Snake in the grass

Mountainside Planetarium - Clutch Only 
The beginning of a headache was forming.

Beauregard stared at his phone with a frown, feeling it had been compromised to some degree by Sayed's loud digital mouth. He had, of course, been instructed to contact the entire group if trouble arose. But common sense surely should have prevailed, to at least keep the details of what he fled from to a goddamn phone call.

For now his feet were up on his desk, arms folded in a gesture posture that could be artistically titled "Irritated Man."

Raziyya would ideally arrive soon, and perhaps she would find some excuses for Sayed that would be effective enough to disarm what felt like a goddamn ticking time bomb in this upcoming interaction. For now, he waited, silent and staring still at the phone that now tied him to Sayed and the police.

Raziyya would arrive soon, dressed in some typical demurely flirtatious type of dress that she favored for earning the attention of fodder. That had been her activity prior to all this.

Making her way to the Dominus' office, she arrived to find her mind flooded with furious thoughts, and she had to remind herself that they were his and not hers.

Hum. She offered him a smile of greeting.

"Would he go like Aiden? Dead slept and gone? Or do you imagine something more lively?"

Harder to talk him into forgiveness at this moment, she decided. It was better to indulge his fury first.

He did feel better upon seeing her, if mostly for the promise of sharing his snarled frustration with someone else else who would have to keep it quiet.

Beauregard pulled his feet from the desk as he spotted her and let them fall to the floor with a thud. Everything about this was blatant misery that she seemed to be willing to indulge with a smile.

"Perhaps just suggest him to stand out in the goddamn parking lot until sunrise," he groused. "I don't think I'm capable of slow torture. I'll bloodlust if I'm too happy with it."

He sighed, lip nearly twitching with disgust still.

"That would be a sight. The three of us could watch him go, a puff of ash in the morning chill."

She sat, leaning on her elbow to one side of her chosen chair, humming thoughtfully.

"Alternatively, you could also command any of us into bloodlusting and we can make the mess for you to enjoy. I wouldn't be opposed. It would keep your clothes clean."

It was said lightly, still bearing a smile, but it wasn't exactly something she hadn't been made to do before.

He huffed to that latter idea.

"Then I'd be jealous," he pouted, but already he was calming, pulled into petty complaint instead of grander, trembling rage. Beauregard swallowed some angry tension in his throat, clearing his voice in some announcement of willingness to speak beyond stupid violent fantasy.

"What am I to do with this troublesome vampire, Raziyya. Sincerely."

There was a mindfulness to feel for their approach, not to be caught off guard with this conversation. It would be easy enough.

Him? Jealous? How could he even think he would ever be jealous. But she could feel him calming, and she gave a small sigh of thought.

"Make an example of him in any way you feel is best, but I think first and foremost everyone else must learn never to do what he did."

As for what to do with the vampire himself; "He seems to have a tendency to say too much." She made a gesture of vomit falling from her mouth, animated and certainly inspired by too much time around her present company. This was not a complaint.

"That said, he has several friends within the clutch, and at least one we know of outside of it. If you do lean towards mercy, it's best to mold his behavior so that he doesn't misstep like this again."

Oh, Raziyya, being so dreadfully logical and thoughtful. Perhaps she was spending too much time around Edvin. But he had asked for her input, and so he would listen, privately admitting that it was helpful. (Nothing could ever be private with her thought meddling, but at times that was easier to forget.)

His face wrinkled some to her gesture, perhaps more empathetic than disapproving of it.

"A meeting is in order, I suppose," he said after a time of silent chewing on her thoughts. "To discuss how to manage this sort of thing. And police in general."

The next was careful territory, but worth mentioning, he supposed.

"Some weeks back, Marybeth had police show up to her door asking about Cris, who it appears she was close enough with for the girl to have died with Marybeth's library card in her possession."

He considered the hideous bawling that had accompanied his learning of it all with some disgust.

"She asked them to leave and they did not pursue her."

Truthfully, she'd find a meeting helpful as well. More than once she'd found herself somewhat blindsided, if not by police than by how quickly the world seemed to absorb knowledge of them. It did not help that she'd slipped some of it to Adam, but at least he was compelled to loyalty and secrecy with her.

She listened as his thoughts mulled towards a topic that wiped the serenely thoughtful look from her face and hardened it to something colder.

Marybeth, Marybeth. And Cris. And whatever the significance was of a library card, and as she caught thought of Marybeth's sobbing over Cris, she found herself wanting to snarl.

Little blood slut. And what was the Vampire's role in it all that she was so heartbroken?

The point was almost missed by her as she splattered into suspicions and anger, but she made a visibly distracted effort. "Oh?" she asked. Police. "How polite of them. I don't know if they would extend Sayed the same courtesy after pursuing him."

That was an improper response. Beauregard's scowl returned.

"I didn't offer that information for dismissive commentary," he said. "I'm not a goddamn idiot and don't expect them to let Sayed off with a swat on the nose."

Every single moment surrounding the Chris incident was maddening and Raziyya was consistently at her worst. He sought eye contact and found it, and his words were spoken with the knowledge that she would know it was a suggestion from his thoughts.

But he knew that anger, that suspicion. She would not be terrorizing goddamn Marybeth of all vampires for answers one day.

"Get over your anger about the dead girl. You won. That's enough."

It stuck, and he waited to see if she would direct that anger toward him.


The arrived some time after Edvin's warning to the boy, and he did not care to carry on any further small talk. There would be time later to get to know the young man, but the situation now was not one he was interested in muddling with the formalities. If he did prove to be wrong about Beauregard's intentions, he was not keen on the idea of feeling as though whatever familiarity could have been formed between himself at the young vampire was being cruelly cut short. If he could help it, he would not let it end that way.

They reached the top of the stairs just as some words about a girl were being spoken, though the context was lost to Edvin. It was likely for the best, given it seemed to have been a private conversation between the Dominus and his Guardian. He was sorry to interrupt it, but he had a suspicion that this was a more pressing matter. With his hands at his back, Edvin would lead Sayed down into the common room.

Sayed had never felt as nervous as he did while he walked in the planetarium with Edvin. Up until they walked into the common room, Sayed had stayed next to Edvin. But with the feeling of Beauregard looming closer, Sayed's footsteps fell smaller and Edvin entered into the common room in front of him. Raziyya was there, and he was tempted to speak to her, but it looked as though something had been going on before they had walked in and he decided that it would probably be best to not say anything until he was asked to speak.

That hadn't been her intention — but it only took a thought of eye contact and she made it easy for him to finish his scolding of her, and she felt her anger for Cris and all things related to her subside.

That was the third time he'd had to yank her from her associations with the matter. She won. It was enough. Raziyya's shoulders sank as her face bordered on apologetic.

"No, that came out wrong. I only meant that I don't —"

But before she could offer any useful explanation, there were footsteps of approach, And Raziyya knew discretion enough to shut her mouth when she was here to play her role.

She was not quite out of the woods with finding herself physically muted around multiple minds, however, and there was a desire to render herself a bat for the ease with which it was to communicate telepathically.

But she would keep to her chair instead if only to keep a certain clairvoyant from prying memories off of them, and instead offered a neutral smile of greeting to both.

The moment would end too soon, the sound and sense of an arrival stopping him from further commentary. Raziyya had been quick to backstep, but in the face of suggestion, she did not attempt to argue with him. It was noted and appreciated, as was the unspoken sense of apology.

He considered asking her to play bat, but it felt improper to have her slung across his desk or hanging onto his shoulder. Or worse yet, on his lap.

Beauregard did indeed need a perch for her. Goddamn it. A hint of a smirk appeared and faded by the time the pair had arrived. There would be exactly enough chairs for them in his office, and he pushed back a bit from his desk, eyeing the incoming vampires.

"Evening. Thankful it appears no one is hurt," he said, gaze flitting from Edvin to Sayed and staying on the latter. His tone was level, at least for now. "Take a seat. Tell me everything in detail."

One upturned palm gestured to the seats, and he leaned forward briefly to grasp a pen from his desk to fidget with.

The conversation puttered out as they neared, and Edvin would greet the pair with some brief smile as they rounded into Beauregard's office. He was briefly surprised to see Raziyya in her natural form, given the last meeting they had had here, she had opted to appear in her winged conjuration. Beauregard was starkly kind, though Edvin knew him well enough by now to be aware that this was a thing he forced. He would take the seat offered, moving to rest an ankle upon his knee a fold his hands at his elevated shin. He angled himself some toward Sayed as the young man was prompted, noting privately (or not so privately) that he had been sure to collect the pieces of the cuffs he had removed from the man's wrist and tuck them into the pocket of his coat. If they were needed, he would produce them. For now, he focused on the bits he had gotten from his first reading of them, and was prepared to compare them with this retelling.

Awkward. Anxious. These were the two strongest emotions Sayed felt as he took a seat in front of Beau's desk. He was asked to tell what exactly happened, and Sayed glanced over at Edvin for just a second, hopeful that maybe he'd just fill Beau in on everything. Instead, he gazed at him. Sayed cleared his throat and looked back at Beauregard.

He'd said he wanted everything in detail, but Edvin had said to not over-explain. Stick to the facts, he thought before finally speaking. "I was in Magic Hollow looking for a meal. A lone jogger came up, and it seemed easy. My suggestions to keep her compliant failed and she tried to attack me. I knocked her down and then she sang a song-" he paused, trying to remember the words to it. Surely that detail would be good to include. "Something like Gone the sun, gone the shine. Sleep until morning time." That didn't sound right, but it would have to do for now. "So, she was one of the psychics would can send a vampire into dead sleep and that's what happened. I don't really know how much time passed, but when I woke back up, I could smell that she wasn't far off and went after her again."

Sayed wanted to explain why he'd gone after her because he knew this is the first time where he really fucked up, but as he glanced back at Edvin and remember to not overshare, he decided to just move on. "I incorrectly assumed I was out of her range when I came back on her, but she knocked me out again and called the police. When I woke, the police were there and I was already in handcuffs. I tried explaining that it was a misunderstanding, but the shifter cop by me said I was detained and wanted to take me to the station. So, I ran."

And that basically covered the whole thing. Beauregard should know what came after that.

A moment of silently shared humor, fleeting, and they were here.

Waves of thoughts, all crashing into each other and rendering her silent for all it overwhelmed. She was better at handling two now, but three — still a challenge.

Raziyya sat as Sayed fell into explanation, straining some to listen to all he said and did not say amidst all Edvin thought and all Beauregard thought. It was not an easy effort. Surprise at her not being a bat, a desire to speak to her, a focus on Sayed, pieces of cuffs, a woman singing, her face fleetingly clear only to blur again. Whispers and muddled images.

She sought to sort them, to press some voices aside for favor of the one she should be listening to, like picking a single instrument to focus on amidst the wall of sound in a song. It was getting easier, but still took a moment to do so, especially when she was likely tasked with picking out anything omitted.

Her thoughts were unintentionally cyclic.

Visually, she rested her chin on her palm, eyes flitting amongst the other three in her presence as she oriented her mind and her invasive power.

Sayed was nothing if not obedient.

He broke into an appropriately lengthy narrative, and Beauregard listened with careful attention, sifting through the boy's emotional state for perhaps some spike of anxiety that would imply dishonesty. No such thing appeared.

A frown settled on his face as he listened. Why Sayed had gone back was unclear, but Beauregard assumed it was some attempt to try another suggestion or something similar. His gaze flickered briefly to Raziyya, as if he would sense any thoughts from her through his gaze alone. Nothing, naturally, and it was a fleeting attempt.

Gaze back on Sayed, he was quiet for a moment, thinking as he turned the pen over and over in his hands.

"Tell me about the officers. Especially the shifter. Their names, if you have them. What they looked like if not."

Sayed didn't have their names. In fact, he was sure they hadn't even addressed each other by their names around him. And he'd kept his eyes lowered most of the time and hadn't ever gotten a good look at the shifter.

So, describing it was. "The shifter was a dog of some sort. Wolf or coyote, probably. Not a white guy. Maybe a Latino or partly Asian? But he didn't have any distinguishable accent. Probably in his 30s or 40s. I don't think his partner was aware that he was a shifter. She was a psychic though, and he apparently knew about that. The woman was white. Long, brown hair. She carried a large rifle and seemed to have some sort of flashback or seizure or something after I tried a suggestion out in Arabic."

He gave a bit of a sigh, figuring that the details weren't really that great- particularly with the woman. No doubt there were probably a ton of cops like her in the area. But he hadn't gotten that great of a look at her, so there wasn't a whole lot to say.

The brief images of the people described in Sayed's mind were fed into her own, and she nodded to herself, having seen the man of the pair. She did not see the woman described when she'd flown overhead, but there was a faint recognition nonetheless that she could not place.

She sent the image of the male police officer into Beauregard's mind successfully, fleeting as it was.

"I saw him. Not the woman officer."

What a mess of descriptions. None he recognized well enough, at least... until Raziyya provided him with some fleeing image. He knew the man, actually, though he knew very little of him.

Just assistance with an unfortunate reptile encounter. Best push past that quickly.

Nodding, he pressed his lips together some in thought. It would be lovely to out the shifter officer, but there simply wasn't enough information to go on now. What a damn mess.

"What do the police know about you? Your name? Do they have your license?"

Nothing he had not heard or seen. The description of the female officer was reminiscent of Cassidy, though he would not be for certain. He thought purposefully of the hand cuffs, and the idea that perhaps they would lend him more insight if he handled them long enough. Surely there were memories attached to them of before the arrest. Perhaps the drive over. Though he could not know if the officers had arrived in separate cars or gone together. He would have to press. Something he would offer to do later. For now, he listened on intently, knowing the answers thus far.

No one said anything about the descriptions and Sayed wondered if they were useless. He frowned a little, knowing that before he ran, he should've gotten their names. He wanted to just melt into the ground and slink away; pretend this whole thing had never happened and that he hadn't stupidly incriminated the entire clutch.

The next question from Beauregard had Sayed feeling worse, and he wondered if the dominus would just decide to have him fend for himself. "I told the shifter my first and last name and that I lived in Lavender Heights. They don't have my license, but I've not updated my license since moving to Colorado. My car was left there, but I never got near my car, so they probably don't realize that it's mine."

She strained to keep focus on Sayed, though the image of a snake did not escape her and did startle her some. Again, also, thoughts of these handcuffs Edvin had.

What followed next earned her attention, and had her pressing her fingertips to her head in some flare of frustration. Would it have killed him to lie, just a little? Send them in the opposite direction?

Lessons to teach Safiya, at the very least.

He could feel something akin to shame, or perhaps regret, pouring from Sayed. For now, Beauregard made no move to soothe it. They were feelings earned, and perhaps ones that would assist him in learning some lesson here.

Certainly his name was connected to his current home here, regardless of his outside license.

If a warrant was out of his arrest, there were ways of finding out. If not, perhaps this would blow over. But it was unlikely the police wouldn't seek some legal recourse.

Beauregard sighed through his nose, quiet. Thinking. He sought eye contact then, a frequent enough habit that he hoped it wouldn't be especially notable. "This goes without saying, but you must not share any information about this clutch or any of its members to any member of law enforcement."

There was comfort in success after some recent, embarrassing failures.

"I trust that you know this, but you understand how grave a concern this is for me."

He leaned back some, eye contact lingering as a result of conversation.

"I believe you'll need to become someone other than Sayed for a time," he said. "I can assist you in securing a temporary home under another name. We will watch their next steps, see how public an affair they make this. You may be in for some time in hiding, but I will ensure you aren't withering in the process."



Why he had gone so far as to tell them his name and residence was beyond Edvin. He was thankful at the very least that his license was out of date. He would need to get a new one, and as Beauregard suggested, likely forge an identity. It would not be an easy next few... however long the CPD sought after him. What a headache this was.

"Of course," Sayed replied to Beauregard. He hadn't mentioned the clutch to the shifter; only gave the location he lived to imply- which was probably stupid and was definitely something that would not happen again. He nodded solemnly next, indeed knowing that this was a big concern. He still felt the shame at having done something so careless, and though he was sure all three vampires in the room with him were irritated with what he'd done, they all were wanting to help him rather than see him harmed.

It was how a clutch was supposed to feel, he felt, and the thought made him feel slightly better until Beauregard spoke again about changing his name and going into hiding. Sayed immediately bristled at that inwardly. His face also gave him away, as he looked a mixture of shocked and upset. He said nor did anything for a few moments, processing what this was going to be like. It meant that him trying to get a position at the community college was likely not going to be a thing. He knew vampires changed names and created new identities from time to time, but this was just year 3 for him; hardly a lifetime.

Still, he knew that Beauregard was right. This was passed the point of just laying low. He nodded then, a very slight movement with a clenched jaw as anger passed through him. He wasn't upset with his dominus for the recommendation, nor was he really upset with the police for simply doing what they were supposed to do. He was definitely upset with himself for being a large cause of this problem he was now in, but the person he was most angry at was the woman who'd sent him into a deadsleep. If he ever met her again, he'd rip her fucking vocal chords out for this.

Shame within Sayed for his carelessness. A lack of understanding as to why divulging Lavender Heights was dangerous for more than just himself. Thoughts of another name, shock and upset following. Seeking eye contact — a suggestion in place from Beauregard. Edvin, making note that the police were unlikely to simply drop their interest in tracking Sayed down. That it was only his third year as a vampire. "Embarrassing failures," which had her glance at the Dominus briefly. Giving up a chance to work at the college. An anger directed at the other woman she'd seen, a desire to rip out her throat.

Raziyya was able to weave through their thoughts, and pick out that image, clearer in his recollection than hers. But she could not immediately feed it to Beauregard as she had before, and so she kept hold of it, memorizing the woman's face until she could focus better.

She thought on Adam and how easy it was to paint a target on someone who had never charmed her.

There was much unspoken here. Beauregard could feel it, all variety of anger and shame and frustration. Sayed was quiet, notable for a boy prone to a bit of talking.

He let it rest for a moment, wondering if that anger was directed at him. Beauregard could recognize emotions, but not inherently their targets. The shame offered some hint, and the lack of lashing out another.

And now, with grace, he would make the effort to begin to smooth it all.

He pushed delicately against Sayed's tension with the lightest touch of empathy, something to just barely begin to calm as he spoke evenly.

"We all take on new names, new identities at some point or another. I was not born Beauregard, but that name is an iteration of who I am that has grown successfully enough for me to become a Dominus. It's trickier these days, I'll admit, but we have many vampires, many suggestions."

Beauregard toyed at the pen in his hands a bit more, speaking slowly, thoughtfully. He continued the effort of calm, careful not to overwhelm, and directly it exclusively to Sayed. To attempt to manage every vampire in the room left the potential to grow clumsy.

"Each one of us-" he gestured to himself, Edvin, and Raziyya "-has made mistakes, in our time in this clutch, and before. You will learn from yours. Your gravest, today, was bringing the clutch into matters by mentioning the police in your message. But I recognize the state you were in when you sent it, and the advice I gave you on who to contact in the past. In the coming days, I will call a meeting to discuss how to handle the police as a whole. You are not the first to have a run-in, and you won't be the last."

He set the pen on the desk, finishing up what he recognized to be something of a monologue.

"It may leave you feeling embarrassed, perhaps, but I think we can both agree that to be very meager punishment. In the meantime, I can see about finding you a hotel and a meal that won't put either of us to sleep. Sound reasonable?"

It would likely be unwise to state anything to the contrary.

Beauregard, at times, could be childish. A boy Dominus, young and reactive. Vengeful, impulsive, violent. And yet in times like these, Edvin found himself somewhat proud. Comforted in his decision to place so much trust within this man, and help him into becoming so powerful so quickly. There was still much for him to learn, though Edvin was far from knowing all it took to maintain a Clutch.

He would like to think it looked very much like this. Reassuring, direct, remprimanding in a way that surely Sayed would understand that he was deserving of. Edvin listened with something of a smile at his lips, thankful he had not lied to Sayed about having to fear for a greater punishment. How poorly this could have gone. Perhaps it was due to Edvin warning the young man in attempt to guide the flow of the conversation, or perhaps Beauregard was in a particularly forgiving mood. It was likely some combination of the two.

The more Beauregard talked, the better Sayed felt. The anger he'd felt towards himself and towards the psychic waned and he felt more resolute in what Beauregard was suggesting he do. He hadn't been ready to give up his name- the last thing he felt he still had that tied him to the life he lived and loved from before he was turned, but it didn't mean it was a permanent change or that it even actually changed who he still was as a person.

The meeting, he thought, would be a good idea and the thought of using his mistake as a demonstration of what not to do, while yes a little embarrassing, was also important. He wouldn't want any of his fellow clutch members in the position he was currently in, so if they could learn from his mistake, it would be worth it to some extent.

Beauregard asked him if getting a hotel and a meal was reasonable, and Sayed nodded. "It's more than reasonable, and I thank you for the kindness and help you're giving me after making a stupid mistake." Sayed was still upset with the entire situation, but he still managed a thankful smile at Beauregard.

Letting go of humanity was likely harder for someone so soft, she thought to herself.

Adulation from Edvin took center stage for a time, and she couldn't help a small twitch of a smile as she picked up on all his praise for the Dominus. That, and the gratefulness Sayed felt.

She attempted again to tap a way into her leader's head after all was spoken. She fed, first and foremost, the image of the psychic he'd felt anger at.

"This is the psychic who sang him to sleep. I saw her with the shifter earlier."

A pause, and then, with a faint ghost of a smile.

"Your ego would swell from how much these two are grateful to have you as Dominus right now."

It felt a soothing enough resolution, and Beauregard was happy to have had some opportunity to wax poetic. The relief felt palpable, and he eased away the push of his empathy, trusting that this soothing could stand on its own.

Sayed was properly polite, and it would serve him well. The boy seemed to find trouble, but he was wise enough to speak carefully to Beauregard, at least.

Thrust into his mind suddenly was the thought of some woman, and he blinked, briefly confused before Raziyya was speaking into his mind. The woman, and then unexpected praise, and he did realize belatedly that there was smiling happening.

"You're goi-"

That was aloud, attended for Raziyya, and she would hear some colorful variety of profanity he thought to himself but would inevitably broadcast to her as well. He cleared his throat.

"You can find the medical room, here on the bottom floor, and a fridge with some bagged blood in it. Take a couple, and wait for me in the lounge. I will meet you there in a few minutes."

They could see about finding some basic clothing essentials on the way to a hotel. It would be easy enough to swing by a store and grab what was needed for a few days in hiding.

"Flatterer," he managed to think to Raziyya, though it did not occur to him that perhaps Edvin could be listening too.

With a short nod, Sayed stood. He glanced back towards Edvin and smiled. "Thanks again for getting me out of there and helping with the cuffs." He looked at Raziyya next and gave her a friendly smile, but as he didn't know what part she herself had had, there wasn't much he could say to her. So he looked back to Beau and thanked him once more for his help too. And with that, he was out and heading to the bottom floor, feeling very hungry now since he'd not gotten his meal before.


Edvin's brow twitched at Beauregard's stumbling, but he clarified moments later. With that, Sayed would take his leave. Edvin nodded and fixed him with a kind smile, and would remain quiet until the man left. There was a beat of silence before he turned to look toward the both of them. "I believe the female officer was Cassidy Morgan." He offered, and would move to produce the handcuffs and place them on the desk before him. "I can attempt to press for more surrounding these cuffs, to tell for certain."

His slip had her tucking in her lips to hide her smile, thankful she couldn't make a sound. The array of cursing hardly helped, but bending down as if to fix her shoe allowed her hair to hide her face.

He called her a flatterer, and it was true that she found effectiveness in playing guardian to his ego.

She smiled to Sayed as he left, a bit disingenuous in that is was fed by her private humor, but it functioned enough.

As he departed from her range, she felt her throat wakening again. Edvin produced the cuffs he thought so fervently of, and meanwhile, Raziyya hummed briefly to test her voice. There it was.

"If you want to do that here, I can attempt to send whatever is relevant to Beauregard," she offered, truthful in that it was an attempt and not guaranteed success.

Cassidy Morgan.

"Your pet police officer?" he asked of Edvin to clarify. The one who seemed to know more than was appropriate, one of many. To kill her was unwise and he knew it, but to sabotage her sounded appealing.

But it would be clumsy to summon her now, a known vampire in Lavender Heights fresh after an incident with another known vampire from Lavender Heights.

"Unless it's truly necessary to put imagery directly into my head, verbal descriptions are just fine."

She was hardly a pet. "Indeed." He would say nonetheless. Raziyya suggested he do so here, as he had been intending. He supposed it would be useful to relay the images directly to Beauregard, but the Dominus was not so keen. He could verbalize well enough. And so, he would move to remove his gloves. The metal was cool to the touch, and as his eyes flickered shut, he was delivered a very similar scene to prior. Sayed in cuffs on the ground, the man above him. There was a clearer image of his face. He looked rather young, but many often did to Edvin. There was a broader look at the scene surrounding Sayed and the Officer. Two women nearby, one of darker complexion, and the other of lighter with dirty blonde hair. It was very difficult to parse much from the brief glimpse, but Edvin was nearly certain this was Cassidy.

Sound was warped and difficult to distinguish. Sayed saying the words 'Larkspur' and something that sounded similar to 'Cedar Creek.' The context of which was supplied by the thought that the officer smelled like a dog. There was an attempt to be jovial, and Edvin could only assume it was Sayed trying his best to save face in such an unfortunate situation. For all of the seventy or so seconds Edvin remained focused on the cuffs, he was only offered these twenty or so flickers of memory. Nothing from prior to the scene of the arrest, but he supposed it was a bit more than he had. Edvin pulled his fingers away with a hum, and when he opened his eyes, he found there was a jarring splotch of white clouding his vision. A side affect that he would never get used to. He found himself blinking toward the ground as he spoke. "I am certain that it was Cassidy. The dream walker in question is likely African American, but I could not get a clear image. The male officer is darker skinned, younger..." He managed to blink away the glaring spot.

"What species of shifters reside in Larkspur?" He asked the pair as a whole. Cedar Creek was wolves, he knew.

Well, consider her successfully a bystander. She gave a small nod, and instead decided to read Edvin's mind for her own benefit. He produced images of people she had already fed to Beauregard from Sayed's mind to the Dominus, aside from the "pet police officer."

This one she memorized for her own benefit, but unless requested, restrained herself. Such a well-behaved telepath. As to the question, she could not actually recall if she had been explicitly told. It wasn't as if she ever ran into them.

"Coyotes," he answered fairly quickly and without fondness. "And rogue vampires."

Though less so these days, it seemed. Beauregard sighed quietly, grabbing at the pen again. There was thoughtless comfort in fidgeting.

"The male is a wolf, or some other dog that isn't a coyote. I've met him briefly in the past."

What an unfortunate species to be. A mongrel. But it seemed Beauregard was certain it was a wolf, or something similar. A werewolf for a police officer. It was disconcerting, and interesting that he would be so willing to risk exposure. Surely the line of police work was high stress. Larkspur was home, as well, to rogue vampires. He was unsure of the number, but if it did seem they were grouping up, Beauregard was likely to have told them.

"Well, now we know for certain the identities of these officers. There is the option of calling Cassidy Morgan in to attempt to determine the identity of this dream-walker. There is, of course, a large amount of risk in that, and a great deal of suspicion considering what Morgan knows of me." He did not enjoy the idea of being associated with a criminal on the run. Thus far, Morgan was under the impression that he was helpful to the police and their investigations. If it was needed, he could pose as some informant to her as a lure. It was dependent on how desperately Beauregard wanted the dream-walker located and dealt with.


"She was your patient, yes? Any paperwork with her address on it?"

Certain Edvin wasn't taking random walk-ins without anything written down.

The information was legally confidential, but a life that was extended beyond mortality often came with the greying of morals. "Yes, she was. And I do." He said with a nod. He would have to pull her file. "I can find it when I return home. What do you intend to do?" Visiting her home would get him to the front porch. There was very little reason for Cassidy Morgan to invite a stranger into her home. Perhaps a suggestion could be made.

They schemed. She assumed she'd play backup to whatever physical aspect this plan might entail.

Otherwise, she remained content to listen on.

He chuckled somewhat then.

"I'm uncertain just yet. Murdering her would be a bit too noisy a message. If only we could convince a shifter to do it."

Beauregard pursed his lips to the side, thinking.

"But I imagine if one of us showed up at her door and made a quick suggestion, it would be easy enough. Bring along... Safiya, perhaps, to hide our appearance if desired."

Murdering here was something he would have certainly advised against. Beauregard seemed to be on the same track as himself as far as the suggestion, and his addition of Safiya was intriguing, until the moment he recalled that Cassidy, too, had negation. "Cassidy shares the ability to negate abilities, I am afraid. I believe it may be within a proximity. I have never been able to mimic it.

They schemed on. Even thought about using her fledgling.

Raziyya sat and stared into the abyss with infinite patience.

A woman with negation. Rather suddenly, it clicked. She'd been here in the planetarium before.

"Well. How miserably convenient," he groused, leaning back. "We'll hoard information for now, I suppose."

His eyes fell to Raziyya then.

"Seeking inspiration from some paint on the wall? Perhaps a fly snuck in?"

He could not be good tempered forever, though it was more pouty than vicious.

"It has been perplexing on a few occasions." He agreed with a sigh through his nose. Collecting information seemed suitable for now. Beauregard's attention drew to Raziyya, and Edvin looked to her with a distantly amused smile.

Oh no! It appeared she existed again. She blinked and sat up straighter, crossing her leg over.

"I was listening," she asserted, with a faintly childlike edge to a half-smile. "Will I be allowed to tag along for whatever my superiors decide?"

Innocently asked.

Some degree of amusement all around. Beauregard brought a hand to his chin, fingers tapping his lips thoughtfully.

"I'll have to leave that up to Edvin to decide," he said, then moved to rise from his chair. "I have a police runaway to hide in a hotel room."

Goodnatured despite a frustrating series of events, and he offered a smile to both as he readied to leave the office.

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