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Stardust Salon And Spa 

Given the events of the last month and a half, there was a mighty need for something like this. The last time he had been here at Stardust, it was after a shift and the chaos at Recollectables. There weren't great memories associated, but he was willing to set them aside in interest of making the most of a day off. An attempt to forget about the stressers, and relax with a self-indulgent massage and pedicure. So he would focus on doing as was instructed by the woman at the front in preparation for his massage, being handed a robe similar to the one he had gone home in after being offered one by Jupiter. Perhaps he would see him, perhaps not. He would wave kindly and engage in whatever small talk that was befitting if so.

Lead back into a pair of dressing rooms, he was told to pick on and change from his clothing. To leave his belongings there to be collected and placed into a locker that corresponded with the number of the room he was to go to for his massage. It was perhaps due to the fact that he was so intent on getting changed and ready, that without the woman whom had lead him back to be there to stop him, he headed right toward the women's side. It was only at the very last moment that he noticed the sign, and with a sharp wince he stopped short. He moved to turn abruptly to head toward the correct doorway, only to slam directly into someone much shorter than him.

@"Evelina Fedorov"


The steamer had been exactly what she needed, not that there was much stressing the young woman out, but simply that everyone needed some down time every now and then. She had an appointment for her nails in about thirty minutes, and so she had to drag herself from the warmth of the room, and back into the cooler building, a towel wrapped firmly around the lithe figure.

She was quick in her steps, provided flip flops clacking rather loudly upon the floor as she made her way towards the womens changing room, ready to have some actual clothing on. It was as she turned the corner that she ran into another, body colliding rather heavily thanks to the speed she had been putting into her walk, a gasp escaping her lips.

If colliding with some random man while in a towel wasn't bad enough, imagine having the towel slip from your body and fall onto the floor of your feet. Yeah, that was what Evelina was experiencing right now, hazel eyes wide as her brain ran in circles trying to figure out what in the hell was happening, leaving just a moment of absolute stillness before she hurriedly ducked to gather her towel back up.

If bumping into someone wasn't enough, the very worst that could have happened, happened. The towel dropped, and for a brief moment he was met with the sight of an entirely naked woman. Mathis took in a sharp breath and stepped back, his eyes moving forcefully to the side as his cheeks flashed into a bright red. He was no stranger to nudity, and after so long being accompanied by a creature that regarded clothing as some needless obstacle. But this was still a stranger, and very obviously not a shifter. So lines were crossed, and the situation was definitely not something he anticipated nor enjoyed.

She hurried to collect her towel, and Mathis made to step sideways and give her a wide birth, still staring holes in the floor. "Sorry!" He said, voice strained some as his neck prickled with sweat. The best course of action was very clearly to abort all together. So without much else, he would turn to hurry toward the men's dressing room. Eyes wide and cheeks still flushed, he hurried into a stall whilst rubbing at the back of his neck. It was, unfortunately, going to be something he would have to try and forget as he changed and headed for his massage.

By the time she had her towel clutched back around her, the man was running away with a mutter of an apology. Cheeks turning as red as her hair, Evelina dashed towards the changing room calling out a "Sukin Syn" as she went.

It wasnt that Evelina was particularly adverse to showing her body, but this had not been of her own consent. This is what made it so embarrassing, Evelina scurrying to put her clothes back on. Due to her embarrassment and her racing thoughts, she stumbled a bit, but some how managed to get dressed. She was more eager for the nail appointment now more eager to relax and be pampered.

(Translation: Son of a Bitch :) )


The massage was refreshing, and the cheetah even managed to relax and enjoy it despite the touch being from a human. He had warned the massage therapist of his upper arm being tender still, along with his ribs that were still somewhat bruised. She had done well to treat those areas gently, and the rest had been enjoyable. By the time he was released, he had almost forgotten about the woman he had exposed by accident. Soothed and feeling refreshed, he would make his way to where he was to have his pedicure. It wasn't until he was show to his seat, being led by a man with a soft voice, that he noticed her. The red haired woman from before, being seated by her own technician. Mathis' soft smile vanished, and he slowed some as the man directed him to take the seat beside her.

Of course, this was what would happen. Why would it not? Of all the people to be sat by, it had to be this woman. With gritted teeth and a burning neck, he would nod toward the man that was waiting expectantly, and take his seat. He kept his eyes focused down, or on the man as he repeated back what Mathis would be paying for. When he was left to wait for the supplies for the pedicure to be retrieved, and for the water to be filled in the tub below, he became hyper aware that the woman, too, was left. It created and incredibly awkward silence, filled only by peaceful music and the gentle chatter of the spa-goers around them. Mathis sighed through his nose, and kept his gaze before him whilst he drummed his fingers against the arm rest.

Evelina was calmer now, feeling pretty and fresh with her new nails, and more than ready to have new toes to go along with it. The soft music of the salon was soothing, and she leaned back into the chair, prepared to just wist herself away as the technician worked, only to see the very face that had put her in her panic to appear. Red faced as he was, Evelina could feel her cheeks burn as well, eyes instantly casting down to her feet as the man was seated directly next to her.

What a lucky day she was having.

She rolled her eyes at the very thought, only glancing over when they were both alone,t he technicians off to gather whatever supplies they needed. There was no way that she was going to be able to relax now, especially with how awkward things were, and so she begrudgingly made an effort to speak, accent thicker due to her nervousness.

"I take it you found the correct room to dress?"

He was not content with just sitting in this silence, but he would not be the one to break it, either. What would he say? 'Hey, sorry I made you flash me and probably others nearby?' No. He wished he had his phone, maybe to text Frank or play some game or- and she spoke up. Mathis frowned inwardly, but looked at her all the same. She had a similar accent to Levka, but he heard her words clear enough. If his cheeks had not been creeping red before, they were vibrant now. "I did." He said after a moment, sighing. "I... am sorry. I didn't expect to- Well. Sorry." Really, it was his fault entirely. He needed to watch where he was going. It was the fact he had caught himself nearly too late that he'd turn and run into her. And now, karma was dealing him a fair punishment.

"Well that's good." Evelina concluded, eyes darting away as she noticed his cheeks actually pick up a few more shades. If the man turned any more red, she was sure that he would turn into a literal tomato. She wasn't quite sure she wanted that, and so when the man apologized again, she held up a single hand. "Vsyo khorosho, chto khorosho konchayetsa." She said, offering a small smile turning back towards the man. "All is well that ends well." She clarified.

"I am Evelina, you are?"

Her words were very obviously foreign, and very obviously Russian. He was thankful for the clarification, and thankful more than she did not seem intent on holding anything against him. Things happened, but no genuine harm was done. He hadn't seen much, anyway, and what he had seen wasn't entirely memorable. Not that he would want to be remembering anything.

"Mathis." He said in response, glad they could push past the topic entirely. "Where are you from?" Russia, yes, but where. Perhaps he would by some grace know where it was. He didn't particularly study Russian geography, but maybe he would surprise himself. Being European had to help with something, yes?

Mathis. It was an easy enough name to remember, and belonged to a face she wouldn't be forgetting anytime soon either. It was often one bared themselves in front of strangers, and even rarer for them to be then placed next to one another in some salon chairs.

"I am from Krasnoyarsk Russia." She answered, brows coming together slightly. "You do not sound as if you are from here either. Where is it that you were born?" He had as much an accent as her after all, and if he considered it rude to be asked of his home land, then she doubted he would have asked for hers.

Well, it'd been worth a shot. Mathis had no concept of where that was. He was tempted to ask if it was near Moscow, but he wouldn't make himself that obvious. "Italy. San Casciano." She would likely be as clueless to where that was as he was for her. "Have you been in the area long?" Goodness, small talk. He could do it, and did not have much of a problem with it... but carrying it out with someone he had put into such an awkward situation was increasingly difficult.

Yep, no clue where that was inner Mathis, so they were both completely clueless as to what the others origins were. "Four years in Colorado now, the outbreak of all the creatures had me curious." She still recalled Greta mentioning other such as herself were quite common around here as well, so it seemed that her moving here had been just.

"Have you been in the area long?"

"Closing in on two years." He said for himself. It really had felt like longer. To look back on everything that had happened... it could have been ten. Hopefully the rest of this year would treat him kinder. He had high hopes, considering the good that came with the bad. It was then that the technicians both approached, and he was instructed to place his feet into the warm water. It was strange to have a complete stranger touch his feet, but he supposed the product of letting it happen would be worth it. This was supposed to be relaxing, so he was going to make himself enjoy it. "You're interested in... the creatures?" He questioned to the girl, trying for casual. It was an incredibly dangerous thing to be curious about. She was a human, and therefore vulnerable beyond what she likely imagined herself being. Maeve was proof of that. And the hundred of other humans that either got killed or changed into the things they read about on the news.

Releasing her feet to the techniques care, Evelina allowed them to twist and move her feet however was easier for them, eyes remaining on Mathis as he spoke. "To a point." She mused for a moment, before giving her head a slight shake. "Although it was not the revealed one creatures that pulled me here. It is the fact that there could be others, still hidden, that caused my coming close to Cordova." She clarified, although Greta had already but confirmed her suspicions on others like herself.

Interesting. She was nosing about for more than shifters and vampires. He... really hadn't considered it. That other things from horror movies and lore could be real. "What specifically do you think is out there? Witches and warlocks? Fairies?" He chuckled at the idea of that. There was likely some... magic or something similar involved. Yana's ability to heal those in the Coalition, the advantages the infection gave him. And he knew vampires had certain abilities. Mind control, other inexplicable things. But were there people that could do true magic? He wasn't convinced.

Evelina offered a small scowl at this, feeling a bit put out by Mathis comment. She didn't much care for being made fun of, especially when it came to her beliefs, or what she chose to search for. If Were animals and vampires existed, why couldn't all of those other things as well? Perhaps they were just better at hiding it than their mythical counterparts.

"It is possible, if these other creatures existed, nothing says that these others can not as well." She replied, bottom lip pursing forward slightly. "I just have a very deep feeling that there are other things out there that have not yet been discovered. The creations in story books might not be as fictitious as we all thought."

She seemed... upset. Perhaps he had been rude, but he hadn't realized how truly invested she was. Perhaps more than he first though, considering she had moved from her home in Russia to investigate here. Her reasoning was sound enough. What was stopping it from being plausible? "And have you any proof so far?" He asked, more curious than skeptical.

She had more than enough proof, but she wasn't going to exactly tell this man her secret, he had seem more of her than she had intended already. "I have found a few things, but I feel there is more to uncover." She answered, binding her fingers together in her lap as her eyes moved to watch the technician work.

Well, given she was not offering any more detail than that, Mathis was not inclined to press. Whatever she found, he hoped she was happy with it, and that she was justified in staying here. "Well, I wish you luck on your investigation." He said with a shrug, and was content to leave it at that. If she was right, how could he truly know? It seemed one of those things he could only believe if he saw it for himself.

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