New Were→ Common Were

Survive at least 3 full moons — (3/3)
  1. Jan 30 —✓
  2. Feb 30 —✓
  3. March 30 — ✓

Have 1 thread where your character is in their animal form for a minimum of three posts — (1/1)
  1. Bluckboster— Meike saves Abraham from a porn room, but his horror makes him shift, which makes her shift. He leaves her in a dumpster. (Completed!)

Have 5 threads with any Were — (5/5)
  1. My Bad — Meike awakes within Abraham and Asha's home, after they go get her from the dumpster that Abraham left her in. She likes Asha better on the account that she gives her sandwiches. (Completed!)
  2. To perish in winter frost — Meike goes to apply for a job at Crystal Springs, and finds more than she bargained for in the form of Daniel.(Completed!)
  3. Ripple — Mikey does he best to get to know her new found mentor, Daniel.(Completed!)
  4. Bubble— Meike gets stuck in a revolving door with Summer. (Completed!)
  5. Crocodylinae — Mikey meets Naz, and connections are made. (Completed!)