She felt particularly... savage today. She had kept that side of her in check all through the holidays and now it wanted - needed - out. She needed to hunt, to feel the fear in someone’s eyes as they realized what she was. No... She didn’t want that. Did she?

She checked her coat in and made her way up the stairs, the sound of her heels on the ground lost in the thumping of the music. Her eyes easily adjusted to the dark atmosphere. Not liking the soft strobe lights, but whatever. It was all part of the fun to be had later on.

She avoided the bar, heading straight into the throng of sweaty dancers. She let the music take over, swaying her hips, lifting her arms, her eyes glinting with danger, lighter than their normal dark brown.

Let the hunt begin.


She hadn't been particular sure if she were going to come to the Barbarian after work or not, stuffing the outfit she now wore into her backpack as she contemplated it through the shift. It wasn't particularly her scene, but being holed up at home for any longer would have her going mad in no time, and without a car her options were pretty limited. It was how she now caught herself sitting at a table rather unobtrusively, sipping at some sort of mixed drink that was 'all the rage'.

She wasn't interested in dancing, enjoying just simply watching as others made absolute fools of themselves... Well, most. There was one particular girl who seemed to stand out among them all, swaying and moving to the beat that was so captivating that she found herself staring, unable to look away.


Oriane had not been having much luck bringing people with demonstrable powers into her study. There were few who could really show anything worth measuring.

In the end, she decided it was as worth it as it was dangerous to take herself out to places where things seemed to happen to observe what she could.

And so she was here, sipping water at a place where a woman had been found murdered in a nearby alley, and wondering if maybe she would be treated to just such a show tonight.

If that all sounded heartless, it was the frustrated scientist in her, seeking something, someone. It was why she did not even bother with an actual drink. She wanted a clear head tonight.

She's a few tables away and skippable, I'll post her in from time to time :3


The bear melted her, made her fluid, her hips swaying in time with the music as she turned, her eyes settling on a guy who had lust in his eyes. She cut in, grabbing his attention, dancing away from him, forcing him to follow her toward the edge of the floor. She touched him, her fingers grazing over clothes in feather-light fashion, before moving away.

She could feel his lust. His hunger and it sickened her. Nearly making her sneer in disgust as his eyes darkened. She glanced up, looking past his shoulder to see a woman in a sparkly dress staring at her at the bar. Pandora offered her a devilish smile, just as she reached toward the mans shoulder, beaconing for her to come join them.

The womans dancing was intriguing, eye catching and most of all fearless. It was clear that the woman was held down by nothing, easily making her way around the dance floor as if she owned it entirely. Evelina was dazzled, eyes following the figure as she made a move to dance with a man, jerking back when their eyes met.

Evelina looked away then, a feeling of heat rushing to her cheeks at having been caught staring. Still, she could not look away forever, and soon she glanced back up, heart stuttering when she noticed the smile directed towards her. Happy to not of evoked some sort of anger, there was a hint of invite in the womans smile, but Evelina could not bring herself to rise.

What if she was reading it wrong? She did not dare interrupt, fingers intertwining with one another as she bit her lower lip anxiously.

Pandora knew the rules. She would have fun with women, but unless they asked her to, there would be no biting, no feeding, doing nothing against their wishes. Men, however, were free range. The predator within her was adamant about these rules even as she curled her finger toward the girl that was watching her. Her fire-red hair eye-catching even without the sparkly dress. Pandora’s arm rested on the mans shoulder, reaching past himas she wordless beaconed for the woman to join them.

The man grabbed her hips and Pandora forced herself to laugh before shimmying away from him, still on the edge of the fangs fooor, still nothing but a tease as he came to follow. She could all but touch the lust coming from him. He thought he would “score” tonight. He thought he would be able to do it fast and dirty without even thinking of whoever his poor partner’s ecstasy.

Pandora forced herself not to roll her eyes and star at him in disgust, instead, she looked past him at the girl that seemed too shy to actually join. That was fine, if she wanted to watch, that was fine too. After all, this was all just some seductive dance to get what she wanted. No harm would come to the girl. None. Those were the rules.

The woman was still looking, and by some strange miracle, she rose, exiting her seat and making her way towards the girl. It wasn't something that she would normally do, but she also did not wish to pass up the opportunity to meet her, to know her name and if her personality was just as dazzling as her dancing.

It was a bit awkward making her way through the other dancers, but she made her way there, offering a smile towards the woman, and a sideways glance towards the man. She didn't care for him, but she was also very unaware of what to say in these sort of situations either, so instead she only stated the obvious. "You called?" Not really called, but summoned more or less, a playful smile playing at the redheads lips as she ignored the man, eyes glued to the woman who was just as beautiful as her dancing.

Oh yes. The girl finally got up from her seat, heading toward her. Pandora felt the predator within cheer with success as she followed the girls unsure movements, picking her way past the few people that remained on the outskirts of the dance floor before stopped. Pandora turned, dancing in front of the man, her movements more of a sway as she took the woman in.

A girl, really. Pandora noted her playful smile, her red hair spilling over her shoulders. Pandora had half a mind to touch it, and she reached out, tugging gently on a lock of hair if the girl let her. "Come dance with us," she said, hoping the girl would come near.

"I promise I won’t bite," she teased. Well; she wouldn’t bite her. Only men. And o my women who wanted it. She could already smell the girls majical blood in her veins and she wanted to know what abilities she had. On a night like tonight, that type of blood would be dangerous.

Evelina would continue to ignore the mans presence, sure that if she paid him any more mind, that she would shy away from the woman again and return to her seat at the bar. She didn't want that to happen though, very much intrigued with the woman who was now tugging at her red locks, Evelina allowing the exchange as her eyes inspected the others face.

She could see no ill intent there, or any maliciousness hiding in the shadow of her smile. It calmed her, and at the suggestion of a dance, her eyes flickered to the man out of pure instinct, brows crinkling just the slightest. It was at the womans next statement that Evelina's smile returned, taking a step closer eyes flashing playfully.

"Oh but I might." She answered, leaning forward hands moving to clutch one another behind her back.

Dancing, dancing. Everyone was dancing. She sipped away at her water. Some rejected man flopped himself at the seat next to her, and she barely paid him mind until he started feeling up her leg.

Oriane smiled to him and asked if he would wait a moment, before disappearing to the bathroom.

He would because he was a fool.

Continue to skip!


Pandora’s brows rose as the girl said she might bite. Was that so? She offered the girl a flirtatious smile, running her fingers up and over her shoulder and down her arm as she reached behind her back. "In that case, then I might too," she whispered into her ear as she let the music wash over her again.

It was then Pandora realized she might have an attraction to redheads. I mean... she thought that shifter, Wren, was beautiful with her dark red hair and now this one, with piercing hazel eyes. Eyes that she wanted to stare into. Eyes that she should not capture for her own purposes. The stench of that magical blood wafted to her nose, clogging it. The promise of a high so near and yet... she didn’t want to take it. But she did.

But she couldn’t.

As this was a woman and she didn’t want to take away her will. Pandora continued to dance, keeping the woman close and eventually the man slunk away, admitting his defeat. She’d find him later. As she knew she was working herself up to a feed. If she didn’t feed soon, especially on a night like tonight, then she would certainly go into blood lust. And they couldn’t have that. Not with all these people. "What’s your name, beautiful?" she asked, pulling back, attempting to catch her gaze.

Evelina couldn't help the shiver that ran down her back at the womans words, the smile upon her lips faltering for only a moment, before she allowed the music to wash over her as well, allowing her body to move with the rhythm. She lost herself in the music for a moment, eyes closing briefly, only to open when she spoke again.

"Evelina." She answered, looking up towards the taller woman. "And you?"

She took it all in. The music, the emotions, the heat, sweat and scent of the people on the dance floor. Their heart beats all sounded like one until she narrowed in on the one in front of her, her throat burning with the need to feed.

She swallowed, biting her lip as she looked at the girl. "Mmm," she hummed quietly as she danced. "Yasmina," she said casually, picking her maker’s name rather than her own chosen name for the next century. I mean. This could very easily end badly.

"Are you here with anyone, Evelina?" she asked curiously, wondering if she had been waiting to meet someone for a date. Or maybe friends. Either way, she’d hold off on the hunger for as long as possible. This is was a woman, after all.

Yasmina, what an exotic name that matched such an exotic woman. Evelina found that she rather liked the pairing, swearing to commit the name to memory just for the very chance that they might meet again outside of this night. She found that she really hoped that it would happen. She knew she should feel a bit strange at being asked if she were with others, but Evelina could not bring herself to fear the dancer, answering just as honestly as she might of with a friend.

"No, it is just me I am afraid." She gave a small pout, looking up towards the girl with puppy eyes. "I was not aware that I was not enough." Pout pout.

Oh, just her? But she was so young, so.... Pandora tilted her head, smiling as she did so. No friends to save her from freaks, no friends to help protect her. That was such a shame. Really.

"Well, do you want company for the night? I don’t have any either," she said as she danced, feeling the woman’s emotion. Woman? Or girl? Obviously she was old enough to get in but that skin was just so perfect.

"And I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine," she said, her lips tilting upward as she breathed in her intoxicating scent. That blood was poison, but the high was always addicting. Still, all she was doing was just teasing herself. No way the human would willing let her feed.

She made it out again eventually, not exactly going to the same spot as she had no interest in catching that man's eye again. Instead she returned to the bar, seeking to close out her meager tab and deciding there was nothing of interest to be gained by lingering here. Perhaps just going outside and... waiting in her car for a time.

Oriane sighed. There had to be a chance that she could happen on something as it happened.

How could she say no to the company of a beautiful lady?

"I'd be glad to." She hummed, continuing to sway to the music, although a bit more stiffly now that there was some conversation to uphold. She was already such a dreadful dancer, and throwing in conversation did not bode well with her feet. She was sure if they were moving, that she would have already fallen flat to her face.

She did stop however at the mention of a secret, heart picking up a small thrum in her chest. "What secret?" She practically whispered, wary for the simple fact that there truly was a secret she was keeping.

Pandora smiled, her fingers grazing the girls hips as she attempting to coax her young body to follow her own. Teasing, touching, flirting... it was all fun and games. The vampire smiled coyly at the girl, tilting her head as she bit her lip, her dark eyes seeming to shine beneath the strobe lights. She leaned forward, whispering in the girl's ear if she would let her. "You're no normal human... and neither am I. I can sense those things," Pandora said. her hunger light a hot branding iron down her throat.

It wasn't a complete lie. Pandora used to be a human and this woman had magic in her veins. Being this close alone made her want to take just a tiny bite. Made her want to....ugh. She was so close, if only she could get a teeny, tiny taste. Pandora licked her lips, forcing herself to pull back. Perhaps if she found that man from early she could satisfy her hunger, but as it were, he had sulked away when she decided to dance with the girl.

Evelina wouldn't prevent the girl from coming closer, instead tilting her head just the slightest so that she could hear just a bit better, allowing her body to sway to whatever tempo the woman set. There was an audible gasp at the confirmation that Yasmina did indeed know of her secret, eyes widening when she learned that she was very much the same. If she had been able, Evelina might of pushed closer, but as it were, she was already pressed pretty close to the woman.

"You are the same?" She questioned, glancing around for a brief moment, before she tilted to her toes a bit to whisper more. "You have powers?" How was it that both Greta and this woman were able to sense the power, and yet she was so blind to it all.

Suggestion One: Fail!
Suggestion Two: Success!

The hunder has a way of creeping into her brain, of finding a way through even if she had the beat intentions at heart. Just a little taste wouldn’t hurt. Just a little something... it wouldn’t incite fear, but it would perhaps bring pleasure... Pandora cleared her throat, trying to keep that feeling of it burning at bay. "I have powers. But I am not like you." she said wondering if the girl would put two and two together. Her cold skin as she brush against her in a hot, seemingly suffocating dance floor. Having powers but not like her. Ugh... why couldn’t she just turn off all emotion.

Hunger fogged her brain, especially as the emotions of the club mingled with her hunger, entisifying the lust for blood. She pulled back, seeking Evelina’s gaze before the girl ran screaming. "Do not be afraid," she said, feeling her manic fail her as she blinked at the girl. Before the girl would glance away, she rallied her manic in a second attempt.

"You’ll find joy in letting me drink from you," she said with a small smile, feeling the success in her magic. No fear, no ill feelings. But her hunger twisted around her undead heart as if it were going to send her straight into blood lust. And she couldn’t have that... she couldn’t have Evelina scared shitless either. Still, Pandora would not risk drinking until the girl actually ahowed some sign that she could. Hesitant even in her hunger.

She had powers, and yet she was not the same? It confused Evelina in a way, but at the same time, she supposed it would make sense. Greta had been the same as her, and yet, not quite the same. She had a different sort of powers, one that moved objects, and perhaps this woman had something even different than that.

It did frighten her a bit however, when she was told 'not to be afraid', but maybe Yasmina was just not used to meeting others similar to her? Perhaps she felt that her power was dangerous, for Evelina had felt the same way for a while when hers first developed. She opened her mouth the let the beautiful woman know that she wasn't scared, that she could understand whatever powers she held, but there was no time for Yasmina was already speaking again.

She'd find joy in letting Yasmina drink from her? Evelina wasn't sure what it meant, but a warmth spread through her when the words were said. Somewhere deep down, Evelina knew that she'd accept whatever it was that these words intended, actually finding herself eager to see them through.

"I will." She promised, the lack of words for the situation leaving her with only that to give for a response, although she did add. "I'm not afraid."

Pandora smiled, brushing the girls red hair away from her shoulder, loving the feel of it as it ran through her fingers. Like silk. Part of her, the part that was still more human than she’d like to admit, was sad that she would succumb to the habits of a beast, but this was for her own good. If she fed now, she wouldn’t kill anyone. If she fed now, she wouldn’t turn into a true monster that had no choice in her actions.

"Good Cheri," she said, her accent thickening with each stroke of hunger boarding through her. She swayed with the music, stepping in close as she leaned down, her Face angled away from the strobe light, casting shadow over them both. Her fangs defended as breathed in her scent. Evelina’s heartbeat the only thing she could hear as she leaned in and bit her neck, red hair brushing against her face and drank in that familiar magical blood.

What a hypocrite.

She did not resist, the words from earlier still resonating deep within her, leaving her to enjoy the whole experience as the womans fangs entered her neck. It wasn't painful, as one might of thought, and Evelina found herself leaning closer to the woman, allowing the actions as if it were something to be wished for, something to be treasured.

Somewhere deep within her mind she considered the thought that this might not be the most appropriate place for eating, but it was quickly washed away with the fact that others could quickly write it off as kissing of some sort. She didn't honestly care at this point, arms reaching up to grasp the womans shoulders for support during the process.

She sucked, her body continuing to sway, close to the girl now than ever. It didn’t mix with the music. Pandora felt like it was more of a slow dance, and as that high started to take hold, she reached out to her companion for the night, extending that high to her. It was custom for Pandora to share the fun, to have those with magical blood experience the high she was feeling.

It felt like time was slowing down as she drank, tuning into her heart beat to make sure the girl wouldn’t die on her. To make sure she wouldn’t take too much. She didn’t need her feeling disoriented. Just enough, and taken slow. So slow. She pulled away, licking her lips though no blood cling to them. Pandora smiled as she looked into the girl’s face. "Do you feel it? The high?"

Time seemed to slow down, the sound of the music becoming a distant roar in place of something more. She couldn't quite place what the feeling was, but she didn't want it to stop. It made her head feel light and dizzy, a sort of ecstasy without the work of alcohol or drugs. She closed her eyes to the feeling, allowing it to wash over her and take her to some new place.

She would have liked to stay there, but Yasmina was speaking to her, pulling her back into reality despite Evelinas wishes. Eyes only half opening she looked back into the womans face with a slight smile, still dizzy from whatever she had been experiencing. "Is that, your power?" She whispered, half hoping that the woman would take her back.

Pandora leaned back, catching the girl’s small smile. Good. She wasn’t afraid. Although a part of Pandora didn’t think she would be after she compelled her to like her blood being drank. Still. Pandora has specifically said “me.” Not any other vampire. Nothing. She could feel the affects of the magical blood already taking hold. The lights becoming brighter, the colors more intense. The music louder. Everything more beautiful and amusing and fun.

Pandora smiled as she took a small step away, reaching for the Evelina’s hand, beaconing for her to follow. A subtle nod was given in her direction. "I can make you feel what I feel. Or I simple tune into what people are feeling. What about you, fire heart," she asked. The nickname rolling off her tongue as if it were her given name. Yes, what could she do?Part of her needed to know, and the other part just wanted to skip around the dance floor, twirling and laughing like a child.

The ability to feel, and sense others feelings was cool enough on its own, but to be able to share those feelings was even more cool. She couldn't help the widening of curious eyes, wondering if there was even more underlining the basics of such a gift. It was so different from hers, and even Gretas. It had her wondering if each person with abilities had their own unique power. No two being the same. Sure, she had only met two others, but the possibility seemed entirely likely.

She'd have to meet with more to confirm.

"I can summon and manipulate fire." She answered, finding it a bit ironic that she had been named 'fire heart' just moments before.

Evelina’s confession was enough to have Pandora pause in her dancing and nearly knock her off her high. She leaned back, slightly pulling away from the girl to search her face with her golden eyes. She was still projecting. Stillfeeding off emotions. And then she laughed. A soft sound, but delightful.

"So truly a fireheart then. You would never burn me with it, would you?" she asked, leaving the power of suggestion out of it for fear of wasting her power. "It fits you... you’re so beautiful," she said with a closed-lip smile, reaching up to run her fingers through her hair. The light shone off it so beautifully. Like she was made of fire. Fire that didn’t burn her. How delightful.

There was a gasp at the question, Evelina quickly shaking her head. Sure, she was a bit of a pyro, but that didn't mean she wanted to see people burn! She wasn't quite that demented, she had only kept the burning to inanimate objects, the most live things only every being plants, and even then, it wasn't often that she burned those.

"I'd never burn anyone, especially not you." She answered, face hardening in a bit of a serious tone.

The compliment didn't even fully dissolve the feeling, for she wanted her to know how much she meant it. She wouldn't burn another person, there was no need for it, and she was no monster.

Oh. She felt that. She felt how Evelina was feeling and she was serious. Pandora paused, lookin at the beautiful girl, her red hair fling from her finger tips, her mouth slightly open as she surveyed her.

And then Pandora gave a small smile, one hardly any saw. One that showed her vulnerability, her happiness. "Can I see you again, Fire Heart?" she asked softly, wondering if she would even be able to heart her over the thumping music. This was enough to wipe away her high. Later, she was hunt for more later.

There was no hesitation in the nod that followed, although her face did fall a bit at the fact that this was a closing statement. The woman would possibly not be sticking around for much longer.

"Are you leaving then?" She asked, her hands falling to her sides as she gave her lips a slight purse.

She actually seemed... upset that she was leaving. Pandora frowned, taking a step back. Fighting through the fog that was this magical high. She knew she shouldn’t have drank her blood, but if she hadn’t soon, then she would have become dangerous. Especially with it being the night of the new moon.

"I have to. It’s the night of the new moon. I’m hungry. I must go. I can’t stay here," she said, sadly. Already, she could feel the hunger pulling at her once more. She smiled sadly at her, "If you give me your number, I can message you." She didn’t know if she would. Or if she even should. Catrina would be biting her head off for not wiping her memory, but she didn’t have any ill intentions. And besides, fire could actually prove useful to her. Especially if any terrible male vampires came huffing and puffing at her door.

She didn't really understand the whole new moon thing, but she wouldn't stop the woman from leaving either. It really wasn't her place to stop them, even if she would have preferred the woman stay. At the request for her number, Evelina would hold up her hand, palm exposed.

"Sure, just give me your phone and I'll type it in." She answered, leaving it up to the woman to message her if they were to be in contact again.

Pandora smiled. There. That would make it better. She took out her burner phone and offered it to the girl. This way, there would be no way she could track it. She usually had every intention of cleaning up after herself, but she wanted to see what Evelina would do with this information. It wasn’t like she knew her real name nad they didn’t take pictures together. The light had been dark enough to hide the quick but efficient feeding. So... no harm, no foul.

Quickly typing in her name and number, Evelina handed the phone back with a smile.

"Alright then. I'll see you around then." She'd probably be heading home soon too, doubtful the night had anything else of interest to show her.

"It was a pleasure meeting you."

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