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Wallace had signed up for a membership here over a year ago and had used it maybe three times before he'd dropped off the face of the earth. He, in fact, had met Asha here--ignoring their first meeting, which he liked to pretend didn't exist--and at that point in time everything had seemed pretty normal. Life had taken a decided turn after that, and he hadn't really made it back--and that was what he chose to blame it on, instead of the inherent laziness of a couch cat.

So it was sorta-ish on the way home from work, so he sometimes came in before his shift or after his shift, depending. Never staying out too late, but not allowing himself to be chased back home simply because the sun had set. Steadily, slowly and surely, he was un-sucking himself as a person.

And sure, maybe he could have gone to the Gym in Cedar creek, where his kind could do whatever without worry. And maybe someday that would be him. But not today. The idea of any place were-exclusive still made his chest ache. So Fuse Fitness it was.

He'd been coming enough now that he wasn't absolutely dying on the treadmill, which was a neat realization. He could actually run for a while, and it was rather pleasing once he got into it. He still felt a little bit awkward for anything else, and the weight machines weren't going to help him a ton, so elliptical and treadmill and biking... Cardio life meant that when he did get home tonight he'd at least sleep incredibly well.

So it was and all was well, until he picked up his plastic water bottle while running, it slipped, hit the treadmill, and got launched backwards from there.

Find such a nice gym had been a surprise, Elis hadn't really expected much in the way of high end convenience. Not that he was complaining, he preferred small towns of large cities, especially ones that had such picturesque nature. He wasn't spending much time out in the nature though seeing as he was wheelchair bound. It was the wheelchair that had brought him to the gym. Today was suppose to be his first physical therapy session.
Everything had been going well, the gym was nice and clean, one of the workers had even been nice enough to help push him towards the office. But that all ended when they were passing the treadmills. A bottle of water was launched into the air, spraying it's contents on the floor, the worker, and all over Elis. To top it all off the bottle proceed to land on his lap, hitting the wheelchairs side and sending what water remained all over his lap and leg cask.

Wallace, being Wallace, had cursed under his breath when he'd dropped the bottle in the first place. And Wallace, being Wallace, was deeply horrified when it got distinctly worse in the next split second. He stumbled in his run, reaching for the button to slap the machine off, but botched it the first time and had to side-step onto the side in an effort to not hit the treadmill face first and turn into a raging tiger. Thankfully this was not the outcome as he found solid footing and turned, the treadmill still runining, as he looked at the man he'd drenched.

The. Wheelchair bound. Man... he'd drenched.

"Shit, I'm sorry, are you okay!?" he asked, still slightly tripped up as he came over to investigate, eyes decidedly violet and his heart up in his throat. Assaulting someone with a water bottle! Really?!

The shock of the cold water was just sinking in when owner of the water bottle came towards him clearly concerned. Elis blinked a few times, and water dripped down his neck. He regretted wearing a white shirt now, although his embarrassment was no where near the leave of discomfort at being soaked. Still it had clearly been an accident and he wasn't at all upset at the man. "I'm alright, just a little soaked."
He gave the stranger a smile hoping to put him at ease, although the moment was somewhat ruined as Elis shivered. The worker had run off as soon as they got soaked which meant Elis couldn't just smile and wheel away, he had no idea where exactly the office was.

"Never figured a treadmill would be that good at launching..." Eheh. He trailed off on his explanation, giving the man one good look to be sure he really hadn't been hurt, but it did sincerely seem as if it were just water. Why was a guy in a wheelchair here? Was that rude to wonder? Maybe he could lift weights or...


Yeah, no, Wallace was barely savvy at this gym thing even as a fully able-bodied semi-human being.

"I can help you find a towel?" he suggested, already turning back to turn off the treadmill now that he had his own bearings.

"As good as a towel sounds I don't want to be late to my appointment. You wouldn't happen to know where the physical therapist office is would you?" He wasn't to hopeful on an answer to the question, the man look far to able-bodied to have anything to do with a therapist, but it didn't hurt to ask and it took his own mind off the cold air blowing down from the air conditioning. Who knew treadmills could be such a problem? Not that Elis had ever used a treadmill, why would he when running outside sounded far more appealing, or even better laying in bed. He had never desperately needed to work out until now.

Oh? They had a physical therapist office? This was absolutely news to Wallace, who spent very little time here in a general sense. More than that, he almost never strayed further into the building past the treadmills and ellipticals and whatnot. He couldn't have told you where most things were outside of this section and the lockers, actually...

"Uhh..." he said helpfully, feeling perplexed a little as well. "You sure they won't mind you detouring for a second for a towel? I mean, unless you're running late." Either way, the treadmill was off and Wallace was clearly intent upon helping this guy. "I'm not sure where it is, but I can help you look if you're that worried."

Well the workers would probably find him later, and it wasn't like he was late because of his own tardiness. "That towel sounds really good actually."
He smiled, hell the man was cute what would it hurt to talk with him for a while. "Do you come here often? I don't usually go to the gym so I've not really been in one before, if you couldn't tell already I suppose"
Okay he was getting really cold now. His shirt was sticking to his skin now and showing off everything, at least he wasn't bad looking even if he didn't have muscles for miles. The water was also starting to pool around his lap and was extremely uncomfortable. The sooner he could get dry the better, it was unlucky that he didn't have a change of clothes as it was just suppose to be a consultation today.

Oh thank fuck he could actually be a little helpful.

Except, well, where the hell were towels in this place? Wallace realized the mistake of not knowing entirely too late to take back the offer, so he supposed he was stuck paying for his sins. Never picking up a water bottle while running like that ever again. Poor dude was soaked, what the fuuuuck, universe. So he began to lead the man off, hoping that he didn't expect him to push him or something, it was rude to just do it he was pretty sure and maybe insensitive to offer...

Nope, Wallace had no idea what he was doing, but they'd wander towards the back. Towels probably back by the pool and the locker rooms, which hopefully would be near the offices as well.

"More often lately than I did for a long while," he explained simply. "Started a new job so this is on the way home and stuff," sorta, ", and just looking to not be home all the time. Self improvement or something, yeah?"

Elis easily rolled the wheelchair after the man, he had been stuck in one for a month now and had pretty good grasp on how to handle it. Although this was the first time he had been drenched. They seemed to be heading to the back, Elis assumed a locker room or something awaited. He made a face as the man mentioned being stuck at home, he knew all about that."I understand. Being stuck at home is no fun, and there are worse things you could be doing then going to the gym. It's actually really smart of you to improve yourself, I wish I had that type of dedication. But alas as soon as my leg heals I make no guaranties I will ever step foot in a gym again."
Not because he had been drenched but just because he really didn't like working out.

Being stuck at home was safe and comfortable. But yeah, not fun. And not good for him. But they all had their troubles, didn't they?

Some were just more obvious than others. Like wheelchairs.

The victim of the water bottle was proving very gracious and even very complimentary, and Wallace felt... forgiven. Which was nice. And all the more determined to find a towel. Which was not being as forthcoming as he liked.

"Truth be told I am an absolute napping champion. Everything in my soul would rather be at home on the couch right now play Red Dead. But hey--like you said. This is smarter." He glanced back to make sure he wasn't leaving the other behind with his long-legged strides, and dared to ask, "You been in the wheelchair very long? I bet it's an arm workout."

He was thankfully keeping pace with the man but it did mean he wasn't paying as much attention to where they were going as he should. "Naps are the best until you get told to nap which ruins the fun. As for the wheelchair, I've been in it for about a month now and will probably be in it for another four if the doctors are to be believed. Car crashes tend to break your bones in multiple places apparently, wish I had known that before. And yes it is a work out, something I'm trying hard not to think about, my arms will never forgive me, at least I can guilt my brother into pushing me around the house, otherwise I'm pretty sure my arms would have fallen off by now"

Yeouch! And here was the story. Wallace was kinda glad the guy was willing to share--made him feel not bad for bringing it up at all. Still, car accident--big pass. Reminder that it would have sucked to be human again, for all being a were was inconvenient in some ways. Or harrowing. One of those.

"Welp, not losing arms is good. Glad you have some help." He was pretty sure he spied a pile of towels stacked neatly at the entrance to the lap pool at the very back, and angled towards there. "Sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it. I hear car crashes are a real bitch."

Knock on wood, that would never be him.

Right now they were getting to far into territory Elis was not okay with, and they had entered a pool area. Where wheelchairs allowed here? There were towels nearby so fuck it. He did not want to loose the conversation so he kept pace. "Yeah their not great that's for sure. But at least I got to move here instead of being stuck in California"
God he was running out of comfortable territory fast, car accident out, talking about family out, he need to change the subject to something much easier. "Are you from around here?"
Yeah hit him with the easy questions and hopefully divert attention away from any unwanted topics.

Success! Towels! Wallace took one, pretending like he was the authority on this and that he wasn't actually deeply uncertain if he was allowed to do this or not. Oh well, surely no one would get mad at him for helping someone out with it. As long as no one like... stole it, stole it.

He turned back just as the topic came around to him, and he laughed. "Well, sorta. I've lived here a couple of years and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon." Not unless someone convinced him to pack up and move--but where else would he go? It wasn't like he could go back to London, and he had no ties anywhere else.

Moving to hand the claimed towel to the young man, he wondered internally at how much his life really had changed.

"Thank you" He took the offered towel. A quick brush over his hair ruined the wavy style, instead his hair fell straight and curled at the tips. So much for looking nice. "Well I hope to love this city as much as you do then"
He still wasn't sure where the offices were, but he didn't want to take up more of the guys work out time. The towel had been given along with pleasant conversation which was all Elis could ask for after being hit with a water bottle. Now the only trouble came with making his way around the pool without slipping.

Well... Wallace had gotten him the towel. And he was pretty sure any offices were back here! So, trusting the guy would be able to figure it out himself--he seemed an adult--or else find someone else less utterly clueless, Wallace did feel like he'd done his part.

"I'm sure you will! Maybe see you around sometime," he said, raising his hand in one of those awkward waves as he tried to make a subtle exit. He would probably never see this dude again, but, well... you never knew. This city had a way of dragging people together when they bothered to leave the house from time to time.

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