She felt particularly... savage today. She had kept that side of her in check all through the holidays and now it wanted - needed - out. She needed to hunt, to feel the fear in someone’s eyes as they realized what she was. No... She didn’t want that. Did she?

She checked her coat in and made her way up the stairs, the sound of her heels on the ground lost in the thumping of the music. Her eyes easily adjusted to the dark atmosphere. Not liking the soft strobe lights, but whatever. It was all part of the fun to be had later on.

She avoided the bar, heading straight into the throng of sweaty dancers. She let the music take over, swaying her hips, lifting her arms, her eyes glinting with danger, lighter than their normal dark brown.

Let the hunt begin.


She hadn't been particular sure if she were going to come to the Barbarian after work or not, stuffing the outfit she now wore into her backpack as she contemplated it through the shift. It wasn't particularly her scene, but being holed up at home for any longer would have her going mad in no time, and without a car her options were pretty limited. It was how she now caught herself sitting at a table rather unobtrusively, sipping at some sort of mixed drink that was 'all the rage'.

She wasn't interested in dancing, enjoying just simply watching as others made absolute fools of themselves... Well, most. There was one particular girl who seemed to stand out among them all, swaying and moving to the beat that was so captivating that she found herself staring, unable to look away.


Oriane had not been having much luck bringing people with demonstrable powers into her study. There were few who could really show anything worth measuring.

In the end, she decided it was as worth it as it was dangerous to take herself out to places where things seemed to happen to observe what she could.

And so she was here, sipping water at a place where a woman had been found murdered in a nearby alley, and wondering if maybe she would be treated to just such a show tonight.

If that all sounded heartless, it was the frustrated scientist in her, seeking something, someone. It was why she did not even bother with an actual drink. She wanted a clear head tonight.

She's a few tables away and skippable, I'll post her in from time to time :3


The bear melted her, made her fluid, her hips swaying in time with the music as she turned, her eyes settling on a guy who had lust in his eyes. She cut in, grabbing his attention, dancing away from him, forcing him to follow her toward the edge of the floor. She touched him, her fingers grazing over clothes in feather-light fashion, before moving away.

She could feel his lust. His hunger and it sickened her. Nearly making her sneer in disgust as his eyes darkened. She glanced up, looking past his shoulder to see a woman in a sparkly dress staring at her at the bar. Pandora offered her a devilish smile, just as she reached toward the mans shoulder, beaconing for her to come join them.

The womans dancing was intriguing, eye catching and most of all fearless. It was clear that the woman was held down by nothing, easily making her way around the dance floor as if she owned it entirely. Evelina was dazzled, eyes following the figure as she made a move to dance with a man, jerking back when their eyes met.

Evelina looked away then, a feeling of heat rushing to her cheeks at having been caught staring. Still, she could not look away forever, and soon she glanced back up, heart stuttering when she noticed the smile directed towards her. Happy to not of evoked some sort of anger, there was a hint of invite in the womans smile, but Evelina could not bring herself to rise.

What if she was reading it wrong? She did not dare interrupt, fingers intertwining with one another as she bit her lower lip anxiously.

Pandora knew the rules. She would have fun with women, but unless they asked her to, there would be no biting, no feeding, doing nothing against their wishes. Men, however, were free range. The predator within her was adamant about these rules even as she curled her finger toward the girl that was watching her. Her fire-red hair eye-catching even without the sparkly dress. Pandora’s arm rested on the mans shoulder, reaching past himas she wordless beaconed for the woman to join them.

The man grabbed her hips and Pandora forced herself to laugh before shimmying away from him, still on the edge of the fangs fooor, still nothing but a tease as he came to follow. She could all but touch the lust coming from him. He thought he would “score” tonight. He thought he would be able to do it fast and dirty without even thinking of whoever his poor partner’s ecstasy.

Pandora forced herself not to roll her eyes and star at him in disgust, instead, she looked past him at the girl that seemed too shy to actually join. That was fine, if she wanted to watch, that was fine too. After all, this was all just some seductive dance to get what she wanted. No harm would come to the girl. None. Those were the rules.

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