It might be belated, but we're still celebrating!

We're so happy you're still with us!

Even though the package got stuck in the mail, What Lies We Breathe has been open for over two years and it's thanks to all of you! We're so grateful for your endless dedication and zeal. If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't have come nearly this far! Between votes to keep us at the top of RPG leaderboards and the thousands of posts you put in every month, What Lies We Breathe is a thriving community and a place of stellar creativity

As a tribute to the last year, from 2017 into 2018, we've organized a Yearbook for your personal perusing pleasure. We have superlatives as you remember them, as nominated and voted on by you as members. (They'll have images in a little while, don't you worry--we were just too excited to get them out now!) We also have a list of those gone but not forgotten. And last but not least, there is all the wacky things we say to each other in our vibrant chats--taken starkly out of context.

We're working on great updates to our Guidebook and hopefully other great surprises for you guys down the line, but for now we wanted to give you all a great big thank you for being here with us yet another year. We're hoping year three will be even better than the ones that came before, and to help with that we're giving everyone a second were and vampire intermediate slot!

Now instead of just one tough guy waltzing in here like he owns the place, you can have two per supernatural creatures who join as Intermediate. The three-month restriction for new members still applies, as well as an additional three months between Intermediates within the same species. (Let's say you apply as Bob the Intermediate Werebadger... you're going to need to wait three months after his acceptance to apply as Susan the Intermediate Wereweasel. Get it?)

As always... keep on being awesome, Liars!