Cedar Creek 
If the last call of the night hadn't been to go to the aid of a guy who had gotten a little irritated from insulin shock then maybe she wouldn't have had taken so long to get him safely to the hospital and just maybe she could have completely beaten the storm home but no. That wasn't how luck worked. By the she had been able to clock out she had heard the warnings from the radio, big nasty was fast approaching but she was stubborn, hungry and her mind was set on digging into the big roast she had sitting in her fridge.

Starting off the roads where clear, dry and perfect for a late ride home so she had left making great time zipping down the highway with minimal traffic to get in the way of her V-strom. She was halfway home when the first drops of rain started to hit the pavement but the temperature dropped and it all turned into shit, Alex cut her speed in half and started to second guess the choice to be out here in the first place but it was too late to do anything about it now.

The snow on the road was starting to turn into a mush but she was so close, maybe 30 minutes away from home sweet home and she was starting to relax just a tad when something moved on the side of the road. Instinctively she hit the breaks and in that moments laps the rear wheel lost traction and slid out sideways with the weight of the bike pulling her down with it, sliding on it's side the front wheel took out a sign post and spun the whole thing around just as it hit the rocks in the ditch.

This was not her ideal end to the night. She wasn't entirely sure just how much time had passed between 'tire slip' and the pain filled wake up call but she was alive and that was a hell of a thing. The wolf in the back of her head was raging at the mere idea of the situation, it wanted out from under the bike NOW and it was taking everything she had to hold that fury back before it got too close to the surface and did more harm the good.

Bryant gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles had gone paper white, and his jaw ached from how tightly he'd been clenching his teeth.

The snowflakes were tiny, but the wind flung them with such speed and ferocity that it was a constant barrage. Driving with the headlights didn't help, and the fact that plenty of the other drivers didn't seem to desire to reduce their speeds at all only served to further worsen the driving conditions. And to top it all off, the person in front of him was driving on a bike. In a blizzard.

It went off the road at just about the time Bryant had been considering pulling the Uhaul over until the storm died down, and that made his decision for him. Carefully, and with some amount of slipping, Bryant pulled over and parked the vehicle. Deciding that there weren't many people who would be stupid enough to try and steal the truck in this condition and that he might possibly have to be driving someone to the nearest hospital, Bryant left it running.

He ducked out into the snow and trudged through the building drifts of snow to where the bike had run off the road. It hadn't gone far, but the landing looked painful. Bryant paused for a moment, assessing, and then continued forward with caution- the rocks were slippery with snow.

"Are you alive?" Bryant called, stumbling the last few steps to the bike.

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