Digging their graves

Lavender Heights 
Good to know ... or really ? Cool, maybe, perhaps ... yeah. Well that was a thing anyways.

"- No, no I meant any other power. You told me about growing trees and stuff, is there any other KIND of gifts ?"

Yeah, he seemed a bit rude, but passion sometimes gets the best of one.

"Oh. Umm." She lifted her fingers and counted them off. "Telepathy, duh. Copying other peoples powers too." What was Wilhelm's?? She. Didn't know. Or couldn't remember. Fuck.

What had Astrid's been?

Fuck. Couldn't remember.

"Making fire. Water. Earth. That type of thing." Pause. "That's all I can remember right now but there's probably tons."

So many possibilities... had he been born centuries earlier he and his kind would've been gods among men.

He kept a moment of silence, then dropped.

"- I need to get into that head of yours. Definitly."

Heh. Hehe. Hehehe.


”Or you could do the non-creepy thing which isss-“ she began, before extending a flat palm. ”Phone,” Katya... well. Not really a question.

He searched his pocket.

"- It's not creepy ! It's science."

Then gave her his phone. Of course it was creepy, but what could he do ? Metaphysics just get the best off of hum.

"- And I mean, it doesn't have to be the magical way."

She laughed. Okay Adam.

”Look,” Katya began, taking his phone and opening up his contacts. She added herself in as ‘katya,’ proceeded to send her own number a cat emoji so she had Adam’s contact, and then handed his phone back.

”There’s my phone number. So if you’ve ever got questions or anything, just text me. I dunno everything but I can try. Also, it’s way more legal than prying into my brain without permission.”

Was it illegal ? Was there actually a law text that forbid extreme hypnosis and privacy invasion ? Guess there would be.

"- Oh I wont do that... anymore." said he as he recovered his phone. "your consent is primordial."

Primordial. This guy was definitely a writer.

She smiled sweetly. ”WELL. Imma go buy another hot dog.” Katya decided as she bounced up, her wolf urging her after more food.

”You wanna come or keep reading??”

Straight to the heart. Or the stomach, both of them were close enough from one another.

"- Cant say I aint hungry, better that than reading this again."

He stood up, lifting and shaking the said book, he let her lead the way.

As Adam rose, her eyes went up. And up.

He was pretty giant.

Or she was pretty small.

"Follow me!" Katya instructed, leading the way towards the hot dog stand (and taking her job extra seriously).

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