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Meyer's Zoo & Aquarium 
 "I gotta get the information out of you before you get cold feet." Grimacing at the half-explanation and half-apology that she had for him. It eased her mind to hear about the animals at least, made her feel a little less sensitive and frantic about the sensation that everything that night was playing correctly but in the wrong key. "Well, I'm definitely not a -" She motioned to him, didn't want to say it more than she had to for the sake of privacy concerns.

Not a mammal though, that one made her brow furrow.

 "A bird?" Cautious as she considered him - like how some people said dogs looked like their owners or more likely, vice versa. "I don't think - fish would be stupid." Laughing at the short straw someone would have to draw for that to be their lot in life. "Python?" Terrifying. "Alligator?" Far more terrifying, really. An echidna was technically a mammal, right?

Cold feet. If only she knew.

He'd shake his head to each wrong guess. Not a bird, or a fish, or a snake. But at alligator, he held up a finger to pause her.

"Very close. And what would you do with that information, now that you know it?" he asked, perhaps just for the sake of hearing her answer than truly believing it.

 Crocodiles were his favorite - he'd stood right next to her and said it so casually she had hardly thought anything of it. Crocodiles - as in sharp teeth and that weird hissing noise and - she stared at him, grimaced at the question of what she would do. "Nothing." Sincere as she lifted her shoulders and dropped them just a quick.

 "I mean, it's cool to know - and I'd like to know more if you'd share it, but I wouldn't try to out you or whatever." And yeah that was a stretch in the trust department but she hoped that he'd take the gamble to avoid being death rolled in the touch tank at the aquarium.

He did not entirely believe her, believable as she was, but managed not to let it leak into his expression, in the gentle smoothing of his brow.

There were still others around, too. Hm.

"While I appreciate that, if you'd like to know more, I ask not here," he answered, reaching for his wallet and opening it in front of her. He pulled out a card for Crystal Springs, and handed it to her. "This is where I work, and more often than not I am out up front. You can come up any time you like. Just call first to see that I'm there."

He thought of mentioning Meike to her, and then... thought better of it, at least unless she asked the question of others directly. Identifying others was always worse than identifying himself.

 She took the card from him without any hesitation, ran her thumb along the sheen of the front and snorted as she read it over. "A crocodile in the hot springs." Mumbled under her breath as she appreciated that visual for a second before glancing up. "I work a random schedule but I'll definitely come up to visit." Maybe get a discount out of this, but she wouldn't ask for that then and there.

 Taking the case off of her phone she put the card inside it before putting it back on, unsure as this felt like an ideal time to split. Take what he'd given her and dissect it accordingly. "Thanks, Daniel - for being ... not that vampire."

She took it well. Very well. And he found it... comforting, in some way, to have someone just accept boundaries in that way without truly understanding the depth of what she was walking into.

Perhaps it was a failing on her part not to question or push more, but it was one that served him well. And in the end, her as well. Too much pushing and he'd have to do something about her.

"Of course. I look forward to it," he smiled genuinely, nodding. "My number is on there too — call me if you ever run into any kind of trouble."

It remained to be seen if sharing this much would bite him in the end, but he was fairly capable of biting back.

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