Blind Date! Dorian & Katalina

Blind Valentine 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thank you for participating in our Valentine's Day event.

Please assume that your character has either already arrived or is being escorted to their table where they will meet their date. After introductions, servers will periodically arrive to describe the shared appetizer, main course, and shared dessert as they are served. Thread progression is up to the players/characters involved. You are in control of when the server arrives to describe each course.

Remember, this entire thread takes place in the dark.

If things go well, let a server know. They'll escort your characters outside together where there will finally be enough light to see each other for the first time. If things go... not so well, your character can request to be escorted out separately and you'll never have to "see" them again.

Meet your date!


@"Dorian Dagmare" & @"Katalina Meadows"


Prune Stuffed, Red Pepper Painted Pork Loin with Sautéed Black-eyed Peas, Croutons, Kale and Demi-glaze

Main Course:
Ribeye Steak, Iberico Ham, Fried Egg, Fried Potatoes and Steak Sauce

Roasted Banana Torte, Valrhona Milk Chocolate and Malted Anglaise

Bon Appétit!


A beautiful Outfit for no one to see.

It wasn't until she arrived when Kat realized her mistake. She fretted all afternoon on what she was going to wear only to remember upon arrival that no one was going to see a thing, not even herself. She could have worn a clown suit and her date wouldn't even realize. Oh well, the effort had already been made and there was no turning back now. As she was lead to her table, she had never felt so blind in her life. It was a little unnerving. Many times she swore she was going to run into everything on her way but amazed she only stumbled twice...maybe three times.

The server successfully guided her to her seat and she thanked them before they parted for the time being. Now she waited. She didn't know who she was meeting and to be honest, she was a bit nervous. It had been quite some time since she had been on a date. Leave it to her to break the ice again by doing something crazy like this.

Oh wait, was her date already at the table? It was too dark to even see her own hands let alone what was in front of her. Guess there was only one way to find out. "O mystery date, mystery date! wherefore art thou mystery date?"

Like his unknown date, Dorian arrived at the restaurant dressed as well as he could manage - slacks, button-down, and a tie that he was convinced would strangle him. That is, if he didn't die of embarrassment first. On the way to the table, the weretiger made a true travesty of himself, his large form bumping into obstacles and running into walls.

His progress was marked by a constant stream of 'oh God, sorry, sorry!' and 'are you okay??'. Of course, he wasn't entirely certain if he was hitting people or tables or if he was completely alone at his assigned spot. Food overshadowed what his supernatural nose could pick up and the darkness was... unnervingly dark.

However, the waiter knew his or her business and before long, the large man was seated and waiting.

So, he was nervous, there was no denying that. But he was also excited because this was meant to be fun! Dag wasn't expecting to make a lifelong love connection - he doubted that would even be the case unless this other woman happened to be a single weretiger (and as far as he knew, all the other weretigers in the area were involved. Or at least living in the same spot.) - but he certainly wouldn't complain.

No, the man was there to have a nice time with another person who had the kind of adventure sense to sign up for a literal blind date and when his date for the evening showed up he was thrilled. She smelled quite pretty and from the sound of it, was dressed in something... beady?

And when she spoke, he couldn't help laughing, the sound genuine but still needled with nerves, before wracking his brain for the next line. "Uh... Oh God, high school was forever ago-" Did he just date himself? Shit. "It is I! ... Yorick!" He replied, almost sounding triumphant.

Kat couldn't help but laugh at the response she was given. It wasn't just the way he reacted, it was what he said as well. "Hahah, well at least you were close enough!" Even though he couldn't see her face, she was grinning from ear to ear. She was quite relieved to have a date that had a sense of humor, otherwise, there would have probably been a period of awkward silence.

She took a deeper breath to calm herself as she tucked stray hairs behind her ears. "Well Mr. Yorick," she teased. "My name is Katalina, but everyone usually ends up calling me Kat." She habitually offered a warm smile when she immediately remembered he couldn't see a thing. The thought of making funny faces at him crossed her mind but she opted not to. Though she was still a little nervous she felt that the blind date was going well so far and the aroma from the food surrounding them had her very hopeful about the food they may have. Her mouth watered at the thought.

Oh God. It's been so long since she had a date. What should she say next? She felt as though she should say more, no?

Yes! Score, a laugh. A laugh was a real good sign. Heartbeat speeding a little, he could hear the smile in her voice and couldn't help grinning himself. It was kinda wonderful meeting someone new and just... getting to know them and stuff.

"Kat!" He repeated with a smile, trying the name out. "I'm Dag. It's short for Dagmare which is... Uh... Just my last name. But most people call me Dag." The man nodded as if she could see it, as if confirming his own nickname. God, he was nervous as all get out.

They fell into a semi-silence and then the weretiger's stomach growled audibly. The man quickly cleared his throat to cover up the sound, adjusting his tie with embarrassment. "Sorry, I haven't eaten in like... A whole hour. It's a real tragedy."

That was only partially true. It had been a half an hour since he'd eaten.

I'm sorry I'm so slow <3 Work has been kicking my butt emotionally and physically lately >_>

It seemed his smile was contagious even in the darkness. Seriously. She could feel the smile on his face when he said her name. When he offered his name the smile on her face remained. "Dag," she repeated. "I like it." Kat could already tell this gathering, whether it was a date or just a meet and greet, was going to be anything but boring.

What an interesting nickname. She wondered why he would use his last name but she kept the inquiry to herself. Oh God. Why was this so hard? She usually didn't have any difficulties carrying a conversation and yet there she was sitting there with a blank mind. The nerves must really be getting to her. Just when she was about to break the silence noise from his side beat her to it. To be honest, it took her by surprise. A small chuckle escaped before she could suppress it and after what he just said there was no use in fighting it any longer. Her laughter rolled out of her mouth for a moment before she calmed herself. "It really is! An hour is just way too long. How are you still alive?" She teased.

"Luck!" He quipped back, glad she took the rude noise well. "Blind luck. Maybe a bit of bravado." That part wasn't wrong, considering he had, in his younger days, chased a were into the woods in the middle of the night. He wouldn't mention those circumstances, but yeah. He didn't scare too easy. "And gas station snacks."

Despite - or perhaps because of - the teasing, man was quickly becoming enthralled with his unseen dinner date. "Why? How do you do it?"

Gas station snacks, eh? "Can't go wrong with gas station food," she said with a smile. When it came to his inquiry she shrugged, forgetting for a brief moment that he wouldn't have seen the gesture. Right. She bit her lip to keep from laughing at herself. "I don't even know, really. When I find out you'll be the first to know. Deal?" 

It was then when a voice that seemed to have come out of nowhere caused a fright in her. A rather unattracted short squeal came from her. The woman even covered her mouth with both hands to try and conceal it but it was too late. How embarrassing. Even though no one could see her Kat still wished she was invisible at the moment. She was so focused on her date that she forgot where she was. The waiter, by the sound of the voice, had come to introduce himself as well as get them started on ordering....Not scare the crap out of her. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't even manage to remove her hands from her lips.

The way this conversation was shaping up was super great. Dag couldn't wipe the grin off his face if he tried. "Deal." He agreed. If he could see her, he would've shook on it, but as it was, he didn't want to risk pawing around in the dark.

Before he could go on with the banter, he was drawn to the sound of movement in the dark. He most certainly hoped that this was the waiter, but before he could ask, his date frightened the bejeezus out of him. Her yelp startled him more than he was willing to admit. While she muffled the sound, the were huffed in vague shock. This was followed by a short silence, but as his brain caught up with the adrenaline rush, he started huffing with laughter.

He barely made it through the waiter's explanation. It came as a small surprise that their menu was already chosen for them, but upon further thought, it made sense. Considering how even he couldn't see with his special eyes. Half the words the waiter said made little to no sense to the large man, but he was adventurous. He was happy to give... painted pork a try.

Once the man left, his attention returned to Kat.

"You ok over there?" He said, trying to stifle his laughter. It was making his nose hurt, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings and he was genuinely concerned. "Which part was it that scared you? The painted pork or the kale?"

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