Hello. Goodbye.


It had been a few days since the incident with Asher, and it would be an understatement to say that she was on edge. Every night seemed to be filled with images of his deformed face, haunted with the sounds of snapping bones and screams. It wasn't just at night either, every sound seemed to send her jumping back with a startled shake.

Since the incident, she had become so much more aware of her surroundings that even smells brought back the memories, and noises that were so easy to ignore, so quite before, were now thunderous to her. It was tiring to be constantly on guard, and in the end, it left her irritated and upset, often causing her to take her anger out on the poor unsuspecting victims around her.

The trauma was ruining her life, and not to mention she had no phone, no keys and most importantly no cash. It was hard to prove to banks that you were who you were with no i.d, and like the dumbass she was, her social was in her purse as well. It was just the fucking greatest, and left her needing to return to Ashers place to regain what was left.

She wouldn't be returning without protection though, hell no. Gun hidden in her bag, Alice made her way back to his apartment, heartbeat picking up speed with every step. She was honestly surprised it hadn't beat straight out of her chest just yet. Once at his door, she banged on it, the sound even louder than she thought it should have been. The smell of weed and booze already filtering through her nose.

"Asher open up, you dick."

@"Asher Lindsay"

Listen, he wasn't a fucking thief. Well, not anymore. He'd been a stupid kid that did petty theft, but the moral of the story is he'd put all of Alice's things aside and not touched them sense. Everything surrounding what had happened was a big fat mystery. He remembered her about to blow him, a blur of pain, then fucking nothing. When he woke up his apartment was trashed, his fridge was empty, his trash can had been rummaged, and he was curled up in his closet naked. He'd tried to explain it away with some idea that the weed had been laced, or maybe Alice had drugged him. But it was pretty hard to ignore some questionable shit. And the only one who really knew what happened... had left her phone here. He'd gotten her address from her ID, but honestly rolling up to her house wasn't something he particularly liked the idea of.

So, he waited for her inevitable return to get her things. If it had taken one more day, he'd got back to considering going to her house. Thankfully... or maybe unfortunately, he wouldn't have to do that. He heard her approach the door, something stirring in him that made him shift uncomfortably as he stepped away from re-positioning the new couch he'd had to get from some second hand furniture store. It wasn't the best, but it worked.

He banging on the door had him gritting his teeth. His brows sunk low as he moved toward the door, and peered through the peephole. Sounded pissed, looked livid. Great. He took a moment to steady himself and the uneasy wriggling he felt inside him before opening the door, his shoulder leaning against the frame. "I'm only giving you your shit back if you tell me what the fuck happened." He informed her with a tight jaw.

She didn't have to wait long, which was nice, considering that she wasn't a particular fan of even being around the place of her nightmares. What wasn't nice however, was the fact that she was completely unprepared to face the man who had fueled it all. As the door opened, Alice felt her feet stagger back and her heart pick up to ten times its original speed.

He wasn't the deformed monster she had seen last time she was here, but instead the some what cute guy she had went to the mall with. He was normal, and yet as she stared at his face, the creature just kept flaring up in her mind. She could feel her hand already reaching into her bag for the gun, only stopping when the demand was made.

Brows crinkling, her hand remained in her bag, fingers brushing against the cool metal as she forced her eyes to meet Ashers. "What the hell you mean? You don't remember?" Did he not know the thing he turned in to?

She reached into her bag, and he stiffened some as he eyed her cautiously. The fuck was she reaching for? At most expected a punch. But whatever she was going for, she stopped in favor of asking him the dumbest question. He scoffed a bit and shook his head. "Obviously not." He emphasized with an opening of his palms toward her and a shake of his head. "Come in." He gestured with a jerk of his head and stepped back, not really interested in having this conversation out in the hallway where there were plenty nosy ass neighbors to overhear.

It was not quite obvious, because how in the hell did someone forget morphing into a fucking racoon? It had sounded pretty painful too, and she highly doubted that she would have forgotten such an experience, but... Asher was a dumb ass, so maybe it did make some sense. As he motioned for her to enter, Alice hesitated, eyes widening when she looked past him to the very apartment it had all started.

Memories flashed in her mind, but she some how managed to drag herself forward, legs stiffly carrying her into the apartment as she stood awkwardly in front of the couch, not quite daring to sit on it just yet. Turning back to Asher, Alice gave her head a hard shake. "You're lucky then, because it was fucked."

He closed the door behind her, but did his best to keep his eye on her as she passed him. When he turned to face her, she was standing by the couch, looking hesitant and pensive. She started with some attempt to be vague or ominous, and Asher found himself frowning at her as he moved to the small kitchen and plopped onto a stool at the island. "Look, I just remember a bunch of random pain, then waking up to my apartment trashed." He said, somewhat accusatory. "And you're the only other person that was here, so." He waved his hand at her. "Explain."

Her gaze did not leave him, following his movement all the way to the stool, only to narrow at the accusing tone to his voice. It was not allowed, especially when she had been the one attacked! Hand coming to her hip, Alice did not try and hide the anger in her voice. "You turned into a fucking raccoon, dude!"

Theres was a moments pause before she continued.

"It was creepy as hell, and you fucking attacked me!" She could feel her voice crack a bit as the fear started up again, but she kept her face stoic, anger growing at the emotions she was displaying,

He turned into- fucking, what?

Asha blinked at her as he paused for a beat. A raccoon. He'd turned int a raccoon. Had she been that high? His teeth gritted as he stared at her. It sounded fucking ridiculous. He almost stood up and demanded she get the fuck out and pay for the shit she'd destroyed and failed to cover up. She'd... she'd drugged him and thrown some weird party at his apartment. Maybe did some fucking sacrifice. Tore up his couch, ransacked his food... left bite marks in an egg carton, small scratches from what were obviously animal nails on his door. Maybe she'd brought a dog.

But there was the pain he remembered. And his shredded clothes. And the two times it had happened before. Random pain, time loss, waking up naked. He'd blamed it on some weird seizures that he didn't have the money to get checked out. His dad was prone to seizures. But. It didn't add up. And here she was. Fucking telling him he'd turned into a raccoon. And he was fucking believing her.

Asher's face screwed up as he shook his head. "Fuck out of here." He said with a huff, and moved to go collect her things. "I'd fucking remember if I could change into... a ferret or whatever." He knew it was raccoon. And he... remembered an incident with a raccoon. A few months back. One had come sneaking near his shop in Red Rock, and it bit him when he chased it out with a can of paint. It'd been fucking massive, and he'd done his best to forget that it had bright pink eyes. This was all super fucked. And nothing made sense. And there was that shitty stupid chattering in the back of his head-

Asher stopped half way to the cabinet that he'd placed her shit in. A fist balled, and he slammed it into the countertop of the island, his shoulder stiff and teeth gritted. His head dropped as it took in a deep breath. Fucking. Stop. A low, riled yowl answered him back. Asher shook his head and looked over his shoulder.

He didn't believe her?

Alice's eyes widened from their glare, the surprise obvious on her face as he proceeded to be angry at her. What the fuck? It should only be her that was angry! She had come here for a quick smoke, and possible fuck, only to be attacked by a huge ass raccoon that happened to be the guy that was standing directly in front of her. She was sure she would have died if it weren't for her quick reflexes, dead and eaten by this fucking freak!

"Well you obviously don't." She growled as he turned and made his way towards the kitchen.

She eyed him the whole way, jumping when there was a sudden thud of a fist slamming onto the counter, Alice's hand now gripping the gun, but not yet daring to take it out. He wasn't morphing, it was fine. Everything was okay. Still, despite at her constant reassurance, the fear stuck around, breath hitching in her throat as Ashers eyes met hers.

She didn't know what to say, mind completely blank as she stared back towards him, body stiff and ready to bolt.

She looked... fucking terrified. Asher's sneer dropped into a hard line as he turned to look at her. His hand came up to rub roughly at the scruff on his chin, his eyes flickering to the floor for a moment as he searched for words. None of this fucking made sense, and then it did. Was he sure he wasn't on some weird fucking trip right now? After a moment, his hand dropped and he sighed heavily. "Show me the wounds, then. From the attack." He gestured with a hand toward her. He needed proof.

It seemed like an eternity that they just sorta stood in separate parts of the apartment, staring at each other while lost in their own thoughts before Asher finally broke the silence. A demand for proof, that caught her a bit off guard, but something she was more than willing to provide, giving a hard nod she waved him closer, finally plopping herself onto a arm of the couch.

It was easy to absorb herself into the task of unzipping her boot, and pulling at her rather tight jean. It was a struggle to reveal her wounded calf, but a whole lot of tugging and squeezing later, it was revealed. What had been a pretty gnarly bite before was but a few scabbing lines where his teeth had pierced. It was confusing, but maybe her mind had simply made up the fact that it had been super bad...

"My cats mouth isn't big enough to cause that." In her eyes the bite mark was obvious, she only hoped Asher saw it too.

She motioned for him to approach, but he stayed where he was as she flopped down and busied herself with pulling up the leg of her pants. When her pale skin was revealed, marred by scabbing woulds that were pretty obviously bites... Pretty big ones. Not a cat, but. "How do I know it wasn't a dog?" He challenged, grasping for straws as he finally took a few steps closer, still rubbing at his chin with the knuckle of his thumb.

He was seriously going to continue to doubt her?

"Because if I were lying I would think of a damn better excuse than this." She snapped, head whipping around to fix him with a hard glare.

She was getting a bit fed up with being treated as a liar,

Fuck her and the fucking logic. With a sharp sigh through his nose, he stepped away to pace a bit. "Fine." He accepted. "But, fucking- how? Why?" There was an answer there. Werewolves and weretigers and all that other stuff on the news. He even had a hard time swallowing the pill that those things existed. Was he supposed to believe that he was a what? Were-raccoon?

"How the hell am I supposed to know?"

It came out sharper than she meant it, but she was not oblivious to the news articles referring to people who had been seen shifting into animals. It was hard to imagine just thinking they were out there, let alone someone she actually knew! Sighing, Alice rubbed a single sweaty palm onto her jeans, remaining seated upon the arm of the couch.

"I'm guessing this hasn't always been a thing then?"

Asher snorted some. His question had been stupid but her answer was worse. Pretty much everything fucking sucked right now.

“No.” A lie. Fuck.

“Yes. Kind of? Shits been... weird. I don’t know.” Asher finally moved to the couch to slouch heavily into a cushion. “I’ve been feeling weird the past two months, had an allergic reaction to all my silver... blacked out one night and woke up near my shop naked.” It made him want to fucking punch something to say aloud, but. It was sort of impossible not to admit. Especially if he was changing into fucking rodents or whatever and biting chicks he was trying to fuck.

If she hadn't seen him shift with her own eyes, she might of suggested that he had gotten hooked on some sort of new drug, but clearly that was not the case. Lips pursing a bit, she gave her head a tilt, completely up against a brick wall on things to say in this situation, totally clueless to the things that came with shifting into a god damned animal.

"I mean, do you know a Were?"

If he knew a were, would he be in this mess? Asher's molars ground together and he bit back that thought. Another breath through his nostrils as he glanced down at his fingers, where the skin was still pink and shining from where the silver had burned and bubbled his skin. "No." He said, then looked up at her. "I mean. I got like, attacked by a raccoon a while back. It was outside my shop. But I didn't- I mean I thought it was just a normal fucking pest." He shrugged. But apparently, if deductive reasoning served him right, it wasn't. It bit him, shit got weird, and apparently. Well, apparently he was one now.

He'd bit Alice. He eyed her with a furrowed brow, glancing to her leg.

An encounter with a raccoon?

"Well, that's a start I suppose." She hummed, glancing back up to see Asher fixing her with a rather strange look, and then tracing the look to her leg.

The bitten leg.

Oh hell no.

"Oh hell no, don't you start thinking I'm like you." She spat, more angry at the fact the suggestion rather than him. "I haven't woken up naked anywhere." Nope. No way, not a thing.

Well, she was quick to pick up on what he was thinking. Maybe she was thinking the same. "I don't know! I don't know how any of it works." He said, exasperated. "It was a while after that the naked thing happened. You haven't I don't know, felt weird?" What the fuck was he even doing. Trying to convince her that he'd infected her with some gross rodent virus? He didn't want to be responsible for that shit. He couldn't even be responsible for his own shit.

Both of them, it seemed, were totally clueless to everything. A perfectly fine thing for Alice, but not so much for Asher, especially when this animal thing was his reality. Another sigh escaped Alice, hands falling to grip at the arm of the couch she was currently sitting on, eyes moving to stare at the far wall as she contemplated the question asked of her.

She ran through the days that had passed, unable to think of anything that was out of the ordinary. She was in shock still, and so yeah things had been off, but not off in the way of becoming a fucking raccoon. "Nope, as healthy as a horse." She murmured, looking back to Asher. "Minus the whole, almost getting eaten by a huge ass raccoon, that is."

Okay, so maybe. Maybe she was fine, and he didn't give her some weird infection. Hopefully. He really didn't want to fucking deal with that. What she added had him huffing out an incredulous, somewhat exhausted laugh as he moved his hand to bury his face and rub his palm against his cheek. "Sorry." He guessed. It wasn't like he had meant to do that. "God, right in the middle-" Of fucking, or really, just right at the beginning. But it was fucking embarrassing, and annoying. Cock blocking raccoon.

Sorry really didn't cut it, but she supposed there wasn't much else he could offer. It was entirely his fault that his life was a total shit show, and Alice had just happened to walk into it. Still, she didn't really want to walk out of it, despite the undeniable fear she felt, a sort of morbid curiosity filling her mind. It was honestly the only reason that she was even speaking to the man, and why the gun had yet to be pulled out.

At Ashers embarrassment, Alice could not help but laugh, eyes twinkling with amusement. "Hey, at least you gave me a bit of fair warning before shifting." If he hadn't.... Oh gag.

A fair bit of warning? "How long did it take for, like?" He looked at her quizzically, not entirely sure how to put it. "The shift?" It sounded like he was stepping right out of motherfucking Twilight. Ugh.

"A few minutes." Was all she answered, eyes turning to the floor as she refused to look at him now, the memories beginning to return once more.

"You screamed a lot." It was almost a whisper.

A few minutes didn't seem like a lot, but filled with constant pain and agony? It was like an eternity. He must have blacked out for some of it, though. Or maybe his brain was just blocking the memory of it. "Well it didn't feel great." He recalled with a huff. "But, yeah, sorry it happened."

Alice waved a hand, more than willing to just forget the whole experience now that she knew that Asher had been just as unaware of it, as she had been. "It's whatever, guess you couldn't help it."

Rising from the couch then, Alice held out a single open hand. "Now then, I think I'll take my stuff back."

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