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Cordova's Wonderland 

Four beers in and the night wasn't so bad, Abhi convinced himself. He couldn't get into the strip club, but he could manage to get in here, which was great. Super. He ambled around somewhat unsteadily (not that he noticed), eyeing various rides, deciding he wasn't drunk enough yet to try them, especially after he'd tried to get on a Superman-type rollercoaster and the passing maintenance dude said repeatedly it was closed for the winter. Asshole. He woulda ridden it anyway, except he would have had no one manning the controls so...

Just had to sneak somewhere else, and that was when he found himself in front of the recently reopened hall of mirrors. That sounded like a great idea — he was buzzed up enough that all that shit would just inspire like... amusement. At an amusement park. Imagine that.

Abhi wandered in and promptly walked right into a mirror. "Fuck," he cursed aloud, a hand going to the aid of his nose which was, thankfully, not actually broken or anything. Just his pride.

The eeriness of the theme park at night was almost comforting. No screaming riders, children whining. No loud noises and no people to bump into. It was paradise. Sneaking in was easy for the witch as she slipped right through the gates like an apparition. Rabbit would prove to be a difficult one to catch. With her backpack in tow, she brought along her favorite bottle of Plantation rum and a single glass. Tonight was a night for relaxation and to be alone.

With a small flame light in her palm for light, she made her way past the hall of mirrors. The sudden shout that didn't belong to her cut through the air. The startled Rabbit's flame disappeared and she was left alone in the darkness. She dared not speak, but a gasp escaped her. Someone had cursed out, but she wasn't going to investigate. Instead, Rabbit stood frozen in her tracks just before the entrance.

Shit. Well, no one seemed to have seen that or anything. So Abhi figured he was alone, which suited him just fine.

He reached his non-beer hand out and pressed it to the mirror wall, trying to find his way around the little maze. If fucking kids could do it, so could he.

What the hell was going on in there? She stood still frozen as she went over possible plans in her head. Run and ignore? Investigate?

More shuffling from within. Whatever it was, it sounded big with all the noise it was making. Maybe it was a shifter.

Rabbit's demeanor grew dark at the thought. Filthy creatures. Her feet took her forward closer to the entrance. Eventually she peaked her head inside to see if she could catch a quick glimpse of what loomed inside, but reflections of herself just peered back at her. Okay maybe this was a bad idea. She gulped and took a few steps backwards from the entrance.

So, Abhi was unaware of anyone doing the silent hokey pokey at the entrance. He was busy trying to find his way out the other end of the maze.

And eventually, he felt like he got the hang of what was a mirror and what wasn't.

Until he smashed himself into another one, his beer splashing over him. A very loud, "Are you fucking kidding me!" escaped him.

No. No, whoever "you" was was not.


"Are you fucking kidding me!"

Rabbit jumped backwards at the outburst. Okay, it sounded human. Probably some teenager. And probably drunk. She laughed softly as she took a few steps away from the entrance, her feet tangling with each other. The poor tango of feet sent her falling backwards, landing herself with a tumble into the ground. The witch yelled out as she landed onto her backpack with a crack, Her booze!

Some higher being had to be laughing at them right now. Is this what she deserved from wanting to drown in rum?

Rabbit sat up slowly and carefully, slipping the straps off her backpack. As she turned around, the damage seemed apparent. Her bottle and glass were definitely broken. Ugh! She fumbled around for something to throw when her lands landed on a piece of cement, sticking out from the dirt. Her fingers wrapped securely around it and she chucked it into the entrance of the mirrors.

"Fuck you!" she hollered, hoping the cement chunk would make contact with at least something.

What the fuck.

Some chick screaming. Something being thrown. The glass of a mirror behind him falling like a sheet to shatter on the floor.

Abhi whipped around and was no less buzzed for it, the dim light to the entrance floating slowly over.

"Who the fuck did that?!"

It wasn't him. He wasn't paying for damages. Fuck that. Nope. Fuck that. He was getting the fuck back out. He and his beer drenched shirt hadn't made it very far anyway.

The stranger yelled again from within just after her rock had hit a mirror. Bullseye! Er, wait. The sound of shattering class was easy enough to make her cringe. Shit, what did she do?

Rabbit scrambled up to her feet, unsure of what to do next. Shuffling her way hinted that whatever or whoever was inside was headed back her way. She gulped and stood frozen in clear vision of the entrance. It was going to be a fight or flight, she didn't know which one just yet.

No one answered.

Abhinav stepped out, feet crunching on the glass. When he got there he saw... some dumbass chick just standing there.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he snarled, beer splotched wet on his shirt.

The figure revealed himself and she just stood there like a statue, her eyes wide and her mouth hung open slightly.

Fuck. Now what?

The apparent human cursed at her. But as she looked him over a bit closer, he had a huge wet spot on his shirt. Was he drinking in there? It would explain his slurred outburst at her.

Rabbit took a few steps back, tripping backwards onto her backpack. She grumbled angrily and stepped around it.

Fight or flight, Rabbit, fight or flight?

"Stay back, you drunky," she shouted at him.


One, what the fuck kind of insult was that? Two, what kind of moron breaks a mirror and then can't even stay on their feet a few steps? This bitch, apparently.

"You fucking broke shit and made me waste my drink, cunt," he answered with a properly awful insult, gripping his mostly beer bottle with intent to... spray her with whatever was left?


He throttled the remainder of his beer on her, though he kept hold of the bottle, and whatever was left of it landed all over her. Sorry, not sorry.


Did he just fucking throw his beer at her?!

Rabbit flinched as the smelly liquid splashed her in the face and down the front of her shirt. This fuckwhit!

Her fists clenched together tightly as she leaned forward, letting the beer drip off her face. "You're gonna fucking regret that," she warned. The witch could feel her skin quickly heating up through her anger.

"Didn't fucking start it," he hissed back, and flung his bottle at her head. It missed narrowly, landing behind her with a shatter as glass flew everywhere.

Abhinav grunted to himself as he began to walk away. Stupid tattooed slut.

Miss, attempted exit


Rabbit gasped and dodged out of the way from the flying bottle. Fuck this dude.

He started leave. No, no. She wasn't going to let him do that.

"Don't walk away from me," she shouted. Her eyes glowed their ghostly white and her hands heated up. A small flame formed in her palm. She was ready to throw it at him. "Apologize."

Was she deaf? He didn't fucking start this shit. Abhinav paused, turning on his heel, and sneered at her, at least until he saw a what the fuck in her hands?

Was that like. Fire? In her hands? Of course. Of course she was an edgy tattooed little cunt starting trouble and then acting all magic and tough when it rebounded on her. Fuck these magic bitches. Why couldn't he have had something like that?

Abhi stared at it, and then at her. Some fire wielding magic bitch came and shattered a mirror and wasted his beer and he was supposed to be sorry?

"I'm sorry," he said, hands digging deep in his pockets, and then continued to backstep away a few more feet, eyes on the flame. "So, so sorry... that you're a piece of shit!" he finished up right as he broke into a mad run.

second attempted exit


Rabbit scoffed as she watched the dumbass run. Oh, so he could throw insults but couldn't stand behind them, eh?

It pissed her off even more.

The flame in her hand was growing, but dare she throw it at the guy? Ugh, he was lucky she had a "heart".

Rabbit released her frustration onto the house of mirrors, throwing her fire ball right at it.

Now, it was her time to get the fuck outta there. She took a deep breath, grabbed her pack and darted off.

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