Lavender Heights Community College 
Ah. How simple and miserable. Not even a good story. He wondered how much of it was in her head and came to the conclusion it was likely most of it.

"You do lovely work in spite of it," he said. Even her exuberant mood from earlier seemed to be fading in the wake of this discussion. The unfortunate minds of women.

"I hope today is among the less difficult, but I can leave you to get home with your wares."

With certainty, he moved to hop on the back of the bench again, wishing she didn't live so terribly far out so he could see about following her home for reference.

"Thoughtful," she sighed. He was gone, and that missing weight was something of a relief, something of sadness.

This dream... likely a dream.

"I enjoyed meeting you, Whitewing. Until next time."

She was certain there would not be a next time, as she packed up her briefcase slowly and moved to rise.

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