Magic Hollow 
Abraham was an agent of fat jaguar man chaos. After breaking off into a sprint in Lavender Heights, there had been a few stages to his return home, and all of them involved hipchecking cars hard enough to set some of their alarms off. By accident! It was hard to run really fast and also not clumsily.

First he'd found a small wooded lot to huddle in. Still clinging to his phone, keys, and wallet, he pawed at the former in the most humanlike way his paws would allow. He could see that Asha had called and sorry Asha he was very sorry please don't be mad or shifted or looking he was fine he just felt bad pls. :( A six digit passcode (he'd read online that six digits made it like 5,000% harder to crack or something) proved increasingly challenging for a fat pawed cat man. Hunched over the phone, he poked and prodded and even tried using his nose, but after only a few tries, it would lock him out.

And again.

And again.

Until at some point he accidentally pressed something to call emergency services with one more button press and Abraham definitely couldn't do that. So he fumblingly turned the screen off and decided to just... run home. It was an adventure with a lot of starts and stops, Run a little bit, hide and pant. Sprint some more, huddle and breathe. It was only about halfway there that he realized he'd absolutely crunched his phone to tiny bits in a clenched fist against the pavement. With a few frustrated grunts, he left it behind. :(

The whole process was sad and terrible and clumsy and sad and terrible, and once he thought he'd been spotted, but the person had been looking at their phone so maybe he was okay?

Eventually, in the urban familiarity of Magic Hollow, he broke into the wildest sprint yet, a ridiculous blur down residential streets and probably some Nest cameras. The front door was not an option, and so over the fence it would have to be. In one last giant leap, he bound over it and...

Clipped it. One last mean thunk to his soft delicate belly meat, and he tumbled over the fence and into the familiar backyard. Leaving his keys and wallet in a partially destroyed heap on the ground, he slunk to the back door and just.

Pawed. Paw paw paw scratch scratch scratch pls let in he was so sad.

Outfit is the bathrobe he got her for Christmas ;o;

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Fuck. Ow.

Asha could feel the slow release of tension that told her Abraham was coming closer. But that didn't make waiting for him any easier. At some point she'd started calling again, which was stupid, she knew he'd shifted.

It was that at that point it seemed like his phone was no longer on. Or. Something.

Pacing the house angrily and worriedly, feeling him still okay, feeling him still closing ground, she was almost too ready when she heard a rude thud in the backyard.

He'd managed a few paw scratches at the door by the time she was rushing to the door to unlock and open it and holy SHIT he was jagmanning.

"Oh my god, Abraham! Are you okay??" she asked her gigantic, jaguar headed... boyfriend, stepping back to let him in.

Sorry sorry paw paw scratch use claws and actually use them more when you see Asha because pls let in. :(((

He was just fine but also a very stressed animal, so as she opened the door he wrapped an arm around her and made to carry her (sort of drag?!) toward he couch to plop her down and rub his face all over her face sniff sniff rub tub.

His tail flopped around noisily and hit things.

"Okayokay," he grunted. Just cold and sad and kind of embarrassed :(((.

"Umfff," was her contribution to being suddenly jaguarmanhandled and taken to the couch. At least she landed on it just fine, eyes bugging up until... well.

Asha was very confused and relieved and confused and he was rubbing his face into her and oh my god have you ever tried to breathe with a giant animal in your face??

Her eyes scrunched shut, she scritched at his head in an attempt to soothe and not have a giant nose slip in between mouth.

"Okay, okay, it's okay," she stumbled out. "What's wrong? What happened?"

He didn't want to do talking he just wanted to cuddle and also eat.

Abraham was so hungry. And tired. And maybe it was best to just nap. So he rubbed his face a bit more but slowed his frenzy.

"Nothing," he grunted in an obvious lie. But he was sleepy. And hungry. And he'd run a hundred miles. And his belly was scraped a little.

Utterly devoid of energy and comforted by Asha's presence, Abraham announced his intentions with a massive yawn, huddling clumsily onto her.

Pls pet. :(

Nothing. Abraham had gone full manjaguar for nothing. Right.

She was able to feel other things from him, pain and hunger and tiredness, and she gave an exhale.

"Okay. Want me to get food for you?"

It was slightly impossible with him snuggling so aggressively into her, but Asha would make the effort.

Poor shifting for who knows why Abraham. Maybe someone saw him and he... killed someone or something. But she felt more embarrassment than... post murder feelings, so...

Yes. He wanted food. But he also didn't want her to move. This was a struggle.

Belatedly he realized what the was wearing the robe and that was soft and nice.

"Pretty," he murmured, then lapped once at her robe.

Soft and nice. Just like Asha. She was so pretty and nice.

"Got m'barr'ssed."

No answer to whether he wanted food. Just a compliment, which felt weird and nice from a jaguar head that once wanted to eat her or something.

Asha gave him a confused smile and kept petting until he said something else.

"Oh, poor baby," she cooed, craning her neck to kiss him on the head. What the fuck could embarrass Abraham into shifting. "How'd you get embarrassed?"

The kiss was so nice. The coddling was so nice. Abraham felt his muscles relaxing, sore bones growing weary and warm.

To her question, he tried to figure out how willing he was to talk. She was being so nice.

"Movie store. Went'n wrong room. Got stuck. Someone helped. Fell down. Shifted a lil'. She turned into croc. Put'er ina dumpster and ran home."

First it was nothing, now it was a whole lot of things.

Okay. Jesus.

Abraham got stuck in a room in a movie store and then. Met a crocodile? Her thoughts instantly went to Clementine — was she back??? But. She'd hold off on that.

He left a crocodile out in the cold? Asha, a former reptile owner, winced. It was not as cold as it could be, but it wasn't real warm either. Was that crocodile were gonna... be okay? They'd kept Clementine inside for her shift.

Focus. Soothe him. Ask him questions when he wakes up in a few hours. Or just like. Not now.

"I'm soooo sorry that happened. I know you got hurt a few times. Are you feeling okay now?"

Asha was so nice. He appreciated it very, very deeply. Could she feel his appreciation. He hoped so.

"Ran inna cars."

He lapped stupidly twice more at her robe. Tired. The most tired.


Abraham felt himself sagging, smacking his lips.

Her poor gigantic cat boyfriend.

He was very tall like this. It was good they were flopped on the couch. "Aww. I love you too," she continued to soothe, and thumbed at his face and head fur with close to the kind of pressure her cat insisted on grooming him with.

It felt like very long and not long at all before she felt him slip away into sleep, and not much longer after that before she was feeling the process of all his... breaking.

Always weird. She kept her hands insistently to his face to gross herself out in fascination, feeling fur recede into follicles only to be replaced by his own hair and beard. Feeling bones shattering and reforming, feeling skin shrinking. Also just all of him becoming smaller. She wondered how it always happened so perfectly, the size switch.

Imagine one day it went wrong and he was left as a giant Barlit. Neckbreaker.

She would unwillingly struggle to the right position to lift him, bringing him again to the guest bedroom. Asha figured she had a few hours to mess with, so she... decided to bathe him. Yeah. What. She could get away with it. He would wake up feeling fresh. Maybe the whole "dumpster" thing was the trigger.

So she did that, setting him nicely in the tub and working him over with an admittedly creepy kind of love. Post shift coma was always going to make every bit of interaction creepy. Might as well make the most of it.

After which, she dried him off and carried him to the thankfully nearby bed, risking a hernia in the process but don't worry it healed real fast.

So much for that.

Closer to three hours after he was knocked out, Asha then settled into making a few pizzas, which might be cooled by the time he woke but she left the oven on in case she needed to pop them back in.

And then she ate one but there were two pies left. Brushed teeth, goodnight for now.

Abraham slept like a giant hairy baby.

Except he dreamed of cornering a man in a greasy bar and crunching all of his limbs with powerful jaguar jaws until keys fell out of the guy's pockets, which he hooked onto one giant cat toof and ran home with.

He woke feeling warm and hungry, and with Asha obviously very nearby. And also smelling pizza smell, which was honestly borderline arousing. Giving Asha a slow "hello I am awake" squeeze, he accompanied it with a big smooch to whatever skin was nearest.

"Pizzaaa," he murmured. "I love youuu."

Asha. And pizza. He loved you both.

Squeeeeze. Yes, he'd said that already. Sorta. Asha stirred from what was probably the lightest sleep she'd ever slept. Had she even slept??

"Loveyoutoo," she mumbled, petting his chest nicely. Might as well open your eyes.

She did. "Made pizza," she offered, and would let him up to get it.

It was right around her petting his chest hair that he realized the fluffiness of it. Had he been... bathed?

Had he smelled like garbage? Damnit, Abraham.

"Gotta put on pants," he said, a man who could not and would not eat pizza naked.

Regret hit as he sat up at the edge of the bed, feeling embarrassingly bare as he made his way to grab boxers and pants and a shirt, too. He'd ruined a good shirt. And jacket. Fuck. And cell phone. Christ, and that girl in a dumpster, he threw some teenager in a dumpster.

He rubbed at his face, lingering a little longer than necessary before dragging himself down stairs to at least have pizza and explain himself.

Goddamnit, Abraham.

Damn it, Asha, you noob, you could have gotten him clothing if you were gonna be a creepy loving girlfriend. Lessons to learn.

"Mmkay," she answered, cozy in bed and her robe to the point where honestly with were body heat she was kind of on the border of too warm.

Which reminded her that a crocodile was left out in the cold.

And that it might be Clementine.

She sensed some guilt from him, and pulled herself out of bed to go join him at the food place. Kitchen.

Pizza. Go to pizza. His knees felt quivery, so easily reduced to jelly for all that he was strong jaguar dude part of the time.

He'd do whatever was required to get pizza on a plate and sit at the kitchen table to moderately burn his mouth.

Sliding his plate toward Asha to share if she wanted some, he swallowed down some still too hot food in his mouth and spoke again.

"Sorry to scare you like that. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

Sheeee would definitely take more pizza. Asha always seemed to have a higher need for food. Maybe it was all their unprotected sex and maybe she was pregnant a lot of the time and of course shifting would let's stop that thought.

"S'okay. You're fun to take care of," she smiled after a bite. Yum. A few seconds later, she decided to take a stab at the first question.

"Umm. Was it a... the girl. Crocodile. Someone we know?"


The smile was nice. It set a tone for his not being in trouble. Not that he thought Asha was going to bust his balls here -- she'd had plenty of unplanned shifts.

But. He had more thoughts but another appeared.

Would it... be smarter to... go get that girl? In the dumpster? Was she still there? How long had it been?

Pizza hung in his hand for a moment, and he heard Asha's question but didn't answer right away.

"No. Some teenager. I had- just- the tiniest start of a shift and it totally set her off. I tried what I could to calm her down but- I couldn't just let her shift in the parking lot so I..."

Verbalizing this highlighted its awfulness.

"I was shifting too. So I. Put her in a dumpster. Because it felt like the safest spot. At the time."

Abraham belonged in the garbage and definitely not that poor kid.



He fell into explanation and she listened without judgment. How many times had Asha felt the urge to shift just because she'd had the feeling that his jaguar was close to the surface.

What else could he have done with a crocodile with poor control, really.

She could feel his guilt, and she was already thinking along the lines he thought, even if she wasn't able to exactly read his thoughts. Just the urge to go... help that girl. If she was still there.

"Let's take this to go?" Asha asked, already moving to grab a big Tupperware to hold the pizza slices in.

Abraham was going to puke and die.

But Asha read his mind and seemed to do so without any kind of blame, and he couldn't have been more appreciative. He'd have to like. Take her out to dinner or something. Yeah.


He had all variety of shift gear in his car, except... the car wasn't here. But they could load up anything Asha didn't already have.

"Love you," he said again, and boy he meant it.

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