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Decadence is a unique and interactive supernatural rpg with a mature twist. We are very plot driven with many opportunities for influence.

• Jcink Premium . 3-3-3 . Inclusive Community
• Starter Guide . Friendly and Helpful Members . Many Site Wide Plots
• New Species Added Regularly . Important Positions Needed
• No Word Count . "Discord Challenges" . CAH for Points & More!

It was in the aftermath of the apocalyptic cycle that supernaturals found refuge from the Wilds in Denver Colorado. The vampires, werewolves, witches and draka support one another in what is now a busy city complete with electricity, thanks to magic. It has become an empire, the capital of the continent and safe haven from the over-grown, jungle-like wilderness that has become perilous with mutated and hungry beasts.

However, the city holds deliciously dark details - seemingly lawless and cruel. And yet they not only make due but flourish, no one can deny the sanctuary that is this twisted metropolis. Humans and shifters are "subspecies" and considered slaves, used for everything from gardening, chauffeuring to more carnal tasks.

But there is a resistance! The Rebels, led by a fierce man scorned by the first President. They have taken up the little town of Morrison; setting up outposts and growing in numbers.

The future cannot be all dark, but it is in your hands!

Come explore your wild side!