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We have a new member of the clutch who I fear has a potentially sordid past, but after some consideration , I' have decided her worthy of joining the fold. Her name is Annabel.

It would take a moment to send for next message, less for deliberate dramatic effect and more because sending photos from his phone was still challenging.

[mediocre picture of this chinchilla poking her head out of this house]


The news of a new member brought Edvin's brows raising some. A sordid past, though one Beauregard was willing to look beyond. It was not entirely unlikely that Beauregard would agree to it, depending on what the new member would offer. Edvin was a few words into a reply before the picture came in. He paused, his brows stitched some as he tapped the picture to peer at the rodent. A chinchilla, he recognized.

A smile pulled at his lips as he chuckled. He had not suspected Beauregard to be the type to bring in a pet. He had done well with Catherine, but Edvin knew it was likely to appease him. A chinchilla would not have been his first guess.

I think she will be a perfect fit. Though I do fear Catherine might consider her a tasty snack.


What a response! Beauregard huffed, glancing to the rodent currently chewing on her own home.

I'll have to keep her in a cage, then.
Catherine, of course.

Two animals with human names. But it would be rude to change Annabel's. He did wonder who had abandoned her.

Have you spent much time with non-rodent new members of the clutch as of late?


His cat would not be forced into a cage. She had lived far too long in one. He wouldn't voice it, but he did look to her stretched across the piano nearby.

The topic changed, and he was willing to let the idea of caging Catherine lie.

Aside from my own fledgling, only in passing, I fear. Many members and I seem to have differing schedules. I mean to change that.


Likely a good habit for both of us. Raziyya's fledgling has been very lively. It appears Lazarus taught her piano.

Very well for a beginner.

It appears some members aren't familiar with the idea of roles to be had. Could you help me in spreading the word as you meet with members ?


She seems the type. I am glad to know Lazarus is making acquaintance.

As for the request, Edvin smiled.

Of course, I will make it a point to bring it up. Has Greta spoken to you about her interest in becoming a soldier? She did break my nose to demonstrate her capabilities, after all.


Ophelia recently broke her knee cap in a spar. It seems they'are both interested in playing soldier but are likely to cripple one another in the process. The newer and shyer vampires are the ones to keep an eye on.


Goodness. Well, it was comforting to know there were at least two that were capable.

I will do what I can to coax them into some interest. I will start with Lazarus, it will be good to put him to some task.


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