Maroo Maroo Maroo

Dated for Feb Full Moon, open for any burr.

It wasn't the first time he shifted in the Sanctuary with it fenced off, but it was the first time with everyone. This was where it would really be tested. If the fences could stand up to five bears running around, he was pretty sure they could hold up to anything. It was really exciting, leading everyone to the locker house to store their things before starting the hike out. It felt safe. There was no way to see any of the boundary fences from where they stopped toward the southern poriton of the ravine that cut through, but knowing that there was a giant twenty foot fence keeping anything that wasn't supposed to be in out, and hopefully helping to keep them in... it was a comfort he hadn't expected, but was certainly appreciated.

The shift was on the shorter side of things, and he found it easier to relax and let things roll the way they would. When he was all bear'd up, he went about visiting his various companions for snuffles or chomps or shoves, before they all sort of went off to do whatever bears did. Currently, hours after sunset, the Kodiak was romping through the freezing waters of the stream that lay at the belly of the ravine. Fish were sparse, considering the weather, but he flapped his lips into the water nonetheless in search of food. Mostly, he was coming up with bits of plantlife stuck to his nose.

just a note that she went and shifted really far away first

Ayane went and shifted really far away first.

Because her... like. Her body. All the scarring. She didn't wanna be seen, and it was bad enough all the others might get a glimpse after, and she hoped not, but.

Yeah. You know? Awful.

Batman did come out though. She kept on the fringes, finding it most peaceful to watch and trail after the group of larger bears without particularly being among them. Whenever anyone approached, she'd likely just go all fainting goat.

Also, would there be food soon? She grunted some, and eventually found her way to the river where the familiar bear was. He was doing fishing! She could also fish.

.... If there were any fish to be found.

It was really tragic because he was so very terribly hungry. You could tell his was starving by the way his stomach swayed in the water between his back legs as he lumbered on, even brushing a few of the more jutting rocks here and there. Just miserable, a bear without fish. There was a few minutes of lumbering before he decided to sort of settle in a place with more placid water, staring intently and miserably down at the water for movement. His ears flickered atop a fat head, and his lips hung loosely as he waited... waited... wait- There were noises.

The kodiak lifted his head, peering with round black eyes over across the bank toward a small bear. Weird bear. Batman. Cliff the human acknowledged very distantly in some corner of his mind that this was Ayane. But the kodiak only remembered the flailing scared bear in the meat palace and wondered if she would flail around again if he did too much. So he just grunted and marood in her direction, but invitingly, because yes please fishing friend. Maybe she would catch a fish and he could bully her into sharing. Or just take it, because she was very small and he was very not.

The problem with all the other bears was that they were a lot bigger than she was. So she liked being around them, but she was exceedingly cautious about being too close to them.

Still, she was hungry as any were would be, and she approached in a slow, pacing sort of zig zag until she reached the water's edge. Sniffling, she attempted to find fluttering fish around. But there were none near the silhouette she cast on the water, sadness. She settled for drinking instead.

Well, until her eyes caught... something.

Batman sought to reach a careful paw out, not to grab it but just to test if it was a thing that would move when disturbed. And it did. So, a natural hunter, she... splashed in after it, each paw delivering an enthusiastic wallop of water spraying everywhere and temporarily forgetting her fear of Biggest Bear.

The bear did come closer, and the Kodiak wiggled his ears in her direction. She peered into the water, so he did the same, squinting and splashing his sled feet around. No luck. Maybe he was too big, or the fish were too small. Or maybe there were no fish to be had. Until! Batman started splashing after something, and Smokey grunted as he looked up to her. He stomped a few steps toward her, but stopped mid way through the stream to watch. Catch fish. Share fish. Catch him fish.

Splish, splash, sploosh. Batman sloppily went after it, eyes trained on the darting form underneath the water's surface as best she could be. And bears had pretty decent night vision, so there was that.

She dove impressively, rocks poking into her thickly furred belly, and emerged with a sopping wet face and a sizeable fish.

Looking back at Biggest Bear, she... absolutely was not sharing, and began to plod to shore.

She dove, splashed, and came up with a flopping silver fish in her jaws. The kodiak marooooo'd and stamped forward, but paused when she started back to shore, ignoring him. He grumbled, and sloshed toward where she had grabbed the fish from the water. A few moments were spent peering into the water for any movement, but given there was nothing immediately in sight, he decided that Batman should probably just share. So he lumbered after her, grunting and marooing as he neared her. His head nodded imploringly, his jowls loose and nonthreatening. Please pity the starving bear. He stopped some yards away still.


Biggest Bear was coming very very close. Batman wasn't super fond of having her eating space penetrated, and her big round ears lay against her head, and when he stopped and it was too close, she scrambled up to her feet with be the fish in mouth, moving to plod-trot away, feet slapping over the littered forest floor.

Let eat food plz.

Indra had wanted to explore the sanctuary as a bear. This meant that he didn't want to waste time with a hungry bear grumpily searching for food. With his belly stuffed full prior to the rising full moon, Bear Indra came out more interested in exploring than eating too. The brown bear had already covered what seemed like an entire forest (but was maybe like a couples acres of it), and was now heading towards a creek when he caught the scent of two friends.

He thumped his way over to where he smelled them, and paused as he watched the Kodiak hungrily stalk the Moon Bear. Bear Indra didn't think too much of this encounter either way- he was still pretty full. But he did love both bears and so, with a loud "MOOOOOOO" he ran full speed towards both bears, intent on grabbing one of them for a friendly take down.

No come back >:C.

The kodiak slouched after her, mooing imploringly. But the moon bear was very mean and ignored him. There was a moment where he considered just tackling her and taking the fish, but a distraction came in the form of a MOOOO from the near distance. The kodiak turned his stupid head in time to see the grizzly bounding toward them, and in that second there was a very clear human thought that resounded. Not Ayane. The moon bear was skittish and small, and a grizzly running at her would not turn out well at all. She wouldn't remember it, but still. Not Ayane. >:C.

So the kodiak MOOO'd back and rounded toward the grizzly, huffing and puffing as he stamped forward a few feet before throwing himself up onto his hind legs. He towered well over ten feet, his long forearms widening to prepare for the impact of the tackle.


Suddenly another big bear was hurtling towards them, and Batman was anything but happy. She skedaddled away at an angle between the two bears in a panic, fish flailing in her mouth.

(But like if she could get away she'd probably peak at them from behind a tree.)

Bear Indra continued thumping towards both bears, but realized that the smaller one was running and the Kodiak was rearing up. These were not very friendly gestures and Indra skidded to a halt just before he collided with the Kodiak. Did they not recognize him as friend? Bear Indra sat down heavily on his rump and stared at the two bears before letting out a sad "Mooo..."

He'd just wanted to play with friends. :'(

There went Batman, off to hide. And here came Indra, skidding to a halt. The Kodiak swayed on his hind feet, stuff grunting and huffing as the brown bear stopped to moo sadly. What happened to the tackle! If bears could frown he would be frowning, but instead he thumped back down to all fours and lumbered forward to shove his face in the other male's face. Stop sad.

A foreleg came to hook around the brown bear's shoulders, and he shoved with a heave to try and get him to fight back. Bear arm punch.


skip until further notice plz

Peek she did, not entirely hidden behind the tree. Also she ate her fish in relative peace.

Why were boy bears so big D:

Perhaps Bear Indra had merely misunderstood the stance the Kodiak had taken. The larger bear seemed concerned about his sadness and shoved his face against his own. This made Bear Indra feel better and a long tongue reached out to lick the Kodiak's face to show he cared about him and was feeling better. Of course, the treatment of the sads was over quickly when Smokey suddenly bear punched him. If Bear Indra could laugh, he would.

He wanted to reciprocate the punch, but instead, he just fell to the side and marooed in a playfully defeated way. His paws clawed the air at the Kodiak, waiting for him to get closer so he could maybe try to grapple him from the ground.

His eyes caught the smaller bear, fish no longer in mouth, but maybe in tum, and he marooed happily at her. Come play!

He was like a floppy fish that flopped. Except he was not edible like a fish which was sad. The kodiak watched as the smaller bear hit the ground, not fighting back. Which was perfectly fine, because it allowed him to just sort of. Lay down on him. Forelegs wrapped around the smaller bear's shoulders, and he hunkered down onto his belly so he could shove his chest to try and pin him down at the flank. He was grappled, and that was fine, because he was still able to snuffle annoyingly in the bear's face.


She didn't want attention paid to her she wanted to just observe. Plz do plz ignore. Batman backed away when the other bear called to her to see if maybe there was a better tree to hide behind.

she doesn't want to play Indra


Smokey laying down on top of him took Bear Indra's attention away from the small moon bear and back to the kodiak. He flailed a bit beneath the bigger bear and tried to grab him and physically move him. But Smokey was much too heavy for Indra. Still, as the bigger bear snuffled in his face, Bear Indra continued to flail around, mooing every now and then and licking the kodiak's snout in hopes that it would be equally annoying.

A wiggly bear was fun until it was annoying. The kodiak maroooo'd gruffly in the brown bear's face, breathing hot breath into his eyeballs and maybe his nose. His jaws opened so that he could fit as much of the size of the other male's face in his mouth as he possibly could. Not biting, just a firm hold as he panted into his fur. Bears were fucking weird, Cliff noted somewhere in the back of the animal's brain.

Bear Indra continued to wiggle, even though the Kodiak was getting annoyed. It wasn't until his face was practically all in the bigger bear's mouth that he gave an exasperated sigh and stopped moving around. Instead, he marooed in a whiny way. The kodiak was just too big for the smaller brown bear to properly move! :(


Just kidding, but he did do a lot of drooling and slobbering. Cliff would have to apologize in the morning. Eventually, the kodiak was satisfied with his drooly punishment for scaring away Batman, and he heaved himself up away from the smaller bear. With a chuff and a rumble, he moved to lumber back toward the water. Small bear, come and catch him a fish.

Indra was glad he wasn't eated, but the slobber and drool from the kodiak was also not the most welcomed thing. He wanted to pull away, but the bigger bear's teeth were right there on his face and maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to jerk his fat head around. Smart bear.

Eventually, the bigger bear let him go and got off of him to head back towards the water. Bear Indra decided to take his chance now to get the Kodiak back. He crouched down for just a moment before he lunged towards the bigger bear, intent on jumping on his back. Unfortunately, his aim was way off, and Bear Indra instead did a belly flop right into the stream. The brown bear let out a surprised and shocked bellow, but then decided it was all okay and did a quick roll to get back to his feet.

a fail!


There was jumping! The smaller bear splashed into the stream, which sprayed up into the Kodiak's face. Maybe if he had more energy and wasn't withering from starvation, he would have joined him in the splashing. It was for the best, though, because staying on the bank allowed him to catch the gleam of a fish darting away from the disruption. With a low bellow, the Kodiak stomped into the water after it. Fish, fish, fish.

Eventually it all seemed to calm down. They even walked away! This put Batman back on the fringes, and honestly, that helped her feel safer. Being around, but not in the middle of it all, being able to hug the ground and observe without being tumbled around for it.


She followed slowly, content.

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