Disaster is A Good Friendship Foundation, Right?

 The cat lazed, full and contented in the presence of so many good companions. Calvin, on the other hand, had about reached his social limit and was ready to crawl back to the hole he'd scuttled out of. Parker's mistake wouldn't be forgotten, but the grizzled man held no ill will towards her, particularly since the rat was trying (and failing) to do his bidding.

 Getting up, he yawned and stretched before he moved to set his glass of water on the counter. "Well ladies, this has been a mighty fine kumbaya. I hope ta see ya fer the full moon. Stay safe till then. I'm just a phone call er' smoke signal away."

 For all they were scattered across the map and quite a handful of unique individuals, this was... hopeful. Especially an offer to meet up for the full moon. Suri offered a small but genuine smile, nodding her head contentedly. "I will be there," she assured Adina, eyes following Calvin as he got to his feet, all but wiping his hands of today’s troubles. "I’ll light you a fire if I need to." A cheeky grin then, looking again to Parker. She hoped the girl would come to cavort around in the desert as well.

No one seemed opposed, and Adina offered her own services. And, additionally, a place to shift together. The cat was all for it, driving her to nod her head. Parker herself was unsure, but knew it would likely be for the better. Despite her trepidation here, she could let herself trust them enough not to turn on her if they got together to shift. To trust them fully... Parker did not trust anyone fully. She'd stay where she was as everyone moved to leave, offering a smile of farewell where it was due. When it was just herself and Suri, Parker would move to place her cup in the sink, and wait to be told where she could sleep.

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