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First Draft 
nite time

Books were supposed to be good, right? It was a resolution if you wanted to read more or whatever.

Well, turns out reading still sucked, but at least he could suck down beers while pretending to be intellectual. And he could people watch. And it was quiet.

And maybe, just maybe, he could find a vampire to help him cover rent this month.

Abhi sunk into his spot on the couch he was sprawled on, glancing away from his book repeatedly for someone interesting and dead-looking. Larkspur was a vampire hotspot after all.


Y’know what was close to Cordova? Larkspur. He hadn’t been there before and checking things out would find him in First Draft. It touted itself whatever a book bar was so he’d had to of course go inside. Tikanni wasn’t disappointed. It was indeed a book bar. There was a bar and there were books and it was two levels and yeah, this was pretty cool.

Seeing as how he couldn’t drink or eat any of the fare, he’d naturally gone to the second level and had perused the selection to make the most of his time there. Touting three chapter books of topics that had no reason to be together, he found his way to a seating area. Sitting down with a black coffee that’d just be wasted in the end, but he’d felt too bad about not buying anything, he got comfy. Beginning to flick through the pages of various dinosaurs, he landed on a chapter about the Elasmosaurus, illustrations and all.

Yeah, yeah, he saw you, guy, encroaching into his space. Guy had a coffee because he hated himself this late. Or, being somewhat wise to vampire covers, it was a cover.

Abhinav decided to stare at him while he sipped his beer and see if that coffee ever got drank.

Also, who the hell looks at picture books anymore.

There’s only so long you can stand being stared at until you’re kind of forced to look up. What he saw was some human, sipping bear, looking judgey. Look, he liked dinosaurs okay and this book went into depth about bones and how they evolved. The added graphics were great too because who didn’t like looking at feathered and scaley dinosaurs that could be screaming into a microphone.

Tikanni blinked and then furrowed his brows, feeling a bit prickly. ”What, do you want to give this a whirl too?” Probably, but he’d have to wait his turn.

"No," Abhinav scoffed easily, going back to looking at his book. If the dude was a vampire, he wasn't acting very hungry about it.

Still, he sat with undrank coffee.

After some minutes that felt longer than necessary to cool it down, Abhi asked. "Something wrong with your coffee?"

So it wasn't the book, but he'd leave it for him if Tikanni left before them. Till then, his attention went back to the book, reading about dinosaurs without really paying much mind to the man.

And then he spoke up again and Tikanni's gaze shifted from the coffee to him. There was consideration that he could theoretically drink some to keep his cover 100%, but also that would suck. Better to avoid that as much as possible. "Yeah, it doesn't taste right," he shrugged as if that was that, but kept his eyes on him. Hopefully, that'd worked?

"Doesn't taste right." Abhi felt very much a predator here, which for a guy that marketed himself as prey for the right teeth, that was pretty great.

He gave a brow raised and an unconvinced kind of grin.

"But you haven't had any," he said, indicating at the cup. You could tell when the coffee level had gone down. "So how do you know?"

Okay, now the guy was grinning at him and apparently had been checking on his coffee status. Tikanni, kept looking at him, really confused as to what the game here was. Why would some person find it so extremely interesting that he hadn’t drunk any coffee?

”You’re being a bit of a creepy bluenose here. But yeah, I took a sip and its just not my thing,” he said a bit tensely, leaning forward, book put down save for the thumb holding his spot. It was a blatant lie, but seriously, man!

Abhi wasn't buying it. Not until he saw the dude drink it would he buy it.

So with that in mind, he got really comfortable and smug. Shut his book and gave this guy his full attention.

"Take another sip then," he dared."Or... I'll tell everyone what you really are."

He was about to tell him to just shove it, but that added dare had him faltering. Tikanni might have to play it off, but he really really really didn’t want to deal with throwing up coffee. There was the fact he should’ve probably elected for something sweeter to maybe soften that blow later. But, its not everyday someone goes around daring you to drink your drink. But also, if he knew what we was, why even force him? Perhaps, he wasn’t exactly sure then so might as well try to push back.

”That I’m a patron just trying to read,” he shot back as a question. "Sure."

"That you're a vampire," Abhinav stated out loud, which was a big bold claim to make considering the evidence he had was shaky at best. But as far as covers went, vampires as a general rule seemed to always order drinks they didn't touch, soooo.

"Go on. Take a drink. Or say I'm right."

What kind of vampire needed to read a picture book.

Saying that out in public had him raising brows, wanting to shush him, but that would just confirm it. And then the dare 2.0 happened and he looked from the coffee cup to the human. He really didn’t want to vomit that back up. It was never a pleasant experience and just on a dare was stupid.

Putting his book on the table, he really should’ve just walked out, but instead he remained there, gaze narrowing. How 'bout neither of those options. ”Accusing people of being that is kinda dangerous.”

Boriiiing. Abhi was officially bored. So he got up with a flourish, looking down to the first level, and gave out a shout.

"Hey! Everyone!" he bellowed with raised hands, delighting as bartenders and patrons alike looked right up at him.

As he got up, Tikanni watched and everything ended up falling out of proportion. This sucked. The yell made eyes fall all on them, burning into the back of his head. If he had a heartbeat it would’ve been roaring in his ears. As it was, Tikanni looked at him like everyone else, before turning slightly to see, eyes changing to violet as he pulled on various liquids in cups around the bar in a desperate flail to direct attention away. Several plummeted to the ground, shattering, sending some gazes away from the yelling man.

In the meantime, Tikanni shifted his gaze back at him. ”You’re right, so shut it and sit down,” he said through an angry, entirely too loud to be, whisper.

Hahahaha what the fuck was that. Glasses and drinks splattered around. Most people were concerned with the messes around them instead of looking at him, and he gave a slight scowl until... well. Until he realized he was getting his way, and this guy was definitely a vampire.

Grinning and awfully proud of himself, Abhi settled in the nearest seat to him.

"Don't get a fucking snaggletooth," he taunted, because he could, voice lowered because he wasn't looking to get thrown off the stairs. "So you're a vampire. Hungry?"

Blunt, to the point, he needed some fucking cash. Abhi sucked on his beer, eyes on the prize.

The vamprize.

He watched him carefully, surprised he’d chosen to sit next to him. That was weird. This was weird. People that thought you were a vampire didn’t tend to get all close like this.

That was definitely a horrible vampire joke and he set his face at it, crossing arms. Wow, this dude had such perception, having to repeat he was a vampire again. Tikanni honestly wished he’d stop using the ‘v’ word just willy nilly. Like, c’mon dude, he wasn’t looking to be chased off anywhere and, oh, what.

The vampire blinked at him quickly, brows furrowing and then one lifting in confusion. Yeah, he usually was, but you didn’t just ask that when you weren’t a vampire. ”Sure,” he tested. ”And that’s kinda how it just is... But, what’re you on about?”

That's kinda how it is? What kind of attitude to hunger was that? Abhinav wanted to break this dude's face a little. Not with a punch, just with, like. A word punch.

"Not sure if you noticed, but I've got food for vampires," he tapped at his neck. "For a price."

Sure, dude could go to Vein Drain if he wanted free volunteers, but then he'd be there instead of here.

That was another stupid joke and it made him slightly uncomfortable. This whole proposition did. Paying for blood just seemed, weird. Was he hungry? Yes, of course, but he still kinda wanted to leave though the tap to the neck did nothing to get his feet in motion. So, might as well humor him.

Tikanni looked for eye contact and was not able to find it, sadly. This guy apparently could see through a facade and knew about that too, cool. Where exactly did this guy come from? "I'm not some egg, so really, all I got is a twenty and a dollar or so." He shrugged. Before the coffee, he was at a good twenty-five. Ah well. "I'm not a get rich quick scheme if that's what you're wanting."

Well that was disappointing. From a vampire who paid for all his drinks to a vampire who barely carried enough for dinner. Real dinner. Human dinner.

"Ugh," he scowled, not bothering to hide his disgust. But it was slightly more than what he'd started with, so.

"Fine. You can get a few seconds of a feed outside with that."

He held his hand out, for the payment. He wasn't getting fucking gipped.

He'd not show it, but that scowl and ugh pair was hurtful. Look, dude, he hadn't really known someone just would offer their blood up for money like it was candy or something. This was new to him, give him a break.

And much to his surprise the guy was gonna take his $21 for a bite. What was life?

"Uh, if you're sure?" he began, rifling through his pocket for a wallet, pulling the promised bills out. "Here." Offering them, Tikanni didn't really know what was going on anymore. This was weird, a thought he'd had for the billionth time.

Yes. He was sure. Give him the fucking money... and there it was. He slipped it into his wallet, closed it all up, and settled it safely in his pocket.

Cool. Time for Abhi to get up and pull on his jacket and shit.

"You got a car or something or did you ride your tricycle here?"

Look, gentle bullying was a measure of kindness in some circles.

The taking of money confirmed this dude was okay with it. Alright.

Tikanni put on his own coat and momentarily wondered if he should put up the books he'd taken off the shelves. Maybe. Definitely, he'd pick up the coffee cup when they did leave because that'd just be rude to leave behind for staff to clean.

"I drove." It would've been too far of a bike ride or that was perfectly on point even with the jab of it being a tricycle.

Good. They could do this in his car then. Nice little spot where they couldn't get caught. Abhi didn't bother with his books or his beer — staff worked there for a reason. He would lead the way out, a few people staring at him as they recalled the guy who had shouted for no damn reason.

Whenever the vampire caught up to him, he'd motion. "Which is yours," he said of cars, though maybe the guy parked farther away.

Dropping off the cup on the bar as they walked by, he kept a few feet back, taking out his phone to send a few texts in curiosity to @"Beauregard Bertrand".

Hey, umm, is it normal for ppl in Cordova to ask for a vamp to bite them for money?

There’s 1 in Larkspur and it’s weirddddd.

Better to keep things in loop just in case. Couldn’t hurt. He was not one to pass on an easy meal, but considering how much this guy seemed to know about vampires since he was avoiding eye contact and sniffing them out, it was good to be careful.

Pocketing it as the door closed behind them, Tikanni caught up as it was asked which car was his. None of the ones at the front, sadly. ”Further down the street. Everything closer was full.” He began to go off towards the left and the jeep in question, keeping the guy in his peripheral.

He was oblivious to the texting.

But ugh, walking. As if Abhi couldn't use the extra distance or whatever.

"Kay," he answered, letting the other dude lead. He kept his hands in his pockets, more for something to do with them than anything. The beers he'd had kept his skin numb enough to the cold.

Another tip, he thought to no one — always have alcohol in your system. Vampires fucking loved it.

"What's your preference? Wrist or neck."

Asked standoffishly as he squinted against a slight breeze.

The guy was following and they were almost to the car when he got a unexpected question. That had him turning, looking at the human in confusion, still walking. Tikanni had never been given a preference option and it just further made him unsure of how to categorize this person. Usually, people liked self preservation and this seemed toeing the line.

The wrist was a thought, but that left too much movement option and he didn’t know him very well, sooo. Sorry man, neck it was.

”Second one.” Said as a fact as he slowly turned back around. Jeep in sight, he fished for keys in his pocket. Taking them out, he walked to the front door and keyed in, the locks turning for the rest of the doors at the same time.

What a question. Beauregard frowned some, slightly wary for the boy's sake.

Not unheard of, but be mindful of anything that seems too convenient to be true. Make suggestions as is wise to keep safe. Our sort do not have a good reputation in Larkspur .


He was used to the neck choice. It was... whatever. A dude sucking on another dude's neck. It was money. Who gave a shit as long as his ass didn't get grabbed.

Assuming that they'd be getting into the backseat — awkward to feed over the center console — he moved to sit behind the passenger's side seat, shrugging off his coat sloppily.

As he got into the back, Tikanni made for his own side's door. A buzzing in his pocket had his attention right as a hand came up to a handle. What he read had him nodding to himself. At least it wasn't that sketch for Beauregard to not have heard of and. And yeahhhh, he as probably going to have to force a suggestion here, but he'd give the guy a chance to allow him eye contact without that. The information about Larkspur wasn't the greatest either, making him look over his shoulder for a second. But there wasn't anyone to be wary of. Still, though.

Tapping the screen quickly, he sent another message out before pocketing his phone again.

Ty, I'll b careful.

That was the plan, anyways. Opening the car door, he shifted in, closing it with a soft slam. Biting his lip, he looked at the guy, considering carefully. "You gotta let me have eye contact really fast. I promise I won't say anything weird." There weren’t powers for this dude to trip him up with, but still, best to be cautious. If he said no, he wasn’t above forcing him to look but that was just rude and mean and ugh. Please, make this easy dude.

Don't hesitate to leave if needed. Happy to assist with a different dinner. Take care.


Ah, shit, you know what. That was a deal breaker, he should have said that. He'd take money from and give blood to a vampire, but he wasn't gonna be their fucking puppets.

Abhi scrunched his eyes shut and began reaching for the door handle.

"Absolutely not. If that's a problem, you let me know and I'll leave right now."

He'd be a used tool only by accident; Abhi didn't willingly walk into traps.

He did not see Beauregard’s next message as the human in front of him was immediately reactive with a hard no. Tikanni sighed dramatically. Fine, fine, fine. ”Fine.” There were too many possibilities here on what the guy couldn’t and could do if he were to proceed. As far as he knew, there was a lighter in a pocket. There was 911 on speed dial. If he rushed him and forced eye contact in someway, it’d just make things worse. Tikanni didn’t want this dude to be scared in any capacity, he just wanted them to both be safe even though he was hungry. If the Dominus’ advice several months back hadn’t been given he might’ve just thrown caution to the wind, but as it was, he wasn’t completely consumed with hunger, having eaten not that long ago. There’d be other opportunities.

Tikanni leaned against the door, folding arms across his chest. ”Have a good night then and be safe.” The tone was a bit put out, but he meant it.

Fine, what.


That was it, huh? Abhi gave a borderline disappointed scowl, but he guessed it would just make him more available for the next bloodsucker he could find.

Opening his eyes but facing the door, he pulled the damn thing open and said nothing, just slammed it shut, turning to walk away. He knew how fast a vampire could change its mind.

And just like that, the human opened the car, hopped out, and slammed the door shut. Tikanni watched him begin to walk off, chewing his lip again, hoping he'd made the right choice. He was fresh out of cash, but at least things had ended smoothly.

Sighing, he finally took out his phone and read the message. Even though the guy made him nervous still, he was down for taking him up on the offer.

Ty for the advice. I did so.
Yes, pls


It didn't take long to receive another reply. Beauregard was quick to reach for his phone, frowning in preparation.

But it wasn't the worst news. If nothing else, it was comforting that the boy had the sense to step away when it was wise.

I'll send you the address of an area in the Heights. Plenty of bars nearby. See you shortly ?


Sounds good, I'll start heading back to LH

And Tikanni would once he was sure the man had left the immediate vicinity.

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