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So I'm out hiking at Two Moons and I found a cheetah in a bear trap.

*insert picture of that here*

Do you think you could even just give me Yana's number so I can try and see about her coming out to help? I don't want a repeat of Mateah but I can just leave them.

Cue the guilt of always fucking calling the jaguars for every problem in his life.

@"Abraham Barlet"

Abraham did the thing where he looked at the picture before reading the texts and so he just "What the fuck!"

And this was Cliff. Not a cheetah. What what what READ THE TEXTS ABRAHAM.

So he did and he was real fucking glad Cliff had reached out to him instead of Asha.

[Yana's number here]
you can tell her I gave you her number, she and Asha had sort of a falling out but it shouldn't affect this at all
Jesus what a mess


Oh shit he didn't know that but that made sense!

okay thank you. yeah i think theyre new cause i tried to talk and theres just hissing so. i;ll ket you know how it turns out


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