Victories Never Last Long

Hamilton Center 
Shopping wasn't really her thing, especially at the mall, the hustle and bustle of people making her a bit anxious when the demon Wolverine inside of her liked to snap at just a moments notice. She was, however, running dangerously low on clothes thanks to that very same creature, having snapped unexpectedly quite a few times already. Mina was pretty sure if she wore this Metallica T-Shirt one more time, her co-host, Dan, was going to have an absolute fit.

Typically, she would have just ran to Walmart and grabbed a shirt or two and some pants, but currently there was a sale going on at Kohls, and they were already cheap enough that it would be a pretty good bargain. Walking swiftly around the clumps of people also making their merry way through the mall, Mina walked with absolute determination towards Kohls.

It was when she finally caught sight of the blue lettering that a particular smell hit her nose. The smell of Auntie Anne's, taunting her with the mouth watering scent of pretzels. She might of ignored it before her change, but now, she had the Wolverines yowls to put up with, and so instead of just continuing on, she bee lined towards the stand. The Wolverine yowled with excitement.

It only took but a few moments, and then she held her prizes. An already bitten into pretzel in her left hand and a coke in the other. The victory did not last long though, and before she knew it some idiot knocked into her sending her coke spilling all down her shirt and pants, cup clattering to the floor as Mina gaped down in surprise.

The Wolverine wailed in anger, coming to the forefront of her mind, yet not quite taking over. Dangerously close, but not quite, because in all of this mayhem, she had kept the pretzel safe.



Almost finished with her second cinnamon pretzel, Katya got out of her seat and started reversing. When.

Shoot her. Please.

She felt herself knock someone behind her, and Katya closed her eyes for a few seconds, tightening her lips because why couldn't she just learn to be more aware of her surroundings.

Slowly, she turned to evaluate the damage done on the girl.

Girl... Were. Hi. Katya's eyes flashed to yellow as her wolf awoke, curious about the not-cat-not-dog-either animal on the same metaphysical plane. Katya, on the other hand.

"I am soooo so sorry. Lemme get some napkins for you-" she said and already began floating towards the counter to retrieve some.

It didn't help keep the anger off when she realized that the idiot was an adult, and not some kid, that had hit her. An adult Were at that, the Wolverine raging inside of her mind, not quite as curious about this new encounter, but instead, growing more pissed that there was some other creature nearby. The only thing that saved the girl from an onslaught of cursing, was the fact that she was just as clearly effected by the ordeal.

You couldn't really stay furious at a girl that was clearly trying her best to help, could you? The Wolverine disagreed, but Mina shoved it aside a minuscule amount, remaining in control of the situation for the moment. "Uh, I'll live." She answered, leaning down to grab the fallen cup and chunk it into a nearby trashcan as she followed the girl to the counter.

Nope, sorry, still grabbing napkins for you, and growingly aware that the animal the girl harboured was salty as fuck. Oops.

Her eyes settled back to green after a few moments.

When she reached the front, Katya took like, way more napkins than was necessary, and turned to find the girl had followed her. If she let her, Katya would try and pat the coke dry?? "I can like, wash it for you or something. I'msodumb I know."

There would be no stranger dabbing here. Smiling Mina took the napkins from the girl rubbing down at her shirt with a shake of her head, a slight laugh escaping her at the girls comments. "It's alright, I'll live." She chuckled, the coke already beginning to sorta just soak into her pants and skin, leaving her oddly sticky.

"Mistakes happen, plus I'm actually making my way to buy some new clothes anyways." She threw a thumb over her shoulder towards Kohls, before leaning a bit closer. "Don't want to get so worked up in a public place." She warned, not having missed the change of yellow to green.

If she said so. >:|

Katya didn't fight the napkin-taking, instead releasing a pent up sigh. And pout. And then she kinda froze completely as the girl leaned in closer, before giving a dramatically solemn nod which didn't fit her earlier behaviour at all. "Gotcha."

Also, still awkwardly holding her own coke and cinnamon pretzel.

"OH. I'm Katya." By the way?? If you wanted a name for your attacker.

Happy with the easy acceptance of her advice, Mina straightened back up with a sharp nod of her head. "Mina." She answered, motioning back over towards the table Katya had been sitting at before. It wasn't often that Mina came across other Weres, and with this doggy scent, she was a bit curious to find out what exactly she was, or well, turned into.

"Wanna sit, it's not often I meet people similar to myself." She hoped she wasn't being too pushy, but she supposed she at least deserved some answers to her questions while she ate and waited for the coke to fully dry. She could just imagine the fit the workers would have if she tried to try on pants while she was soaked with coke.


Stuffing the rest of the pretzel in her mouth, Katya followed Mina obediently back to her table. A girl walked out with a mop to clean what coke had managed to spill on the floor. Cry.

"Mhhm-sure!" Katya said through the pretzel, getting comfortable across from her.

This girl was so complacent!

Taking a page from Katyas book, Mina took a bite of her own pretzel finally, the Wolverine becoming just a tad bit more calm than it had been before, swayed by the food that was being offered. "So, I'll be honest. I'm not entirely sure what you are." Mina started, brows coming together a bit as she looked the girl up and down.

"You're definitely not a Wolverine though."

A Wolverine. Oh. My. God.

That had to be cute. Katya looked fascinated. And her cheeks had rose way up.

"Sorta am! But not." She glanced over to the other patrons briefly before looking back to Mina, putting an elbow on the table so she was closer. "Wolf." WHISPER.

Oh, the explained the doggy scent.

"Huh, well this is a first." She answered with a wry smile. "So how long have you been taking up this new lifestyle?" She still had a bit self control issues, but was also smart enough to keep her voice down when speaking on her animal, so her Were age was still pretty up in the air at the moment.

”Over half a year.” Katya wished she could say ‘wow time flew’ but it hadn’t.

”How bout you??”

She brought the coke up to her mouth, taking a sip.

Only half a year?

This girl was super new then, Mina shaking her head at the thought, barely even remembering her first year as a Were. "Four, caught the infection on my 21st birthday actually." She answered with a grim smile.

"You got someone showing you the ropes right?" She didn't really feel comfortable with a new Were running about with no one to tell her all the ups and downs that came with the new found power. There had been a few she met over time that needed some guidance, although it was not her favorite thing to do, she had no problem explaining the rules if needed.

What a shitty birthday.

”Sure, I’ve gotta pack.” Katya didn’t have like, a mentor, or something, if that’s what Mina was asking. But she didn’t think she needed one. She’d been fine on her own so far.

Kind of (not really. Not at all).

”I’m guessing youuu... don’t? Maybe?”

Mina wanted to snort at the mention of a 'pack'. She couldn't quite understand the reason of naming Were groups after their actual animal counterparts, it just sorta seemed unimaginative.

To each their own however.

"Nah, only other Wolverine I met was the one who changed me." She answered with a shrug. "Suppose my species just isn't all that common." It would be a lie to say that she didn't enjoy the idea of maybe meeting another Wolverine, the one inside her head didn't seem to get so angry with them.

"Probably for the best though, this one's a bit of an ass." She tapped her temple a few times for emphasis.

Maybe Wolverines were more common in like, Alaska (why Alaska???) or a different city. She had no idea. It was possible.

Either way, she smirked at Mina's closing statement. Could relate. "Are Wolverines more like dogs or cats??"

A very good question that Mina was not quite sure she could answer.

"Well, I'm not quite sure, in some ways there like dogs. They're snarly and super territorial." She held her left hand flat in front of her. "While in others they have the self riotous and prickly nature of cats." She held out her right hand as she said this as well. "Mix it all together and you got this jerk who hates everyone that isn't them." She clapped her hands together in emphasis, a wide smile on her face.

"Sometimes I wish it were some nicer animal. You're wolf give you too much trouble?"

Katya watched Mina intensely as she explained, which made her laugh which came at the end abrupt. She was so rude to her Wolverine and it was kinda funny???

Still smirking, she answered Mina's question. "Probably the same as you. I still don't remember her when I wake up, so I don't really know her that well. If that makes any sense??" Like, she knew her. But she didn't know her while she... was her.

Which, as time went on, she found herself craving more and more.

Katya finished off her coke, twirling the plastic cup in her hand. "Is the dude who changed you still around?"

She was still in that phase then? Nothing had irritated Mina more than when she had long periods of blackouts in her memory, clueless as to what mischief the Wolverine had gotten to in that time. It wasn't like remembering it had helped keep it out of trouble though, sure there was a little say in the matters, but most often when in beast form, they did whatever the Wolverine wished.

"It'll get clearer as time goes on, and you two get a bit more used to one another." She promised, she wanted to say accept at first, but she wasn't quire sure she was even at that point yet, even after four years.

At the question of Tyler, Mina gave her head a shake. "Nah, he's back in Tennessee. I left to come here when I got a pretty good job opportunity, figured I had enough control to at least live by myself." It would be a lie to say she didn't miss him, but the radio crew was just as much family as he was, even if they didn't shift into animals every full moon.

She swayed her feet which just barely reached the floor. ”What’s your job??” The curiousity in her tone was genuine, because it was never not interesting finding out about how other Weres lived.

A flash of a smile crossed her face, Mina always excited to mention her work.

"I host a radio station with one of my buddies." Of course they hadn't been buddies when she had first arrived, but Dan was a pretty easy guy to get along with, and soon enough they had been best buds. She supposed in a way, it was also a job requirement that they got along, since they did see each other on the daily.

"We also do a podcast on Saturday mornings. It's a pretty good gig." She was beaming now, thoroughly believing that if you loved your job, then you never worked a day in your life.

Oh. She would probably move for a job like that too (if she knew anything about radio hosting).

”Smart. Sounds low stress.” So no SURPRISE stress shifts.

”Does he know that you’re like...??”

It was low stress indeed, perfect for her prickly friend,

"Of course not." Mina answered instantly, giving her head a hard shake. "They'd lose their shift if I did, and I'd likely be out of a few friends and a job." Her gaze hardened as she looked towards Katya, mouth tightening slightly.

"I hope you don't just go running around telling normal people about your special quirk."

Mina could hope all she wanted but at the end of the day Katya would do whatever she felt like, so. Sorry.

Not that she actually told randoms or anything.

In the end she shrugged, not really answering her half-question. ”Vampires go around telling everyone but we don’t. Why do you think they don’t care??”

She was not fond of her question being answered with a shrug, although she would not press the matter. If the girl wished to make a jumble of her own life, then let her, she just hoped that some innocent bystanders didn't get caught up in it.

At the mention of vampires, Minas nose crinkled, the disgust clear in her eyes. "Those creatures think nothing more of humans than meals. Why would they care about ruining the bliss of human oblivion." She scoffed, arms folding across her chest.

"We are still human, those things are anything but."

I mean. The first part was kinda true, in her experience. But also Katya definitely looked perplexed.

”You think we’re human??” Not debating, just sounding as confused as she looked.

Was Mina sure she turned into a wolverine everything month?? If she thought they were human??

The confusion on Mina's face was clear. Why wouldn't she still consider herself human?

"Sure I do. We're just humans with a bit of a twist." There was nothing separating them from human than the animals within them. They still talked, walked and ate the same. It wasn't like they had died and come back from the dead and now ate on a totally different diet and could only come out when the sun was away.

Katya probably would’ve agreed one month in. But. She wasn’t one month into this lifestyle anymore.

It made her think Mina was kinda... dumb. Maybe ignorant was a nicer word. A bit of a twist wasn’t their predicament, sorry.

”Well. I wish I was human,” she decided with a sigh of longing. ”Anyway. If you don’t like Vamps don’t go to Lavender Heights.” Katya rose slowly. ”But you probably know that already anyway.”

She had smelt the scent of the undead a few times in her visits, but hadn't ever actually met one of them, which was probably a good thing. She could tell the girl was still not confident in her words, but Mina could care less, she knew what she was and no animal would change that.

As the girl rose to leave, Mina would life a single hand in a wave. "Will do. It was nice talking to you, been a minute since I could talk this freely."

Katya gave a few nods in return to her wave. ”Same. Maybe I’ll see you around.” She probably would. Mountainside felt smaller than it was.

She flashed a smile, before going to throw her empty cup in the trash and head off.

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