The mission


Asha was using this as an opportunity to get to know more of Crestview, since, like. She was gunning for owning it.

And things were moving on that front! Faster, it felt, than with Belle Vista. But they'd been relatively drama free also.

"So, where do we start?" Asha asked chipperly as she drove them around town, assuming Frank had a good list ready.


They were going around Crestview to look at potential places and Asha helping was really nice to be honest. He’d gone ahead and gotten some addresses for potential places he’d felt out that were open to transferring at the moment.

At Asha’s question, he looked down at the list written. ”There’s one on [street name], near St. Margret’s I believe. We can start there.”

"Cool!" she affirmed, and the church was like... further downtown Crestview, right? She felt so. Asha decided to start heading that way.

"So what happens in an Emergency Center? Are you able to like... eventually own it or something?"

Asha and ambitions went hand in hand!

Asha began to make the way there he assumed. Crestview was still relatively new direction wise for him.

He looked to her at the basically two questions, one easier than the other to explain. Turning back to look up front, he figured how best to explain this. ”You know how people usually go to ER rooms for things they aren’t sure are even really an emergency? That’s usually who we help since we aren’t allowed to do anything past x-rays. It can be cheaper than actually going to a hospital emergency room too.”

But owning one was… something. He’d actually toyed with the idea of a private practice too now and again.

”And yeah? I guess it could be bought out.” Frank scratched his chin at that, it was an idea. He wondered if the staff would be worked into some sort of agreement or would it all have to be new hires? These were some questions to look into for sure.

Oh, those places. Walk in clinics? Asha had gone to those before becoming Successful Accountant Bar Woman. They were cheaper.

"That's cool," she said after he answered her other bit. "That something you think you might wanna do someday? Not like you have to do, just like. I dunno. Kind of curious if you've got plans."

With ~~~~~~Mathis~~~~~~ but we're not sharing that knowledge. Nope.

They passed by food places and Asha was glad she'd eaten already.

Asha’s question had him turning his gaze from looking at the storefronts going by.

”I, uh, maybe. I want to try to get back to working in a hospital, but,” he sighed, looking back outside. That wasn’t looking like it’d happen anytime soon, but it didn’t make any easier of a thing to accept. Frank would stubbornly keep that his goal till reality gave him another hard ‘no’. ”I have toyed with the idea of setting up a private practice.”

"Private practice sounds like it would be a little more relaxing. Do you get to make your own hours?"

She made a left turn past St. Margaret's, and here they were, and there was even a space to pull into along the sidewalk! Asha moved to parallel park, having lived long enough around city areas to know how to do that, thankfully.

It could be more relaxing in some ways and busy in others because he’d be owning a business too. The main reason more thought hadn’t been put into it was because Frank just wasn’t sure if he’d be 100% happy doing so.

The place they were going to was in sight and Asha pulled up into a parking space next to it.

”It’d be based on a lot of things I imagine, but yeah, I would.”

He’d wait for Asha to put the car in park before opening the door.

She nodded, putting the car in park and then stepping out to feed the meter before joining him in walking to the place.

"I guess we can do a first step here," she grinned. "Do you just ask for an application or is that all online?"

Frank, also, you were gonna have to lead Asha on how to tour an Emergency Care center.

Frank got out and closed to the door, waiting for Asha. As she met up with him, he smiled back at her. Her enthusiasm helped. He began to make the way to the door, assuming Asha would follow. ”It depends, since I’d be requesting a transfer it’s a different form. If we’re lucky, they should give us a look around.”

The sliding doors whooshed apart to allow them in and he made his way to the front desk. Unfortunately, currently no one seemed to be at the desk and they’d have to wait a few moments. He offered an apologetic look towards Asha. "Someone should be here soon."

"That's fine, I'm totally cool waiting," she assured. "How many places roughly did you wanna hit up? I'm thinking of sliding in some pizza stops along the way."


At the mention of food stops he let out a chuckle. ”How ‘bout three or four? I’m fine with however many pizza stops you want to do. I can pay.” Frank couldn’t say no to food and he was literally at Asha’s mercy with her driving them. If she wanted pizza, then they’d get pizza.

Someone finally approached and he went through the process of asking questions, showing credentials, taking a paper and writing down names, before getting the go ahead to look around.

”C'mon, let's look around if you want.”

Ideally, Asha would have been like — Noooo! Don't worry about it! I can pay!

But she was making so excited super big financial leaps and honestly Frank was a fucking doctor. "Sounds like a plan to me," she grinned agreeably.

Heading along pleasantly with him, she was mostly just background hum committee. As in she just hummed in the background while Frank handled all the talking and shit. She was at the very least very enthusiastic.

And off they went, following a free receptionist. They got shown around the main areas and it quickly became apparent it was pretty similar to where he worked at now layout wise. It was a bit bigger, more windows, less of a feeling that people were walking over each other in the hallways. A few things he pointed out to Asha and her enthusiastic responses had him smiling. Last time he’d looked around had sucked for a variety of reasons so this was a lot better by a long shot and having a friend with him made it that much better. He was let known that they were still growing and currently only had one doctor, so that worked to his benefit if the transfer was put in. Everything looked pretty much in order and soon enough they wrapped around to the front again.

Folding the papers in hand, he gave a thanks and made it towards the door, opening it for Asha. ”That one was a pretty great fit, if I were to be honest. Hope this isn’t too boring for you.”

Honestly? Asha loved learning new shit. She was a good student, after all. And she was kinda lost with all of this but it was still really cool to get a free tour.

They rounded back up front, and Asha had great feelings about it. "Dude! That was awesome," she reassured. "I don't know a lot about this stuff, but I can tell when something's a good opportunity."

She followed him out, stretching her arms up a little by request off the cat, who was also reminding her of the promise of food. "Pizza, then stop number two?" she asked, daydreaming of a hefty meat lovers'.

She'd happily drive them to the nearest pizza joint.

Letting go of the door, he followed her to the car, the reassurance going a long way. The agreement that she thought so too had him smiling. ”A outside opinion means a lot, so I’m glad.”

At the suggestion, he opened the car door, the cat rooing hopefully for food food food, say yes. ”That sounds grate. Do you have a place in mind?” Also, Asha, did you catch the joke?

Aww. Was she the outside opinion ;u;

Asha did not get the joke because homonyms. She just agreed that pizza sounded great.

"Should be a good slice joint close by!" she smiled enthusiastically as they got in, because even though touring ECs was great food was king. She looked it up on her phone and, yep. There it was. Asha turned on the directions and started heading that way.

"What's your favorite pizza toppings?" she asked like two minutes into the drive, as if meat lovers wasn't the ultimate one.

Getting into the car, he watched as she pulled up locations and then directions to follow, confirming what she said.

At the question, the answer was quick to come out. ”I really like everything pizza and-,” and he let out a laughing huff before continuing. ”Nothing can really beat chocolate pizza but you can’t just eat that or so I’ve been told.”

Was an everything pizza the same as a supreme pizza? A question for the ages. Asha nodded and was with him until what?!

"A chocolate pizza?!" she asked incredulously, aaaand it was already time to start looking for a place to double park while she rushed inside for slices because she wasn't paying the meter for that.

In a minute.

The reaction had him laughing, as she tried to find somewhere to park. ”Yeah, it’s a pizza crust with some kind of fudge cream on it. It’s really good right out the oven.”

Noticing a space, he pointed towards it ahead. ”If you ever see one, it’s definitely worth trying.”

"Oh my god, okay. I'll see if they have them."

Asha laughed, double parked, and started to get out. "Stay in the car, I'll be right back with our slices. Three each good? And I'll get two of those chocolate things if they have them for dessert."

She was actually going to try to see if they had them and that had him chuckling again. If they did that was honestly going to be the highlight of his day right there.

At the instructions, he took out his wallet. ”Sounds perfect, thanks. Let’s see, this should do it.” Frank leaned over to pass her enough to cover the food.

Oops, she forgot about the money thing. "Thanks," she grinned, and rushed in with dainty jogging. Plz food. Food plz.

Asha would emerge about ten minutes later with a gigantic box. Three slices of supreme, three slices of meat lovers, two slices of that chocolate thing.

"Here!" she grinned happily, opening the door and passing it to him to hold.

Money taken, Asha was rushing in, his cat rooing her on as Frank watched and eventually turned attention to reading emails.

Soon enough, there was a running around in happy stomps that had him looking up right as Asha was opening the door. Tucking the phone away, Frank grabbed the box offered to him, laying it down on his lap as the heat seeped through fabric. ”That was fast,” he commented. Not really knowing if they were going to drive to a park or just eat in her car, Frank waited for direction here, choosing instead to ask a different question. ”What’d you end up getting for yourself? I never asked.”

Asha didn't need to get offended that he didn't immediately start eating but she still let herself do that a little bit! Getting in, she gestured to the box.

"Open and see! We're gonna eat while we drive to the next spot," she decided, and would wait until he did to snag one of her overloaded meat slices. She kept her cat happy with this shit.

They’d be eating in her car and the invitation was more than enough for him to open the box as she’d said. In there, he’d find meat lovers, supreme, and even chocolate pizza. ”You got meat lovers anddd they actually had the desert pizza, amazing,” he beamed at the surprise.

She grabbed a slice of hers and Frank went ahead and grabbed one of his own, the smell of bell peppers and hamburger meat wafting up.

She hummed proudly, and then otherwise went to town on her slice, dropping some pieces of bacon and small bits of sausage crumble into her lap. Whatever, it was a post meal appetizer or something.

Except while eating it was a pretty not-talkative affair. Eventually they got to the next hospital after she finished her first slice, which meant she had to eat the rest once she got out, pout.

"Ready to rumble?" she asked, not realizing she had a splotch of tomato sauce on the side of her mouth like some kind of ridiculous beauty mark.

The car was quiet minus the road and turn signals while they were eating, after the next address was given They were headed towards the area butting up against the food rally if he were remembering right, not much time to really eat the rest of what they’d gotten.

First pizza slice down and greasy fingers to show for it, he looked to Asha as she spoke up, letting out an amused huff. Handing over a napkin as he zeroed on a spot of tomato sauce. ”Hold on there, you’ve got a little something on your cheek.” Napkin given, he’d wipe his own hands and then make to open the door, putting down the box to the floor of the car so it wouldn't put grease on the seats.

For her part, Asha didn't actually get any grease on her hands while eating; the crust just left her hands with tiny crumbs. Maybe it was the angle she held the pizza at? She'd have to teach Frank how to pizza better eventually.

He was handing her a napkin, and she was thankful! Except FRANK WAS COMMITTING A SIN BY PUTTING ANYTHING CONTAINING FOOD ON THE FLOOR and Asha's alarm bells immediately rang out. Her cat could handle that, she absolutely could not.

"Whooa hey let me get that," she chuckled and dove to save the box, which was honestly fine on the outside bottom of it. She twisted and leaned back to put it on the back seat.

She had some neuroses and that was one of them! Wiping off her face successfully, she'd follow him into round two.

There was a quick reach and call out to the pizza box. Frank stalled and really didn’t understand what had her after it so badly. ”Uh, sure.” He let it go as she grabbed for it and watched as Asha put it on the back seats. But, the grease? It was her car, but…

Not really feeling up to questioning about box customs, he got out of the door and closed it, waiting for her to as well before making the way to the door. ”Take two here we go.” Asha with him, they entered and this time there was definitely a receptionist right away, a reassuring sign. Looking up from their screen, it was a similar process as last time. Going through the same items, eventually they were led around. While the place was about the same size as the previous one, it was lacking. There was a telling sign of zero if any new equipment, the walls in need of being redone, rooms left dirty even though there were clearly patients waiting, desks in disarray, and a variety of other things. It was enough to have him inwardly crossing it off as an option.

A thanks to the staff, and as soon as they were out of earshot outside on the way back to the car, he gave a grimace towards Asha. ”That’s definitely not a good fit. They’re hurting somewhere.” Probably, closing soon too and wouldn’t that just suck to change jobs only to have the place close on him.

There was no grease on the bottom of the box. There was, perhaps, condensation, and that was all.

This second round wasn't... great. But.

"No better place to fix up than a shithole, though. Maybe a spot to keep in mind for the future?" she asked as they made it back to the car. And! And. She reached back for more pizza. Which was still kinda warm at this point.

"Where to now?"

Her comment had Frank humming in agreement. It was easy to see what she was using as reference, Charlie’s probably. ”I’ll definitely do so, couldn’t hurt.” It wasn’t a bad location at all, it just needed help, a lot of help.

Getting to the car, he hopped in again and grabbed another slice as well. Before taking a bite, he looked at the address of the next one that made sense in relation to where they were.

”It’s [Street Address here], to the northeast of Charlie’s it looks like.”

"Northeast of Charlie's we go then," she commanded, starting up the car and happily chowing down on slice number two.

"So has Abraham told you what we're doing with the place yet?"

Frank hummed around the bite in effort to answer till he had his mouth empty.

”Yeah, how’s it going with that? He said y’all were going to fix it up, make it a beer garden.” He turned to her at that, taking another bite.

"Yeah!" she grinned, proud that Abraham was selling the idea sorta. "He has so many good ideas for the garden, I seriously can't wait till you guys see it. Like, he has this really amazing vision?"

Was she gushing? Sorry. Left turn and another chomp of pizza.

Asha seemed super pumped about it, pride over Abraham positively warming her words. It was heartwarming to hear. He was honestly looking forward to seeing it!

Another onion, bell pepper, sausage bite and he had a question. ”Can you give me a teaser?”

"Okay so, picture a fucking dump of a back of a building. We're gonna turn that into," she ennumerated with her fingers, "a porch, complete with like a wood thing over it for ivy and fairy lights, and then you step out and there's more seating in the garden, and it's gonna be native plants, and colored branches, and butterflies after winter, and, and, and further away from people there's gonna be like fresh herbs we'll grow for cocktails and food and stuff."

Big exhale, happy sound.

"It's gonna be so good. I think he needs to be a landscaper or something one day."

They were pulling up upwards another emergency care center soon, she just needed to find parking because you can't always find that stuff easily.

Really, having been to Charlie’s it made it easy enough to picture how the back may look. Frank followed along with the detailed description and really liked what he was hearing. It actually felt like a place he wouldn’t mind hanging out in more than once in a blue moon. Maybe, bring Mathis too.

”He could definitely be one from what you’re telling me. I wouldn’t even know where to start with something like that.”

The pizza slice was finished.

”I’m genuinely excited to see the finished product. Y’all make a good team so I’m sure Charlie’s will be the talk of Crestview when its done,” he smiled at her.

"Aww. Thanks, Doctor," she smiled, happy enough to hear all that. "We're looking forward to turning it into something grand."

Eventually she did find parking, but it was like three blocks away. Oh well. Asha fed the meter and would be ready to follow Frank into round three.

Once parking was found, he got out again, waited for Asha and once she was done, they made their way towards the clinic. With a few blocks to go there was room for conversation. ”So when should I be calling you princess?” He’d definitely talked about this with Abraham and it was more of a kid here. Would that make her Princess Rosé? Rosettes?

Asha nearly choked a laugh on her own saliva and died. A few coughs later and she still wasn't very clear on whether that hadn't happened.

"Uhm," she stammered. "I mean, I guess. Any time? I think it's already, like... I dunno, actually. Soon?"

Something like that.

The coughing laugh had him chuckling with her in no time. As long as she was coughing everything was fine, but he looked at her with concern through it all. Maybe she had inhaled wrong?

”I’m just messing with you, but good to know,” Frank smiled at her with a breath.


But Asha couldn't argue being messed with in the end. She huffed.

"Look at you. Cat guy gets comfy in his new life and he's already messing with the Princess."

She stuck her tongue out and then would follow him through this tour thing.

The thing was, he wasn’t entirely comfortable at all, there were just some things he’d come to terms with. A very large portion still made him uneasy and upset. The only time Frank really felt comfortable was when he was around the weres he was friends with. Still though, Asha’s continued prod and stuck out tongue had him huffing out a laugh. ”Well of course, your highness,” he said pompously, an overdramatic roll of a wrist all in jest.

Opening the door for her, they made their way into the next center. It was smaller than the last one and thankfully someone was up front again. It seemed the first had been just a fluke. With only one licensed doctor on staff they were more than willing to give him information and show around. It was like night and day with the last place they’d been to, pretty much up to par with the first one.

Impromptu tour done, they were done with number three with thanks to the staff. Opening the door, he’d hold it for Asha again before following out to begin walking back towards the car. ”Much better. It’s smaller than I’m used to, but its nice.”

Pfft. Asha grinned.

And. AND! This tour wasn't so bad. Asha followed along just fine, hands in her pockets, resisting the urge to sext someone just to pass the time. (That, and she had like. Two people she could sext.) Maybe because it wasn't so awful as the last one, it was easy to kinda blur it out.

Also, with only one doctor on staff, Frank was probably a shoe-in.

"Small can be good. Cozy. Aaand it's close enough that you can swing back to our place if you need any help or anything, so that works too."

She led the way back to the car, feeling that last slice of dessert pizza. "Wanna hit up number four? Or..." Up to him. She was happy to swing around and see if it was a good spot or not.

That was a really good point. Though to be fair he was mainly thinking about what if the others needed help. There was a lot of good points that leaned in the direction of this particular place. ”Yeah, it’s up there for sure.”

At her question, he folded the papers in his hand. ”No, I think this is good enough for now. I don’t want make your whole afternoon boring,” he smiled.

"Not at all, but if you insist..." she tilted her head thoughtfully.

"Wanna swing by Charlie's for wings instead?"

Maybe she could challenge him to a wing eating competition. >:)

Wings on top of pizza had him laughing. It’d be a good way to wrap up their afternoon.

”Sounds like a plan.”

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