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The drive was taxing, and there were moments where the lines in the road blurred, and the lights of oncoming cars blinded. But they made it, some time over what he had estimated. But as he pulled up to the front of Frank's home, he found he cared very little about how reckless driving had been. He pushed the cat into park, and pulled the keys as he glanced to Maeve. "Doing okay?" He asked gently, and would open his door to move around and help her out. If she needed it, he would lend his good shoulder for her to lean on. His body ached in every way, his arm fluxuating between glaring pain and cold numbness. But they were almost done. Frank was here, waiting and ready. Yana was on the way. Far from over, but near a time of relief and adjustment. As they made their way toward the front door, he swallowed down a lump in his throat.

@"Frank Beringer" @"Maeve Sutherland" @"Yana Novik"

Mathis was taking longer than estimated and Frank was forcing himself to stay leaning against a chair’s back, gaze all, but trained on the door. The kitchen had been prepped, items cleared away, supplies on hand out on a guess on just how badly the two were banged up here. The smell of coffee wafted through the lit house in the early morning hours, a clock ticking in the living room being the only noise breaking up the silence. His phone was in hand, keys in pocket, moments away from calling Yana and Mathis, to tell them he’d just pick them up himself. Frank had talked himself into waiting at least ten minutes more than originally said till it came to that. With each passing minute closer to that deadline he grew more antsy, leg shaking, trying very hard not to let his mind wander.

A sudden yowling from the jaguar alerted him to the fact someone was here before the sound of an engine being killed and of doors being opened and shut could be heard. That’s all he needed as confirmation to check. Tucking the phone into a pocket, he made brisk steps to the door and opened it, taking in the approaching two as cold air whistled past into the house. It was definitely Mathis and he began to walk outside to meet them.

In the steps it took, Frank’s gaze landed on Mathis first, drinking in the fact he was walking, that he wasn’t bleeding out. And then, his gaze swept to the girl, blood very prominent on her in sight and smell even from a distance. Frank ended in a light not quite jog by the end, before enveloping Mathis in a hug. It wasn’t as tight as he desperately wanted, scared to bother any injuries significantly, but god he’d been so worried. ”Thank, god,” he breathed in relief. Regrettably, but definitely needed considering the circumstances, he let go after a moment. They’d have time later for such things.

Turning to the girl, he offered her a reassuring smile. ”Let’s get you both inside. Hold onto me and I'll carry you.” Frank bent down a bit, arm coming up to behind her knees, giving time for the girl to wrap arms around his neck so he could lift her up if allowed. This way would be easier for all involved, Mathis free to not have a girl leaning against him when he probably needed to do so himself.

The whole trip to the doctor's house was a blur. Maeve's mind was pretty much focused on a big problem that would follow her for the rest of her life. She had come to Lavender Heights to finish her studies and then go back home, where everything was normal and simple. She was happy with her quiet and boresome life, so there was no need for a radical change. Mathis had not yet confirmed her theory, but she was sure he or the doctor would.
Maeve was scared of hearing those words. She even decided not to speak about it anymore, hoping that it would not come true if it was not put out to the universe.

They had finally arrived to the destination, although the girl did only notice it when Mathis spoke to her.
"I don't know." she claimed with all honesty, her mind still very distant from that place and time. There was a whirlwind of feelings inside her, crushing her like a rock. Maeve was afraid, hopeless, sad, confused... She just wanted to curl and cry but decided against it. She had to be strong and face her new destiny, even if she was not quite sure what it was.
As Mathis exited the car, she did the same, accepting his help and leaning on his shoulder, although she was in a better shape than a couple hours before.
Then a new figure appeared.

As both men hugged, Maeve stood there as uncomfortable as possible, her eyes on her bloody clothes, looking like she had just walked out from a murder scene.
Under the dim light of dawn it was easy to spot the doctor's smile but, even if it had comforted her for a moment, reality would never leave her thoughts.
Without saying a word, Maeve accepted help once again, and her arms gently wrapped around the doctor's neck so he could carry her inside.
She looked at Mathis, afraid that he would disappear if she looked away. In spite of not knowing him very well, he was the one she trusted the most in that scenario. Please don't leave me here, she thought, wishing he could read her mind.
As they entered the house, Maeve's heart started beating faster, as if she was being walked to her own grave.

The walk from the car to the door wasn't long, but it felt a thousand miles. He kept his eyes trained on the door, and when it opened, he let out a shaking sigh of air he had not realized he had been holding. Frank emerged, rushing toward them, and Mathis made an effort not to speed to meet him in interest of not dragging Maeve along. He did let her go, when Frank reached him. Just for a moment, as he was pulled into a hug that washed him in a momentary swell of warmth and relief. His functional arm came to loop beneath Frank's, his hand grabbing at the back of his shirt as he pulled him close and tucked his head toward his neck. The pain from the pressure at his broken arm was enough to have him wincing, but he grit his teeth against it in favor of taking those two or three moments to stay in Frank's hold. He let out a shaky breath of a weakened laugh at Frank's words, and did feel the rims of his eyes sting against tears he didn't plan to let fall.

He let him go when Frank pulled away. There would be time later to seek the amount of comfort he needed. For now, Maeve was the focus. Frank, bless him, scooped the girl up to alleviate the burden. She was visibly shaken, in some amount of shock, but looked at him as if seeking reassurance. He met her eyes, and offered a nod and a weak smile as he did what he could to keep pace. It settled in, in that brief moment, that he was going to be who she looked to for guidance. It was his responsibility. As it had been with Allegra. He would not let this one end so poorly. "The bleeding is stopped, but her wounds need cleaning." He told Frank. "Her wrist, her shoulder, and I think there may be a concussion." All would heal, but the wound at her wrist would be first to. The virus would do its work to heal the other wounds in time.

Mathis paused to look into the street before stepping into the house, checking briefly for Yana's car before heading in. She would be here. There was a twisting in his gut at the idea of facing her, but it had to be done. There had been worse situations to step away from and directly into the eye of his superior. Naked at the back of a salon, curled beside a dumpster with a gaping wound, back from a trip home with the news that he had infected his own sister. He only hoped Yana was not wearing thing on her patience.

No complaint from her and she was lifted, were strength aiding in the task. He began to walk back to the door with Mathis, looking to him as he explained her injuries, before also flicking his gaze back to Maeve to see what he could from the position. The bleeding from what type of injury, he was unsure. Blood was caked to her though and it gave warning to something that shouldn’t even be stemmed so quickly. All in all, he’d stitched his brow in thought, trying to put pieces together. A car accident, both hurt, but not devastatingly so. There were parts he was missing no matter how it was framed. ”Got it,” he responded back gratefully for a summary, already planning the next steps in preparation, all the while making sure the other man didn’t falter.

Walking through the doorway and into the warmer home, Frank called out to the hanging back Mathis. ”And what about you? You need to come sit down.” Both needed to be checked, even though he assumed Yana coming was to help Mathis out. Explaining all the girl’s injuries first made sense since she wasn’t as tough as a were and clearly had been through the ringer, but it wasn’t doing any good to not know what else to expect.

It was hard not to note the quickening heartbeat from the girl in his arms. She was probably terrified and his heart went out to her. ”Hey there, you’ll be okay,” he said reassuringly. Making the way to the kitchen, Frank scooched a bar chair out before carefully placing her there and taking a step back. ”Maeve, right? I’m Frank, I’m a doctor. I’m going to look at where you’re hurt and help you out, alright?” Giving her a moment to let that sink in, Frank grabbed for a pen light before turning back. He’d wait for Maeve to respond to what he’d said before checking on things, not wanting to overwhelm in the slightest.


 It was good fortune that had her making the trip to Frank's, a streak of luck that made it so that she had time to compose herself before she would be facing the three of them. Two familiar, one perhaps soon to be. Enough time to regulate herself and return to something close enough to centered. It was an accident, after all, accidents had a tendency to happen.

This was fine, everything was fine.

 She deferred to her phone from time to time, not so familiar with Frank's residence as to not need a helping hand along the way. Still, she showed up right when the map had suggested she would, parked her car and tossed her phone into her bag. Seatbelt, door, purse, door, and then up the drive even as she tugged on the sleeves of her jacket. Not angry, not upset, but firm - the slight downward tug of her lips, a faint furrow of her brow. Concerned, more than anything else.

 Concerned enough it seemed that manners took a backseat, trying to front door without so much as a knock. More interested in damage control and working effectively than she was in regards to protocol for the time being.

Sorry, Frank.

 While Maeve's eyes still wandered around the kitchen where she had been taken to, her hearing was focused on Frank's words. She did not believe it when the doctor assured she'd be okay, and at that point she knew, deeply, that there was no turning back. Something was about to change. But why her? Maeve was a good person, capable of love and compassion towards others. Why? What had she done to deserve such karmic punishment? At that point a soft tear slid down her face and she quickly wiped it, hoping none of them would notice.

"To be honest I'm pretty sure you can't help me." she stated, trying to accept her fate, even though she still hoped for a chance to change life's course. If this was supposed to be like in the movies and stories, then she would be doomed. Forever. And forever was a very long time.
"I'm not hurt anymore!" It came out as a protest, at the same time she allowed the doctor to examine her wounds. It was not a complete lie, unfortunately, but Maeve's calm nature was starting to vanish and soon would be replaced by strong assertiveness that was starting to show.

"I want you to tell me what's really going on. Without hiding anything." Her eyes landed once again on Mathis' figure. She knew there was more to be said, things he had been avoiding, she didn't really know why. Was it fear of a heavy conscience? Was it something worse than what she already knew and suspected? Was he worried she would cling to him once she became a damn animal because it was his fault? Well he could relax about that, Maeve didn't want to have anything to do with him, none of them.
She was about to open her mouth once again when a new person entered the room. It was a woman, with pale skin and long dark hair. There was something about her that intimidated the girl. Suddenly she had lost all her courage to speak and went silent, even if her eyes had never retreated from their faces.

"I think there's some fractures, but it's nothing Yana can't help with." That is, if she agreed to. It wasn't mandatory of her. Mathis moved to linger nearby, nothing sitting for fear of just crumbling into a pile of exhaustion there. Instead, he remained upright, cradling his fractured arm and pacing his breathing to ease the strain on his ribs. The smell of coffee was strong, and he lingered for a moment to request some. Frank was incredibly genlte with the girl, and Mathis watched quietly with a heavy chest. It was so much to push onto him so suddenly, and he was handling it with a grace Mathis himself hadn't been able to muster. Maeve was clearly an emotional wreck, wavering through a series of dismissive comments, and into an agressive request to know what would come of her.

It was then that the sensation of Yana approaching was jerked to his attention by the cat. Injured and exhausted, the feline wanted nothing more to seek the company of his leader, and paced within the chambers of Mathis' mind as he himself turned to look toward the door. Yana entered without knocking, but given the situation, he could understand. Maeve quieted, shrinking inward. Mathis sighed shakily through his nose as he sought Yana's gaze and moved toward her. "Yana." He greeted in something just above a mumble. "Thank you for meeting here. She needed a doctor..." He glanced over his shoulder at Frank. Bringing her to a hospital had been out of the question, and there was little Yana could do for her injuries before the first Full Moon. Frank was his first, and only, choice.

"And she needs to be told what..." His throat tightened some, and he paused to clear it. "I needed your help to explain it all." It was what made sense, and it was what Yana was owed. If the girl was infected, then it would be best for her to be pulled into the fray of the Coalition. Being there at the time of transition for someone she that was to be one of her charges was what Yana deserved. Control over how it went, say in all matters going forward. He was not in the position to make all the decisions alone.

“Some fractures” had him looking over at Mathis worriedly. ”I’m still going to look at you, regardless.” The man needed to sit, but there he was still standing, looking god awful, holding a clearly hurt arm. How much of this was just adrenaline and shock pushing Mathis on? It wasn’t alright and it was hard not to just go over there and force him to sit down himself. Frank was about to offer something, but Maeve spoke up then, grabbing his attention.

Everything spoken was dismissive and his mouth set in a thin line, brows furrowed in concern. ”I can and you are,” he replied patiently to her first outburst. Everything spoke to her in fact, being still hurt and in need of attention. And then, there was a look towards Mathis, demanding answers. During then, Frank delicately grabbed the wrist with his free hand, trying to figure out what exactly she was talking about and not entirely sure he wanted to know the answer. It would need cleaning as had been said, but now that he was holding it up in good lighting his stomach fell.

There was a new presence arriving increasingly closer and soon enough, the door could be heard opening and the sound of footsteps announced Yana’s arrival. Frank lifted a free hand in greeting, noticing Maeve had gotten incredibly quiet, shrinking into herself where before there had been frustration welling up. Mathis was immediately speaking to the queen, the words compounding to what he was looking at right now. The wrist had a bite. Those were teeth marks and Frank lightly brushed over a thumb to feel the texture of the skin. For all intents and purposes, Maeve should still be bleeding, but it had clotted up. Taking an unsteady breath, he looked up at the girl and then at the two cheetahs, shock playing with concern. ”You were bitten,” Frank spoke up quietly, turning to Maeve again, expecting it to come out as a question for the two nearby and it instead was a statement to the girl herself. ”I can’t confirm anything right now, but I need you to stay calm. I’ll do what I can to help you.” There was so much going on that his cat was pacing fast, keeping their attention hyper-fixated on the bite once more. Dropping the wrist once he realized, Frank forced himself to look anywhere but at it, to walk into the kitchen, stemming thoughts away, not wanting his eyes to change and scare the woman. Mathis had bitten someone and he needed a full story once everything was settled. With the bleeding stopped, Frank was beyond worried she was indeed infected, but he’d hold onto hope that wasn’t the case, that she could continue living a normal human life and all of this was a fluke.

Turning the sink on, he began to wash his hands in icy cold water that began to slowly warm up. Regardless if she were infected, this had to be done. It was a sense of normalcy, routine before treating someone, and it’d give him time to inwardly calm down and shut off the cat that seemed, even now, entirely too concentrated on the bloody bite. With that done, Frank walked back over, putting gloves on that lay nearby the same time he’d securely bottled up of any personal thoughts and feelings he might have had on the subject. ”Maeve, I need you to concentrate just on me. Look straight forward at my finger. Don’t follow the light.” He lifted said index finger up to the middle of his face. With the penlight back in his other hand, Frank clicked it on and slowly began to move it back and forth in front of each eye if she’d comply. He needed to check for abnormalities and if that was good, he’d move on to cleaning wounds.

 It took nothing to join them, a straight walk back in which she was too focused to go through the motions of judging home decor or cleanliness. Regrettably, there was no time for that hobby as she considered how Mathis cradled his arm to his chest before she looked the girl over. Mindful to practice what she hoped was level indifference even as she stared at the girl's wrist for a moment longer than she did anywhere else. If the look of it didn't confirm anything, Mathis' words did the job just fine.

"I'm sorry about the circumstances but nice to meet you - I'll let Frank finish his assessment and then we'll chat."

 Perhaps not the most comforting, but she found in moments of grief and panic a definitive plan could do wonders for the mind. Reaching out without explicit permission, she moved to just lightly set her fingers on Mathis' arm. "Where, precisely?"

 Maeve examined the woman from head to toe, although not very explicitly. She had a very intimidating presence, and it sent the girl into a personal bubble of protection. She stayed quiet for a very long time, allowing them to say whatever they had to. Still, she kept her attention on the conversation, hopeful she would get some intel on what was going to happen. She came to a conclusion Mathis had been waiting for Yana's arrival in order to give a little more information on the topic. It lead her to realize that this woman had some kind of importance in the matter, maybe she was their "cult" leader.

At least they were not going to kill her like she had thought at the beginning, they were actually being nice, if she could put it like that. Once again focused on the doctor, Maeve nodded with her head, finally giving up her demand to go against him and allowing him to do his job. She even took a deep breath but her stomach was already making her sick and for a moment she thought about running to the nearest bathroom and throw up. Her body was shaking, not because she was cold but due to the nerves she was not able to push away. Maeve didn't want them to see it, she hated being seen as weak, scared, specially if she was in the presence of strangers. That's what they were, strangers that she was going to have to trust, whether she liked it or not.

She was awaken from her thoughts by Frank's cold finger on her wrist. She didn't dare to look at it again, so instead gazed through the window.
"Yes." she confirmed, not daring to turn her full attention to any of them. Calm was everything she was trying to be but her nerves were getting out of control in a way that she felt her body become heavy and breathing turned into a difficult task. Again, a deep breath.
Then she heard the woman speak to her. She didn't sound the way she was expecting and it was a good sign. But still, Maeve couldn't be so easily sure.
"Nice to meet you too." A slight smile appeared on her face, but it did not reach her eyes. Not because she was being fake, but mostly because she was getting tired.

Frank moved but Maeve didn't even notice. Time had become something she could not be aware of. She blinked he was gone, she blinked again and he was back. Then he was talking, something about focusing. I'm trying, she wanted to say, but no words came from her slightly opened mouth.
With much difficulty, Maeve tried to follow his orders, but although her eyes did not dart away from his finger, she was not really looking at it. She was not there anymore. Her vision was blurry and the room started spinning as if she was drunk. Then she remembered the concussion.
"Can you please just tell me what's happening and let me leave?

Frank was doing what he could to get the girl to pay attention, and Yana took his words without much response. Mathis followed her to where she addressed Meave, and she responded in a way starkly different than she had been speaking to either himself or Frank. He supposed it was good that even now, she was developing a respect for Yana. It was not hard for the Queen to have that sort of impression without so much as saying a word.

When Yana turned to him to place her hands on his arm, he took in a pained breath, but let it go in something of relief at the comfort that the touch brought. The cheetah purred deafeningly, and rushed to press his head forcefully against the other feline's neck. Mathis' teeth grit and he paused, his eyes that were cast in a rich amber set on a point on the floor a moment as he composed himself. "The shift back helped, but I think my upper arm and some ribs may still be broken. And my shoulder...I think may be dislocated." He said, glancing briefly to Frank. There would be no doubt he would want to check for confirmation on that, but whatever Yana did, it would fix what was there. At least to some degree.

Maeve was, once again, asking for clarification. Could she not take the answer the was given? There would be time for full explanation later, for now, they needed to focus on nursing her wounds. "Once you are cleaned up, and you have eaten and rested, we will sit down and explain everything." He said to her, finding more conviction and feeling more himself in how he approached with with Yana here.

A confirmation from her on the fact she was bitten hadn’t really helped matters internally, but they were rolling with it. He’d patched up worse, but it was uncomfortable for the cat to all of a sudden be interested in a particular wound in an of itself. It was unsettling to have it be a the forefront even now and no matter what Frank tried, it stayed there pacing too close. All in all, this almost felt like a few months back when everything had all been newer to him.

Yana introduced herself and he nodded to what she’d said, agreeing. Maeve’s gaze was glazing a tad and he pulled away once the check had been done. The pupils were fine, hinting at no brain damage, but she no doubt needed rest, possibly something for a headache soon and for the next few days or weeks. Holding her form with his free hand, Frank clicked the flashlight off before putting it down on the counter. It was hard not to hear what was wrong with Mathis and he made note of each upsetting part, especially the fact it had been worse before shifting. ”Yana, when you’re doing that, please make him sit down, he won’t listen to me,” Frank spoke up, voice straining before clearing his throat. Before he could turn to look at her, a slight betrayal of Maeve’s eyes moving had his attention and he steadied her. Right, focus, tie it up into a bow.

”Easy now, we’re almost done.” The ask from her came up again and he listened, grabbing for an already wet washcloth as she went on. It’d be better to have her shower everything off, or at least wash the bite on the wrist in the sink, but if there was a chance of creeping dizziness he’d rather she not at the moment. Maybe, after sleeping a bit the whole event could be better washed away.

All of her worry, he understood and sympathized. They’d get an answer for her and he was about to say as much, wave it away in need to focus on the present, when Mathis piped up. He was quick to explain away the need for any clarification at the moment, to which Frank was grateful for. With that said, they needed to move on. ”I’m going to clean your wounds now.” Leaning in after a pause, he picked up her wrist, rolling the sleeve away, and began to wipe the blood off, keeping a careful eye open for debris just in case tweezers were needed. And then there was the matter of feeling around her head where blood and leaves mixed in clumps of hair. There were some minor cuts present that he’d come back around for with alcohol, as he would with everything else, but it again wasn’t a good sign. These had stopped bleeding, head wounds that were notorious for doing so more than the actual injury was.

And then, onto the sweater. Pulling the tattered matted edge slightly to the side to get a better look at the shoulder and, oh. ”Maeve, I’m going to need you to take this off.” What was staring at him were what could only be tears from teeth, dragging down skin like fish hooks, and he felt his spine stiffen, letting go, forcing eyes to blink shut as the cat pushed again, way too interested and shooting images of biting. Yes, he knew what it was! Forcing himself to look at the floor, Frank took a steadying inhale, eyes no doubt swimming a darker blue. ”If it’s more comfortable for you, Yana can do this part, but I need to make sure everything is clean and off that injury. But, I need to still wipe everything with alcohol and antibiotics before putting bandages on. We can start here and you can put on a clean shirt before the rest if you’d like.” Frank was leaving the final choice up to her, understanding if being exposed right now was upsetting, but that outweighed the need to get the job done correctly. With what he’d just seen though, Frank was pretty sure at this point Maeve was infected.

 It was a lot at once, between the jaguar and his emergency assessment and the girl that looked like she was on the brink of collapse. The way that Mathis seemed to be held together by a few stubborn fibers of rope and sheer bullheadedness alone. A lot at once, but not impossible - a mess that she had signed herself up for. Prioritizing everything, she carefully twisted to position herself so that her back was to Maeve. Less about being rude, more about not making a fuss about the whole Christlike concept of healing hands.

There were far more gentle ways to ease her into this - the good and the bad.

 "You heard the man, take a seat." Not a bark but not a suggestion either, firm and with the faintest lift of her brows that seemed to welcome a challenge. Different time and scenario, Frank's doting would have merited a canary-eating grin. But as things stood now, there was no real time to get smug about having her personally held suspicions more or less confirmed. "I won't make you take that off, but of course, I'll have to go under it." Not wanting to make the whole undressing mess worse for the poor girl with even more bare skin in the room.

Then again, modesty would have to go in the rubbish bin soon enough ... but not today.

 Regardless, she glanced over her shoulder to the girl, frowned. "This is all overwhelming, I'm sure. But the longer those wounds sit unattended the worse. If you'd like, you can use my jacket as a cover?" Hold it over her middle, at least - cling to what humility in humanity she had left while she could still nurse it.

Frank’s instruction to Yana was doting, and the break in his voice tightened something in Mathis’ chest. There was so much stress he was pushing onto Frank, and he could sense it in the tension from both his and Frank’s cat. And yet, he released a breathy sort of chuckle and hung his head some. “I’m sorry. I’ll sit.” He said. As if he would challenge that look that Yana flashed him. And he would, moving to take another seat at the end of the island. His gaze flickered from where it had moved to Frank as he asked the girl to remove her sweater, to Yana as she spoke to him. “That’s fine.” He confirmed with a nod.

He would move to lift his shirt to the side as Yana offered the girl her jacket for some modesty, privately looking over his own wounds as she spoke. His ribcage was a watercolor mess of splotchy pinks and purples. He sighed through his nose, shaky from the painful twisting he had to do to see them. His arm, which was painful to even keep from hanging limply, rested on the cool countertop. There was the knowledge in the back of his brain that it would likely need to be reset before Yana could do anything, and the idea of pulling on it whilst his humerus was still fractured was enough to have his cat riled and ready to break toward the surface. It could not happen. He could not shift. He had yet to eat, and had hardly had rest. Mathis fell quiet as he let his injuries and the pain that came with them truly sink in. Something he had been trying to avoid with standing and focusing on Maeve and Frank, now took precedence in his mind. He gripped the edge of his shirt firmly.

There was a small relief that came with having Yana finally getting Mathis to sit. Good. He turned to Yana as she addressed the girl and gave her a sweater. That would work just fine too. Frank would step away and give the girl’s space, time for the queen to help. ”Check for debris and then if you can wipe with alcohol put some gauze on it, I can get the rest.” He opened up the swabs for her and motioned to the bandaged.

As that was being done he took a note of Mathis’ injuries, ending at the shoulder with a frown. That was going to hurt if the blooming of bruises around the area were any indication.

Eventually, Yana would swap with him and they’d both finish up wherever was needed. Maeve’s wounds were cleaned well, disinfected, and bandaged. As Mathis’ shoulder was eventually put into place during this time, he winced and offered a reassuring look. There’d be time to check in on him after this all.

Taking a step back, he sighed, smiling kindly at the girl. ”There you’re all patched up. Just eat and get some rest. You’ll be okay and are in good hands.” The rest would ultimately be on Mathis and Yana to explain, but he was here if she needed him.

 She was, by no stretch of the imagination, a medic or a doctor in the physical sense. Still she knew how to clean wounds and properly wrap a bandage, knew the basics in place of the glorious benefit of a Were's rapid ability to heal. Enough that she was content with her work on Maeve, happy enough as she assessed each treatment and allowed Mathis and his pleasant jaguar friend a moment to ... well, she allowed them their moment.

 Instead she watched her hands, the way that the blood managed to stain in the corners of her nails and the grooves of her knuckles even after she wiped them off. The sound of Frank approaching was enough to draw her from that macabre trance, turning to assess Mathis before she pulled herself up and onto her feet and closed in.

 Were perk: it was important not to do this completely wrong, but their bodies were far from just the average brand of forgiving. Theoretically, she could do almost anything to crack that bone back into place and it would all work just fine. Tendons would stitch back, muscles would smooth, bruises would fade - but for his sake (and the sake of Frank's beautiful kitchen), she wanted to do as little damage as possible.

 "This is going to be miserable ..." A fair warning in her own eyes as she touched his upper arm with just the very tips of her fingers. Slowly, carefully, she too hold of his wrist, didn't try to move the arm. "In through your mouth, out through your nose ..." She watched him, kept her eyes on his as she wiggled her fingers to get a good hold. Under the blooming of the bruises his shoulder was a mesh of hollows and bulges that gave away the fact that it was out of socket. The sort of spot the difference that took a while to find but was nauseating once you really focused.

 She set her other hand against his collar, side stepped and wiggled to position herself properly in front of him before she gritted her teeth and pulled with all her might. At the same time she pushed, a metaphysical sort of shove that allowed her own beast to throw wait as she tried to keep him complacent and entirely human. Sharp as she yanked his arm towards her, a nauseating sort of satisfaction in how his shoulder was one way and then another, a video that lagged and skipped as it caught up. Broken and then seemingly fine by immediate appearance alone.

"Breathe, the worst is over ..." Or so, at least, that was the hope in all of it.

In the moment he had with Frank, Mathis sought only to briefly grab for his hand and hold it in a firm squeeze, a stabilizing anchor in a sea of pain and unrest. When Yana returned, Mathis would put his attention her. Her cat, her voice, her touch as she pressed her fingers to his bruised skin and moved to his wrist. He watched her, nodded at her instruction. In through the noise, out through the mouth. The cat, panting unsteadily in its own space, rushed his breaths and he found himself grasping for control over them as Yana felt around and positioned herself. It was before he could really steady his breathing that she pushed and pulled in a motion he couldn't have prepared for. Ultimately, it did not matter, as his breath froze in his lungs for a beat as the pain wracked through him.

The should did hurt, the socket sore and sharply throbbing as it was rolled into place. What was worse was the upper arm, where the bone was splintered. It felt similar to any shift, but isolated as it was, and withouth the pushing of the beast, he was unable to keep the broken cry of pain in his throat. His face screwed up, and he heaved in a gasp in those moments of agony. Then, in a wash that was both overwhelming and comforting, there was the force of the Queen's magic over him. Things went momentarily numb as the cat was pushed forcefully down, away from the forefront of his mind as his body stitched itself together. It was a familiar feeling, one he had felt for many weeks following the attack from Margaux. It felt nice, a brief respite from the pain. But, eventually, it had to fade. There was a limit to it all, and when Yana finished with some soothing words, Mathis took in a trembling breath and nodded. The worst was over. His body would do the rest in the days to come.

Voice hollow with exhaustion and the air that he sought to stabilize, Mathis looked to Yana to meet her eye. "Thank you." She, of course, would know there was more to be said. Later, later. For now, rest was absolutely needed. "Could... you take Maeve home, when she is ready? I think I will stay here to rest." He sought Frank's gaze for confirmation, and found it. There would be time later for explanation, for advise and discussion. For now? Food, shower, sleep. In that order.

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