One reality of Crestview scoping: House shopping sucked. It was cheaper here than Belle Vista, at least, but the process was miserable. Tons of shitty stupid houses with shitty stupid problems. Houses that were a "maybe" that also required a lot of work.

This one seemed promising, though! Maybe. Another open house, and Abraham was vaguely dressy. The pictures at least hadn't sucked, and there was a bathtub that maybe would look bigger in person?


"If the realtor tries to talk to us, do you think we should just pretend we can't hear," he asked as they approached the front door.

Asha was also vaguely dressy and she was all heart eyes over Abraham being extremely dressy and also THIS HOUSE.

"Noooo," she whined. "We have to actually try. It's so pretty?"

Question mark because like it sort of was? Not as good as their current place but definitely not TERRIBLE. Like most houses seemed to be.

Ugh. What did you talk to a realtor about? "Hi, how much money does it cost, does everything work, have any Crestview facts, thanks bye."

"Gunna make you do all the talking," he said, but he didn't disagree. It seemed reasonable enough, and less giant, which was comforting.

Abraham opened the door for Asha both to be polite and because... like, he didn't want to talk to the real estate agent, please, thank you. And right before he went in he pinched Asha's butt for good luck.


"Fiiiiiiine," she agreed, and walked in, and then gave an immediate yip of surprise as she got groped!

"Abraham!" Asha giggled, moving to slap him playfully on the arm. The sound did get the real estate agent's attention, and she was heading over to welcome them and see if they had any questions. Not yet!

"Come on, let's go see the bathtub," she grinned, grabbing him by the hand.

That was his name! He looked to her, eyebrows raised in innocent surprise as she slapped him on the arm at his cat rowled for the abuse.

The bathtub was honestly the make or break thing here, and so it was smart to go there first. Weird with no stairs to go up, and he wasn't sure how he felt about that despite a second ago totally being fine with it.

House shopping was hard.

"Shoulda brought a bath bomb I guess," he said, squeezing her hand as he was pulled obediently along.

She shook her head, amused. Her cat slapped his cat and then throttled away. It was a good mood to be in.

As they arrived in the bathroom, it was definitely... something. The bathtub didn't have jets like their other one, and Asha figured she was just going to have to live with that until she could replace it.

But as for size? Yes. Asha could fit in it. Abraham could fit in it. Maybe not both together, or if they did together they would have to be careful not to splash too much, but it wasn't like there were a whole lot of places with very nice bathtubs.

"I think we can make this work?" she said, looking to him. Abraham sometimes had surprisingly strong opinions on things.

It was hard to beat their current place. That was the slightly bummer reality of having such a nice home but needing to move.

"Definitely big enough," he said. "Maybe once we settle in, we can see how much it costs to get a fancy one that... shoots water or whatever?"

Abraham was a bathtub professional, obviously. He moved to go sit on the edge of it and stare into the rest of the bathroom, but utterly thrilled but certainly thoughtful.

Her cat paused and roo'd incessantly. CHASE HER. ROO ROO ROO.

Abraham sat at the edge of the tub and her being momentarily taller than him gave her affectionate feelings. So she went to pet gently the short hair around his ears, running her thumb over the curve and scritched her fingers behind the ears.

"I think that's a perfect idea," she smiled, and if he let her she'd definitely start kissing him sweetly hey hi roo roo.

She was obviously just testing the makeout potential of this bathroom.

sToP pUmMeLiNg iF YoU WaNt tO pLaY and he was being used and abused and did only what made sense, which was to attempt to perform a full body tackle onto her to hold her to the ground and bunny kick her with some claws because her fur was thick enough, okay.

Asha came over to scritch his head and he loved that a while lot despite the wild stupid violence of the cats.

She came in to smooch and he was happy for that, and happy with the head scritch, and all of this was good, and he started smiling a little and trying not to smile because that's how teeth bumped into lips weirdly.


Abraham kissed back while she felt stupid bunny kicking at her cat's back. She could feel his smiling too, and she also giggled a little bit, and it was really lucky for them that no one walked in on them being a pair of teenagers at an open house.

"Maybe we should test to see if everything works?" she asked as she pulled away, but she wasn't exactly taking initiative there.

This was so nice it was giving him boy heart feelings, whatever those were. And he liked the house more because of them?

"Okay, I can..."

He reached back from where he sat to grab the faucet for the tub and turn it on. With the verryy slightest squeak, it turned easily, and very normal looking water poured from the spout.

Was this what you did at open houses? Abraham didn't fucking know. He looked to Asha for approval.

So dutiful. She appreciated it as she kept a hand in his hair until he was out of her reach. Nodding, he could turn it off.

"It works. I guess we can get the house now," she joked mischievously, "Unless you wanna test all the furniture out?"

Asha would go back to kissing him before he could really answer.

They were probably supposed to... like... look for... cracks or holes in walls or something. Squeaky floors? Bad roof tiles? Water damage? As if he knew shit about how to figure any of that out.

Except Asha was smooching him again after he turned off the water and his eyebrows were in hair. He'd kiss for a few hot seconds before pulling away, feeling all sheepish.

"We can't christen it before we own it," he said. "Let's go look at other stuff and pretend we know what we're doing."

Asha seemed almost more voracious ever since he'd agreed to let her see other people? Voracious with him. But that was a good thing, some sign that the liveliness that was Asha was returning. Maybe she felt less limited to just him and that made him more appealing?

Probably best not to think too much into it. They were both happy.

Pout, but it was good. It was good to deny her, Abraham. It made her work harder later.

"Oh! We can go check out the backyard!" she offered, very helpfully.

She'd drag him off to that too.

Bathroom and backyard. What more did you need in a house?

He'd follow along contently, hoping the backyard didn't suck. They'd scoped out a lot of houses in Crestview, but hopefully this would be The One.

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