Blind Date! Vidya & Dakila


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thank you for participating in our Valentine's Day event.

Please assume that your character has either already arrived or is being escorted to their table where they will meet their date. After introductions, servers will periodically arrive to describe the shared appetizer, main course, and shared dessert as they are served. Thread progression is up to the players/characters involved. You are in control of when the server arrives to describe each course.

Remember, this entire thread takes place in the dark.

If things go well, let a server know. They'll escort your characters outside together where there will finally be enough light to see each other for the first time. If things go... not so well, your character can request to be escorted out separately and you'll never have to "see" them again.

Meet your date!


@"Dakila Tomas" & @"Vidya Jain"


Baked stuffed brie, with cranberries and walnuts, and tarragon crackers

Main course:
Pork Chops with Fig and Grape Agrodolce , with radicchio salad and a mustard vinaigrette

Lemon Cake with Crackly Caramel Glaze and Lime-Yogurt Mousse

Bon Appétit!



This had not been Vidya's idea. Not at all! The girls at her salon had worked behind her back to get her signed up for this, and really she should have seen the signs. One had asked randomly at lunch one day if she had food allergies, and another had asked about her past dating life and the men she had been with when they went out for wine one night. By the time she was told about the event, it was too late to withdraw. And really! She would feel absolutely horrible if she just bailed and stood up whoever it was she was supposed to meet.

The idea of it being completely blind was nerve-wracking. The cat did well in the dark, but that was usually with some sort of moonlight. Completely pitch black was an entirely new story. It brought up a lot of issues even before the date. For instance; what do you were to a date where the entire premise is your date didn't see you? She couldn't very well look too casual, but overdressing would be a nightmare. She had FaceTimed Asha to lament about an outfit, but she had ultimately found one. Something nice and festive, but not too flashy. Maybe she would end up seeing the man? She had a feeling they might turn on the lights at the end, or something? She didn't know, and that was the issue!

Another problem was the unknown. Who would it be? Or, more importantly what would it be? There were no species restrictions, of course, because no one would out themselves like that. So she could very well be walking into a pitch black room to meet a vampire. Not that she thought all vampires were evil murderers, but the cat would not have one bit of that. She would have to bail and come up with a reason for it, and waste all of her friends' money that went into getting her to do this! There was a lot to be nervous about, and nothing she could really do about it aside from look for the best in it. Maybe it would be fun! Maybe she would meet somebody really kind. She wasn't entirely sold on meeting anyone serious, but maybe a good friend? Plus, there was good food to look forward to. Not that she would be able to see it.

So it was with all of that in mind that she arrived, clutching a small white purse and biting at her lip as she entered. She spoke her name to a hostess and informed them that she was here for the blind date event. With that, she was whisked away, and lead into a back room. As she entered, the cat shifted uncomfortably in its metaphysical space. It was completely, entirely dark. Not even enough light to see more than general outlines, but even those were blurred and muddied. There was a very glaring sensation here, one that she recognized almost immediately as the presence of someone like her. The cat roo'd and rumbled, alerted by the other predator that it was incapable of seeing. It was a good thing it was too dark to see that her eyes had flashed a vibrant yellow. She was grabbed by hands of someone that she could not see, and escorted forward. Instructed to feel for the chair before her, her fingers brushed elaborate wood, and she maneuvered to sit. It was then that she managed to release the breath she was holding, and take in a new one. With it, came a very distinct smell. Canine.

Okay. So, at least it was not a vampire. But couldn't it have been a human? The cat was pacing, frustrated with the idea of being blinded, incapable of even seeing the human form of this fellow creature. Vidya took in another steadying breath, and squinted across from her through the darkness. It was in vain. Well, here went nothing. "Hello?" She questioned into the great abyss.


Dakila had arrived first, escorted to an empty, dark room, feeling unexpectedly claustrophobic for it--and grateful for the few minutes to really settle the wolf without an audience, seen or unseen. But the promise of food kept the beast from anything more than quiet unease--especially since they both knew there was a lot more in the world worth being afraid of than the dark could ever hope to be.

For what it was worth, he'd been drawn to the event by the charity aspect of it. Money spent on a high-end meal, going towards a worthy cause... it lined up most of his stronger convictions these days. It wasn't really about the date aspect of it, though he wouldn't deny too hard the fact that he was lonelier these days than he was happy with. Work was what he was married to, but when that was all he was doing, he felt the distinct pang of something missing.

Maybe it was less about losing the girlfriend and more about losing his cat, but that was the sort of mystery he didn't dwell on for long.

Still, he sat there, waiting, feeling silly being seated before his companion of the evening arrived. Normally upon entrance he would have stood and waited for her to sit before he sat, but it was all a pointless gesture when there was no seeing and little autonomy in moving around. They'd been seated by people who didn't rely on sight for a reason, and so here they would stay... until further notice.

Perking at the scent of her, it was unexpected. He'd know it was possible of course, but what were the odds that he'd be lined up with another were? It seemed he had been, though. A feline of... indistinct flavor. Not cheetah, which he knew from the pack's association with Belle Vista. Something... heavier.

Yanked from his pointless pondering by her voice, he sat up a little straighter and tried to ward off the awkwardness that this inherently produced.

"Hey, sorry. Didn't mean to make you go first. This is... weirder than I was anticipating."

Though it did make him more grateful that he could smell and hear better than you average human. A leg-up on an otherwise dark world.

She knew he was there, but still his voice so near to her but without a source was startling. Vidya jumped some, and straighten out, furrowing her brow to stare into the darkness. He sounded... nice? Not young, at least. But not old, either. Maybe she would ask at some point. "It's okay, I ran a little late." She said sheepishly. "Yeah, it's... different. To be honest my friends put me up to this." She thought it might be best to lay that out quickly, so he didn't go too hot and heavy with any of this. She did try for a small laugh, and moved to clasp her hands together in front of her. Her knuckle brushed a plate, and she gasped at the noise it made against her ring. How was she going to eat??

"Um, I'm Vidya." She offered. Lets try and make this as least awkward as they could, please.

One thing he really disliked about were-life was being able to hear hearbeats. It wasn't as loud as some things, but being able to hear them at all--a constant thrum in a world of people--was just odd. It was more pronounced in the dark, and he felt badly for startling her.

Not put off by her being here after being volunteered by friends, he did wonder what percentage of people were in that same boat. It was an odd concept--not off-putting but certainly not the first choice of your average date-goer. He chuckled faintly and found the edge of a utensil with his fingers on the table to touch something and keep himself grounded.

Thankfully, it didn't seem this place was fancy enough for actual silver or something that unexpectedly horrifying.

She had a distinct accent and he was admittedly intrigued already. The name certainly painted a sort of picture and he felt a little glimmer of frustration again at not being able to see. It was just... wrong. "Dakila," he offered in turn, glad she was willing to disclose names early and not perpetuate too much in the way of mystery. "Here of my own accord, mostly because I thought it sounded interesting."

Dakila was a unique name. He had come on his own, and she could agree she was a little intrigued when her work friends had been selling the idea to her. The donation part made it easier to justify, and something that had kept her from bailing. "Well, it's certainly that. Where's that from? Your name." It was then that the sound of someone approaching through the darkness drew her focus, and Vidya straightened as a server asked for their drink orders. "Red Sangria, please. And water." Best not to come across as too eager to make this more bearable with alcohol. It would take a lot more than one glass to do anything, anyway.

Pausing in his answer, while normally he would have been fine with water at a place like this, not too fussed about needing anything fancy since it wasn't really his element, with Vidya deciding to go for it, he figured... what the hell. "Same, actually, thank you," he said to the server, continuing to be somewhat amazed at this whole set up that felt... fake for all he couldn't see it.

Still, as the waiter moved off, he drew back to the question, somewhat mentally equating this to texting a stranger. Slight disconnect, but still a person.

"My family is from the Philippines," he decided was the quickest way to explain his heritage, in spite of his stark lack of any identifiable accent. "What about you?" He had his guesses that he was pretty confident on, but it was always better to ask.

It was comforting that he ordered the same as her, and she smiled to herself. After the footsteps receded, Dakila spoke up again. The Philippines! She wouldn't have guessed. "India. Punjab, specifically." As if it wasn't obvious! She chuckled briefly at that thought. "I moved to New York at eighteen, and here a few years ago." That was always the next question asked, so she expedited the process there. "What do you do for work?" Small talk! She was a master at small talk. It was half of what she did for her job. Really, conversation was one of the most important parts of being a hair dresser. If you didn't make a connection with your clients, they wouldn't come back. Sometimes it didn't even matter what their hair looked like. She had a few clients she had royally messed up on, but they'd stayed loyal and let her try again.

He wondered a bit about what she looked like as he answer came across the table. He tried not to assume, not wanting to be shallow about this, but he had to admit privately to himself that he didn't realize how much he relied on sight and whatnot until it was gone. She sounded pretty--or maybe friendly was the better word--anyway.

She was more of a transplant than he was. Though he'd spent some formative years in the islands, he had been born a citizen of the US. Made him wonder what had brought her here, but they had an evening ahead of them so he sat on that question instead of interrupting hers.

"I'm a detective with the police department. Actually moved up here from Mississippi about a year ago myself--transferred in. What brought you here?"

Well, that was surprising! He hadn't sounded like a police officer. As if police officers had a certain sound. But maybe... he had just been very nice and easy to talk to, which she guessed was most good cops. This was just very weird to make first impressions based on sound alone. And, in her case, scent and general species. "Oh! That's exciting." She commented. "I went to cosmetology school in New York, and I moved down here to open my own salon." And get away from the vampire drama, and live easier as a were, but that was besides the point.

They drinks arrived then, and with it came the waiter announcing that their appetizers were being served for them. Brie and cranberries with walnuts and crackers! Vidya sat up a bit straighter as the sound of the glass clinked mutedly against the table top. Give her food, yes please. That sounded so delicious, and the cat was rooing excitedly about eating. "Thank you." She said to the unknown waiter, and would start the process of feeling around her plate. She found the brie first, and blindly worked to carefully pull it open.

Dakila made a brief noise of sincere interest, intrigued by the sorts of lifestyles he would have never considered for himself, but any further inquiry was interrupted by footsteps, drinks, and food.

The later of which carrying a scent with it that made him realize he was incredibly more hungry than he'd realized. Anticipation and kind nerves had drowned out a lot of the usual grating hunger, the promise of good food later going a good, long way. But now that it was before them, there was little hesitation.

Echoing his own thanks, he reached to find a cracker first--only managing to touch the cheese once and finding it quite warm--and got the herb-laden cracker between his fingers. Brought it up for a short sniff, not really sure what tarragon was, but found it pleasant and appealing.

"Smells fantastic," he commented, deciding this was a job for a butter knife, which he found on the left side of his plate after a moment.

”I’ve definitely never eaten blind before.” She giggled as she worked on opening the Brie. Not so sure if it was enough to get to the melted part, she would feel around for a cracker. She found one, but heard the sound of some shifting off of her plate. ”Ah!” The jaguar roo’d and suggested just dunking her face down to munch full on at the plate. She’d never!

Cracker in hand, she went into the expedition of scooping around for any cheese. Luckily, she felt some weight on the cracker, and trusted herself to bring to to her mouth. Crunch. There was definitely cheese left on her mouth. She chewed for a bit, but when she swallowed, she supposed it was time to ask The Question.

”And are you part of... the pack?” In Cedar Creek. Or maybe the coyotes in Larkspur, but she wasn’t sure if they still existed.

It was a bit of an awkward fumble, but it was easier to not be too conscious of that fact when he knew she was suffering the same--and they couldn't see each other anyhow. Chances were he'd be walking out of here with food on his shirt, but he promised himself right then and there that he'd just laugh about it. Life had too many real things to worry about than to get worked up over dumb shit like that.

Then, the inevitable question came. In the dark, with someone else like him, he found it difficult to worry too much. "I am," he affirmed. "I suppose it was inevitable--I was working in Cedar Creek for a while there."

Ate a little more, then admitted, "I'm afraid I can't really identify you easily enough to make any assumptions." She had a familiar note to her scent outside of feline, but he couldn't place it.

Okay, so a wolf! She grinned at that, enjoying the idea of an actual were-wolf. She wondered if it looked like in all of the movies when he hybrid-shifted. She wasn't so sure he was capable of that, but it was a fun image nonetheless. "Convenient!" She said. It was pretty much that easy for her, as well. In the fact that he bumped into someone that knew Asha well.

"Jaguar." She said with a hum, "We are working on getting a group together." Almost done! She wasn't going to think about that night at Charlie's though. Not fun. Well, half fun, but ended very poorly. "How long's it been for you?' Always the next question.

Convenient, sure, though... she didn't know the full story, and that was fine.

Jaguar--familiar still. He couldn't quite place it, though, even as the 'there is something familiar about this scent' continued to distract him somewhat from the food he was attempting to consume with at least a little grace in the pitch black.

"Rounding out on nine months," he said, feeling it was probably a lot like having a kid. It was easy to count the months until the year mark.

That gave her pause, her brows raising despite the fact that he wouldn't see. Nine months and he didn't feel any less powerful than her. "Wow! I wish I'd had as much handle as you do after nine months. I'm coming close to three years, in June." Her birthday. Always a mixed feeling, but it got easier each year. It was a lot better than the alternative, which would have likely been death or paralysis.

He laughed, then sighed a sort of sigh that only made itself known because it felt oddly less vulnerable in the dark. Somewhere between tired and resigned. "I don't know if I feel like I have it together, but I told myself I had to figure this out before I went back to work. Might just be a matter of motivation."

Dakila wasn't anything special, he was sure of that.

He ate for a bit, content for silence long enough to polish off the quick and tasty appetizer with as little fumbling as possible if she was here for that.

"Well, it seems you kept your promise." She hummed. The silence was fine, and the cat rumbled happily as she got through the appetizer relatively quickly. She wasn't even completely finished when the sound of the waiter approaching had her peering into the thick darkness once again. Their main meals were here, and Vidya listened with a grin. Poooork was a relief. She was pretty sure her friends knew she didn't eat beef, but there had been the fear that they didn't mark it on the sign up sheet for this.

The plate was set down in front of her, and Vidya straightened and grabbed for her silverware; thankfully not actual silver; and unraveled it so she could lay her napkin over her lap. Fingers felt for the utensils, and she held them tediously as she poked around to catch some of the pork chop. "What do you do when you're not at work?" She asked as she cut off what she was pretty sure was a good sized piece of pork.

The wolf was more interested in the entree than he had been in the appetizer, even if the cheese had been really satisfying. Something about the idea of meat... Dakila had always been a meat-eater, never entertained ideas of anything else, but the craving for the stuff was potent in a way he could never have imagined before he'd been scratched.

Fig and grape whateverthewordwas was also really interesting, and smelled tart and sweet all at once. Happy to dive in, and slowly getting the hang of this darkness ordeal, he managed to grab his knife not by the blade and felt around with the tongs of the fork until he had good purchase.

Vidya proved better at driving a conversation than he did. "Not a lot," he admitted. "It takes up most of my working hours. I used to have a cat. Typically on the weekends I go out and do volunteer work if I'm not too busy. Go to the gym if I just need to zone out, but that's not too often."

He was anything but a gym rat.

V could understand the life of not having a lot of free time. It was only recently that she'd made a point to set aside some of her schedule in the week to make a point to have hobbies. The mention of a cat had her grimacing, but she could not help the small twist of her lips and a faint chuckle. The sad kind. That was so sad. She wondered if he'd eaten it, or given it away. That he did volunteer work made him sound almost too good. Career oriented police officer, does volunteer work, goes to the gym, cat person. It sounded a little like a tinder dating profile, but the good thing about only having a voice to go off of was it was easy to tell if someone was bluffing. It didn't sound like it. As he spoke, she managed to get a good portion of the pork chop down, and even ventured into salad territory. She paused to swallow and take a sip of her drink before speaking up.

"That's sweet. And sorry about your cat." She added with a frown he wouldn't see. "I just do a lot of dancing." She chuckled a bit sheepishly. "Belly dance and traditional Punjabi folk. But otherwise I'm usually working." Hours were money, honey.

She sounded interesting. Jaguar. Dancer. Cosmetology. If it weren't for the first part of that list he would have thought her downright mundane in all the best ways. Interesting without shattering all preconceived notions. "Work leaves little time for play," he agreed, having effectively cut apart some portions of food, having decided it was easier to do all of that and then eat it rather than doing it a piece at a time. "But that actually sounds really cool, the belly dancing and stuff. Do you have a group you do it with or do you just do it at home on your own?"

"I have a sort of tribe that I do the belly dance with. And then a few girls from that come over to my place for the folk dance every other week." Though, it was hit or miss if it ever actually happened. They'd had to reschedule a lot lately. It was likely going to be even harder with the Prowl. Maybe she could convince Asha and maybe even Mateah to join in! Best of both worlds. "Can you dance?" He didn't sound like the type.

It was reassuring every time he met another were who had managed to knit together human life and animal life. It was a little silly that the story of a woman who was able to dance with others in spite of everything was that significant to him, but he didn't turn the thought away, either.

"A little!" he admitted. "I wouldn't say I'm great for it, and it's been years since I've had time or reason. But back when I was living with my mother, wasn't a party if there wasn't some dancing, you know?"

Certainly nothing like what she did. "Less a hobby, more a thing that just... we did, I guess."

All of this given around eating, thoughtful dinner conversation in the dark. Still weird.

How cute! A man that danced with his mother wasn't something she expected to find so endearing. "Are you two close? You and your mother?" She said with a rosy-cheeked smile. That was so cuuuuuute.

"Oh yeah, definitely. I think she'd die if I didn't keep up with her. She lives in the Philippines and I'm her only kid, so..."

Yeah, like... keep eating and don't get too self-conscious about the tone of Vidya's voice.

"Thank god for facetime, right?"


”Here, here.” She said with a chuckle as she raised her glass. Then she realized he wouldn’t see, so she quietly put it to her lips. Oops. This dark thing was getting a little annoying. “I FaceTime my parents weekly. Now if we could only figure out a solution to time zones.” She added somewhat conspiratorialy.

Eventually their food was done, and a waiter came to switch out into a dessert that had her mouth watering. Lemon caaaaaake!

Once that was in front of her and she as going for a spoon, she paused to look into the darkness. Dakila was nice, had a good job and good attitude, understood the whole were thing, and was in a very similar situation with his parent. So. It didn’t feel too much like going out on a limb to say, “We should go dancing some time.” And actually get to see one another.

Timezones, seriously. Tell him about it.

It was interesting, the little things they had in common, in spite of being from different places and--at this point in their life--being of different supernatural species. Still... he found himself warm towards her through food and talk--friendly, if not a little more. With zero sense of what she looked like, he didn't try and imagine too much, his mental vision somewhat default and without detail.

But ultimately, with an absolutely lovely end to a meal in front of them, the taste of lime mousse on his tongue, his first reaction to her suggestion was a pleasant hum.

"You know, I think that would be good fun. Let's."

And for the first time in a while, something in his life, if only for a moment, seemed remarkably simple.

Asking someone out for a second date was always a certain kind of nervous exhilaration. This was tenfold given she hadn't even seen his face! Not that she was superficial about looks, but they sort of played into a lot. There was a lot more about a person and their intentions that you could read from their face. So even if they were doing this, she was still going to be cautious. It was a good thing her cat was probably bigger than his wolf. Still, she grinned and blushed and drowned the butterflies in her stomach with the rest of her drink.

"Alright, we'll exchange numbers after." She said warmly. And it wasn't that long. After the dessert, their table was cleared, and they were prompted with a choice on being escorted out separately or together. Vidya paused briefly, looking in to the darkness to feel for any sort of reluctance or attention. "I think together!" She said with a smile. With that, they were approached by someone and handed their phones back, but Vidya refrained from opening hers and causing a glow. There was something exciting about being lead through the darkness next to Dakila and toward the door. There was pitch blackness, and then the silvery glow of moonlight and streetlights pouring in over them as the door was opened. Vidya chuckled as she blinked against the light, her cat rooing at the sudden change.

Vidya stepped into the patio area, taking in a deep breath of cold night air before finally turning to peer... up! At Dakila. And he. Was actually so cute. Definitely not what she expected. A sheepish smile spread under flushed cheeks, and she let out her breath in a chuckle. "Helloo." She glanced briefly down to check for crumbs left from eating in the dark. To her horror, there were, and she hurried to brush them away.

Ultimately, it was up to her to decide if they went out together, but he was very glad for her choice. The meal, strange but pleasant. If they could get along in the pitch dark of fumbling over a meal, he felt reasonably well that they'd do just fine with some light to work with as well. For an evening, if nothing else, he hadn't been lonely in the least.

It wasn't until they were back out in daylight, Dakila wincing somewhat, surprised at how bright it could feel at this time of day, took a deep breath of the air as his wolf sniffed openly at everything beyond the building. This time of night, it paid to be vigilant, but ultimately he looked over to the woman he'd heard plenty but had yet to see.

And whatever he'd expected, he found her a good deal prettier, and had to clear his throat. "Hey, good to see you," he said back, trying not to smile too much but finding it hard. Dumb joke, beautiful girl, and the moment of awkwardness as he, too, had to tug on the front of his sweater to be rid of some errant lemon cake.

This was a lot more awkward than she thought it would be! Vidya was not a shy or awkward person. She loved meeting new people and could talk to anyone. But maybe it was because they had talked so in depth in the dark, seeing one another face to face was just! A very new and decidedly good experience. Her cheeks flushed a bit as she looked back up at him. "Good to see you, too." She giggled. Sooo.

She pulled out her phone to offer it to him. "Here, lets swap numbers. And maybe set something up that won't be completely blind. And less crummy." Get it? Because crumbs? She hoped he didn't think she meat the date was crummy. Ahhh!

He felt like he was beaming. Was he beaming? Self-consciousness was not really one of the traps he fell into often, but right now he could feel it. Hyper aware of himself, of the dark, of everything they'd just said over the last hour or so... and the fact that here was this perfectly nice, striking young lady who just also happened to a part-time spotted feline.

Life was strange, but tonight it was also agreeable.

Unlocking his phone with his fingerprint he handed it over to her, pleased to swap contacts. Being the practical man he was, he saved himself simply as 'Dakila' for her, certain she wouldn't have anyone in her phone to accidentally mix him up with.

Taking her joke with a knowing chuckle, he shook his head. "I'm sure we can make the best of it. This was actually really nice. Glad your friends put you up to it."

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