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One of these bad boys over thisbut with boots

Shopping was not something she did often of account of being poor. Or, scratch that, having been poor the past. The springs paid a considerable amount more than being a sub-par waitress. Not a crazy amount, but enough to have some wiggle room left over even after getting hair stuff. So, Mikey was on a mission. Buy one (1) item from the mall and do not feel guilty about it. What was it? Treat yo self? This was her treat yo' self day.

It was cold as fuck outside. Colder that it had been in a while, thank's blizzard. Thankfully, she'd stayed in for that, and bundled under one thousand blankets and a heater all day. It was easier to brave the cold, now, though. The jacket that Daniel had gifted her was magical. It kept her core warm enough that the crocodile's stupid cold blood did not kill her human body when it was subjected to anything below sixty degrees. Over exaggeration, but it sure felt like that. Plus, layering and warm socks. All that was really left was her face, which stung against the wind, her nose pink and runny enough that she had to sniffle on her way up to the least busy entrance to the mall, a revolving door through which another person just went. Meike moved quicker toward it to catch one of the openings, and briefly noted the person that shuffled in behind her. It was spacious enough not to be too awkward.

Maybe she'd get some new gloves, or maybe more socks, may-


Meike's body weight slammed into the glass door, and she gasped as her slick boots shuffled across the worn carpet. She narrowly avoided smacking her face right into the glass, but felt the person behind her bump into her. With knitted brows, she looked up at the door, which was motionless. Uh. She pushed against it. And it didn't budge. Her parka rustled as she turned to look behind her. The door had rotated enough that the next pie-section behind her was aligned with the door frame. So. Here she was. And some stranger. Trapped in a revolving door.


A moment of victory at getting into the gap of the door was short-lived.

Like really fucking short lived.

Summer wasn't too fussed about personal space, but she hadn't exactly intended to walk into the tiny lady in front of her, either. "Whopes," she said, some bastardization of 'whoops' that came all too easily to her. "You gotta--" she said, reaching her hand over the head of the other woman to push at the glass only to fall silent when she realized this hadn't been a conscious choice to stop pushing. Wasn't gonna budge just yet.

"Well, shit!" she said, sounding more astounded than upset.

Whopes was right, lady. This chick was giant. She had a full foot on her. Meike frowned as she was reached over so the woman could push at the door, as if she hadn't just tried that. She side stepped, closer to the curved outer wall of the doorway. Her brows furrowed as she peered back out toward the outdoor entrance, spotting someone step in on the other side of the pane that they shared with that pizza slice. They pushed, which resulted in nothing, then gave them a curious look before stepping away. Great, thanks.

On the other side, indoors, a few people had already stopped to peer in at them. She felt like a fucking zoo animal. Which, speaking of. There was a great deal of hissing and rumbling going on in her brain. Enough for her to realize that her body ached a bit. Fuck. Not here, dude. She looked to the woman in question, taking in her scent that she was now enclosed with. Uh. Not human. Great. "Guess we're trapped." She said with a frown. Someone on the indoor side stepped away, looking purposeful, and she hoped that meant they were going to find mall security.

"Guess so!" Summer agreed, pretty certain she could bust her way of here if she wanted to cause a scene. She did not want to cause a scene... well, any more than two ladies caught in a dry fish tank already were. Didn't stop her from going up on her tiptoes, to look at the top edge of the door as if she would see something stuck there. Nope, nothing obvious. No rod that had come dislodged or anything... at least not right here.

"Hope you didn't need to pee or nothin'," she joked ever so lightly, coming back down onto her heels to look at the young lady with a mirthful smile and a little shrug. Now that they had stilled and her nose wasn't filled with the cold air of outside and all the people here at the mall, she realized... she'd been caught in a net with something properly exotic.

Yep. That was something furry and smelly and the croc was going nuts. Meike wasn't the kind of person that shrank back from people or felt small, but it was pretty difficult not to feel like some threatened creature pinned in with something not particularly large, but certainly intimidating. She wasn't sure what to describe it as. There was a similar feel to her as there was Daniel. Some kind of power, or something. She didn't know, but she knew she didn't particularly care for it. Meike took a few steps back so her back was pressed directly against the glass.

"Nope," She said with a shake of her head. Fuck, this was bad. Every breath in was a claustrophobic reminder that she was trapped with something that she could not see but could definitely feel. For all of this, Meike worked to keep her face blank and rigid. Her teeth clamped when she wasn't speaking. "I think they're gonna have to get us out." Whoever 'they' was.

"Yo, sweetheart, no reason to be so tense," Summer said, taking up a spot on the other side of the space--not that that afforded either of them much breathing room. The tension was impossible to miss--the hyena fixated on it almost immediately, curious and wanting to test the reasons for it. But Summer kept her beast in careful check, knowing full well that there was no good in shifting here. Not only would they have a live audience, they'd inevitably be on camera, too.

"They'll get us out, even if they gotta come break some glass. Trust me."

Okay, first of all. Don't call her sweetheart. Meike's jaw flexed some at that, and she blinked up at the woman with a perplexed huff. Yeah, no need to be so tense when she was trapped in a bubble with some other animal. There was a gut reaction to text Daniel, for some reason. But what could he do? Stand outside and look at her? Helpful.

"S'what are you?" Mikey decided, and moved to shove her hood back some. It was getting warm now. Not warm enough to turn of the packs in her coat, but she wasn't freezing.

Grrrouchy. Whatever.

Were small talk time!

"'M a hyena. What're you? You don't smell like anything I know." Like, incredibly not. So much so she wasn't sure she'd ever even smelled a non-were version of whatever she was. (Not that animals let her get close enough to test that most of the time.) There was an earthiness she couldn't place.

Maybe it was something hyenas ate, which is why she was huffing and puffing like Summer had done all this on purpose.

Hyena. Gross. She'd seen hyenas before, on one of the few Safaris she took with her mom in Africa. The guide had shown them a carcass that a pack and devoured. It was literally just a puddle of blood and some hair. Ugh. It explained the lizard's panties being in a wad, though. "Croc." She said with a shrug. Felt stupid saying it, felt good that she was apparently hard to pin down. "There a lot of you?" A whole pack of giant hyenas in mountainside. How was anyone alive right now.


Oh god, that was so fucking cool. Summer's eyes lit up, and she peered more curiously at the woman who looked nothing like a reptile. How cool was that?! "Man, I didn't even realize we could be reptilian!" she exclaimed, not too softly, but hopefully not be loud enough to be heard through glass. Frankly, she couldn't hear much of worth outside their bubble, and she had excellent hearing, so. "An' there's like, a few of us." And by a few at this point she meant two. :(

"What about you? You all lurking Red River or something?" Sorry, she knew they weren't really animals any more than she was, but it was hard to imagine a happy croc away from water.

Well, she hadn't realized they could be fucking hyenas, so she guessed they were on the same page here. "I always thought shifters were just wolves, so." A huge shrug. They were all wrong. Maybe it was wolf shifters that were stupid enough to get seen some centuries ago, and got themselves written about. She didn't know where the two legged thing came from, though. Only a few hyenas was better than a giant pack, and she huffed at the suggestion of them floating the river. "No, too cold right now." She said. "There's only me and one other, we both work up in North Glenn at the hot springs." Warm water so they did not die. Could it be spring yet?

Weres who called their own kind 'shifters' were always odd to Summer. Usually the newer ones, though, the ones who had been turned after the news had started giving them their own labels. New crocodile friend must have been fresh, she assumed. She did have something of that feel.

Too cold, huh? She wondered if the werecrocs were cold-blooded. Tough break, if so. Made her glad to be 100% mammalian. "Oh man, that must be something special for you guys, then. Do you just have your own little pool or something?"

In spite of this logic, she was imagining them lurking beneath the feet of patrons. Unlikely, but still badass.

For those following along to what was going on outside of their little bubble, someone had alerted mall security, who had alerted the maintenance department, who had sent a guy to come take a look at the door. The guy, Mark, was on his way down but he stopped at the food court for a pretzel first. So.

"Yeah, sorta? We use the outside ones after closing. Cause the indoor ones are always open to people that stay at the hotel." So, it was sort of risky, but there were gates and locks and stuff. And it was one night a month, usually. And, honestly, if anyone got close they would know it and probably make enough noise growling and hissing to scare people away before anyone got close enough to see.

"Where do hyenas shift?" She asked as she undid her zipper. It was getting hot now.

Summer leaned back against the rounded edge of the rotating door, occasionally glancing out to see what was going on, but pretty content to talk with this weird reptile. Wow, they really did just shift in a pool... that was fucking awesome, not going to lie. Though she couldn't help but wonder how well a stress shift would go. What if a croc ended up in here?

Not that she asked that, lest she put ideas into this poor girl's head, but still.

"Hyenas shift wherever the fuck we wanna, really. I've been to a few places. North Glenn, the edges of town, one time in this place in Red Rock... I guess we don't gotta worry 'bout water like you do. Just gotta find something to chew on."

Well, wasn't that just lucky for them. "I wish." Meike said with a huff of laughter. "We gotta find somewhere with water and warmth." She sighed, and shook her head. "Least for now, while it's cold." Fuck winter. She used to like it.

"So do you get cold? Like you're cold-blooded?" Weres ran so hot in Summer's experience, the idea that they might have a struggle with temperature regulation was news to her, but she knew animals well enough to suppose that maybe reptilians got the short end of the stick on that one.

Meike shrugged. "I'm the same temperature as what's around me. So, yeah." She nodded. Mikey moved to open the jacket some, turning the sides inside out to face the girl so she could see the outlines of the heating packs. "But there's tricks." Not that she'd been privy to them before meeting Daniel. She'd just suffered before then. So, thanks Daniel.

"Whoa, holy shit, you're literally packing heat," Summer said with a laugh, then covered her mouth because the laugh was a little loud for such an enclosed space. "Man, I just figured we all ran hot. I get to prance around in the snow just fine even though I'm some fucking African savanna animal."

Granted, snow wasn't her most favorite time of year, but at least it didn't send her into a hypothermic coma or something.

Mike snorted at the dumb joke, and flinched a bit at the loud laugh. This chick wasn't so bad. "Its so fucking weird that all kinds of animals can exist. Met some jaguars a while back." And one threw her in a fucking dumpster. "You'd think it'd be things native to the area." No jaguars or hyenas or fucking crocodiles in Colorado.

"Bears and cougars and shit," Summer agreed, feeling pretty jovial about this weird little encounter she was having. "Wolverines. I haven't met any wolverines around here, have you?" She kinda missed her old buddies, honestly, but it was better here because she had Pete.

Mike wouldn't be surprised if those did exist, though. A were-verine sounded terrifying. "Nope, don't think so." She was pretty sure she'd really only met jaguars, crocs, and now a hyena. Where were the werewolves at? Finally, finally. There seemed to be a large man lumbering toward the doors. He had a mustard stain on his shirt, and pretzel crumbs in his beard, but he was here. He oogled at them momentarily, then shuffled his way to a panel on the wall beside the doors. Great.

"Used to hang out with a bunch, til I decided to come here cause I heard there was a cackle around." For all that hadn't lasted, Summer didn't regret the choice. "But yeah, I haven't seen any around here, neither. Funny how that is."

She said this, slightly distracted now by peering out to try and see if they were nearly free after all.

Fish tank life was only fun for a few minutes. Now she was feeling restless.

She... used to hang out with a bunch of wolverines? That was kind of badass, honestly. "Maybe you just haven't found them yet." She said with a shrug. "What was your name?" Just so she knew, or something. She wasn't big on this sudden urge to socialize with a bunch of different people just cause they all had the fact that they turned into giant animals in common.

Maybe she just hadn't, that was true! And honestly, for all wolverines weren't hyenas, it would have been nice to run again with familiar creatures. Crocodiles didn't count as such, even if this chick was alright. Packing heat, hehe.

"M'names Summer. What about you?"

Summer was a pretty name. "Mikey." Might as well have been. A few moments later, there was the sound of an electric buzzing, and the doors on either side of the jerked before suddenly gliding forward in their rotation. Meike straightened up from the wall, and glanced to Summer before shuffling forward and toward the opening exit on the other side. Freedom! Meike took a deep breath in as she stepped into the mall to a small crowd giving a pitiful round of applause. Gag her.

Mikey. Pete. Good heavens, Summer was going to change her own name to... well, she didn't think of a suitable male name for herself all that quickly, even for her own mental commentary, but she was going to come up with a neat boy-sounding nickname to fit in with these cool chicks.

They got out in the next moment and Summer snorted at the applause given the situation. They weren't gonna die, guys!

"I'm gonna bail before they start asking for fucking autographs or the news shows up. But it was nice to meetcha, Mikey!" Summer said, offering a wiggle-finger wave as she tried to make an exit deeper into the mall.

"Good plan," Mikey nodded, and raised a hand to wave her off, "Back atcha." With that, she was off to treat herself to more than she could afford, most likely.

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