Lost in Otterspace

Lavender Heights 
The last remains of the changed faded from Yujin’s body with the final patch of fur covering his left leg. He threw up onto the cold stones of the alleyway, his tiny body scrunching with the movement. A thick coat of fur protected him from the worst of the wind, but he still shivered with the aftermath of the anxiety attack. He pressed back against the bricks of some building and curled up among the remains of his shirt. Sleep pressed in one him from all sides, but the immediate danger of being out in the open and the constant pangs of hunger kept him awake.
He didn’t know where he was or how to get home, not to mention it would be much harder as an otter. A whine rattled its way out of his throat. But there were no other otters here to help him, no younger brother to come pick him up, not even a phone to call for help. He was all alone.

Ah. The gaybourhood.

Full of rainbows and bright colours and neon signs and just general happiness to be who you were.

Jupiter felt at home here.

Then again he also felt at home everywhere else in Cordova. Lavender Heights just felt warmer and softer than any place else and if it weren’t for the fact that it was owned by Vampires if the gossip at the salon was to be believed, then he might think about moving his business to the land of drag bars.

He was stuck in traffic on his way home, taking in the scenery of his second favourite neighbourhood in Cordova (as he really couldn't call anywhere other than home his favourite). His fingers tapping away along the leather wheel of his car to the beat of music, humming and singing random lyrics as he knew them. His phone buzzed on the seat beside him and he checked to make sure that he was still stuck in traffic before picking it up.

His sister. She could wait until he wasn't driving. He put his phone back into the cup holder and upon looking back up at the road, something moving caught his eye. He tilted his head to the side and his eyes focused on the large sized animal. A further squint of his eyes made him actually stop drumming his fingers against the wheel. Was that. A fucking otter?

Yujin had crawled to the entrance of the alleyway to look out and see if the roads were busy, or if he stood a chance of trying to retrace his steps home. But the sheer amount of cars had him draw back. Was it rush hour?
He slumped, his long tail curling around in front of his feet. How was he going to get home? Waiting here seemed a poor choice, it wasn't normal to see an otter in the middle of town and he was bound to get spotted sooner or later.
Dejected Yujin stuck his head back out so he could properly spot a time to begin moving. There were just so many people. He wasn't very large in otter form, only three and a half feet, but still he was bound to get noticed if he tried to weave through people's feet. Maybe he should wait, just a little longer for traffic to calm down.

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