1-800-BAIL-NOW [clutch meeting]

Mountainside Planetarium - Clutch Only 
It was rude to call a meeting the night-of, and so he'd sent a simple text message the night before.

Evening, all. I'd greatly appreciate if you could all stop by the lounge tomorrow around 11pm for a quick meeting. Drinks will be available if desired, but I expect it to be a quick affair. If you can't go, please let me know in advance.

And now, shortly after 11pm the following evening, the clutch had gathered. The group was sizable, some faces more familiar than others.

Beauregard was perched comfortably near the piano in the lounge, leaning back against it in an admittedly casual posture. This was helpful, some attempt to limit the formality, to keep this from being an utter scolding. He did not want to fall into the place Margaux once had, snarling at members as if their very presence upset her.

He very much liked many of the vampires here. They simply needed to learn how to manage themselves better.

And so, with a smile, he eventually broke through the din of soft chatter to start it all.

"Evening, everyone. I appreciate your gathering here on such short notice. I'll be doing a bit of monologuing, for which I apologize in advance, but I'll keep it as brief as possible. This will be something of an informational meeting regarding some recent events, as well as some details on ranks and roles, particularly for our younger members."

His gaze flitted across the fledglings in particular, as well as perhaps those more... youthful in spirit.

"Any additions before I get started?"

He glanced to Edvin and Raziyya in particular, expecting nothing to be added, but finding it a polite enough gesture to be worth performing.

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She resigned to remain mute tonight. There were simply too many present, and her place was not to hang in some far corner.

Still, some deft maneuvering was necessary, to not let the number of people in her range top too near to what would turn her sluggish. She was nearer to Beauregard and Edvin, keeping Safiya within her sights, a polite and silenced nod to others when interacted with.

Otherwise, their thoughts smashed together amidst the general chatter in the air, and it left her somewhat staring blankly to attempt to manage three to four past the sounds her ears picked up. She became aware of a question directed to her, and she glanced at Beauregard, having missed it and unsure if she should ask him to repeat herself. So she looked to Edvin first to answer.

Osvald hung back with Greta, minorly aware of current events and more simply hoping never to become a public news story himself.

He also drank some blood. It only felt considerate to partake — and he was hungry.

The meeting was going to be super awkward, Sayed was sure, given that it was largely going to be based on how he'd done the wrong thing when running from police. He didn't know if getting there early or late would be for the best, so he just slipped in right on time and took an empty space near the back. He gave a somewhat sheepish smile to anyone who noticed him, but otherwise remained as quiet as he could be.

Samuel stayed off to the side, eyes flickering between the other clutch members. He nodded in greeting at Dr. Beck before going back to observing. There were many here he had yet to meet and while Samuel dreaded the possibility of an onslaught of introductions, he did appreciate the chance to hopefully put faces to names (not that he had remember them.)

Having procured his own glass, he made a show of restraint by not immediately drinking. The last few hunting attempts were poor versions of the first with Dr. Beck, but he supposed they could have gone worse. Nonetheless, he wasn't feeding as often as his body demanded and kept his drink close.

It was far from his place to speak, so for the moment he kept silent.

He'd never been to a group meeting before and hardly thought the party from before counted. This seemed more formal. Tikanni had gotten there with some time to spare, finding Marybeth and sitting next to her. A room full of vampires, while he knew more so now than last time, still wasn't that easy of a place to be. Having a friend near helped.

As Beauregard finally spoke up he wondered if it had anything to do with that concerning group message from Sayed. That'd been a jarring thing to stare at while at work. For now, he waited to hear what would be said.

This was exciting, despite it being most likely about Sayed's fuck up. Still, seeing everyone all gathered in one room was enriching. The last time this had happened, she was 'fresh out the undead womb' and dressed as Tinkerbell. Seeing everyone out of costume gave her ample opportunity to ogle at everyone. New and familiar faces alike. Privately, she really enjoyed seeing Lazarus, Tikanni, and Sayed all in one place. For her own personal reasons. All her ducklings in a row. One of them already thoroughly explored. Sorry you had to hear that, Raziyya.

She settled somewhat near the Unholy Trinity, but far enough to way to not feel like she was imposing. Cross legged and drumming her fingers on her knees, she listened intently to Beauregard.

 The good news was that, even up until the point where she had arrived at the planetarium and started down the steps, there was no surge or disdain. No desire to literally be anywhere else, maybe even the very slightest thrum of curious intrigue. Perhaps that was a good early marker of clear progress where her personal goal to be less ... stiff, was concerned.

 By the time she'd made it she was not late but not as early as she would have liked. The slightest nod of her head and a quiet mouthing of an apology all the same as she stood stiffly to the side of the door and assessed her options. Mindful of making as little distraction as possible as she wedged herself into a corner and kept her attention forward - no intention of weighing in unless it felt absolutely necessary.

The clutch gathered, larger in size than their last meeting of this nature. There were faces still vaguely familiar, and those he did not recall the names of. But they arrived, obedient to the Dominus' call. Edvin found somewhere near enough both Beauregard and Raziyya that he could borrow their more useful abilities if the need arose. As Beauregard went on, Edvin thought pointedly for Raziyya to hear.

Should you have something you would like to add, I can open my mind to yours. She had not yet mastered speaking directly into someone's mind. It would be less of a strain for him to pick up her thoughts as they naturally came to her. It was an offer, but he would not be fussed if she refused it. She need only to give him a visual cue if she wished.

Beauregard turned to him and Raziyya then, prompting for anything else. Being that Beauregard had announced the basics, Edvin saw there was nothing more. "None for now." He said with a raise of his brows and a tilt of his head as something of a signal for the Dominus to continue.

 Lazarus had caught a ride with Edvin, but had been good about giving him space to do his Second-ly things. Still quite unfamiliar with most of the people in this room, he found it difficult to be too comfortable, as usual, but it was less agonizing than the last time he'd found himself gathered in a room full of vampires. A little stiff, jaw tight and eyes never still, he would sit a few chairs away from Samuel and keep to himself.

 Greta sat with Osvald, eyeing the others and smiling lightly in greeting to any who might meet her eye, feeling quite akin to her old sire with their bad knees and glasses of blood in hand. What an interesting night this might prove to be.

Forrest was a bit new to the whole group thing, and in all of his undead life, he had not once been surrounded by so many other vampires. It was a bit awkward, looking around to see primarily unfamiliar faces. He would send a smile, of course, to anyone who made eye contact with him, but otherwise he would remain quiet, towards the back, sipping on some of the offered blood.

Jo got the message instantly of course. She was constantly glued to her phone. And she wasn't doing anything else so might as well attend.

She was towards the back, typing away on her phone. She wasn't too familiar with many people and that was fine. Once the big boss started talking though, she locked her phone and slid it into her purple purse. Jo proceeded to sip on her drink, eyes wandering around curiously.

Nothing from either vampire in question, and so he took a slow breath in and out, readying himself for what would be an abundance of talk.

My, my, all these vampires hiding in the back. Perhaps they were afraid he was prone to biting. Not other vampires, worried ducklings.

"I'll be sure to speak up so those of you hiding in the back can hear me," he teased, amused with himself as he sought briefly the gazes of those seeming to want to avoid his.

Some faces he'd hardly seen recently, but as a whole, he couldn't deny feeling pleased with the state of it all, despite an unpleasant topic to follow. The clutch felt interconnected, lively. Hopefully a faint scolding wouldn't send them all scattering.

"We've had a few incidents lately. A collection of psychics with the ability to knock us into dead sleep seem to have appeared overnight."

How sudden it had been, truly. Perhaps they had a social club at a local mattress store or something.

"I must stress the importance of minding psychics carefully as we work to soften this threat. A member of our group was recently knocked unconscious and awoke in handcuffs after an attempted feeding."

He only briefly gazed to Sayed, letting his eyes wander throughout the group. They could put together who was involved, and if not, what a mercy to the likely already humiliated vampire.

"This brings me to an important change in previous policy. If you find yourself in trouble, I ask that you alert Edvin and I exclusively. We will seek assistance from other members as it is needed. And, both in requests for help and in general, please be very mindful what text messages you send. Should your phone ever fall into the wrong hands, such messages could end up a tad... incriminating. If you have a history of these already, now may be a time to consider changing numbers, providers, and devices."

A slight smile, simple advice he expected them all to follow without issue.

"Any questions regarding either of the changes? Concerns?"

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As far as Raziyya was concerned, all the vampires milling in the back was a blessing. Kept them out of her range.

All was well and good until the part where it was a matter of contacting him and Edvin "exclusively."

Perhaps he hadn't meant it to be exclusionary, but it certainly felt like it was a matter of being incapable.

She kept her feelings to herself.

Meanwhile, Osvald simply nodded in understanding.

 The point of the back was that it was supposed to be like tucking yourself in safely - a buffer in the chaos. The trouble was that when everyone was there it felt like the front was the wiser choice, something fuzzy and hard to pin down in the foreground. Too late to move then she kept her arms tight to her sides to avoid accidental contact and looked from one to the next of the three around where the room gravitated.

 Psychics, paper trails, and trouble - a combination fit for a bargain paperback but a troublesome one all the same. She waited a beat before clearing her throat, deciding that raising her hand was a bit too juvenile. "Do we have any reason to believe that they're close or even aware of one another?" The psychics of course, but she trusted he knew that. A serious problem any where way it was sliced but decidedly worse if it was an organized hassle versus an unfortunate coincidence.

That was a good question. He looked briefly to Raziyya, but expected that if her former pet had any intention of grouping up, she would have pulled it from his thoughts.

"Not as far as I'm aware, but I can't rule it out," he answered truthfully. "The one Raziyya rendered harmless appeared to have no such intentions. If I get the slightest inkling that they're organizing, you'll all be the first to know. In the meantime, I will do my best to see them removed as threats should we encounter them again."

He did not relish the idea of checking each and every psychic he encountered, but that did not mean he was unwilling to do it.

 Well, if nothing else in the meeting notes was comforting - that was. Content with the answer, she nodded to herself before she spoke "Alright, thank you.". There was little point in voicing it but the idea that it could even possibly be an option was concerning if she lingered on it. Happy enough in trusting that it was being handled, content to stay vigilant and prepare one way or the other.

It seemed as if everyone in attendance wanted to mill about the back and Sayed was maybe slightly annoyed. It wasn't like they had been the ones to embarrass themselves in front of their entire clutch. Still, Sayed wondered if he'd be able to hide better among the other vampires when Beauregard brought up his incident.

He had his answer quickly as Beau's eyes met his for a split second before Sayed turned them down. He didn't know if others were looking at him or not, and he didn't care to actually find out. Green eyes rose once more when the topic shifted to if the psychics were working together. That was a scary thought, but he was sure they weren't. The psychic who got him didn't even know he was a vampire. He wasn't going to speak up though, and he only gave a nod as the new policy was rolled out.

 Lazarus was momentarily feeling pin-pointed, picked on, even. Yes, he had met one such psychic - he had been knocked out, but. Oh. Not handcuffed. His bristling would subside some, enough that he could better pay attention to the new instructions being given. The idea of being tracked down for incriminating messages inspired a less than great feeling, and being mindful of such a thing would not be hard to do given this memory. Quiet, without questions for the moment, he listened to Ophelia's question and the response given. He was feeling less than confident, either way.

For the record, Safiya did look at Sayed at the mention. But it was mostly to make sure he didn’t turn into ash at the topic. Seeing him in one solid piece, she smirked and flickered her gaze to Ophelia. Guh, a group of them would suck. Just a whole gang rolling up and knocking them all out. She frowned st the idea, and was glad to hear it wasn’t a thing. At least that they knew. Safiya shifted so that her heels were up on her seat so she could wrap her arms around her legs and rest her chin on her knees.

Beauregard watched the various responses, mostly subdued as they were. Ophelia's question and acknowledgment were positive points in her favor. He held some desire, still, to more greatly involve her in workings of the clutch. A note for later, perhaps.

Safiya's smirk was not cute, he found. Her flirtatiousness had limits in its charm, and certainly she'd found one here.

With a nod to Ophelia, he continued.

"A quick note regarding police: in general, unless you're actively being taken into custody, there's never any need to answer questions. If they come to your door for any reason and aren't offering a warrant, you can politely decline, and they'll need to be on their way."

A slightly rueful smile followed then.

"If you are being taken into custody, well. You can certainly run faster than any member of Cordova police."

Save, apparently, for a shifter, but he imagined such a beast would be unwilling to out themselves, unless perhaps they were already working under some kind of deal. If so, what a delightful tip to drop to local news stations.

"In a much happier topic, several members of the clutch have recently begun working toward a role within the group. Roles are essential for well-structured clutch, and can also provide a bit of... drive if you find yourself with many spare hours on your hands."

That was the sort of thing that occurred in the face of a potentially endless lifespan. He glanced to Edvin, taking the beginning of a step back toward the piano to lean again.

"I'll step back to let Edvin tell you all about the basics of the mentor, medic, and soldier roles. If any of you are seeking one of these spots, I'd appreciate if afterwards you could speak up to let the rest of the group know. For those who may have heard these details many time over the decades, do bear with us."

A slight smile for the last sentiment, and he stepped back to allow the second to speak.

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As she did with most meetings, Sephi sat somewhere near the Dominus and just listened to him speak. She wondered why they were hear and upon hearing that some of those psychics that could put people to sleep were hanging around Mountainside made her nose wrinkle. She'd come across those Psychics before and even come across vampires with the same ability. It definitely wasn't her favourite thing in the world.

Her eyes focused on the others in the room one at a time and she wondered who it was that had been handcuffed and if they realized just how lucky they were that all that happened was a handcuffing. They could have been ashed in their sleep had it been a hunter or just someone that really didn't like vampires and wanted to get rid of one.

Her eyes dropped down to her hands in her lap awkwardly and she uncrossed and crossed her legs again in the other direction, looking up and listening quietly to Edwin speak next. She'd been a medic before in an old clutch and could maybe see herself as becoming one again, but maybe she'd be better suited to Mentor in this one. She'd just simply listen for now, maybe go talk to Edvin privately after the meeting. It depended on how the rest of this went.

When the idea of just keeping vigilant seemed agreed upon, Beauregard shifted along to the topic of how to handle the police. Do not volunteer information, practice your rights, and if it could be managed, attempt to run as Sayed had done. They could only be caught by a shifter, and it was very unlikely that a shifter would willingly expose themselves.

The topic, once again, switched. To one Beauregard and himself had discussed prior to this. Roles within the Clutch, which he had already spoken to Lazarus about some time back. Idly, he was reminded of the promise Lazarus made him, and the offer for anything in return for Edvin's help. The request to meet with the girl Lazarus had some sort of agreement with. The fact that it had yet to be acted upon. Things to think about and discuss later, as Beauregard was handing the floor over to him.

Edvin lifted his chin, and a small smile stretched into the corners of his lips as he nodded and stood, his gaze momentarily flickering across the various members of the Clutch. Many were young, and likely in need of something like this. "The names of these roles are largely self explanatory, but I do find them to be generalizing. We will start with Soldier, as that sounds the most daunting. As a solider, you are expected to be willing to enter any sort of altercation in order to protect the Clutch as a whole or a specific member. We do not anticipate enlisting you into any sort of battle unless it is inevitable, but I do suggest you consider if that is something you might be willing to do if the need did arise. Otherwise, you will seek out training in combat; I would suggest Raziyya, but there are many members present that could also offer their assistance. Greta, perhaps." He eyed the woman with a knowing smile, but it did not linger long.

"Being that myself and Beauregard are now the first to be contacted in any dire situation, a solider might expect to be called upon by one of us to be sent to assist in certain circumstances. Otherwise, it is smart to keep an eye out for any trouble, and be willing to handle it in any way necessary." It did sound quite dire, but supernatural life was not without risk. Especially given they did share a home with many different species of varying hostility.
Edvin would wait a beat before continuing.

"A medic is as it sounds. Someone there to assist in situations that require medical attention. You are not expected to perform brain surgery; something just a few steps above basic first aide would even be helpful. Even veterinary experience might be applicable, if you are knowledgeable in suturing or setting bones. This insures that any member that becomes injured does not have to suffer through a healing process that is too painful or drawn out even with the Dominus' help." How convenient it would be to have a doctor among their ranks. Perhaps, in time. Until then, they could make do with what they had.

"Lastly, there is Mentor. This role is often reserved for those that have a considerable amount of years experience of undead existence. Your duty will be to offer assistance and guidance to those that are the newest to this life, or those that seem to be struggling with something. This does not have to be limited to problems pertaining to supernatural life; you should strive to create bonds with your fellow clutch mates." Perhaps it was not the way most clutches functioned, but it was, ideally, how theirs should. He had witnessed many times a formal, near militant culture within various Clutches, and none did last for long. Bone Hollow was an example in itself. Eventide District Clutch would not follow in those same footsteps. Even if it were run by someone with those intentions, Edvin doubted entirely that any one of these vampires were willing to conduct themselves in that manner."A connected Clutch is a strong Clutch, and it starts with the members. A mentor's role is important. It offers guidance, acceptance, understanding, and friendship. I believe there are a select few of you that show signs of being fit for this role, and I encourage you to consider it seriously. If you've any questions on the matter, I would be happy to answer. That goes for any of the aforementioned roles."

 Handling police seemed an easy task; at least, Beauregard made it seem very simple. He felt he could trust Edvin to deflect any nosy cops from the house, at least, and he had enough faith in himself to outrun any on the street. It boiled down to avoiding them to the best of one's ability. Then it was time for his own mentor to go on to explain roles and the importance of them within the clutch, a talk he had already had recently with the man in private. One that he needed to act upon to at least uphold his promise. Slowly, Lazarus looked away from Edvin to scan the faces in the room again, wondering if any of these vampires was latching onto a specific idea.

 She didn't interrupt again, kept to herself as she looked down at her hands and pursed her lips as they went over rights - living and dead alike. Nodding to herself and glancing back up only when the attention shifted ever so slightly to the side and towards Edvin. Her own experiences with the man, limited - tainted from the nature of why they'd first come into any direct contact with one another.

 She looked from the corner of her eye towards Greta, glanced back forward just as quickly. Her hand, absently brushing against her forearm in a spot where a wound had once been. She had thought to check on the woman a handful of times, but there was no real way to inquire that she could find that didn't sound smug or wrong in one way or another.

 The mention of mentoring left a bitter taste, felt a lot like personal failures as she adjusted a bit in her seat and made a game for herself. Content then to glance about and try to imagine each of the vampires around her and where they might fall if forced to sort themselves between the three.

 Greta listened, finding both speeches very much a refresher rather than a new host of information. She liked to think she was a little too experienced to have a run-in with policemen, but anything could happen these days, it seemed. At the end of Edvin's spiel of information, she would wait a moment for anyone else to speak up - there was a little breath of silence, so she would slip herself in. "I am seeking the role of soldier," she announced, and while she was speaking to the whole room, really, her eyes remained on the three up front.

Slightly overwhelmed, she found her focus drifting some, her mind presented with much to sift through and try to keep track of. Lost thoughts in exchange for some fragments kept, and it was unfortunate that it would be some time before Raziyya would be as in tune with this ability as she was with air. Other than that, she did her best to accept the mashing hum of thoughts and listened to words said aloud for an anchor.

No, her former pet did not collect with the others. And likely he never would. He was still commanded to loyalty.

She was quiet of course, muted by her ability's drawbacks, but she did offer a faint smile at being named for combat. As Greta was. Greta, who was still interested in the role of soldier. Perhaps they could skin a shifter together.

All of this was a wealth of information to take in. He tried to think he would be good at handling incidents, but it was mostly through the luck of his harmless appearance. A wealthy, aged, eloquent, white, lame man wasn't the kind of person that most police would accost in any manner. But it was good to know all of this, nonetheless. He was glad he didn't text.

Talk of roles happened, and as a man who avoided clutches for hundreds of years, he actually found it very helpful. Greta beside him was interested in going for soldier, and Osvald chewed on a thought some before deciding to speak up after her.

"Well — I think I should likely try to learn how to help with whatever wounds she gains, in that case," he said with a kindly, somewhat sheepish expression. He'd run a farm once, as a young man. He could teach himself modern first aid, couldn't he?

Tikanni listened to the information and couldn't help his gaze from sliding over to Sayed. He needed to talk to him and catch up, the poor guy. But, Tikanni took the information to heart and if he ran into the cops here it wouldn't be the first time such a thing had happened for him.

Edvin spoke up and he listened to the role explanations that were given in an more extensive way than just the summaries he'd already been provided to by Raziyya. And yeah, none really fit except for the last one. He wasn't super old compared to others, maybe, probably, but the appeal was there to help newbies get on their feet.

And then who he guessed was Greta based on what had been said, despite only knowing her in the knight costume, informed that she wanted to be a soldier. That seemed super fitting and something he was not going to find hard to forget. An older vampire mentioned perhaps medic for himself. Oh, this is where he personally was supposed to come in. Shooting a smile to Marybeth, he turned to the rest of those assembled. "I'm gonna take a swing at being a mentor," he piped up, self-assured.

Forrest couldn't help a small shudder at the knowledge that a psychic could knock him out, imagining an instance that they would do it just before the sun came up, and leaving Forrest never to waken again, just a pile of ash on the ground. Ugh, what a frightening imagery! He would glance towards the vampire sought out by Beauregard, sending good thoughts to the man. Forrest was pretty sure that he would have rather liked to be anywhere but there in the gaze of the dominus, but that was the price to be paid he supposed.

At the mention of roles, Forrest straightened a bit, letting each description sink in as it was given by the older looking gentlemen, Edvin. He loved the idea of being a mentor or medic, but unfortunately he felt he was lacking too much knowledge in both. He hadn't ever been around a group before, and so training someone on something entirely new to him was definitely not wise. He had basic first aid training from when he was in the army, but he had been much too busy shooting to actually utilize it. This left one spot, and one he was sure he could fill.

"I wouldn't mind the role of soldier."

There were so many words, but ultimately Safiya knew the gist of them. Mentor seemed like something she’d be good at, but considering she didn’t exactly have the years under her belt, she wasn’t so sure. She had no clue about first aide, and had never thrown a punch in her life. So maybe she would just need training, or something. She eyed Raziyya. For now, she wouldn’t volunteer anything, and let the others pipe up with theirs.

Yeesh. Sounds like a total shit show happening. Jo shifted in her stance, finishing off her drink. Everyone sure seemed to offer themselves up for these positions as well. She seemed to sink father to the back of the room. She had nothing of sort to offer. Maybe some beauty tips, a couple of those in here could honestly use them.

She cleared her throat and adverted all eye contact. Jo as a mentor, ya right. A soldier? She might break a nail and can't even suggest properly. A healer? Ick.

The less than subtle inference to one of the clutch member's distressful incident passed mostly over his head. A text message had been circulated prior, but besides reading the gist Samuel had largely set the information aside. However, at the meeting he listened attentively to the Dominus' words and then to Dr. Beck's explanations.

A structured clutch brought a good sense of stability and for that he was pleased to be a member. But having a role was far within reach at Samuel's current ability. He still felt like crawling out of his skin on a good day and his lack of control eliminated him as a good candidate. Disappointed, but resigned, Samuel did not speak up. Until he could claim better sovereignty over himself, he'd wait to pursue a role.

Sayed was thankful when the topic finally shifted to roles within the clutch. He had no desire to have his tale retold as a cautionary tale and what not to do in such a situation over and over again. He listened as Edvin talked about each specific role and made up his mind after that clearly none of the roles seemed suitable to him. For now, anyway. He was much too new at being a vampire, much too careless at being a vampire, and really? Not much of a fighter or a person who dealt well with wounds either. Sayed was sure Beauregard wouldn't like the idea of him being in a role anyway; not until he at least could go a few months without running into some sort of problem again. So, for the time being, he simply stayed silent and listened to those around him offer up their skills.

Marybeth was more or less in full sensory overload beside Tikanni, torn between gawking at the whole group, assembled!!!, and actually listening to the business at hand. On the topic of jobs, one person after another piped up, until a long pause settled and probably Beauregard was looking at her and she peeped out her own terrified answer. "Medic!"

Oh she had grabbed Tikanni's hand! Help!!

One after another, members volunteered themselves for roles. Forrest; a man he had yet to speak to directly; and Greta as soldiers, Osvald and Marybeth as medics. Tikanni was a good fit for Mentor, and Edvin fixed him with a smile. The rest remained quiet, either unsure of where they would fit in, or waiting to speak directly to Beauregard afterward. Edvin himself spoke up at the tail end, "And I should like to take up the role of Mentor, as well." He said, loud enough for the rest to hear, though looking largely toward Beauregard. Placing himself into a more involved position with the newer or younger members of the clutch seemed beneficial.

Sephi looked around the group of vampires as they took up roles and squinted at the ones that refused to for the time being. She cleared her throat quietly after Edvin spoke up for himself. "I have Medic experience. An herbalist in life as well as death, and I've been a Medic in Clutches previous." She glanced around, "I see that we have quite a few aspiring Medic's though, so I'll try for Soldier if no one has any objections." It would be good for her to learn how to defend herself without the use of her sword and maybe even then she could pass on some of her own knowledge.

It occurred to her then that with her thought process perhaps Mentor was the way to go for her...

She paused.

She'd let someone else come to that conclusion. It would be good for them to think they were helping her when she already knew this was the case. A good mentor after all saw what others didn't.

The results of his call for action were, sincerely, splendid.

Greta led the charge, and he smirked faintly, familiar with her prowess. Osvald's proclamation brightened the expression to a genuine smile. There was something very quaint about the idea of such an old vampire patiently stitching up a wound. Tikanni sought to play mentor, and Beauregard wondered how well he would find the confidence to teach others. Only time would tell.

Forrest spoke of soldier. Perhaps he would find some more sinister use for his ice ability. It was not displeasing. Marybeth, the meek but already practicing medic. Then the quiet Persephone spoke up with consideration of more than one role. It was hard to imagine her a soldier, but he had similar thoughts of Greta in their very first meeting.

And then, of course, Edvin. The tease that followed was inevitable.

"Thought I made you Second," he said with a raised eyebrow, but it was clearly enough jest.

He took a step nearer the group again, glancing over those who had spoken up as well as those who remained quiet. There was time yet for the latter, and the reality that many of them would perhaps never choose a role. There were only so many, and not everyone fell smoothly into one.

"It sounds like we have some weeks and months of ambition ahead of us," he said, hands clasping together at his chest. "Edvin and I will be happy to talk one on one with any of you who would like to discuss these aspirations, or other topics, further. I appreciate your all gathering here tonight and look forward to the progress to come."

A slight sweep of one hand to indicate they were all free, and Beauregard would offer a smile to the second and Raziyya before taking a step to the side for any one-on-ones to follow.

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