Eden Project 
Here was a new combination Marybeth was trying out!

Step 1: you went invisible and you walked into a place (no entry fee!)
Step 2: you turned into a dog!

She had tested out this maneuver at the giant dome by where she used to live, click-clacking down pretty stone paths and marveling at how much warmer it was here, and how calm! This was a good adventure which would end, at worst, with her being picked up by someone angry and deposited back outside. She took in a deep breath, dove into the carefully-sodded plant displays, and began to wriggle around on her back.

The full moon wasn't real far off, and that wasn't the best news for Abraham's ability to stay chill and cool. Asha seemed more... tense, or just intense, than usual, and with the whole matebond dealio it really got into a guy's head.

So he was here to test if butterflies hated him? Hopefully not because his fish didn't, but as someone who routinely accidentally scared the shit out of people's pets walking down the street, he couldn't be too sure.

At least this place probably had no animals allowed, except the... butterflies and shit. He wandered at an ambling sort of pace, sucking in deep breaths of flowers and shit.

Some of which were fucking moving, he realized very suddenly, before realizing even more suddenly that it was a... dog. Oh no. A dog, like, pretty close. Not wanting to cause some kind of loud yappy and probably echo-y snarl scene, he moved to verrry careeefullly begin to back up, accidentally stepping on some other plants in the process.

There was something about being...very small that made moving around a very different experience. It would be ungainly to jump and roll around as a person, but being one foot tall, and also quadrupedal? Forget about it! She could hop and roll around all night!

She had snorfled her way under a green-stalked shrub of some kind, and paused a moment to soak up the smell of good soil and lively plant. It was then that she heard the quiet sound of slow, cautious footsteps...they sounded weird, so were they going backwards?? She crawled forward, until her beautiful underbite appeared among the foliage.

A man! Her toes flexed in he dirt, and she wagged her tail exuberantly, which was obvious only by the violent shaking of one part of the bush.

Abraham glanced down to some smushed pile of petals and grimaced. Sorry, guys. Er. Girls. Flowers. He glanced back up to see a little... face from the bushes. It was one of those kinds of ugly cute dogs?!

"Hey buddy," he said, looking down at his feet and trying to adjust to the path so he could walk carefully back on that. There was a bit of a stink in the air, he realized, but there was also a fuckton of flowers and shit and "vampire" just wasn't going off for him right now. "I don't think dogs are supposed to be here, so you should, uh. Go back to your owner."

He waved one hand in a general "shoo" gesture and kept backing up, waiting for the thing to flash little dog teeth or something. A scene would be so much louder in a glass dome.

Uncomfortable man! Her tail-wagging condensed itself into a smaller circumference of higher intensity, and she tilted her head at him and blinked buggy eyes. Just about no men ever liked her, and that made her sad. Was she not a very good dog after all?

Well. This was her turf as much as it was his, even if she was a dog right now. She burst out of the greenery, frisking in a tight circle before jumping into a play bow, her velvety ears quivering. "Roo-roo roo!" Look at what a great dog this was, guy!

Hey, what the fuck. Maybe it hadn't... smelled him yet? It would honestly stomp on Abraham's secretly gooey heart if they had the start of a nice moment and then the dog pissed itself and ran off.

But he would try anyway, pausing mid-backstep as the little dude came out and... twirled. No leash, no collar, no tags. Hmm.

"Yeah?" he said, sorta bending at the middle some. "You got an... owner? They're probably looking for you."

'Cause the dog was gunna fuckin' answer that, Abraham.

He was coming around!! She wriggled deeper into the stretch and then straightened, panting happily and gently dusted with mulch. She had a feeling he would try to take her back out of the butterfly garden...but probably pet her first. Her head tilted attentively, and she took two steps back, still jiggling slightly from the force of her tail. No one was looking for her! She was an unattended vampire!

It was weird, realizing you hadn't had a decent interaction with a domesticated animal in over a year. Abraham felt a little wriggle of something nice in his heart. Lost dog scenarios weren't the best, but this one's owner at least was somewhere in the building.

Moving to a squat to get on the same level as Fido, he just sorta... rubbed the fingers of one hand together?! Which apparently was supposed to summon the dog? Pet interaction was weird.

"Hey puppy!" he said because dogs didn't need a logical continuation of conversation. Breathing was part of talking, so he did that, and then-

Oh. Fuck. His whole beard frowned.

"Vampire, huh," he said, decidedly defeated.

Marybeth was just having a really good time, watching a nice person crouch down and be nice to her, dancing around on her little dog legs. She was definitely going to come up and let him pet her but turn into a fury worm if he grabbed her when! His beard frowned. And he sagged and told her exactly what she was and after a stunned goggle-eyed moment, she sniffed at him investigatively.

Oh. Well, how did she miss that?

She looked a little put out for a moment, too, but then perked right back up. A quick check to make sure nobody else was around, and she sat down and perked her ears expressively. "Oh, yeah. I didn't smell you! You just smell like a garden!" Then she got busy sniffing more, sure she knew the smell.

Oh, man. Abraham didn't know what he was expecting, but she absolutely had, like. A little dog voice. It was a disarming for all that it was also confusing. Was she putting it on? Trying to sound like a small dog person?

Smelling like garden was a weird compliment that she probably just meant as a fact, but he'd take it.

"I work around plants all day, so. Probably sticks around from that, too,"

His frown lingered a little, mostly from thinking.

"You act just like a real dog. Is it like. Instinctive?"

Sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff....sniff.

Yeah, that was definitely jaguar. Or smelled like that, anyway. But he was saying other stuff that drove her completely off track! Her tail wagged uncertainly, hopefully, as she considered his question and made her reply. "Maybe a little bit? But I think I just know dogs a lot. So it's fun to be a dog." More expressive ear dancing! "Is that how it is with you, or you have a real cat brain I bet?" A good sentence. She was trying to remember a conversation she'd had half a year ago and it made her make words kind of dumb!

Huh. It probably was fun to be a dog. Abraham would probably be shit at it, but maybe if it granted you a sorta mindset just by being some furry little thing.

He wondered what dog lady looked like in normal form. Vampires seemed to come in such a weird mix, from edgy Cordova assholes to teenagers like Savannah to stuffy Beauregard types to... this. (Almost like real people, Abraham!)

Her question gave him a little pause as he wondered if he should answer. But in the end, it wasn't exactly were knowledge that could hurt anyone.

"It's more like real cat brain," he said. " Especially at the start. But eventually it's kinda like... a mix of both."

Cat brain wanted to chase her around for a bit and then step on her wiggly dog spine. Abraham wasn't real into it.

The dog nodded. That was what she'd heard before, but it didn't make intuitive sense to her — that they could be so un-human in such disparate ways. Shouldn't they have more in common? Why were these conditions so similar and yet so different???

It was for smarter puggle zombies than Marybeth to answer such questions, alas. "Hey, what would happen if you sent a Were to the moon?"

That question caught him off guard, and he kind of choked out a laugh for it. Talking to a dog vampire about space weres.

"Well. They'd probably... freak out and destroy the space ship on the way up."

Because of all of the... uh. What really happened on a rocket going up? Atmosphere... forces and shit? Whatever it was, his jaguar wouldn't like it.

"Though if they got up there alright, I don't know what would happen. I don't super get how... moon shit affects other shit."

That was an unsatisfactory answer and he knew it. Also, his calves were burning a little from crouching.

"What would happen to a vampire?"

He reached a hand forward to maybe offer a dog scritch or something was it weird to scratch a person?!

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