Garbage people

Magic Hollow 
They'd taken her home. They'd brought her in. Asha had left her in the downstairs bathroom tub, still wrapped in the blanket, with a fresh change of clothes and a note taped extremely visibly to the door (the most likely place she'd go upon waking up somewhere new). They had hours to play with still, so they'd showered.

Also left her wallet phone, all items there and only ever opened to figure out what her name was before being closed up.

Closed the door. Taped the note at eye level. For specifics, the note was from Asha.

"Hi Meike! Please try not to freak out. We found you after your shift in the dumpster behind Brickbuster and we had to bring you back here since we couldn't find your keys to take you home. You can shower and keep the clothes. We're here, so whenever you're ready come out and we can give you food too and figure out how to get you back to your home. Abraham says sorry about the dumpster thing by the way, it was the safest place to put you. We're both jaguars also, and we've dealt with this before, so no worries about anything! Looking forward to meeting you.


Some people were used to getting shitfaced and waking up somewhere they didn’t know. Some people had been shifters for years and had gotten used to waking up naked and alone. Meike was not one of those people. She’d never gotten drunk, and it had only ever been six months of this bullshit. So excuse her for the sudden, empty gasping that emitted form her lung when she woke up, naked in a bath tub with a blanket. Reeling of grabage, sore, and so hungry she felt like she could eat the bar of soap on the side of the tub.

Meike’s arms and legs spread and thudded against the side of the tub as she braced herself against the panic that flooded her. Eyes wide, she sat up, her hair (black now) clinging to her face form who knows what was covering her body. Slime and grease and- “What the fuck??” She croaked, her throat dry and sore, her lungs seizing up as she stared around wildly for any sign of where the fuck she was. This wasn’t her bathroom. Those weren’t her clothes nearby. This wasn’t the dumpster she last remembered being tossed toward

There was a lot to swallow. Memories that were chopped and fuzzy. Pain was most clear, but she remembered a dumpster, and a man carrying her. Or, half man. She remembered... the movie store. The porn room. Meike let out a loud exhale, her shoulders sagging as she moved her hands to shove away the hair from her face. It still didn’t explain where the fuck she was. Who had moved her? Was she even in Lavender Hieghts anymore??

Okay. Okay. Calm. She was good at calm. If she didn’t chill out, she’d shift again. Her body couldn’t take that. With a low gulp, she moved to stand shakily. Blanket wrapped around her, reeking of garbage, she stepped out of the tub to look around. Women’s clothing was set aside, which she guessed was placed by the person who’s house she was in. So it was a woman. Okay.

Meike avoided looking at herself in the mirror as she shuffled toward the sink. She dropped the blanket to turn the faucet on, and went about washing her hands. Then cupping water into them, and drinking until she no longer felt like she had swallowed rocks. Maybe she had. Who knew what the fuck was in the dumpster and what the fuck the lizard had eaten.

What’s next? A shower. She looked up at herself. Ugh, her hair. It was black and matted with garbage and slime and- there was a note on the door in the reflection. Meike straightened and turned to take it from the door, reading it over.

“Yeah, don’t freak out.” She scoffed to herself. Found you in a dumpster, shower and keep the clothes... Abraham. Abraham. The fucking. The fucker in the porn room. The one that shifted. “Oh, fuck you...” She huffed. Sorry wasn’t fucking good enough. She’d been shoved in a fucking dumpster. And left to ducking freeze to death. She was warm now, but what if she had just been passed out for eight hours?

Meike tossed the letter aside into the sink, where the residual water soaked through some places and warped the ink. Nice note, Asha. With a low groan, Meike turned and headed back to the shower. It would be a long one, with steaming water and overuse of all of their soap. She considered staying in until the warm water ran out, but these assholes probably had tankless water heaters or something. Plus, she was fucking starving. So. Clean and no longer reeking, she dried herself off and pulled on the clothes that smelled like cat. With that, she left the bathroom, scowling as she stepped into the hallway and peered about.

She wasn't dead. This was good.

But as the shower ran, Abraham did not feel particularly good about the interaction to come. His stomach ached a little, maybe also because he'd eaten too much panic food after his own shower.

Either way, he looked to Asha like a guilty dog.

"I can like. Give you cash for her clothes and shit. But. Can I just hide."


Yep, she heard it all too. The struggle, the quiet, the muttering, the eventual running of water. Asha gave a steady inhale and exhaled through a patient smile as her big strong jaguar boyfriend proceeded to go full on scaredy cat.

"If you wanna do that," she decided with a serene nod, rising up to give him a kiss on the cheek. Asha was probably better at handling a potentially angry crocodile, even if she would have preferred he go with her.

Her cat was definitely interested in "handling" any potential anger from the crocodile, too.

She went downstairs as she heard the shower coming to an end, and would be at the kitchen area when the lizard lady stepped out.

"Hey!" Asha called out. "I'm here in the kitchen. Mykeh, right?" she pronounced, having listened to a video or something just to be sure. "I'm Asha."

There was a voice, a woman, from around the corner. She got her name right, so it was promising to assume they'd found her wallet. Thank fuck. Meike headed down the hallway, padding flat footed with a faint frown. She spotted the kitchen, and the woman that was Asha. "Mikey's fine." Mike offered, preferring it. Where was the asshole that threw her in a dumpster? Asha was pretty, and looked maybe thirty or something. There were a lot of questions.

"Where are we?" She decided first. How far from where she remembered being last? How far from home? She moved into the kitchen, and lingered nearby the entrance. There was food, right?

Aww, but Meike was so pretty. But okay. Asha knew the struggle. Mikey it was.

"We're in our home, which is in South-Central Magic Hollow. So not too far from you."

Brief smile, and she could hear the hunger. Going to the fridge, she pulled out some pre-made sandwiches. "I used to have a friend who was like you once. But she left town a while back. Oh- did you see your wallet and phone thing in the bathroom?"

Well, fucking duh it was their house. Mikey bit her tongue on that. South-Central Magic Hollow. Yeah, not too far. Which meant Asha knew where she lived. Which mean for sure, for sure they had found her.... Apparently she wasn't the only one around here. Well, maybe she was now. But were-crocs weren't completely nonexis- oh. Oh, her phone and wallet were in the bathroom. Meike blinked. "Yeah." She lied. "I'll grab it on the way out." Food was in front of her now so no way she was fucking leaving. Meike moved forward quickly, and winced at the amount of pain quick movement caused. Fucking Abraham dude. Slam dunking her into the dumpster.

Mikey frowned at the sandwich she grabbed, and shoved it into her mouth. She didn't wait to be finished chewing before she asked. "Abraham here?" She'd like to punch him in the teeth.

Noooooooo. :(((

His butt clenched where he hid upstairs.

Likely, if she was attuned to her senses, she could hear the answer to her question was yes, upstairs. But Asha would help you, Abraham, don't worry.

"He is, but he's having a little bit of a stomach ache."

He was tense. It wasn't far off the mark.

"Thank you for helping him, though. What happened? He said something about you helping him out of a room?"

Sorry, Abraham.

A stomach ache. Weren't weres supposed to be immune to feeling sick? She shoved two more bites into her mouth as Asha thanked her. But almost choked on a scoff at the pitiful little description he'd given her. Meike did wait to swallow to explain that one. "He got himself locked in a room that had a bunch of porn movies." She said, unamused. "I helped get the door down, but he fell, and I guess that made him shift." But she remembered him... not entirely shifting. Like, he'd definitely started to, but he still had arms and legs and stuff. So?

"He did shift, right?" Had he pulled himself out of it? If he had, why the fuck hadn't he stayed to help?

"What?!" Asha started, and then burst into silent snirked giggles through her explanation. Sorry. Sorry. What! Abraham and porn! WHAT! She didn't even know his preferred porn categories!

Ugh she's Asking Things. Asha would have to table the glee about the porn thing to answer.

"Yeah he did. Just went into half jaguar form. You can do that too when you get better at control. It's pretty good for fucking things up."

A pause.

"So, what kind of porn was he watching?" she asked, clear-voiced and maybe a little bit projected.


He stayed put because the crocodile scared him more than Asha but wrung his hands unhappily.

Okay, so. She was still really fucking pissed and not amused with the dude's shitty predicament. But it did bring a smirk to her face knowing that she'd just gotten the dude busted with his girlfriend. Mikey did her best to hide it with another bite of sandwich, and fixed her face when Asha went on about "half-jaguars" and being able to do it when she was in better control. So. Wait. She could just, be half and half? Like some sort of lizard person? Like a fucking Argonian?? Mike blinked as she sandwich disappeared, and she grabbed for another.

Back to the porn.

"I dunno, it sounded really fucking cheesy." She shrugged, lying. He'd gotten stuck in there on accident, thinking it was the bathroom. She remembered that. But this was more fun.

Asha drank his anxiety rudely. She was being a terrible girlfriend. But if it kept this chick from trying to murder him... then it was alright. Too bad she didn't have more details, but Asha guessed that had more to do with the situation of trying to get him out of a... locked porn room, Jesus Christ Abraham. Only you.

"Aww, well I'm definitely gonna have to torture him with it." She smiled. "So do you have any crocodile friends here?"

"Good." She said thickly through another bite, a little too seriously. Mikey tried to recover with a dry laugh through her nose. At the question, she swallowed to answer. "Nope, 'm the only one as far as I know." Which sucked considering she didn't know what the fuck she was doing. Only a week or two of hanging around the dude that changed her hadn't taught her much. She was doing fine, she thought, until some asshole shifted in front of her and threw her in a dumpster.

Hmmmmm. That was for the best because jaguars liked to eat crocodiles, cat, she was calling you out to stop, but it was shitty to be alone. Asha had been alone for like a week one time and then she almost died.

"Well, let's exchange numbers. If we meet one, we can point you to them. You can just gimme yours and I'll text you." Since she was busy eating.

She pulled out her phone, looking to Meike expectantly. "Oh, and... where do you do your full moon shifts? Like. Can you be out in the cold? Or..."

Oh, ugh. She didn't know she was inviting someone to ask for her number. But... she guessed if there were other crocs out there, she'd like to know. So she took the phone, and entered her number with the the name "Meike."

"Thanks." She said half heartedly. "And, uh, my bathroom." She tried to shift once outside and she almost fucking died, so. Bathroom in hot water with the heater on.

Wow she hadn't meant to let her phone get taken but okay. She took it back whenever it was offered.

"Smart!" she decided, because what the fuck other option did this chick have. Number saved, she slipped it back into her pocket.

"Do you live with anyone? Human, specifically."

Was it? She'd fucked up the tile enough that she was sure she wasn't getting the deposit back. But it beat freezing to death. "No, just have neighbors. Don't think they hear me." A shrug. She wouldn't know, would she? How much noise did a crocodile make? She'd watched a million videos about them on youtube, and they really only seemed hissy when you got near them, so.

"Good! I was going to warn you that anyone you live with will probably end up being food," she chirped cheerily. "Or other crocodiles. Which I don't think you wanna deal with at your stage. You don't remember your shifts, right?"

Asha, so helpful, so nice.

She pretty much got that part, thanks. She wouldn't really know if she had made anyone dinner, would she? Well, she guessed there would be blood. "Nope. But I do remember being slam dunked into a dumpster." She answered dryly, deadpan. She hoped that douche could hear her.

Ahhhh she was a teenager. And a good reminder that kids were a fucking pain in the fucking ass.

"The other option was letting you run loose in a town run by vampires, so... it was the best option at the time. Plus, jaguars eat crocodiles."

Hadn't she ever watched Nat Geo? One hit KO, baby.

"After some time, you'll start remembering what happens. And you'll be able to gain more control over yourself while shifted too. So I know this sucks, but it's something to look forward to."

If he had control over himself, then he wouldn't eat her. Pick which one, lady. Did he have a handle on his cat or not? She wouldn't argue, because ultimately they'd gone back to get her. And, she was distracted by something she said. She let her finish, nodding briefly about eventually remembering. She'd gotten that speech already. "Town full of vampires? Lavender Heights?" She sought to confirm.

There was like no interest in anything she'd said at all... except the vampire thing. "Yep. They don't mind us like this, much, but shifting in their town isn't really a good idea."

There wasn't much else to add to it. She likely couldn't stop her shifts anyway, so the moral of the story was to be as careful as she could there.

Asha was content to wait while she finished eating.

So, vampires were pretty chill, after all? So long as you didn't run around as big animals in their home. She hadn't really known they hung out around Lavender Heights, but it was pretty smart considering there was always drunk college kids and bars and stuff. Strategic vampires. "Good to know. Thanks for the info." Asha was pretty helpful, even if she was dating a dude that liked to go into porn rooms and shift into half jaguars and yeet girls into dumpsters. Again, at least they'd come back. She could lighten up.

And she would after a few more sandwiches. With a full stomach, she was able to get more comfortable. She wasn't her when she was hungry. It took more than a Snickers, but you got the picture. Meike even manage a small smile to Asha she she moved to throw away the paper plate that the sandwiches had been on. One deep breath in, and then she was moving back toward the bathroom. "I'll get my things. Uh, you said you could drive me home?" Please don't make her call an Uber.

That was better. Asha nodded.

"Yep. Let me get you a pair of shoes and we can head off."

Uh... she'd assume the chick would have like, some way to get into her place. Maybe a spare key or a doorman or something.

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