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@"Abraham Barlet" @"Frank Beringer" @"Vidya Jain" @"Mateah Ward"

Guys! Come out to the Terrace tonight!
-location pin-

That was the text Asha had sent out to all the jaguars, and in the meantime she was upstairs, moving around sectionals and shoving mini-fridges into place. Downstairs, Abraham lingered, probably taking a break from all his hard work. The Terrace had been closed down for them only, and she had cases of strong beers ready to be served cold and samosas and chicken wings heating up and also pizzas that she actually didn't make but she ordered anyway so they could all eat together. And. Celebrate???

Heck yeah.

Asha thumped down the stairs, going to wrap her arms around her boyfriend kind of like a pounce and give him a series of cheek smooches. There was a feeling of like... she didn't know what. Excitement? Something like that. It was probably the full moon, and being here, and having all this Charlie's stuff squared away. And also the feeling that like. AHHHHH. They could really be a Prowl together now?? She'd done all the stuff she'd been told was necessary to do. And now she was here. Calling everyone. The cat in her head was buzzing, and she felt like just kinda shifting right here.

Don't shift right here. Smooch your boyfriend instead. Until someone comes in. Then act like you weren't smoochin'.

Abraham wasn't an engineer of any kind. Or an electrician. Or a plumber. Or a carpenter. But over the past few weeks, he'd been doing his best to pretend otherwise. (Along with, thankfully, actual professional help.)

The Artist Formerly Known As Charlie's Pub was coming along. There were some "PARDON OUR DUST" signs, and the open hours were shorter. It was a labor of love, and also... well, a labor of labor, and a little after nine in the evening on a weekday, Abraham was beat.

He sat at a bar stool, spinning a little as he stared at garden ideas on his phone. Asha was upstairs, and he was listening fondly to the sounds of Jaguar Lounge making. It was a nice feeling, honestly. Homey. What was once a greasy hellhole now felt like a place he could pour a lot of time into. And the space up the stairs had a purpose, too, one that felt nearer every day, guided by thorough nosing of an inner jaguar.

As he heard the racing steps of his girlfriend coming down the stairs, he was sure Asha was hyped up on something, and that something was probably the full moon. But it felt undoubtedly... livelier, pushier, like he wanted to go run his face directly into the face of every other jaguar he knew. Sure, cat, okay. Maybe not quite like that, but it would be good to share a beer or two.

The smoochin' was nice, and he grinned in a way that probably sent prickly beard all up in her face. Sorry, Asha.

"You invite everyone over?" he asked despite knowing the answer, a little green-eyed for the sheer intensity of his cat brain right now.


Since visiting Crestview with Asha, he had been looking into transferring things. And that was in the process. But till then, Frank was still working in Red Rock which is where he would be if not for the fact the full moon was tomorrow. Instead, he was at home when the text came in. He had no idea where the Terrace was and tapping on the location pin would reveal it was, what looked like Charlie’s on maps. So that meant they might’ve finished it? Anticipation to find out and happiness for his friends rushed in while writing a quick text back, an emoji added on as bonus.

See you guys then :-)

Before heading out that evening, Frank made sure to grab the champagne he’d been holding onto for this just in case his hunch was right. Traffic having died down some by then, the drive to Crestview wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been earlier and soon enough Frank was pulling up to what used to be Charlie’s and now was most notably not that.

Walking to the door, he opened it as the jaguar began to roo loudly in hello. Closing it behind him, Frank looked around, gaze landing on Abraham and Asha up ahead. ”Wow, this looks a million times better guys,” he said with awe in his voice. Stepping towards their direction, he put down the two bottles at the bar and smiled warmly at them.


OKAY!!! :cathearteyes:

She would make sure to be off on time for it, and wouldn't even bother going home to change before heading to Charlies/The Terrace. She did jack some wine from the mini fridge in the salon though, reminding herself to get some more before work tomorrow. This was a cause for some celebration, because it was! Done!

The place looked vaguely familiar, but there were notable differences even outside. Memories of puking and almost shifting haunted her, but she was willing to forget. And it was easy to, once she stepped in. Because the whole place looked absolutely fantastic. And there were her friends! The cat rolled and roo'd and egged her forward, and Vidya wasted no time in skipping toward the other jaguars with a grin that hurt her cheeks. "Ahhhh!" She exclaimed, and would pull them all into a hug each, mostly because the cat wanted to head rub at Abraham's and mouth at Asha's and snuffle at Frank's. And this was so exciting.

"Yessss. Gotta show off your hard work," she grinned, buzzing with a need to... pounce. Like, not this cute smoochy pouncing, now that it was done. A real solid ROO pounce.

Luckily for Abraham, that was about when Frank came in through the door.

"Doesn't it though!" Asha squealed, unwrapping from her boy to go hug Frank in greeting. Her cat pounced his instead, gnawing away, and Asha felt it a little more strongly than usual. Full moon madness?

And then VIDYA was here and throttling them all into a big group hug and Asha was just. Ecstatic.

"Ahhhh!" she yelled back, stuck in between multiple jaguars and nine hundred percent overjoyed about it. Her cat roo'd in happy agony, and there was a feeling taking root that she wasn't fully understanding just yet as her cat plowed forward with an effort to grapple all of theirs at the same time.

"You guys!!"

He grinned, cheeks feeling warm. It had been a lot of hard work. Not just his, but hers, and... contractors', he guessed. Anyway, it was a group effort, but her praise of his efforts got him somewhere in his gooey heart.

It wouldn't be long before the other cats arrived, and their presence felt very... vivid. He returned the smile to Frank, and was eventually pulled into something of a group hug, tugged from his bar stool to play with the group.

The hugging was nice. The cat was lively. Abraham felt very much... at the heart of it all in a way that he didn't normally place himself. There was comforting in lingering on the fringes. Familiarity. Asha cheered. He found himself laughing to the stupid joy of it.

What had started as a subtle feeling attributed to the full moon suddenly struck him mid-chuckle, and he froze a little dumbly, eyes going green.

Abraham felt like he'd been shoved into a warm pool, and at first it was shocking, the unexpected sensory overload of it all. But within a second or two, it soothed, a rush of thawing that almost gave him goosebumps. As was so often the case, the cat seemed to understand immediately, a reassuring and powerful presence in his mind.

This was natural. This was good. It was time, finally, and they were all stronger for it. This was victory, celebration, ascension even.

But despite that comfort, Abraham remained a little stunned, a little underwater. He looked to Asha specifically, head tilted, mouth ajar.

"Hey?" he said to... no one? Or everyone?

Asha came up to wrap him in a hugging hello, which he returned. And then Vidya arrived and grabbed them all into a group one. The cat was ecstatic, rubbing its face on all of them. Frank found himself laughing at the elated feeling, the cat’s happiness pouring into his own and it seemed he wasn’t alone in that.

Then something else entirely washed over him and had his eyes flicking to their darker blue. A sigh escaped as relief seem to pour out of nowhere and fill cracks of discomfort and longing that’d been digging for a long while. In answer the jaguar roo’d happily, rolling to its back to happy bop all of their faces. Ultimately, Frank felt, home?

Abraham spoke up and Frank looked to him, but further explanation didn’t happen. It seemed they were turning to Asha on this. ”What just happened?” That’d never occurred before while being around the others. The cat really wasn’t helping him here, just giving happy chest grumbling and warm feelings.

The hug was magical. Literally. Amidst the pile of cats and rooing, there was a notable shift. Not in the sense that she usually used the term. Just something internal. It felt almost like reaching out and holding each of their hands, but not being able to and definitely not wanting to let them go. A bond, or something more than just that. It linked them and settled on each of them in turn. When they pulled away, it seemed like she wasn't the only one to notice. Vidya grinned so hard her cheeks hurt, humming in a sound that was deepened by the cat, her eyes twinkling a bright yellow. This was good. This was right.

In the middle of all of them, she almost managed to just accept the feeling coming over her. This sensation of warmth, and safety, and elevation, all creeping into her. Through her. The cat moved to groom each of theirs with rough affection, claiming them as she always had, just now it felt like there was some kind of... weight attached to it. Certainty.

It was not entirely like what she'd felt when she'd created her bond with Abraham, but it was related to it, the way it seemed to uplift all of them.

It wasn't until she felt it the gentle confusion through Abraham though that she realized something different had... happened. She looked back at him, and then Frank, and her eyes were a fierce orange as she looked at them all.

"I think..." she huffed, leaning an arm on Abraham's shoulder as she worked through whatever feelings and imagery her cat was giving her. A sense of achievement, a tether they had craved for as long as she'd been aware it was possible.

"I think we're a... I think we're actually a real Prowl now."

She dressed it with "I think," but Asha knew it, and the expression on her face, the huff that followed her words and the smile that greeted them, confirmed that.

"Holy shit."

Holy shit, she was a motherfuckin' Princess. Which made Abraham...

Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh no oh no this was so bad. This was really extremely bad. This was the worst thing ever to happen. This was so bad.


He looked to Asha, and his eyes were shining. Not from jaguar green because eye color didn't affect shininess. But from.

You know. Shimmering little Abraham bitch tears.

"So'm'I a prince now?" he kind of squeaked and then brought his hands to cover his mouth. And looked around.

Abraham Barlet, from trailer trash to gas station attempted murder victim to a goddamn motherfucking prince.

Those were jag eyes. They all had jag eyes and it would be a bit unnerving if he wasn’t currently riding some high on life shifter feeling. He waited patiently for an explanation as Asha seemed to be working through thoughts.

‘A real Prowl’ had him grinning stupidly again. This is what Asha had been trying hard for and she’d achieved it and he was incredibly happy for her. He was happy for all of them! There was some found relief that came with that since it all included protection and weird magic to come capacity. It was a bit less to worry about, but in other ways, the jaguar offered thoughts of further preserving all of this in however they could.

Abraham squeaking out the prince question had Frank immediately laughing heartedly. ”Absolutely. You’re Prince Barlet the First of Jaguardom,” he teased. Frank shook whomever’s shoulders he was currently by. ”You did it guys, we got a prowl!”

Asha had the answers. They were really, truly, officially. A prowl. And that just simmered and swelled and bubbled in Vidya's chest in such a swift cycle that she had to take a deep breath and let it out with a series of breathless laughing that turned into full on giggles at Abraham's revelation. "The handsomest Prince!" She said with a nod, and then to Asha. "And his elegant Princess!" She would move to grasp her by the arm and squuueeeze gently. "Ahhh! This is so exciting!" All of this. It was a lot, but not too much.

Oh no.


Why were her eyes getting kinda shiny too stop that she blinked them down and giggled with a lot of love as she went to hug him to her. With one arm, anyway, as Frank and Vidya chirped in. She drew Vidya in to her hug too and Frank was shaking shoulders and honestly. AAAAHHH.

Asha shook her head in fondness.

"You guys. Like. I don't know what to say. Thank you so, so much for sticking with us. Honestly."


"Food? Let's uh. Let's have food and. And God, we gotta drink too. I swear to God I could just stand here hugging all of you for hours but I need to feed you all!"

Like a mom princess now or something. She gave them all one last squeeze, (Abraham the squeeziest) and then she pulled herself from them pretty, like, unwillingly.

But she'd bring out all the food mentioned and set it out on the bar for them. Wings and samosas and lots of pizza and stuff.

The handsomest prince. And coming unexpectedly not from Asha. It was like, a compliment Vidya didn't even have to offer but she did anyway. His heart felt like it was going to explode out of his eyes, and so he sniffled, nodding.

"Really. Thank you guys. It's been a long time coming for all this," he said, hugged in various ways by various jaguars but eventually free enough to help Asha with the food and all that. His voice was maybe a little low because he was trying to overcome some other challenges in his sinuses and eyes.

The food smelled good and he'd shove a wing in his mouth almost immediately because food would obviously help him feel less overwhelmed by all of this.

Sniff. From the buffalo sauce. Obviously.

Vidya added and he nodded in agreement. Princess and Prince respectively, well earned, even if he still didn’t understand how those words came about for were stuff. Either way, there was no one else he’d rather lead them. And then, Asha and Abraham thanking them with likewise sentiments had him shaking his head. ”That’s what friends do, stick together through thick or thin,” he smiled.

Asha came over to them all and hugged again and he returned it before doing the same with Abraham.

At the mention of food, he watched as Asha pedaled around not sure what to do to help other than grab plates and offer them out before they all got some.

Taking a bite out of a samosa, he remembered the champagne. ”Wait, we need to toast to this,” setting down the plate, Frank made his way over to the bottles put down earlier. Taking the foil wrapper off the top of one, he undid the cage. The cork unfortunately got away from him as not enough pressure had been used and it went flying into a table before harmlessly rolling off without much fanfare. ”Sorry, sorry,” he grinned sheepishly back at the group before pouring the needed amounts out. ”Here, everyone take one,” and he’d go to offer them out so they could all have a toast in a moment.

This was so emotional, honestly. More than she had anticipated. It was literally a magical feeling, one she couldn't have anticipated. Her heart swelled, and eyes watered as the two thanked them and Frank said what she was thinking. "Honestly!"

Asha suggested food, and the jaguar roo'd in agreement. Vidya went ahead and opened the bottle of wine she brought for later, but didn't poor any yet and instead took advantage of loading her plate full of food. Frank announced a toast, and V whooped with delight at the offered. He struggled a bit with the champagne bottle, but she was honestly a little glad the pop wasn't so loud, as it might have spooked the jaguar that was already looming very near the surface for her. Yay full moon!

When the glasses were passed out, Vidya took the liberty to raising hers first and speaking up. "For a long time, I thought I was alone in this, and I am so happy that it was you guys that proved me wrong. I could not have asked for better friends." Already, they had done so much for her! Been there when she needed it, went through the trouble to make this thing official. Her gratitude was boundless.

Help. This was all so fucking sweet and cute and cheesy. Even the popping of the cork was cheesy and Asha laughed, feeling a heady kind of thrill and she wasn't sure how much better it could get after this.

Well, probably being better. Being a queen and all that. She toasted with them anyway, letting the others say their peace and just finding herself overwhelmed with FEELINGS IN THE THROAT. God. Asha made little humming noises and shoved food into her face so she would have an excuse to sniffle because of course she was eating spicier things anyway. She stayed close in contact to everyone, or as many as she could at one time, sipping away and probably about to die of happiness.

But there were other things to think about besides good feelings, and eventually she swallowed food and spoke up again.

"So, uh. I guess we should probably... agree on some stuff? Like. Every place has rules, I guess, if you guys are good with that."

But for all she was stumbling through the words, at the end of it, she was pretty sure there had to be rules.

"So like. Vidya's been jag longer than any of us, but we all have our moments, you know? Especially me. Just, no matter where it is, what's happening. Call me, send either of us your location, we'll be there, we can talk you through it. And if you...if your cat gets out of hand and makes a mess of any kind, any kind, tell us. We'll be able to pull together and fix it together."

There was more. She gave them a second.

"Also, about vampires..."

Everyone with a glass and Vidya was starting them up. What she said was honestly a great sum up on a similar vein of appreciation. ”On the coattails of Vidya, I just want to say I would’ve been really lost without you all. instead, the last few months have been a lot better than I could’ve hoped for. Thank you being like a family for me. So, cheers to Rose Terrace Prowl.”
And with that he clinked glasses with them and took a sip. Asha and Abraham seemed really choked up which was wholly understandable.

There were few moments pause and he’d begun to eat again. Asha eventually spoke up and he looked to her in interest. It seemed this was about ground rules and it was all easy enough to understand, relief in points being made that had already loosely been in place before. But, now it was official group standing. Frank nodded as there seemed to be a moment she was waiting for them to soak it in.

Her next topic though, had him waiting to see where it went. How she handled vampires was something he hoped was fully and only in favor of the group, but he’d see to what would be said before speaking up.

Frank was so sweet, Abraham and Asha were so sweet, this was just. Really great. They had some time to eat, and eat she did. The cat wanted to just devour everything in sight including a nearby bar stool, but she managed to bat away the ideas in favor of focusing on Asha as she spoke up. Rules were, obviously, very important. Vidya listened intently, nodding along and smiling at the idea that despite having been infected the longest, it was still understandable that she had her issues. They were all here for one another. No one was going to go without help. Like a real, strong family.

About vampires...

She bit the side of her tongue. She'd been hoping someone would offer an opinion, but. Seemed they were all just waiting on her.

Right, Asha. Because it's your job to lead.

"Most vampire feedings aren't... harmful. I wouldn't try to interfere with that unless you see something going really wrong. That said, if you find a vampire just existing in Crestview, don't start trouble with them. But send me a quick text where they are, so I'm aware. We don't want trouble here caused by anyone, we don't need police activity."

She had more to say after that, but she paused to see if that was... okay.

Two people were giving toasts and Asha was laying down rules and the timing of it all was a little confusing.

So Abraham listened quietly right up until... the... vampire... feeding... bit. And. No. Not at all. Not cool. Super not cool. He felt his whole good vibe come screeching to a halt as he looked to her and wondered why this hadn't been shared sooner.

"How can you tell it's not going wrong if a vampire can... force someone to be silent? Even if they don't want to be?" he asked, careful in his tone, but focused.

Just because you could force someone to sit still for your fucked up dinner didn't mean it was harmless by any stretch of the imagination.

This was taking him back to when he’d first met Asha. But, that had been before he could even handle himself or any of this were business. And now that they were a group they needed some similar viewpoints here. He didn’t like this. His cat really didn’t like it either and it thankfully seemed they were always going to be super aligned with opinions on this topic. Frank understood not wanting police activity, but by allowing vampires in here it kind of made it fair game for that. But, most importantly, he'd rather that if jaguars had Crestview he wouldn't ever have to worry about vampires being a thing here. It'd be safer for them and anyone living or passing through.

Abraham was quick to respond and yes, exactly that. ”I didn’t sign up to a be a babysitter for any vampire waltzing in here just to make sure it doesn’t kill someone, Asha. It’s easier to just ban them if you’re so worried about police.” Frank had honestly started off with trying for a level tone, but that effort had given away as soon as he’d spoken up, frustration eating in.

Well.... well, it wasn’t the best idea. To just let vampires- well, exactly what Abraham was saying. If they could mess with minds, then how would they know if things were happening harmlessly. It was right to not start trouble, and she was willing to coexist. But it didn’t seem to be what everyone thought of it. Frank was... a bit aggressive in the approach. Vidya found herself frowning, and moving to place a hand on his arm.

“I don’t think banning them outright is the right thing to do.” She said, very deliberate in keeping her tone level and kind. “Maybe just speak... with them? I don’t know how good of terms you’re on with them. But maybe we can ask them not to hunt here.” A happy medium. It wasn’t right to ban them completely, but if it made part of the group uncomfortable to have them hunting; and it did even her; then that was what was for the best.


Frank... well, immediately into a sort of hostility that left Abraham genuinely surprised. But maybe it was also enough to shake him out of his own passive state. The cat rankled, wanting some degree of order here. Calling it babysitting seemed needlessly aggressive, and Abraham was reminded that...

For all that Frank was older, he maybe didn't make the best judgment calls. Never forget Sol Hotel Drink-Off, 2018. But at the same time, Frank was a newer jaguar. Abraham knew this, and he knew where he'd been during the earlier stages of his own cat life. There was room for error, and for letting it slide.

There was a push here to stand up as a leader, and he would with a sort of Abraham style. He sputtered out a slightly huffed chuckle, trying to lighten himself as much as everyone else. Asha's distress was palpable, and this was where he needed to come in.

Voice of reason.

Vidya dove in with a suggestion on the tip of his own tongue and he was very thankful for it.

"I like that idea," he said with a slight smile to Vidya, trying to lighten this whole thing.

He looked to Asha, hoping he wasn't stepping out of line.

"And if someone is too much of an asshole to listen, they probably wouldn't listen to a 'no vampires rule' in the first place, right? Belle Vista has a big group and bans vampires and still ends up with problems."

Eyes to Frank next, he spoke carefully, trying to keep his tone light.

"I used to work here in Crestview at a shop run by a vampire. She gave me a job when I was too fucked up a new jaguar to work anywhere else, even knowing what I was. And she doesn't even feed from people, she drinks from... blood donation bags."

Sephi was... a delicate topic with Asha, but hopefully the newly titled princess would understand that he was trying to help here.

"I don't want to burn our energy on chasing out vampires like that, especially while our numbers are small. We can focus on anyone who really wants to give us trouble, but hopefully those types will be few and far between. Asha's right; we don't want need to start trouble if it's not necessary."

Well, here came the opinions.

Before any words were even said, she felt the cooling of good feelings from her boyfriend. But it didn't happen in a vacuum, and he decided to pose a question that she honestly wished he hadn't asked right here, right now. This was something he could have chosen to bring up later, and they could have talked it through and even come up with a new plan to tell to everyone else another time, and she would have to make that a clear rule with him.

He did have a point, and she meant to clarify that he was right that it wasn't not fucked up but it also was a matter of not triggering the vampire over their own tipping point if confronted, but Frank was quick to cut in with a whole shitload of nastiness.

And her jaguar didn't like it, at all. The topic of vampires aside, she was immediately baring her teeth at the black cat and hissing in clear warning at his human's flagrant disregard for her newfound authority, and Asha's eyes flared orange again, if they'd ever actually stopped. But on the other half of it, in that split second, Asha was still in her own more human frame of mind, stunned by the attitude and the wild conjecture, and frankly kind of hurt by what seemed like a willful misunderstanding.

It seemed Vidya, at least, understood where she was coming from. And asking not to hunt in Crestview was fair, for all it was not something she wanted to ban them from. But she could try to find a happy medium. Maybe not feeding in public. Not... pursuing it if their mind control shit failed. Abraham relented at least to Vidya's better judgment, and... the topic of Sephi didn't really even touch her in this moment.

Someone saying she was right and just seeing her point of view on not escalating was all she could ask. She seemed to find her voice, swallowing and adding after Abraham. "Right. I... didn't say you have to babysit them. Just text me with the location and whatever details you can get so I can take care of things myself. You don't even have to interact with them or stay there. Same goes for any were you find, unless you already know them. I just want to keep tabs on what's happening and make sure we establish ourselves so people don't try to take advantage of us."

And she looked to the other two with some remaining tension mingled with thankfulness that they had provided a softer medium before things could get... feral. At least on her end. "And I'll talk to the vampires I know about it."


She'd been pretty quiet tonight so far. Celebrated with the others, hugged them, squealed happily at the fact that Asha and Abraham were Princess and Prince respectively and now that it was time to eat she had a plate full, listening carefully to the others talk while she ate quietly. The Jaguar within, while happy that it was with group, with prowl, with jamboree, with her new family, was slightly ruffled at the tense conversation.

Matty hadn't had a lot of run ins with Vampires, and by not a lot of run ins really there were none that she could think of. Maybe in New Zealand when she'd gone home for a little while, but really in reality there was nothing bad she could say about the species that sucked blood in order to survive no matter how icky and disturbing that was. She was uncomfortable with the idea of vampires in general, but since she didn't have strong feelings about whether or not they could live in Crestview or hunt or whatever, she wasn't going to voice that.

Maybe she felt a little weird about saying anything and stepping on toes when it was clear who was in charge here anyway.

She merely nodded.

And continued to stuff her face.

He’d kept his gaze on Asha at that. Where all those nice lovely feelings had been now was weird tension. The ball had been put back into her court, his point made. Just letting vampires do whatever the hell they felt like wasn’t something he was going to be comfortable with. There was a baring of teeth and hissing from her cat and Frank wasn’t used to having a display like that to such a degree. It was startling. The panther crouched, backing up with an answering hiss and Frank prepared to push back on the cat if it came to it. An arm being placed had him eventually turning from orange eyes to Vidya, finding comfort in the touch as she came up with a suggestion. It was something.

Frank looked to Abraham as he spoke up and then as a story was given which really didn’t do much to change his opinion. To be fair, he’d given a hyperbolic extreme remark as a tack onto the first part in a sense of frustration. If this is what everyone else wanted to do, fine it made sense, but it needed to be clear that there were rules to upkeep. Vidya’s was satisfactory for now. The sum up, fine. It was all fine.

And then with Asha finally responding to what had been said, he listened, working his jaw some. Shaking his head, a light sigh came out. ”I don’t want anyone to take advantage of us either and just want you all safe in the end." He took a breath. "So I guess that works.”

There was a weird tension that the cat was totally not down for. V kept her contact on Frank so that her cat could rub soothingly beneath his neck and give him a few rough licks to the side of the cheek. Just chill, everyone. Vidya really wished this could have been discussed prior to any of this. Especially between Asha and Abraham, who seemed to have not spoken about it all given the fact that Abraham seemed just as taken off guard as they all were. But it seemed her suggestion was being considered and agreed upon, and Vidya was thankful for that.

"As long as a clear conversation is had, and both parties are in agreement, then I don't think anyone will be taking advantage of anyone." She assured... everyone? "I agree that we can't expect every vampire to play by the rules, so I do like the solution of texting you, but staying out of it if its getting intense." She said to Asha. "That way we keep ourselves safe, but you get to know and come handle it however you need to." She glanced from Asha, to Frank, to Mateah, to Abraham. "Sorry," She added sheepishly, realizing she had kind of been talking a lot!

Abraham felt like he'd said a lot but also nothing at the same time, so mostly he just.

Stayed quiet now.

Okay. Okay. So everyone was (kind of) in agreement now. Good. She glanced to Mateah just in case, but she seemed to be just not adding to the fire.

"Okay. Thanks, guys, for understanding," she said to them, tentative for that conclusion but all the same wanting to move past the topic. "And again, same for any were you meet who isn't part of this group. Let them know we have the place, and let either of us know about them."

Asha looked slightly askance of the gathered party, trying to think of other things quickly enough. Contact was big. It was important. So. "Also, I know you guys all live elsewhere out of Crestview. But eventually I'm... going to be able to do a lot of other things to keep you all safe, and it only really works if you're here in the, uh, territory. I'll be able to sense you, if everything's all good. I know it's a tall order, but if you could consider moving out here, it would mean a lot for my peace of mind whenever that ends up happening. Also just, strength in numbers in general."

Vidya kept her presence close and he was really grateful. The more the cat stayed chill the more he could control how uneasy it all made him. A clear conversation was something Frank couldn’t imagine happening with vampires, but sure, entertain it. He wondered how long it would be till such an ‘agreement’ was broken. At Vidya’s sorry, he shook his head as his cat finally laid down next to her’s but kept a steady eye on Asha’s all the while.

”None of you are invincible still though, so just be careful with whomever,” he added lightly, arms folding across his chest, mainly looking at Asha at that if she was planning on confronting things. And they should probably keep him in the loop considering, but they knew that. With that, he’d let her move on.

New topic was about moving and he really should’ve expected this. Frank got the reasoning, but didn’t want to move. Belle Vista was home for a variety of reasons at this point. No longer feeling it, he set the plate of food down and away, leaning back in his seat. It was a lot, but he would think on it.

Nodding, he looked to the floor in thought. So working and living here, huh. A part of him wanted to be irritated at the fact it felt a bit like micromanaging, but he waved that away for now, knowing there was a valid reason for it. ”I’ll think about it.”

Finally, finally, thing seemed to settle. They were all in agreement. Be careful, call Asha or Abraham. She could certainly do that. Thankfully, the topic was shifted into... something less heavy but equally as perplexing. A move was a bit deal. She did rent right now, but she'd have to break her lease and hire movers. "Explain what you will be able to do?" She prompted.

Mateah looked up at Asha. Live here in Crestview? She finished chewing her food and set down her plate to the side. She didn't have a car. She'd had to Uber here tonight from Red Rock, and judging from what she'd been led to believe by the group that had come to talk to her in New Zealand, there weren't meetings all that often. Far less often then going to work every day. And it would be an Uber to and from work every day.

She was sure there were strip clubs in Crestview, and she would probably be able to get a job here but moving here meant expenses. Expenses she couldn't exactly pay right now like breaking her lease, a new first and last month deposit, cleaning deposit, security deposit, a car? She swallowed weakly. Would she get kicked out of the group if she couldn't live here?

Frank said he'd think about it and his body language seemed unhappy. Vidya wanted more and Mateah could honestly say that she felt the same. For now she wanted to be able to say the only thing that was holding her back before Asha or Abraham could rush in to explain. Just in case she forgot.

"I don't have a car..." She mumbled. "I want to know more about what you'll be able to do too, but I just... I don't have a car..."

The sad truth was that killing and eating three humans came with a hubris that flew in the face of losing a cage fight to a werewolf in the Cage. But still, Asha was sure she could throw down when it came to it, as long as a vampire didn't catch her eyes and successfully control her. She nodded to Frank's concern all the same. He seemed to be pulling away, if his rejection of the food she'd made was any indication, and she took that more personally than she probably should have.

But still, Vidya and Mateah. Both asked what she would be able to do. Mateah mentioned her problem with not having transportation.

"There's no rush to this. And it's just a request, it's not... an order," she clarified. As much as her cat wanted her to enforce herself with a sort of iron will, she had to tread a line on feelings, especially in these early stages. She inhaled. "We can figure out car stuff. Heck, maybe even get you one," she assured Mateah. "As for what I'll be able to do — sense it when anyone not in the Prowl enters Crestview. Sense how you guys are doing, especially if anything intense is going on. I can bring you guys out of a shift, or help start one in case you need it for any reason. Like, you got in a tussle with another were and need to speed up your healing."

She remembered fighting with Abraham's cat a lot.

"More than that, there's just... a lot more respect for a group afforded when that happens. Other weres who might be troublemakers will absolutely think twice. Even vampires won't want to make trouble."

This was all coming maybe a little too fast.

Abraham was quiet, listening, trying to find something to add that wasn't contradicting Asha. Frank seemed so utterly tense, and it was a side Abraham hadn't seen a whole lot of before. He reminded himself, again, that the full moon was close. But it was a worrying new angle on a guy who seemed largely almost impossibly calm in tense situations.

"We've got time," he said gently. "For all of us to settle in. It's new for everyone. I think it's pretty normal for us to be excited and nervous and even, like. A little worried. We can figure out the logistics as we go. It's just stuff to think about."

Mateah’s concern had him momentarily looking up and wondering how Vidya’s situation was as well. It was uprooting their lives to move. Just because magic showed up, it didn’t get rid of real life responsibilities and consequences. At least he wasn’t the only one hesitant, worried here.

As for the question, he knew these answers thanks to Yana and so, while he looked at Asha, his attention drifted a bit to internal thoughts, not really taking any of this in per say besides a few lines. Attention hooked in on at the point of forcing their cats out or in, something he decidedly didn’t like. He got the reason for it to help heal or in some random cases other things, supposedly, but it seemed invasive if used for anything else. The idea she might pull on his already had the cat in question grumping about again for them both. But, it could be really helpful Frank reminded himself. A momentary thought flipped by that he should, maybe sort of, chime in about healing powers besides that one since it’d been left out, but it just didn’t seem the time to do so. That would need tact to weave it as a ‘hey, also this is cool’, but he was sorely lacking on that right now. If she came at him with her cat again he wasn’t entirely sure what would happen. So, Frank just nodded to show he’d been listening. More in depth talks could be had at a later date, it’d been merely a quick summary to answer Vidya’s question for now to just show how things might change and it was satisfactory.

Abraham was all reassurances and reiterating that it was merely suggestions being proposed. Frank took in a slow inhale to try to shake uncertainty away without much luck. So much just kept changing and it seemed right after he got comfortable with one thing, something always came along to further pull the ground out from under him and try all over again. Frank was honestly so tired of it. Reminding himself this was a good thing in the end, something he’d been hoping they’d get to so as to put his mind at ease, he took a step back. He shouldn't allow the first topic to crush the rest.

Looking at Mateah, Vidya, and then over to the two, he spoke up. It was a tentative outreach at best, but that’s all he could manage right now. ”They’re good ones, but like you said, I feel it’ll take some time to figure personal stuff out for everyone. Overall, I'm glad we've got this going for us. I can maybe sleep better now." A lighthearted try to help ease away the tension he was still feeling. See, he was trying, but it was a lot of information and suggestions at once so it really wasn’t the easiest to figure out how to respond. ”Personally, umm, I’ll be working in Crestview starting in two weeks so a majority of my time will already be here anyways, so just let me know if there’s anything I can help with.”

Infinitely better than Red Rock, besides the commute, and it was a good way to ease into the idea that he’d probably live here. Frank sent a small smile to Asha, trying to smooth whatever this was over in an effort to help here instead of detract.

Mateah, poor girl, didn't even have transportation. If it would work for her schedule, she would suggest being her ride. But that was all dependant on... a lot. Maybe she would talk to her about it later, if she did make the choice to move out there. There was sound reason to do it. Asha could keep track of them, know when they were in trouble. Help them control their cats. And the group would be seen as stronger if they were all in one place. Still, it was a big thing to ask, and Vidya nodded along with Abraham's reminder that this was all just suggestion. No one had to make a decision now. Frank spoke up again, this time a bit more soothed. Her hand, which hadn't left his arm, fell away after a brief soothing rub to his forearm. Her cat still lingered close metaphysically, despite being unable to touch.

"I'll think about it, too. It is a lot of change, but like Frank said, I'm glad we are even able to have this discussion. After we all settle in, I'm still so excited and happy for the group." She grinned mostly at Asha, who very obviously had the most on her plate. She was glad Abraham could help her share the burden, and hoped that they would talk about things like the vampires a bit better in the future. It was true, none of them knew exactly what they were doing. All of them were still feeling it out. "We're here for you," She said to both of them, "And I'm sure everyone can agree that patience and understanding is what we'll all need for the first few weeks or months." Heck, even maybe the first year.

There was a suggestion of the Asha getting her a car and her face turned bright red. That was up there with her parents buying her a car even though they'd suggested it multiple times. No thank you. Thank you truly; but no thank you. That was something she'd have to decline when it came down to it.

She'd nod along thoughtfully with the rest of what was being said and quietly gravitated off her seat toward Asha gently. Her jaguar wanted to touch gently, purr affectionately. They'd make it work, right? This would be a group effort, right? The Kiwi settled herself by Asha's side, leaning tentatively to rest her head on her shoulder gently. She didn't know why she was doing that, but it felt right.

"We're a family."

Okay. Maybe she'd done enough damage for one day.

Abraham backed up what she was saying, helping her feel like she maybe wasn't speaking a different language entirely. And even Frank seemed to try a little more. She let out a slow, quiet breath, and she offered a smile his way back.

She was trying. She had... snippets of advice to go on from experienced leaders that she no longer had much of a relationship with. She was doing the best she could with it all.

Vidya and Mateah were sweet and reassuring, and she took a lot of comfort in them.

"Yeah. You all said it better than I could, so. Thanks, guys," she nodded, kind of an all inclusive statement to everything that had been said. Her cat did calm, even moved to groom Mateah's as Asha draped an arm around her. In the end, displays of anger and hierarchy between animals were typically brief.

She drained her champagne and then decided she was best off pouring more for everyone.

"Let's eat and maybe do a little more shooting the shit?"

Humor! Maybe.

Frank's tension faded some, but Abraham could feel it. Why he was upset, Abraham could grasp. Why Frank's cat was upset was...

Strange. This all felt so natural. And maybe, Abraham knew increasingly, it was because he was so goddamn tied to this animal in his brain. This animal that wanted a group, and closeness, and... obedience, a little disconcertingly.

But at least there was some respite, some return to a less intense state. Abraham had more than met his quota of words, so he nodded and kept it short as he reached for a wing.

"Sounds good to me!"

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