Janus was at a loss. He should have planned out the move better, but everything had happened so fast. Between packing and getting the paperwork settled for his residency Janus had all but forgotten Elis’s new found fear of cars. It really hadn’t been a problem until now. The plane ride had been smooth, and then the light rail, it was only when they got to the taxi that there were any problems.
They were in front what appeared to be a restaurant area, with many shoppers. A taxi stood in front of them, trunk open ready for their luggage. But Elis refused to get in. Janus couldn’t really blame him, not after the crash. Even now Elis was stuck in a wheelchair, his leg wrapped tightly in a cask. But there as no way they were going to get to the house without taking a car.
Desperately Janus looked around, looking for anything he could use to calm his brother. His eyes meet a person in the crowd.