Homemaker (nsfw)

Lavender Heights 
Was she coming? Oh fuck that would be hot.

Except. Asha felt the slowing and the gripping at her thighs, and her eyes focused on Safi, some mix of confusion and concern on her face. "What—?" she breathed stupidly, unsure, sitting up and feeling...


A little like she had when Abraham's leg had bent backwards and he fell away from her. The feeling of having anything dicklike pulling out of her like that was borderline triggering, and she had to blink a few times to center herself and to whatever was happening here.

The jaguar was hateful and alarmed, and Asha was orange eyed as Safi pulled back, her own fingers gripping to the sheets as she held tight against the urge of her cat to attack.

"I... It's okay, we can..." pause? They were paused.

Something of a morbid fascination fixed her as she stared at Safi, pulling the blanket to cover her. Would it help if she just stayed here? Ran off and hid somewhere?

The bathroom. Always hide in the bathroom, right Asha? But what if she triggered some... fucked up prey drive.

She didn't move.

But she was ready to fucking bolt if Safi lost control.

Just. Stay calm. Look, Asha was startled but she was so fucking calm. Confused, probably. But just. Safiya, you don't breathe but breathe anyway. She did that. It was a nice and familiar thing and she found that focusing on her lungs expanding like you were blowing up some doctor's gloves was a good sensation to focus on. She moved to pace, because it felt right. Her hands moved to her hips. She was wearing a giant dick. It was all fucking ridiculous, and it helped her immensely as she gritted her teeth and forced air and eventually managed to clamber back down from the beginning stages of losing her shit. She couldn't. Asha would shift, Beauregard would know oh god wait could he-


"Sorry, yeah." She said after a moment, her head shaking some as she moved to run her hands along the back of her neck. She blinked her eyes, fighting back the blotted vision that came with the surge of EVIL JUICE that coursed through her dead veins when she bloodlusted. Safi glanced down, and stared at the dick for a moment, realized she still had a vibrator in her vagina (though it had turned off when she pulled away and the remote had hit the floor), and chuckled. "I probably look so stupid." She said, voice a bit rough she looked to Asha. "Sorry, it was just. A lot. Um." It felt so shitty to cut it short.

"We can keep going, but take it slow? Maybe you on top?" She suggested. "And no vibrator." Because she was pretty sure thats what had been her downfall. And overusing her powers. And fucking a jaguar. A lot of things. But she was the best at making stupid decisions, so.

Don't worry Safi, Asha was also the best at making stupid decisions. Aside from an angry cat there was also the fact that maybe Safi was too fresh to this to be pushed around into the kind of sex they seemed to prefer.

So she should have been like, no, it's okay, we'll pick this up another time. But she still had sex brain amidst, and the idea of riding her first vampire was too alluring to walk away from, and also stopping and leaving at this point just felt like it would be sad!


"We can take it slow," she nodded, patting at the bed and smiling to Safi. Everything smelled like death and perfumed flowers, and her senses whirled a little for it.

"And you don't look stupid. You look pretty hot and I'm going to fuck you until we both come."

Well. Here was to stupid optimism.

Okay, okay. They could chill. Take it slow and it was so fucking hot that Asha wanted to keep going after watching her almost turn into some crazy fucking monster. Safiya was still shaking a bit but she moved toward the bed, and crawled toward the top so she was sort of half-sitting against the headboard. With a growing smile she beckoned her forward, and would let Asha dictate when she wanted to start moving. A smart decision was made, and she didn't try for the warm thing again, so she hoped Asha didn't mind cold hand running along the curve of her sides and ass as she settled down atop the dildo.

Fun fact, that smile was fucking hot. Safi was still fucking hot. "You are so fucking hot," Asha quoted local poet Abraham Barlet, 15, and she crawled to her on all fours like a... well, a cat really. Her eyes were orange too, because her cat was still on alert.

Settle downnnn, kitty.

If it was an actual dick, Asha would probably suck it a little, just to rev the momentum back up. But it wasn't, so instead she could skip to the part where her hands were on (LITERALLY AND NOT FIGURATIVELY COLD!) shoulders, grip tensing slightly as she acclimated herself to the feeling and also slid the dildo back in. And Safi was running cold hands all up on her too, and Asha gasped for it, head tilting upwards to the ceiling. Okay. Okay. She had actually signed up for this, like, this was a thing she had expected. It was kind of a terrible brand of hot. Humming through a smile, she looked back down at Safi. Kissing a corpse seemed harder now that she wasn't high, but she could definitely still fuck her.

So she started to again, rolling her hips and giving out lusty moans as she built it back up. Slowly, but you know. She still needed some friction to get it done.

Asha was inhumanly hot. Maybe because Safiya knew she was, in fact, not a human. But just. It was unreal, watching he slide down onto the dildo, her tits in her face, her moans. Just. Ugh. Ugh times a million. Asha rolled her hips, and the movement did create some friction internally, but nothing near what the vibrator was doing. Still, it was hot that her movements also gave Safi something in return.

Safi's hands moved to grip Asha's ass as she rolled her hips. helping to guide her some as she rocker her own hips a bit to meet her. Cool thing about being a vampire! She couldn't get tired. She could do this shit all night. As long as things didn't get too intense.. Which! They didn't seem to be, for now. She was still pretty shaky, and felt a lot like she was holding on to a fraying thread. But she really just wanted to get Asha off, and then she could lose her shit later. "God, you're fucking hot." She hummed.

Look, Safi, Asha just said that. But it didn't make it any less good.

Revving up the friction, Asha was closing in on her orgasm, but not quite there yet. It was somewhat between cold skin and the smells that she kept slipping a little bit, and even internally, she knew her hold on the cat was weakening. Slackening the leash, though the cat herself remained down for now.

Just a little more.

It was always hard to tell with women when they were getting close. Especially when they were vocal throughout, there wasn't much of a verbal warning. So Safiya set herself to continuing with the pace, maybe bucking her hips with a bit more force when Asha came down to meet her. Her fingers were curling in against soft flesh, and she really didn't realize until it started hurting that she was gritting her teeth against jaws that threatened to unhinge at any given moment. Her moans roughened, descending more into something like growls and grunts. That same, familiar and hated flood of rage and lust and hunger clawed along her spine and through her stomach, but she tried to keep herself set on the movement of Asha's hips and the bounce of her tits. Maybe she wouldn't notice that her eyes were paling and losing their focus. Maybe she could ignore the blur around the edges of her vision.

Close, close, closer. Asha felt the push in Safi's thrusts, felt the insistent cold of her hands on her skin.

Felt the cat rising and reacting, and she herself... was slipping back some, knowing she was losing ground but really, really, really wanting to come. Like, it was stupid how sex brain could take away all sense.

And she as she felt the prickling points of cold fingers in her skin that she wasn't even aware of were beginning to warp, her cat pushed to surface, and she looked down at Safi with brightly orange eyes, and what she saw was...

She released a low snarl of her own as the cat hissed through her voice, more out of surprise than anything, and the sound succeeding only in surprising her more.

"Oh fu—" she managed through a gravelly voice as she clutched at her throat, pulling herself away roughly (ow, her vagina didn't like that) and sliding off the bed just in time for her shin bone to snap, for the crackling shattering to begin as the cat attempted to take over. "Sh-shit! Safi! Bathroom, where is it!"

Asha had one minute to get there, and she limped towards the door in the hope that Safi would please tell her where to go by the time she made it.

Just...just a little longer.

Really, those were some of the last normal human thoughts she was able to have before she was starting up into orange eyes, and echoing a snarl that was sent her way. Her lips peeled back, and her jaw popped as she was shoved away from. She sat up, her jaw finally opening to allow for the aggressive growth of overlong fangs. Her eyes, pale and solid, focused on the snarling, shattering woman as she spoke. The woman-turned creature hissed, her hands slamming to either side of her to grip onto the sheets and pull herself up. Her vision blurred, memories of moments before warped, the smell of cat was overwhelming and the rage and hunger were blinding. She leaped away, toward the wall, putting the bed between them as she reached to rip at the restraints around her hips. The claws helped to cut the holster, and she tugged the thing off roughly, hardly noting the uncomfortable tug between her legs. Her focus was on the the woman, the cat, the potential danger as she decided what to do of it.

Safi was very suddenly... not Safi.

The cat eyed a threat, and Asha eyed a horror, and what the fuck. The cat was was quick to take over, staring at the monstrosity before it and pushing Asha to full on jaguar form. The thought was clear — they needed to get away, back home, and four legs were far better than two for running.

The cat would only zoom so far as the window opposite the stairs on the entrance level before she was throttling towards the window, having enough human presence of mind to be confident that as a gigantic big cat, she could handle a twenty foot fall.

The body broke and snapped and spilled fur from its skin. It was a terrible, horrible battle of wills as the sane part of Safiya's brain drowned in a sea of chaos, terrified but ultimately still worried about Asha. The rest of her was nothing less than a raging monster. When the flash of gold and black and cracking bones moved past her in a sudden rush, there was nothing Safiya could do to stop herself from lashing out with a wide swing of her clawed hand as she moved to follow. Ultimately, she missed. And with the head start, the jaguar would make it to the landing, and through the window before Safiya could reach her for another swing.

Glass shattered, the jaguar dropped, and Safiya slid to a halt as she reached out to grasp either side of the broken window, peering down with widened jaws, scowling brows, and a shrieking hiss that bounced off the sides of the alleyway below. She might have jumped, but the sting of the glass cutting into her hands pulled her focus enough for her to pull back and hiss down at her hands. It was then that the cacophony of high pitched chimes clashing together behind her had her turning in a jerk, sneering into the darkness of her home. There was yapping, yowling, crying from above, and the ringing of phones below.

With a grunt, the creature moved toward the stairs to the den, a blur of movement as she sought the noise that irritated and reverberated against the back of her skull. Toward the coffee table, which she grabbed in one hand and flipped with a heavy jerk. Books and magazines went flying along with an empty wine glass which shattered on the floor. The ringing was on its last trill, and the swiped at the couch in a furry, ripping at fabric and pulling up stuffing. Her foot hit something nearby. A bag. She stooped to grab it, rip it apart and spill the contents. The ringing stopped as it hit the ruined couch. Still, she grabbed it, and unceremoniously chucked it toward the wall. It left a dent where it shattered.

There was a banging, pounding, yelling from above. Fists on the door, a man's voice yelling. Her head snapped up as white eyes stared at the ceiling above, listening... "Safiya? It's David! Alright in there? Open up." David from across the hall. David, who she'd fed from once before on a night where she didn't feel like going out. He was kind, a little portly, but he had blood. She was upstairs in an inhuman flash of movement. Her clawed hands scraped at the door, yanking at the handle. Eventually, it pulled open. David was in his boxers and a t shirt, with two different house shoes. He stepped back, gasped as he took in her naked body first, and choked out some. "O-oh I-I didn't-" Before Safiya had him by the shoulders. She pulled him in, forcing the door closed as she tossed him to the ground. He screamed, choked by terror, as she moved to drive a knee into his chest and pin him. Her hands found either side of his head, forcing it to the side as she bent to sink her teeth into his neck. She didn't have the state of mind not to drink him dry.

She'd miss the attack that followed, though she'd find out about the shallow graze of scratches she'd earned from Safi's failed attack eventually. Animal brain was similar to sex brain in that it was incredibly tunnel visioned.

The jaguar throttled through the window, glass shattering and falling with her. Her paws ground into it as she landed in tumble and then picked herself back up, and there was no further sense staying here.

Asha was immediately rushing back home.

Beauregard was not giddy about this.

The madness seemed to be fading some as he finally made it to her apartment. The broken window was noticed only for the glass on the street, and he shifted from man to bird in a moment to flutter up and rest carefully on the sill, mindful of shards that would catch his little feet.

A variety of scents greeted him here. Sex. Cat. Blood. Alcohol.

He could hear the sound of someone down below. His voice was gentle to start with, anyway.

"Safiya," he called softly, fluttering onto the floor of the strange space. What a layout this was. In a moment, he was himself again, feeling very tall even as he lingered below the sound of despair.

Beauregard hoped there wasn't an abundance of corpses here.

Eventually, David would be dry, and Safiya would be sated. Feeling heavy and warm, she would rise away from the corpse and pace toward the stairs, then back toward the door. A few more times, before she was able to grapple down the rage and hunger, and anchor herself back to someone she knew. Of course, what came with that was immediate, loathsome regret. Safiya looked down upon David, her heart aching for him first. But nothing really could distract her from the impossible weight of remorse for what she had just made Asha do.

She'd shifted, and jumped out of a fucking window. Because Safiya couldn't keep her shit together. She first moved to peer out of the window, but there was no cat in sight. Just broken glass, and her own blood on the shards around the frame. The cold air from outside reminded her that she was naked, and she would move to the bedroom to get clothes. Seeing the bed, the destroyed strap on, Asha's clothing... it was like lifting a floodgate. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her blood-smeared lips turning down and trembling as she made for her dress. She didn't hear the Dominus arrive, didn't feel him. So the call of her name had her jumping with a sharp inhale through her tears. She sniffed loudly as she looked down the stairs from where the familiar voice had come.

Of course he was her. Of fucking course. He knew she bloodlusted, could probably smell the cat, see the body... she was fucked. So fucked. And yet... it brought her immediate comfort, to know she wasn't alone. Beauregard was here to help her. "Um." She said as she rushed through the buttons of her dress. "Here." Her voice was hoarse from the tears that she tried her best to bat out of her eyes and rub from her cheeks as she approached the stairs to her loft room. He was at the foot of them. "I'm sorry."

There moped the pretty Safiya, made uglier by despair. She reminded him of Raziyya, particularly the day he'd been driven to strike her. There was some appeal in the idea of slapping this girl hard enough to send her staggering on the stairs. He could picture it vividly, and the feminine cowering that would follow.

But he would be kind.

"Mistakes happen," he said, tone somber but soothing. "I need you to tell me precisely what happened. Honesty is important, and I am not here to shame you."

He took some steps toward a dead man he did not imagine to be her partner.

She felt like she just got caught smoking weed by he dad. But he didn't have a sandal to beat her with. Instead, he was scarily calm and asking exactly what happened. Even if she wanted to lie, she was physically unable to. "I had a friend over." She explained as she made her way down the steps, her arms crossed over her chest to cover the very obvious nipples through her dress. "We were having sex, and I lost control. She... escaped and my neighbor came to check in." Safiya moved to linger by the dining room table, peering down at David's corpse. "I don't know what to do with his body... I haven't-" Ever killed anyone. Her throat was too choked to say that.

Some details were missing here.

He nodded to her explanation, but she owed him more.

Beauregard disliked heavy corpses. Extra weight made every bit of the process less convenient.

He could have calmed her, but her anxiety was useful for now. Raziyya could soothe the despair of a first killing. Very few took to such an act without a care in the world. Not immediately, anyway.

"And now your friend is... not running to the police, I hope?"

Her gut turned. There was no way to get around this without exposing Asha. He probably smelled her anyway, and her stuff was downstairs. "She's a shifter, and she shifted, so I doubt it." She assured him. She wouldn't. And that wasn't her being hopeful or denying something because she didn't want to think Asha wouldn't do that to her. Asha would not. Safiya would have to call Abraham and ask if she got home. But she likely would never see them again, on account of Asha probably hating her guts.

Fucking a shifter.

That certainly explained the smell, mingling with sex as it rolled from Safiya. He felt his jaw tighten some. What shifter was coming into Lavender Heights and fucking one of his vampires.

"What species, precisely?" he asked, looking to Safiya again with some degree of disapproval.

Truly, it wasn't Beauregard that Safiya needed to fear for now.

Likely, it was Raziyya.

Why... did it matter. She couldn't lie.

"Jaguar." She admitted with a huff through her nose. They weren't banned from here. Hyenas were the only ones, right? Also, she didn't need that disapproval, Beauregard. She could fuck who she wanted... even though this ended up in disaster and was a terrible idea.

Asha. Beauregard paused for a moment, playing Dominus.

"Change into something presentable. You'll be spending the night elsewhere."

He felt the beginning prickles of anger, and he continued in a way perhaps cruel.

"You know Raziyya already wants to kill her? Asha. Separate from this incident." he said, and then turned away from the girl to approach the body and crouch beside it, observing. No wallet, it appeared, unless the man had stuffed it somewhere rather unholy.

She wasn't about to argue. Safiya nodded, and would head up the stairs to change, idly wondering where she would stay. What he said next had her freezing mid-step. If she had a heartbeat it would have skipped. She still felt like she just swallowed a hot coal. It choked her and she gripped the railing. Raziyya wanted to kill Asha. Not just. Not just hurt her, kill her. More tears surfaced. Why would she want to do that? What the fuck had Asha done to deserve her sire's wrath? "No." She managed to say, her tone harder for the effort of not sounding absoultely terrified. What would Raziyya say? When, not if, she found out they fucked. Would she force her to tell her where Asha lived? She didn't know. Would she believe her? Would she make her call Asha out to Lavender Heights? "I didn't." She stifled her thoughts with forcing herself up the stairs. "Why?" She heard him rummaging at David's body as she reached her dresser.

Such suffering. Beauregard rose, pulling his phone from his pocket thumbing through his contacts.

"Raziyya believes she knows too much. That I have sold us out to shifters, perhaps. You are not the first vampire Asha has attempted to romance, though she was unsuccessful in that endeavor."

He smiled faintly, though his back was to her, not so rude as to watch her dress.

"What do you suppose we should do about this?"

It was kind of hard not to know things, Raziyya! She might have said so if Beauregard left it at that. But he continued on, explaining that apparently he knew Asha well enough to tell her a bunch of things, and... and apparently that she'd tried to romance him. Damn, Asha. She wondered when that was. Not that she was judging, Beau could fucking get it. But just. Damn.

Safiya managed a "decent" outfit, then headed back toward where Beauregard was. What to do about David? "He lives.... lived across the hall. Maybe just pose him like a heart attack, or something." God, who the fuck was she saying that? It felt so fucking evil. But really, was there any other option? She hadn't ever done this before, but reporting him to the police was out of the question. They had to think of something.

"I can handle police if they come knocking when they figure out he doesn't have blood." Poor, poor David. She hoped he didn't have any pets. They'd have to see when they moved him.

She offered admirably bad solutions. A heart attack so violent that he fired all the blood from his body into the ether.

In spite of the circumstances, he choked out something of a chuckle.

"Not the body. It's Raziyya I'm concerned about."

This was true, certainly, though perhaps more for the sake of his entertainment.

OH WELL YOU KNOW she had sort of been busy getting dressed to his standards. Her brain was a fucking wreck right now. So whatever. At least she was thinking proactively about covering her ass. As far as Raziyya... well. She huffed. "I can't lie to her." She informed him, because it was the truth. It had been a few months now, and she'd never been able to. It didn't take a genius to figure some kind of suggestion had been placed. She just didn't know when or what. "And she'll know as soon as she reads my thoughts." There was no avoid it it. She couldn't stop her brain from thinking, no matter if she was specifically trying to avoid it. Safiya came to stand beside Beauregard, her arms crossed as she looked over the side of his face. "You and Asha... you're close?"

Safiya wasn't thinking very creatively. Asha's life was on the line and only such bland offerings were granted to him.

"Grab your things. Asha's too, if they're here. The latter come with me."

That was not negotiable, and he sought with his tone to imply as much.

"I'll need a spare house key as well if you have it. We can delve into my personal life after I have some time to think."

No answer, just more demands. She frowned, but ultimately, she followed directions. She called from the stairs as she turned to move up them. "I'm trying to figure out what to do. I don't have any control over Razi." She said this as she grabbed an old bag from bside her bed and stuffed an outfit and Asha's into it. "But you do." She informed him, as if he didn't know. She moved to open the bathroom door. Ossy whimpered from his kennel, and she gasped as she knelt to let him out. He toddled into her lap, and she scritched him. "So if you're friends with Asha, you can tell Raziyya not to harm her." She added as she bent to kiss Osiris on the head and place him back into the kennel. She moved to get her toiletries, stuffing them into the bag as well, then grabbed Ossy's cage to head back down.

My God, what an effort this was. Beauregard realized the dog would be involved and felt half tempted to convince the girl she'd never owned one at all.

"So I should value Asha over Raziyya, you're saying? Break the trust of my Guardian to protect a shifter."

He spoke very thoughtfully, raising his voice somewhat as needed when she wandered away from him.

What? No.

Safiya’s has tightened, a sour, uneasy taste in the back of her mouth. He shouldn’t value... anyone over Raziyya. Aside from himself. It was a bizarre thought to have, but there it was.

“No.” She said. But. Then what? Just let Raziyya kill Asha? The thought of it made her want to puke, and she couldn’t even puke. She could... tell Asha and Abraham to run. Stay hidden. Or maybe just not to speak with her again. That got a similar nauseating feeling, but at least it would keep them safe.

“But she trusts you, and respects you. So maybe she’ll listen to you if you advise her against it?” She didn’t know. How deep did Razi’s hatred go? “I... I can talk with her first? And if it doesn’t work, and she still wants to kill her, you could help. If you actually want to keep Asha alive.” She doubted it, a little. Why would he want her alive, if it would cause this much drama?

Beauregard listened to her working through it, then come out with some question of his loyalty. It wasn't a good look.

The idea that Safiya would talk to her first was borderline comical. How quickly would Raziyya suggest her into giving up Asha? Perhaps after calming herself down from bloodlust, if she could manage it. Safiya's trust was amusing in its naivety.

"It sounds like a quite a mess, doesn't it?" he said, looking to the girl expectantly for Asha's things. "The only true justification for not killing Asha would be pity. She is valueless as an informant and has had near violent encounters with more than one of my vampires. Pity will not sway Raziyya, nor should it."

His hands clapped together, and his voice grew livelier.

"And so! This leaves me, perhaps, to adjust the situation by making some adjustment to your recollection of it, at least in the presence of Raziyya."

It was really fucking hard to work through this. She trusted Raziyya with every part of her, adored Asha with a large part of her... it was hard to weigh the two. But the idea of letting Raziyya kill Asha was... just out of the question. It couldn’t happen. Not only would it fucking shatter her, it would put Raziyya and the rest of the Clutch in danger from getting retaliation from any shifter that was close to Asha.

That would be maybe on of her points if she spoke with Raziyya. It didn’t seem promising, and this felt like a miserably lost hope. Beauregard had asked her what to do of it, and she basically had nothing. So fucking come up with a solution, Dominus.

At some point she had collected the mess of Asha’s belongings from downstairs (even though raylers forgot) and handed them over. It was then that Beauregard suggested... that he change her perception of what had happened. At least around Raziyya. So, basically, lie to her. Something he’d just gotten on to her for suggesting.

But... it was good idea. It wasn’t lying, really, was it? Just evading something? Changing the events of what happened, at least in her brain. Did she want to forget Asha? No. But if it would keep her safe.

“Okay.” She came to meet his gaze. “Only around Raziyya? I want... I want to be able to tell Asha I’m sorry.”

How touching. Perhaps a line out of a movie, delivered with a quivering lip. "Just let me say I'm sorry, Beauregard."

"Edvin as well."

Covering his bases if... some bastardized mimicry allowed Edvin to carry his ability further out than the immediate presence of Raziyya.

He met her gaze with authority, offering no further word on the subject before his suggestion.

"In the presence of Raziyya and Edvin, you will recall that you killed David after he walked into your apartment by mistake and caught you in the middle of some... solitary intimate affair, causing you to bloodlust in your panic."

It was crude, and he knew it, but that was intentional. And successful.

"You will tell no one that I suggested that of you, in thought or otherwise."

That, regrettably, was unsuccessful.


Edvin, too. She could live with that.

Her eyes did not waver from the Dominus' as he spoke, but she did scrunch her nose some at the idea of being walked in on while masturbating. She hadn't pegged (heh) Beauregard as someone that would come up with something like that. But it stuck, and she nodded, sure that it would be the case when she was in her sire and the second's presence. As for the second suggestion, she sighed through her nose some. "I won't speak a word of it. I'm sure the first thing will help me forget that it was even a suggestion." Thats how it worked, right? When something was suggested with the purpose of becoming a fact... it just was. There was no reason to think "oh, but that was just a suggestion Beauregard did."

"Thank you." For sparing Asha, for coming to her aid, for being kind. She hoped that all went without saying, since she'd been genuine. Eye contact and all.

Her expression wrinkled, and that was just fine. He'd been half tempted to suggest that she'd killed the man during intercourse with him. This was a far kinder solution.

Asha's belongings gathered, Beauregard paused for a moment, nodding to her thanks. Thankfulness was the least he was owed.

"It is my job to help. You are pretty enough to have whatever human or vampire you'd like. I ask you stick to those in the future."

Some decision made, he offered the bag out of Asha's things to Safiya.

"I will have you hold on to this, actually, until I meet you out front in my car, just a bit down the road. I'd rather not be seen entering or leaving the building. I'll be taking you to Raziyya's and let you know when you can return home. Be sure to lock the door behind you."

Assuming she agreed, he could be out the window as a bird in a moment.

It warmed her to hear him call her pretty. She wouldn't voice that aloud. But also, he was right in the fact that fucking Asha was probably not the best decision. At least right now. Maybe when she was stronger... or maybe just not ever again. Which sucked, but at least she could keep the memory of this. Anyway, she gathered her things, Osiris, and found some shoes to slip on. Out she would go, down to wait for Beauregard. When they met back up, she would offer him the key to her apartment so that he had access later to clean up her mess. The idea of facing Raziyya was daunting, but at least she wouldn't have to worry about her finding out about Asha.


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