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He'd put her in his phone simply as 'Sasha,' and though he gave her well into the next day to contact her, he still felt like maybe this wasn't enough breathing room. But it was all he could think about, frankly--this werecoyote under Squall's thumb, who now knew even more than Squall could hope to.

Dakila figured he could put the ball into her court, first, and get a feel for the situation he was inevitably going to have to walk back into.

This is Detective Tomas. Figured you might want to talk.
@"Alexandra Davidson"

No need to tell her where he'd gotten her number from--she knew full well.

I was wondering when I'd hear from you.
We should talk in person.

She saved him as 'Tomass', originally on accident but then for the fact that he was skirting the whole mess that she was right in the middle of weathering.

Agreed. Where you located? We could meet somewhere midway unless you'd like to come to mine.

He had a feeling she'd feel more defensive if he came knocking on her door... so he wouldn't, unless she suggested it.

I assume you're Cedar Creek? I try to avoid it lately.

Best to leave it at that, to not name drop and involve herself anymore - sure he was a wolf, but that said nothing of his character.

I'm in North Glenn, just give me a pin and a time.


Avoiding Cedar Creek? What for? Naturally she knew the pack was there--hence the assumption--but he wondered if she had crossed Alina or something. That would be... less than ideal, honestly. He was already juggling a couple of loyalties, adding a third facet would be headache-worthy. Still... it wasn't as though he was going to shirk this, no matter how inconvenient it might become. Ignoring the werecoyote would do him no good on any front.

I'm north glenn too, just this side of cedar creek, actually.
-pin to his address-
Anytime after six either this evening or tomorrow, if that works.

He had more than a few nerves at the idea of talking openly with her after the disaster of the midnight encounter, not sure what angle she would come from. But he trusted himself to handle it, regardless of how it went. Doing it at home would at least be private and safe for them both.

Tonight. Might as well rip this shit off like a bandaid. See you at seven.


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