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"Very crafty," he smiled.

He was content to let conversation lie there, let her eat her food. He hungered, but if he was to make something long term of her there was a sense of perhaps holding back.

"Are you enjoying the wine?" he asked, with a polite smile, after a time.

There was some silence as she ate her meal, it was quite odd that her companion did not eat, but she simply chalked it up to him being older. She remember as a kid, her grandmother did not eat much, and after just a few bites of a meal, she would often be full. This man was perhaps the same? She could think of no other reasoning at least.

It just so happened as she finished her glass of wine that he spoke once more, Evelinas cheeks taking on a pink hue. "Yes, thank you again for this wonderful meal. I was truly lucky meeting you in this weather." If she had been home, it would have just been another microwavable dinner on the couch, this was an obvious upgrade.

"Certainly," he smiled. Fangs threatened, and his mouth closed for a moment, willing them back for the sake of... something else. Someone else.

It was only so smart to play with fire.

"If you'd like, we could perhaps keep in touch?" he asked. He wasn't a texter, but if she wanted to provide her number or some way to reach her.

In normal cases, Evelina might of not been so keen to just hand her number out to some older man, but this would be an exception. He had bought her dinner after all, and their conversation had neither been awkward or uncomfortable. Pulling out her phone, Evelina nodded. 'We can exchange numbers if you like? I can even get you dinner next time." She didn't have a ton of cash, but squandering just a bit of it wouldn't hurt anyone, especially when he had been nothing but kind to her thus far.

Only one embarrassment with that; Osvald had a very old phone. As such, perhaps it was best he offer her his number, instead of trying to enter in her contact information.

"I can certainly tell you my number," he chuckled. "Whenever you are ready."

And he would provide, when she was.

Once the number was entered, Evelina would send him a text of her name so that he may have her number as well. She didn't like having the pressure to make the first call after first leaving new friends she met, constantly worried that she might of made contact either too early or much too late then what was custom.

"Now We're set."

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