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Valentines day was nearing, and with that, all the salty people were out and about sulking of either lost loves, or inconsiderate significant others, unhappy and miserable, wishing more than anything that the day would just hurry up and pass. Forrest was one of these peoples, sulkily making his way through the Zoo, sighing at every heart or cupid he saw.

It wasn't as if he entirely hated the holiday, no, because seeing others happy really cheered him up, and who didn't enjoy the holiday specials? It was just that, it had been a great many years since he had actually spent it with somebody else, and even then it had always been some girl that he had picked up in an attempt to keep his parents approval. Never anything serious.

He loved love, all types of it. The cheesy sitcom love, the romantic comedy love, forbidden love, he just freaking loved it all. None of it was for him though, and that was what sucked, and was why he was currently at the Zoo. These animals were in the same boat as him, specifically the reptiles, everyone either commenting on how gross they were or how scary they seemed. Forrerst didn't see them that way though, no, he was that gross bumpy frog he was staring at now, and he loved it.

"You are a handsome guy." He told the frog, giving a sharp nod of approval. A very handsome frog indeed

Heated sweater under a blackish brown leather jacket and black jeans

Valentine's day was nearing, and he spent it with no one, as he had spent it with no one for quite some time now. There had been thought of getting Meike a gift, though. Nothing ridiculous, just a platonic sort of appreciation for her existence.

Not that he was doing that right this moment. He'd had a thought last time he was here — what if he had access to a reptile exhibit, and could therefore use it to shift? The hot springs were a good choice often, but a zoo that took care of true crocodiles year round was a zoo that could serve his purposes with some modifications.

It could serve as a more... group-friendly place, should those who owned the North Glenn get uppity about a cluster of reptiles in their corner. He'd never made a great effort to run into them, and would prefer it kept that way.

Finding he was following a very nasty scent, the crocodile was on edge for something it vaguely decided was not edible. He heard the comment made to... a frog? And quirked a bit of a smirk.

"Why, thank you," he answered. Was this a vampire? He heard no heartbeat.

He hadn't been entirely paying attention, so caught up in his own inner monologue that he was having with this frog before him, practically jumping out of his own skin when another voice sounded nearby. Whipping around his eyes fell on a rather older man, a man who strangely smelt as if he belonged in this exhibit himself. He had smelt blood similar to this twice before, but both times it had been a bit more on the fishy side of the scale, while this one did not quite float in the same category. As stated before, it fit more for this room than anything else. This man had to be a Were, but of what breed, Forrest did not know.

He might of grown wary if it weren't for the smile on the mans face, Forrests lips automatically drawing up to match as he turned to face the man more fully. "Now, I don't think we can take the compliment from the frog. I doubt he hears it very often." He chastised playfully, grin widening. "But you are handsome as well, yes." Forrest didn't mind giving more than one creature a compliment.

A playful sort of young man. He could appreciate that, despite the rank scent, and took it in humor.

"A place full of handsome creatures, yet none of us human."

Clarity was key, he thought to himself. Immediately, "Daniel," he introduced, his hand extended in greeting.


"Forrest." He grasped the hand in a firm shake before allowing his arm to fall back to his side. "Human is boring anyway, although I have never turned into a beast before, and so maybe it is differen't for your kind?" There was the incline of his head, eyes curious on the mans response. He had only ever briefly met two Weres before this encounter, and both times there had been little talking.

Forrest, the... undead, decidedly, as he felt a hand colder than his own room-temperature skin.

Forrest was quick to draw the lines of separation between them, to which the crocodile stirred in response to thoughts of shifting.

"I cannot complain," he smiled, thinking of a mouth full of teeth he could produce if given a few minutes. "But it's not as though you don't become something yourself, given the opportunity."

He'd seen what vampires could turn into in conflict. An animal was preferable to that.


Forrest supposed he could turn into quite the beast when provoked, although his memory for it was always quite hazy afterwards. Still, he doubted that it was quite as fearsome as a beast, especially the hybrid he had seen at the antique store. The creature had definitely not been as cute as the anthropomorphic animals from the movie Zootopia. It had been more like something straight out of a horror movie, and the snapping of bones hadn't made it any easier to take in.

"Very true." Forrest drawled for a moment, a brow raising slightly. "The beast you possess smells quite different than the other ones I have encountered. Would it be rude of me to ask what it is?" He surely hoped not, because Forrest was absolutely dying of curiosity. He smelled similar to the frog, was he perhaps a giant one? How cute!

"In general, it is a fairly rude question," he nodded, serene about it. "I can tell you that your senses are correct — you've most likely never met anyone like me."

He hummed.

"You may guess. I'll give you a hint — many teeth are involved."

There was a sharp frown, genuine regret showing in his eyes as he held a single hand over his non-beating heart. "Oh, I truly did not mean to come off as such. I will make sure to remember it for next time." He was sincere in this statement, although the smile was quick to return when the guessing game was involved.

Teeth. Lots of teeth.

Given that he smelled so similar to the creatures of this very room, Forrest could on suspect it was a reptile. A ton of reptiles had a lot of teeth though! Small or large, there were still tons in a vast majority of them all. Eyes roaming around their current room, his eyes fell upon the Komodo dragon, a finger moving to point in its direction. "You wouldn't happen to be that exotic would you?" Those creatures were pretty dang deadly if he recalled. Cool though.

He took mild humor very seriously, it seemed.

Daniel looked to the lizard offered and smiled, shaking his head. "Shorter. But much larger."

He folded his arms, amused.

Hm, so not a giant lizard.

No smaller lizards either. No snakes. No frogs.

Forrest was at a lose, lips pursing slightly as he continued to gaze around the room. There were very few options when it came to large reptiles, and even then, there was no telling if he even was one. Forrest wasn't quite sure how Weres worked, but he was sure that some animals smelt a bit similar to others...

"You wouldn't happen to be an Alligator?" Large, check. Short, check. Many teeth, oh, that's a definite check.

"Close!" he answered, congratulatory in tone. "Crocodile. He thinks himself handsome, at least."

He could only imagine how intense he'd be as the much broader alligator. But in a way, he was glad for this animal to be his. It was likely the result of a quarter century being one.

A crocodile!

He wasn't certain of the differences between the two creatures, and so he had most definitely been close indeed. "I'm sure he is." Forrest laughed, finding the particular grin of the scaly creatures quite cute. "He is very different than the cats the seem to plague this area." He hadn't met a lot of them, but their scent was quite easy to pick out of a crowd.

"I like it." Different was always nice.

He chuckled.

"Do cats plague this area?" he asked, particularly of Larkspur. But there was a chance that the vampire did that know that, and he would find it useful to find out what else he was unaware of.

In either case, he was sure Larkspur was freshly ripe for the taking.

"Not really this area I suppose." Forrest murmured after a thought, a shrug in his shoulders.

"Smelt plenty of them around, seen one of them shift even." He cringed at the memory, the popping making his stomach turn. "Gotta say, sounds pretty painful." Was it the same for the crocodile as it was the cat?

And yet, as much as he was willing to glean information off another, he was less interested in sharing too much of his own. Certainly, shifting was a painful number of minutes. And yet!

"It's a process," he answered. "One you eventually learn to accept."

It wasn't a lie — it just did not exactly give the entire scope of the agony involved even twenty-five years later. "How long have you been... as you are?" he asked. The crocodile continued to wriggle within at the scent of death, perhaps tempted to eat it regardless of palatability. Steady, there.

Well there was really no arguing that answer. He supposed once you got used to something, then it stopped being a big deal, just like drinking blood was for him. At first, he thought it quite strange, but now it was just life, and he saw nothing different or strange about it in the least. He suppose it would be the same for the Were, shifting was just how it went.

"It's been about..." Forrest drawled, mind picking out dates and numbers for a moment. "Seventy eight years." Dang how time flew!

"So it's been a while." He gave a bit of an awkward laugh, surprised by his own age. It got easy to forget when the body stayed in perfect youth.

Seventy eight!

He was aware on a tangential level of how vampires never aged, but this being his first direct encounter with one... he still managed to be floored, and couldn't hide the surprise from his face.

"No kidding. I'd say I am jealous, but, when you're this handsome," he smiled and pointed to his face. "So how does, ah... how does it work when feeding?"

Curious, curious. The frog seemed to take a chance to hop away, and he glanced back at it, but it was nothing more than a ripple in the water.

He couldn't help but laugh at the obvious surprise on the mans face, a childish excitement running through him at having caught him off guard.

"Of course, and how can you pass up changing into a giant crocodile?" He chuckled, before offering a shrug at the question directed towards him. "I guess it's what you'd expect, you bite into the body and drink. It's been so long that I don't really think about it, and during my first few years it was more instinct than anything." He wished he could offer some sort of comparison, but he was sure it was the same feeling as whenever Daniel ate, you just sorta did it.

"No worries about your own blood though. It seems that all Weres smell rather unappetizing."

He hummed and smiled, and was grateful again no one else was here at the moment. It was certainly something he'd... eventually grown to love. Being what he was. At least by now, there was no room for regret.

The bit about the weres was interesting, though.

"Oh? And why is that?" he asked, curious as ever.

He'd give an apologetic smile, feeling just a tad bit guilty that he was about to tell the man that he sorta stank.

"Well, your kind tend to smell very strongly of the animal you possess." He answered, raising his eyes in thought for a moment. "Cats smell like fish, while your kind smell sort of musky...?" He didn't really have an accurate word to describe the smell of the reptile, but he felt that he would get the point.

Oh, was it a matter of scent, then? He was amused, and mildly offended.

"Interesting, I've never known a cat to smell of fish. Dander, though..." he shook his head. "For what it's worth, you happen to smell of decay. But that hasn't entirely stopped the reptile from considering it."

He offered a smile, hopefully not one that looked as toothy as the animal in his mind.

It was nice to know that he smelt just as bad to them, as they did to him. It wasn't that he enjoyed smelling bad or anything, simply that it made him feel less bad for thinking of them as stinky supernatural beings. It was perhaps, just a way of keeping each other safe from possible dangers, for he doubted all Weres and Vampires got a long.

"That's nice to know." He chuckled, before holding up a hand. "I do hope that your croc finds a more delectable meal than I." He gave an equally toothy grin back.

"Most likely. I suppose I could head off to catch some fish, since we're talking about food."

This was something of a joke. Daniel would be consuming some collection of meat, but it would be cooked.

... Which gave him an idea for another venture, if not this zoo. Hrm.

"See you around some time, Forrest."

Forrest would make no move to stop the man from leaving, waving his raised hand.

"See you around. It was nice meeting you." He answered, feeling a bit better about the whole being single on valentines day thing that he had been moping about earlier.



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