Ready, Set, Bork!

The thing about Spots, was she was either really chill or really annoying. The dog wouldn’t stop running about Kara’s head today and it was making it hard to focus on anything. It was the full moon in not even a week and she was getting driven nuts, feeling all sorts of ceaseless energy. Having enough, Kara had left work earlier than normal and all it had taken was an unfortunate and startling chain of events that ended with someone yelling at her just right for the dog to finally spook out. She’d managed to run hobble away several blocks into some hopefully forested-ish area, throwing herself down a river bank before writhing into a dog in the late evening sun.

White, orange and black spots adorned a skinny dog form as it tried to wrangle out of clothes in a flurry. A shirt was hard for front paws to handle, much less a bra. And then pants, guh! Planting her chest down into the wet grass, the african dog started trying to slide out of things. Bunny hops through the slimy dead and new reeds and finally pants were gone. Scooching the other direction, she pawed her face and tugged back. It budged and only succeeded in being stuck the other way while encapsulating her face in darkness. Letting out a whine, she tumbled backwards and continued to roll and roll down the incline and into shallows where cold mountain water bit into skin. With a cry of surprise, Spots backed up, shaking her head vigorously and achieving the fabric wrapping around more, earning grumbles. She was stuck and Kara's advice refused to be taken.

Inevitably, she had to go into town. River was on her way back to her bike, a stuffed-full cloth grocery bag in hand, when she got sidetracked by some nature as usual. Her encounter with a friggin talking otter earlier had been hard for her to keep un-excited about. She found herself grinning randomly as the memory replayed here and there. Most likely, anyone looking on thought she was surely insane.

River did not have her camera with her, she was just enjoying the scenery. It wasn't long before she heard one hell of a commotion by the water. A whine, some splashing, and struggling sounds. Having a massive soft spot for dogs, obviously, she had to check things out. River was out of the loop, though. She wasn't exactly aware that humans were not quite a majority in this area. She had moved here strictly for the privacy and the beauty of the landscape. She never even researched crime rates, let alone population or news.

As such, she was not expecting to see an African Wild Dog.

Struggling to get out of a shirt. There was an entire outfit strewn around the area. This was definitely not a native animal. River was going to have to google this area when she got home. Was that something you could google?

River was not entirely clueless and sheltered. She knew that she didn't want to get bitten or scratched by a were. But she couldn't just...leave this poor person stuck inside a shirt. For one thing, it made them an easy target for people that were not as nice as she was.

"U-um-" She cleared her throat, keeping her distance and setting her bag down. "I can help, if you want? River raised her voice just a tad. With ears like that, she probably didn't need to yell.

The dog was whining horribly as panic welled up. They were stuck and wouldn’t ever be able to see again. It was scary dark and they were trapped and the human voice inside was continually pushed to the side as more animal took over in an oncoming rush.

A sudden noise to their side had the dog stiffening, quieting immediately. Turning it’s covered head in the vague direction, it smelled the air. Mixed in wet river gunk, clothing, and mud, there was unmistakable human. This wasn’t the best company, but it was the safest. Which meant maybe the noises had some meaning to them. They hadn’t sounded hostile. Stifling a growl that had briefly spewed over, Spots let her tail wag low and briefly with another renewed and loud building whine escaping. Maybe, they could help? Hopefully! If they meant harm though, she was gonna bite, well as soon as the shirt came off.

River felt bad for smiling. She almost laughed, but managed to hold it in. Shirt on its head, tail wagging a little, and a whine. Maybe someone had a REALLY exotic pet that got into some laundry? Because this one was acting like, well, a wild dog that was at least a little bit tame. Still, it was best to be safe. Even if it was just a wild dog and nothing more, getting bit was not a good thing.

"Awh, you're gonna be okay! Here, I'm just coming closer to help-" River tentatively walked forward, arm outstretched. She didn't want to get too close. Well, she did. She wanted to pet it, actually. But it was scared and might not be so friendly once it could see. So, River got just close enough to grasp the shirt in her curled fingers.

"All right! You pull back, and I'll pull back!" She said with a smile, gently yanking on the shirt.

More noises and it was all calm sounding. Ears flicked at each step made towards them, but it was fine. She wanted to shake her head again, fur feeling itchy, but wasn’t exactly sure if they needed to bolt soon.

There was a moment of rustling and light tugging confirming that fingers had found a part of the fabric. And then a yank back had the dog doing so as well, feeling a wave of a potential to play mixed with current emotions. It was just enough for Kara to realize what was going on again and she took stock, noting someone was helping them. Oh thank God.

Using paws to pull themselves back hard, a determined growl erupted as she whipped her head back and forth harshly in tandem. All of a sudden, it all shifted and tension snapped as the dog was freed of the clothing on its face, only to end up shuffling backwards with the momentum into the water behind it with a splash. Yipping in surprise, she sprung back onto shore, shaking her body to and for in an effort to get the cold off fur, orange eyes looking for the human that’d helped them.

Just an animal or not, it got the idea well enough! River tugged a little harder to match the force of the dog, and all at once the poor thing tumbled off into the water. "OH-" She gasped, reflexively stepping to try and catch it, but River had no collar to grab and the dog was gone before she had even moved.

It leapt back out of the water almost as fast as it fell in, shook itself off, and seemed to look for her.

"Ooooh look at them ears!" She gushed, crouching down. "I'm sorry you fell in, you okay?"

The question was essentially rhetorical. She always talked to animals. A habit brought on by childhood loneliness because she had been the weird quiet one in class. Only recently did River get to experience one answering, which definitely did not help her control this habit. River un-rumpled the shirt, turned it right-side out, and folded it poorly.

She never really got the hang of folding shirts.

It was for everyone’s best interest River had not caught a falling Kara. There would’ve been teeth and blood and more in different orders. “Welcome to Sireland, may I take your order,” all balled up into a bloody mess. As it stood though, she was being gushed over and Spots knew what praise was without needing to have that translated. But, it did boost ego to fully understand and her tail wagged some.

More questions. Watching her, she huffed, lifting her nose to smell the girl better. She was just going to keep playing the part of dumb animal which was easier considering Kara really had no say unless she highly focused and that was tiring.

Tilting her head at the half-assed attempt at folding the shirt, she snorted. That fabric was hers, excuse her, please stop getting human smell all over it.

Tentative steps towards the human and then she rushed forward, aiming to grab the cloth in teeth, but would ultimately miss.


Another tail-wag. River wanted to believe she had met yet another individual with incredible abilities. It certainly wasn't a normal thing to find an animal from friggin Africa in Colorado.

But...maybe this was just a weird escape? Should someone? River didn't like relying on animal control for things a lot. Most of the time, in spite of the efforts of good people within, animals tended to die when they didn't have to. This dog wasn't hurting anyone but some laundry. But if someone else saw it, they might hurt it...

River had ice cream that would melt if she hung around too long. She immediately scolded herself for seriously considering that ice cream was a bigger priority than a loose not-very-domestic dog. Wrestling with her thoughts, she wasn't really prepared for it to lunge suddenly.

"Waaah!" It came out high pitched and surprised. The full-body flinch made her simultaneously fling the shirt in the dog's general direction and fall over.

She was screaming and the flinch had Spots missing as it flew. Quickly jumping the other way, she grabbed the shirt and landed triumphant.

Shaking the shirt a few times with a growl, the dog watched her warily. If no move would be made, the dog was going to begin stepping a wide berth around.

River laughed, feeling very stupid that she had gotten such a scare.

"Oh, you just wanted the shirt..." She snorted as the dog showed it who was boss. The owner of that shirt was probably not going to be happy at all.

It watched her with a bit of suspicion, so River decided to stay where she was. She wasn't sure, still, if she had guessed correctly. The dog wasn't talking to her. Maybe not all of them could, though? Maybe there would be a very angry, cold, naked person here hours later salvaging their clothes - maybe there would be a news story about an escaped zoo animal.

It was currently a larger possibility that River was going to wind up needing stitches if the dog decided she was a danger, though, so she just let it check her out without trying to touch it or get up.

Yeah, man, she just wanted the shirt. And the pants! And underwear! God, she was going to have to go clothes shopping again just to replace all of this most likely. Wide berth succeeded, Kara pushed for them to go after the rest of the clothes. They needed to find somewhere else to plop them before eating and the dog wasn’t too happy about it.

Walking up to the clothes pile, the dog overrode the decision and looked towards the human one last time. They weren’t doing anything to push them towards aggression so, that was that. Cocking its head subtly, it made to turn and leave after a moment, shirt in mouth still.

Ice cream melting, River let the dog go about it's business until she was comfortable enough to stand. It was gathering clothes like it owned them, which was one more point in the "might be a person" category. She wasn't going to bother it if it had no desire to talk to her like the other one did. And she definitely wasn't wanting to have to carry another naked person home.
River waved goodbye to the dog as if it could see her doing it, picked up her groceries, and made her way back to her bike.
This town was definitely interesting. Very, very interesting.

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