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The rogue is my brother. It's a long story, but we can meet you at Work Release when we are finished eating.

It was a large bomb to drop, but it was all the information he was willing to divulge in a text.

@"Yana Novik"

Mathis had a brother? He had a brother that was a cheetah? A brother that was a cheetah and was no in Mountainside, in Belle Vista?

She worked through the simple text message and waited for a level head before she responded, a few minutes longer.

Sounds good, I look forward to meeting him.

What else, really, was there to say?

sorry to be vague, this is as much a surprise to me as it is you

He managed to type quickly.

That's how it seemed, don't worry - we'll sort this out. Besides, I know where you live. :)

Hindsight, maybe the joke was a bit of a rough fit coming from her personally - she committed to it anyway.

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