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Work Release - Coalition Only 

There was a new cat in town. It was inevitable that Charlie have some notion of that, even if direct contact had yet to be made. Yana didn't have to announce it to make it obvious--there was just another cheetah around that wasn't anyone Charlie already knew. It was the strangest sixth sense at times, at once perfectly comfortable and very odd.

So when he walked now into the area that the Coalition called its own, lunch on his mind between his various duties here at Work Release--the work having become more an established routine between classes these days--he wasn't the most surprised to find someone brand new just... there. Unpacking a salad like he belonged. Because he did, didn't he? He didn't even have that discomfiting tinge of a rogue. He was one of them, for all Charlie had never set eyes on him.

Something familiar about him, too, but he couldn't quite place what.

"Afternoon," he called, cautiously friendly, wondering what brought the newbie in at this hour. Was he working here, too? Or just... chilling? Charlie supposed this was possible. He walked over towards the fridge where his own lunch was hiding.

Timeshare really wanted a closer look, but Charlie knew it was still weird to go rushing at people you've never met before!!

 While many of his siblings were loud, boisterous people, Benji was a quiet observer. He'd argue that he wasn't shy, he simply did not feel the need to caterwaul in a crowd for his presence to be seen and heard. Perfectly content to be in the ring of many instead of at the center, he waded through social situations with quiet tact and poise. Still, settling into anywhere new came with its fair share of awkward hurdles.

 Aside from Yana and his brother he'd yet to meet anyone else in the coalition. So, in an attempt to 'put himself out there' he decided to start having lunch at Work Release, hoping he'd cross their paths. Sitting at the table, he busied himself, looking through one page of apartment listings after another while picking at his salad.

 His cat felt the presence of another before he did. It chirped its own greeting, while the man lifted his head. "Hello, pleasure to meet you. I'm Benji De Luca." Perhaps a bit stiff and formal, but he'd rather be polite than overly familiar. "Would you care to join me?"

Wow, hello there Mr. Formal! Charlie pulled open the fridge and pulled out the food he'd stashed in there--nothing fancy, just a sandwich and a couple of clementines--and straightened up to look at the man just in time with a renewed interest at the revelation of the name, putting two and two together with the accent.

Of course he was going to join him, and he'd march straight on over there with the usual friendly demeanor. Offering his hand even as he moved to sit adjacent to the new cat he said, "Charlie Major. De Luca? That make you related to our very own Mathis?"

Had to be. Unless De Luca was the 'Smith' of Italians. Maybe it was.

 As he shook his hand his cheetah pushed forward, sniffing curiously. "Yes, I’m his brother." They were their own people, but he was grateful for Mathis’ apparent good standing with the rest of the group, hoping he could lean on his reputation to integrate himself with ease.

 "Do you work at the gallery?" He asked, wading into a warm, shallow pool of pleasantries.

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