... slip right by her. And. Maybe the thought of that gave enough discomfort to both her and the cat that Asha decided not to be a fucking idiot.

She could always do this with Beau if it worked, she reminded herself.

"Just you. Can't trust all the other vampires I'll meet," she winked, and after another sip, she locked eyes with Safi.

Just her, that was smart. Safiya nodded and fixed her gaze on Asha's. "Okay, you will always think that I smell clean and like jasmine." EXCEPT it didn't work, and she frowned some and shifted in her seat. "One more time. you will always think I smell good and like jasmine." Uh, fuck. She sighed and sunk into her seat some. "It's kinda stupid sometimes." She really fucking hated when it didn't work.

Like jasmine. Asha might have giggled, and did crack a little smile, but nothing suddenly switched in her brain and Safi was doing a big frown.

Oh man. Safiiiii. This was the second time she'd met a vampire where it didn't work.

"Aww, don't worry, it's okay. We'll have plenty of chances to keep trying."

She downed the wine and felt nothing and poured herself more and then locked eyes with her again.

"Try like... one more time."

Was it two or three times they could try?

Except not that many tonight because magic was stupid and never made sense! But she could probably try one more time, and Asha seemed to know that. Huh. Something to ask about in a bit. For now she watched her drink and imagined what her blood would be like if she weren't a were and drunk and stop Safiya that was gross. Another try!

"Okayyyy. You will always think I smell nice and like lavender." She changed the scent cause she liked it better, but it didn't matter because it didn't work. Safiya clicked her tongue. "Man, I hate this magic. I guess I'll reek forever." Sad face :(

Damn, she'd really been pulling for that to work. But it hadn't, and Safi seemed so dejected.

"It's okaaay, next time," she mewled, and as she finished wine glass number two she was maybe starting to feel the barest bit of something.

She'd snuggled up to a vampire before, for all the smell was offensive. And she was already kinda dizzy with the whirlwind of it. So instead she just took Safi's hand and interlinked their fingers sweetly, because she'd become a little bit of a sap.

Cold fingers were a surprise. Her cat didn't like it. Asha enacted majority rule, a thing she'd thankfully been managing more of lately.

Maybe if you just shove your nose up against a smell you'll fucking learn to like it. Or. You'll hurl.

Don't fucking hurl.

"Actually, lemme..." she started, grabbing for the bag that had held the wine and catnip and reaching for the latter. She pulled it out, a clear little plastic baggy filled with what looked like finely ground oregano, and grinned. She'd definitely stolen this straight off of Persephone's gift to Abraham. Even dried out the leaves herself.

"Alcohol is nice, but this shit — this really makes me stupid," she laughed, hoping to lighten the mood and distract her brain with drugs.

Typical Meowsha.

The hand holding was so sweet and Asha was so sweet and she smelled like cat and wine and Safiya wanted to cry. Not because she was sad or upset but ahhhhh. PSA: Butterflies stilled happened when you were dead. And it was also even more enticing given the circumstances around Asha being here. It felt all kinds of naughty and fun.

Asha was pulling out weed.

Safiya blinked. What. She had never smelled it on Asha before, and she had a nose for weed since they lived in the middle of Colorado. "I didn't know you smoke." Safiya said, disbelieving. She didn't seem the type. Also she braced for skunk smell, but it didn't come. Maybe it was the candles?

See, she was expecting that. "Oh, no, not at all. Thiiis isn't for smoking — it's fucking catnip. And it works on me because of my fucking cat."

Asha giggled stupidly as she felt at Safi's hand with her one hand, and set the bag in her lap so she could open it with her other one. Just that little bit of scent was enough to dilate her eyes some, and she let them go orange in her excitement.

The cat always liked catnip.

Asha brought the open bag closer to her face, inhaling the aroma. Eating it would make her the sleepy kind of high, but smelling it would be
the other kind of powerfully effective.

And then she pressed the bag to her cheek, and looked at Safi and all the sparking fairy lights surrounding her with wildly orange eyes and haywire senses.

T o a s t. Asha set the bag down with what little care she had left and moved to hug Safi close to her.

Sorry you don't have anything like this, hot corpse girl.

It was. Catnip. Because she was a cat. Safiya looked on, dumbfounded. "That works?" She asked incredulously, but watched as Asha put the bag close to her nose. She did catch the orange of her eyes, and the dilation of her pupils. And holy shit, she was getting high off of catnip. What even was this laugh. Safiya's chuckles turned into actual laughter, but she let the Catsha do her thing. When she set down the bag and hugged her close, Safiya hummed approvingly and snuggled in. "Feel good?" She questioned.

"Yesssss," Asha smiled eloquently, squeezing her vampfriend some. "Your booooobs are gonna be so coooolllld."

That was such a weird thought and she slumped down a little to snuggle her face against Safi's boobs. "Gotta warm-em-up."

The cat rolled around and around on the metaphysical ground, seeming to just fall into rolling because it was fun to do, and she swatted with claws at the dead smells and the rest of the smells and also all the sparks of color they saw.

Honestly like slightly under R-rated cuddling was fine.

Oooooooh. That was slightly unexpected because she didn't know how far Asha was going to go but she was definitely not gonna complain. Safiya giggled and let her friend sink down and pushed her fingers through Asha's hair as she snuggled in. "Don't freeeze." She hummed, running her nails gently along Asha's scalp. "Hair so soft." So, so soft. She was a little jealous cause someone would lose a finger if they tried to run their hands through her hair.

Oh my God Safi why would she freeze that earned a little chuckle.

"I've neverrrr frozen outside before," she informed as she snuggled insistently against the cat's inebriated dislike. "Like. Even when it's so, so cold. So you're not gonna freeze me."

Enjoying the hair petting to a degree that was insane, Asha decided to snuggle with a purpose that would gently push Safi down to lie down on the couch.

Clock was ticking on catnip, after all.

Well that was comforting a littttlllleeee. She was super freaking warm to the point where it felt weird a little bit against her cold skin but it was a good weird. "Okayyyy." She hummed, and let the push guide her to laying back. But first she shifted a bit to push Asha up so she could pull her legs up onto the couch and sorta turn? Then she sorta opened her legs a bit for Asha to like lay on top of her and keep on with the boob snuggling or really like whatever she wanted or needed to do.

Woowww Safi you were moving so so much. She smelled dead, and Asha, being Asha, tried to convince her cat that it was like lying on a kill that was yours. That you killed last week. The cat decided eating it was an idea.

No eating Safi.

They settled comfortably, and Asha decided to try just like. Smooching her icicle corpse neck.

"Do vampires liiike... bite each other too?" she asked. The answer was probably no but honestly.

Why not.

The smooch was nice and warm and Asha's hair tickled her neck. She hummed and moved to keep up with the finger running. At the question, she giggled. "Maybe when they're fucking." She said thoughtfully. "I haven't had sex like this yet, especially with a vampire, so I dunno." She would probably bite. Who would she want to bite most. Lazarus, probably, because he was a certain kind of controlled that would be fun to toy with. Or maybe Raziyya, because she was soft but not soft.

It was like getting up close with a dead deer. This was, of course, hilarious to a high as fuck Asha.

"Oh man," she giggled, both to her own thoughts and to this. "Do you... like, feel each other's coldness too? Or is it more like...[q] handwave, help, what are words, [q]same temperature, no difference?"

Amidst the silliness and a few more smooches to the neck, there was a growing idea that, without having at least Safi's dead smell removed from the equation, Asha wouldn't actually be able to do things that involved more than snuggling and icicle skin kisses.


Her brows furrowed as she thought about all the vampire flesh she'd touched. "I mean, it's not like ice cold. But it's not like warm human or shifter skin either." It wasn't bad, though. She didn't mind it. Not as much as she minded the cat smell which was more of a thing now that it was up close. The snuggles were still nice and cozy, and she moved one hand to sorta cup the side of Asha's face and run a thumb along her cheek.

"Do shifters have sex as animals?" Like furry shit? That would be weird. Asha, say no.

That was so weird. That was so so so weird. Asha tried to imagine what that would feel like but it was hard! Touch was so important to weres, and like, you could obviously feel each other's body heat relative to the rest of the world because the rest of the world wasn't nearly as warm as weres.

Mm. It would be nice if Abraham was like, here right now. Behind her or something. Holy shit, that would feel amazing. IIIIIF they could get Safi's mind control thing to work. And also his nervousness oh shit what if she could magic that away.

Asha would be setwhatSafi—

"Oh my god!" she laughed, and sort of laughed into Safi's neck. "But— it's like... it's not really me? It's the animal, she like. Has her own brain and stuff. And his too."

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod she squeezed Safi's boob nicely because who wouldn't with hand access to a boob?!

Oh my god! Safiya laughed in time with Asha and also bummed at the boob squeeze but the explanation didn’t make sense. She couldn’t wrap her brain around... two brains? Like a whole other person inside your head? Well, animal.

“Okay but that didn’t answer!! Have you guys like!” She thrust her hips up against Asha, “Done it while shifted??” She was giggling again.

"Safiiiii!" she whined, though hip movements seemed like it could track her mind elsewhere. She grinned with a brow raise and a blurred focus. "Yes, I guess... I was blacked out for it though!"

Perhaps pushed by the jaguar to do something about flowery-smelling corpse that was similar to a kill, she gave Safi a soft bite on her shoulder and pressed her own hips against her.

Wait. They could totally use a strap on.


Wait, the nipping was A LOT and she hummed but also! Wait!

"Wait!" Safiya said a little sharply, confused. "He had cat sex with you while you were black out? Like you don't remember agreeing to it?" Like Abraham had cat fucked her while she was unconscious??? It was still QUESTIONABLE if they were both cats...

Oh my God she was making this hilariously awful. Asha shook with laughter.

"Ohmygod no it's like. For a while when you shift!? It's like the brain switches off and you're not around for it. It's just the animal doing what the animal wants. Now I remember things but that's because I'm strong."


She gave a little thrust and boob squeeze again.

Oh that didn’t make any sense! But she trusted Asha in her explaination. If something bad happened, Asha probably would have killed Strangelove already. Anyway. She was strong now so she could remember when she was a cat. There was more thrusting and boob squeezing so Safiya was inclined to let it go in favor of an aroused hum. “You are. She agreed. This was so amazing it was all warm and hot and ugh, she just wanted to flip Asha over and peel off her clothes and-

But only if Asha was okay with it. Safiya had the advantage of not having to breathe in the cat smell. But Asha was stuck with the dead smell because the fucking stupid magic didn’t work. Ugh ugh ughhhh. She moved her hands to run them over Asha’s back, tugging at the sweater material some.

Asha didn't need Magic Beau Feeling powers or Magic Safi Truth powers to tell she was getting into it. Let's stop talking about Abraham, thanks, though her cat sent insistent images of screwing him instead. You do that, cat.

She kissed at Safi's chest, working a clumsy hand at the button of her shirt.

"Still got that dragon dick?" she giggled. "Orrrr. Something one of usss could wear."

Okay yes apparently this was still going to happen and she was so fucking down with it. She sighed at the kiss on her chest and sort of rolled her hips up once again as Asha asked about that one dragon dildo that she definitely still had. Or. A strap on. Safiya flashed a wicked grin. "I have both." She said, and would reluctantly start to wiggle up from beneath Asha. "Upstairs." If she was able to get up then she would start heading toward the stairs, fighting the urge to vampire speed the entire way up.


So many stairs. Asha wished she could go to four legs for the stairs, but then she'd just be a cat with an even better sense of smell.

A little whiny but still moving to follow dead-flower-smell (potpourri?) covered Safi, she would dutifully do her best not to fall.

She did sort of zoom up the last flight, too excited and feeling like her stupid feet were being too slow at even a brisk pace. With a little skip that made her hair bounce, she leaped onto her bed, then rolled to her stomach to grab for the drawer in the bedside table. It revealed... a few things. The dragon dildo, two different vibrators, lube, and the strap on. She grabbed that, revealing one of the ones that had a secondary piece for the wear-er to use, which was connected by chords to a small remote that would control vibrations. The dildo attached was pink and a good eight inches. But she also grabbed the dragon dick, then rolled to a sit and held both up in either hand. "You pick." She instructed Asha, not really caring either way.

Asha was dying. This was probably because Barlit was her boyfriend. He was trying to make her old.

Shake that shit off and chase your vampire friend, Asha.

She was bouncing next to the bed when she got offered the options. "Oh my god oh my god," she giggled, kind of breathless from like all of this.

The dragon dildo was forever weird but now it was nostalgic. But. Like.

"I want you..." she started, reaching for the strap on, "to fuck me with this."

If her heart beat it would be hammering, if she could sweat there would be an excited prickle along her spine, if she breathed normally it would be hitched. But there was still an explosion of excitement and arousal, and a notable dampness between her legs despite the fact that it lacked the warmth. When Asha came near to grab at the strap on, Safiya grinned wickedly. "Holy fuck, would I love to." She said, her voice breathy.

Safiya pulled the strap on close to her, though, out of Asha's reach. A mischevious smirk played on her lips as she moved to grab the back of Asha's hair and pull her close to press a kiss into her lips. When she pulled away, she huffed out, "Get naked."


Asha had a lot of confused and somewhat panicked arousal happening. She was really glad Safi couldn't read her brain. She was really into being told to get ready for a pounding but also when it took less words. Yes please.

"Yes Miss Safi," she giggled through the cat's snarling disgust, really clinging for Asha the human. She was into this. Yes. Asha pulled off her sweater dress to reveal just simple black underwear and a black bra. Black felt like a good color for vampires. What if red made them think of blood?

Oh my God Asha just take off your god damn everything else already. She did that, feeling aroused and a measure of vulnerable knowing she smelled like cat, but Safi was into her. She gave her dead friend a little come hither and a grin, ready to kiss her again and really make herself adapt to that smell and taste please jaguar stay down.

Did this make her a necrophiliac? Holy shit. But better than being called desperate, at least.

Okay so she did feel kinda bad for making Asha kiss a corpse. But also she really needed to kiss her. If she was uncomfortable with it, it didn't show. She called Safi 'Miss' and that was enough to distract her for a bit. Safiya set the strap on aside on the bed as Asha pulled off her dress. That fucking body was just. Ugh. Hurry up, Safiya. She worked on her own dress, and revealed a dark purple set of underwear and bralette. Asha was fucking naked now and Safi felt like she could probably just melt and be happy. It was kinda weird not to feel her heart hammering but it was fine! In the back of her mind, she kept tabs on how excited she was letting herself get. Because the last fucking thing she wanted to do was bloodlust.

Anyway. She was being beckoned and she was not about to say no. So she shimmied out of her underwear and kicked them away as she crawled onto the bed. Safi stopped to take in the sight of her friend laid out naked before her. She wanted to touch every inch of her. But. Ugh. Cold hands. She wished she could jus- oh. Fuck. She was so stupid, or felt stupid, for taking so long to realize a solution. "I'm gonna do something weird. Don't freak out." She informed her friend, then her eyes flickered into a pale white. Nothing notable changed. No image of anything, no sound. But when she moved to grab Asha by the hips and pull her closer, the woman would notice the sensation of warmth on her skin instead of cold. It didn't entirely match up with each finger, and it was more just like a feeling in the general area, but! "Feel that?" She hummed as she slid her hands eagerly along Asha's thighs.

Oh shit, there was never a time Asha was more likely to freak out than when she was told not to freak out. Her eyes went wide with some apprehension, and the jaguar's distrust only added to it. But as Safi's eyes went white, and she reached out to grasp at her, Asha braced for cold and instead it was...

"Warm?" she asked, confused and then — oh shit. Safi the illusionist. That was fucking brilliant and she laughed.

"Oh my god, that's amazing," she groaned a little. It wasn't perfect, but it was almost like when Safi was human again except... would the smell be too much to change? Or... she knew powers had drawbacks or something.

She'd let Safi decide as she pulled her in.

Asha was so goddamn cute. Safiya grinned at her confused pleasure. "Hm?" She said as she slid one hand around, and pressed her fingertips against the warmth between Asha's thighs. Warmth would be focused on her, but she reeled it back so she didn't burn her fucking vagina. But also the idea of cold fingers on your pussy sounded horrible so. "What about this?" She questioned, and moved her fingers in a tender circle, pressing down around her clit some.

That felt really really good. Asha gave a little writhe, forgetting all thought for a moment. The jaguar hated the touch, but it was nothing Asha couldn't handle. Yet, at least.

"Yes please," she mewled, pressing her hand against the back of Safi's to encourage more pressure and work. She decided to work her other hand at one of her breasts, thumbing ay the AHHH COLD NIPPLE and squeezing at the AHHH COLD BOOB god what a life to live.

The high was slowly fading and Asha hoped Safi would be strap-on balls deep by that point. For. Arousal reasons.

Ugh ugh ugh. She just really needed to hurry up because more of those sounds please. Safiya pressed into Asha's warmth, fingers circling down to dip past her lips. The kneading of her boob was hot but after a few seconds she moved away some so that she could position her hand with her palm up. With that her fingers curled into Asha, slowly at first, but picking up pace as she looked upon her with parted lips. Her eyes flickered to the strap on nearby, and she moved to grab it with her free hand.

"Fuck," Asha whimpered needily, a hand reaching back to grip her own hair, grateful for the warmth Safi was giving. She met her eyes — startled just the slightest by the white of her irises, which honestly paired with the dead smell made her feel like she was in some kind horror porn. Which.


Kind of turned her on in a sick way. Sex brain, or maybe just Asha's sex brain, could be fucking crazy and creepy sometimes. And she could see her reaching for the strap on and fuck. Yes.

"Need you now," she encouraged, and truly, now was the word of the moment.

She could feel the cat crouching tensely, her tail flicking.

Now was a good word. So Safiya pulled away to get to strap on quicker. But! In a split second decision, she left the warm feelings to linger on and in Asha, and added in something that she hoped felt like slow tingling. While that happened, she moved to lay back and east the strap on over her legs. The vibrator for her end was easy to settle onto, and she did so with a sigh that parted her lips. With it all secured and in place, Safiya rolled off of the bed, to stand with her knees braced against the edge.

She bent, and hooked her arms around the back of Asha's thighs to drag her toward the edge, thankful for her own height that let them align perfectly. The illusion slipped away as Safiya grabbed the pink dildo and guided it to slide unceremoniously into Asha. It felt less romantic, but it was pretty clear that neither of them were in it for a spiritual connection right now. She would pause as she eased herself to the hilt of the strap on, then move to grab the remote that was attached by a chord, and tossed it to Asha. "Fuck me while I fuck you." She wouldn't give her much time to respond before she was pulling back and moving forward in a steady, but eager thrust.

Asha had no idea what the fuck was happening inside her but. You know what. She was so fucking into it. The vibration and the warmth and holy shit.

And then there was more than that. Getting grabbed and dragged to the edge of the bed, feeling her sliding it in. The cat swatted angrily at metaphysical air, furious at such roughness when it wasn't being delivered by a fellow cat. Asha wished more catnip was possible this soon after the last bit, but.

There was Safi, giving her the remote.

Anyway, she liked the lack of gentleness. Even as it was toeing a dangerous line. With greater sobriety, she resolved to hold the cat back, and gave a little smirk to her vampire friend.

"Yes— Miss— Safi," she moaned lustily again through the starting thrusts, starting up the vibrator on an easy low for now.


Just fuck, you know?

The vibration was a fucking lot, and her words, and her moans and just. Ugh. This was where she was fucking supposed to be. Fucking a hot ass jaguar woman. In control, but also letting someone else be in charge of her pleasure. Her jaw tensed as she tilted her head back some, but she peered down her nose at Asha as she deepened her thrusts.

There was... warmth. That crawled along her spine. Familiar and dreadful in the same breath. Or, non-breath. Something deep and primal and a mix of sex and misery. She'd eaten prior, but there was the faint beginnings of a hunger that she was aware could and likely would rear its stupid ugly head. But, Gods. This felt too good to stop. Her legs shook slightly with the vibrations that filled her with another type of warmth, and hummed with each thrust she pushed into Asha. The sinful sounds of the dildo, her moans, the hum of the vibrator. It was easy to ignore that boiling feeling along her spine. Enough to subdue it, for now.

With a better grip on her chain on the cat, Asha was somewhat free to enjoy the rest of this. And God damn she did, eyes meeting Safi's like she was expecting to get mind controlled or something suddenly. Which would be so fucking wrong and hot. Asha what the fuck is wrong with you.

A lot.

Were you allowed to get religious around a vampire? Asha decided not to just in case. She didn't get how that worked, really.

She stuck with a colorful array of pornographic "Oh fuck"s and "Yes, Safi"s and "don't fucking stop"s.

This was fifty shades of sinful. A vampire and a were creature having hardcore lesbian sex. He mother would drop dead. But she couldn't get enough of it. Asha was erotic in all of the right ways, and Safiya felt like melting just looking at her tits as they bounced, watching as she writhed and moaned and uuuuhggh. Safiya clenched around the vibrator as she felt herself crawl toward a climax, probably not as intense as she would be having if she were getting fucked, but it would do. She joined in with her own technicolor dream-coat of unholy words, and her pace quickened as she angled herself upward some.

"Fffuuu-" She breathed, as a tremor began to wash over her. Small, not worth much more than that, but something. And. Apparently enough to bring up that warm shock along her spine back into focus. Safiya took a deep breath in that she knew she didn't need, and held it as she stiffened some, her thrusting slow. Her fingers, which had been clutching the tops of Asha's thighs, tensed. Warmth to burning was a bizarre shift, but she knew it well. "Fuck-" Safiya managed, her eyes flickering down from below stitched brows as she looked to Asha. "Fuck, I'm." A wave of... wrath. Of unyielding hunger. Safi grit her teeth, her fingers releasing as she staggered back, pulling unceremoniously from Asha.

"Sorry, just- Hold on." She forced herself backward toward the wall, forgetting for now how stupid she probably looked with a giant pink dildo flopping from her pelvis.

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