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Pine Peak Sanctuary 
Wearing comfy clothes, sunglasses and a backpack. Also pulling this.

Locke slid his sunglasses down, clipping them to his shirt collar. Full moon soon to be rising in the distance, Locke didn't want to be that douchey guy walking around wearing sunglasses after dark, even if his shifter eyes could adjust. The classic red wagon he toted behind him snagged on a rock. Locked blew out an exasperated breath and yanked on the handle. It barely budged. A look was thrown over his shoulder at the guest riding with the watermelons. "Brace yourself." He warned right before pulling with both hands, sending the front wheel airborne for a split second. It landed with a heavy thunk, flying past the rock; the melons remained unscathed, settling back to their original position.

Bustling along, they made it from their car to the front entrance. Locked swung open the door with one hand and continued to tow his brother into the main building, wagon wheels squeaking noisily. Cliff would be somewhere inside and then they could get this thing started.

Everyone knows there's no party like a full moon party. And the twins always came prepared.

Work out clothes and hat on, check, brother towing him as he leaned back leisurely, check, food acquired, triple check. So far, it was smooth sailing. A sudden yank on the wagon and hands went to the edges of the vehicle of choice, preparing for the heave from his brother at the warning. The wagon thunked past the rock opposition, legs safely nestling the load from bouncing around too much.

Soon enough they were at the entrance and Locke so graciously opened the door for them. As he rolled in, Emmett looked around with a building whistle. ”You sure this is it?”

The only thing better than seeing a dude wheeling another dude in a wagon full of watermelons through the door of the little clubhouse would be if the wagon was full of bacon instead. But it was still a sight to see as he moved to the railing of the loft, having hopped up from where he'd challenged Natasha to a game of checkers. Cliff looked down over the railing, pressing his palms to the wood as he laughed, "You'd have to be pretty fuckin' lost if this wasn't the place you meant to be." He answered... one of them. The one in the melon wagon.

here is a general ref for the main space of the building. Up the stairs is games and stuff, down the hallway and around the corner is the medical area. There is also a communal locker room and showers down that right hallway too. Imagination, folks!


Natasha was completely getting her ass kicked at checkers, glaring at the board as Cliff jumped up to the sound of a loud whistle followed by the voice of a man. Quickly removing some of Cliffs checkers, Natasha jumped up towards the railing swinging her torso over as she looked down towards the boys, arm waving.

"Hey there. She hadn't heard too much about them, but she knew that they were twins although she hadn't quite expected them to look that much a like. It was gonna take her forever to learn which was which!

The interior looked like a log cabin on speed. Nice.

Locke dropped the wagon handle, hearing it thump lightly against the carpet. His eye drew up to Cliff on the second floor. An excellent choice for an entry spot, the higher ground made the little guy appear much taller.

He waved back at the other...covert sniff check...yep other bear. "Oh hey, new face. Nice to meet ya. I'm Emmett."

There was movement up on the balcony and Emmett inclined his head up and yo, there was Cliff answering his question. Great, so this was bear central base one and he could get used to it. In response, Emmett saluted. They'd gotten pretty lost before, but he wasn't about to say so at this moment.

Suddenly, there was a woman jumping up, saying hi, and everything about her was bear. Cool, a new shining face! ”And I’m Locke,” Emmett said with a lovably innocent smile, deciding it was time to get out of the cart and use his feet again. ”We brought watermelons to share.”

Natasha was right behind, greeting the boys and actually getting him names to put to faces. He took note of their clothes. Emmet, Locke. Got it. (Spoiler: He didn't.) But there was more important things at hand. Like a wagon of watermelons. So Cliff wasted no time in heading down the stairs at a brisk pace, and approaching the two with an extended hand. The bear maroooooood nosily, aggressively in his face given the moon was tonight. Food first, bear. They could agree on that. If the twins accepted, both would receive a bro hug, complete with pats on the back and all that. The kodiak did his fair share of drooling and smacking, but lovingly. "This is Natasha," He said, stepping away to let her greet the others as he looked to the watermelons. Thankfully he'd stocked the kitchen with everything a kitchen needed. Including big knives. Not silver, of course.

Emmet. Locke.

She would program the names to memory, but with the two looking exactly alike, she highly doubted that she would be able to put the names to the actual owners in just a few hours. She wasn't too concerned though, as twins, she was sure that they were completely used to getting their identities switched all the time, and if they weren't, Natasha would get them used to it.

Following after Cliff with quick chipper steps, she stood back a bit as he made for a group hug, holding up a hand as he introduced her. "Nice to meet you!" She called, Mary wiggling excitedly in the forefront of her mind. "Thanks for the melons."

So many bears in one place, his bear was clawing the ground in excitement. More shifters to play with and wrestle. Locke wondered what Cliff and Natasha looked like shifted, maybe one of them was an unusual species. Like a koala bear! The hug from Cliff was accepted with a brotherly smack on the back, get in her little guy, spread the love. As Cliff moved off to hug his twin, Locke looked to each person in the room, stopping on Natasha. "You're most welcome. We figured a dozen should be enough to get started."

That left everyone with three each, unless..."We expecting anyone else?" He wracked his brain for other names. Cliff mentioned a few more at the diner, but bears were busy animals. Lots of bee hives to find and humans to shame with forest fires.

The two were making their way down and he forced himself not to go with the whims of the bear that suggested taking a step back from bigger bears. The fact a bear was living stranger danger life more than he did was kind of annoying to be honest, but okay. To the hand extended after Locke got a quality bear bro hug, he took it as well and copied the movement of his brother with giving pats. His bear shyly offered close fur sniffs before smacking happened from Cliff’s in which case it backed up with worried grunts, slapping the ground.

Letting go, Natasha was introduced and Emmett gave a wave back with a tried smile. "Hi." He’d give her the benefit of the doubt since so far Cliff seemed okay so she was probably okay as well. All to be further determined, but so far it was going great. Melons were a good call and he nodded at the thanks, Locke saying more than enough for them both, but it did bring up a good question about others. There was a list of more than Natasha and he could not for the life of him remember exacts, but it was definitely like one or two more. Either way, more for them if not. He personally had his sights on the absolute perfect specimen of watermelon about third row in with all the stripes and yellowing needed for the status.

”Like…. A... yan?” Sorry in advance, he knew that was wrong and was stumbling through it, so for now Emmett was going to direct his awkward attention towards taking the handle of the wagon. ”Where can I take this?”

"A dozen sounds good, but I don't know what the rest of you are going to eat." He joked, "Just in here." He directed, moving to lead Emmett to the kitchen. "Ayane, yeah, she's gonna be here around nighfall. Her bear's a bit, er, cautious of newcomers." He opened a drawer to retrieve a knife, and then went searching for a cutting board. "And Indra's got stuff real early tomorrow, so he's gonna be shifting closer to home." Otherwise, it was just the four of them, and they were all here. So, yay! He started on cutting one melon into slices.

At one point Riley would have been included as well, but instead she had chose a different path in which Natasha didn't particularly approve of, especially since it led her in a totally different direction than her and the gang were going. Natasha could only hope that the decision didn't end up biting her in the butt, although in some darker place of her heart, she did. Betrayal wasn't something that Natasha took easily, no matter how small it was.

Sighing to herself, Natasha decided to focus on more happier things, such as the abundant amount of watermelons in front of her. As Jenna Marbles once said, anything with a mouth loved watermelon, and Natasha most certainly had a mouth. "I don't know Cliff, I feel like Mary will fight you for one if she has to." She joked back, body jittering with excitement for not only said watermelon, but for the whole gang to be here as well, minus Indra.

Boo him for being busy.

The more the merrier, honestly. He liked meeting new people and a shy bear would fit right in with Emmett's furry side. They could wave bashfully at each other from behind opposite trees.

It was time to get to shifting, his bear was already starting to nose around the others, nudging curiously and wanting to play. Cliff could lead them out, he did own the place. Each of them could take a watermelon or three outside, set up a nice snack for their bear. Opening his mouth to make the suggestion, he snapped it shut at Natasha's comment.

"Who's Mary?" He asked, curious. Someone that could ever surpass Cliff's appetite was someone Locke wanted to meet, but maybe at a distance. Say, like 50 feet. Actually, on second thought, he'd like to challenge this Mary to a full on watermelon competition. No one could decimate a melon or spit a seed farther then the Bower boys.

The rest could starve. You snooze, you lose. That was the rule you had to live by when it was about watermelon. At the direction, Emmett followed Cliff to the kitchen. Mission accomplished, he let go and leaned against the counter a bit, watching the guy fish around for things as he answered about the others.

Ayane, right! Her bear sounded, well, like his and he wasn’t about to say so. They’d all figure it out when the big guy decided to just hide his face in a hole later tonight probably. What a wuss.

So one other, but Indra bear would be out for now, alright. Emmett turned to Natasha as she mentioned Mary and that was a brand new name that didn’t even sound at all familiar from their bbq date. Locke beat him to who, but he could add on. ”Is she new? I don’t remember her name.”

He'd let Natasha answer that one as he cut into one of the melons. There was no way they'd eat all of these before the sun set, but he figured eating one now and letting the bears have at the rest was fine. You couldn't just bring in a wagon of watermelon and expect someone like Cliff to wait to eat at least one slice. He quartered it as Natasha gave her answer.

Natasha was so used to speaking about Mary by name with Cliff, that she totally forgot that her bears name wasn't a completely known thing. Turning back towards the twins, which she had already forgotten who was who, Natasha held a single finger to her head. "Mary is my bear, after Mary Plain." She doubted the boys would know the stories, but she would clarify anyways.

"Cliff over there calls his Smokey, after some American ad." She would flash a grin in his general direction before directing her attention back onto the twins. "Do you two have a name for your bears?"

This was exciting new information, although he had no idea what Mary Plain was. An educated guess was something similar to Winnie the Pooh but for British people, judging by her accent. But say, wasn't Winnie the Pooh also originally from England? They watched the Christopher Robin movie a while back and that Obi Wan actor was definitely not a Yankee. Huh, he'd have to puzzle it all out later.

Ears picking up the sound of Cliff chopping up a watermelon in the kitchen, Locke went to answer her question for himself. Emmett might have a name for his bear, but Locke had never thought of it before. "I do not have a name." Unless Locke Bear counted, or big guy. Natasha had just opened a whole new world of possibilities. "But I will soon." A smile stretched across his face. He'd start firing off names to his bear and see how the big lug responded. There would be a system, like excessive ear flapping for yes and growling for no.

Oh, the name of Natasha’s bear was Mary. Anddd Emmett had no idea who Mary Plain was, but that was cool. Cliff’s, he did know the reference and that was a fitting name for a bear if he ever heard one. He hadn’t even considered people named their bears and it was a tad odd? Emmett turned to his own bear and really couldn’t imagine naming it like a pet. But, if that’s what weres did then, maybe he should. ”Nice names.”

Luckily, it seemed his brother hadn’t named the big lug anything without letting him know, so they were on the same footing there. Grabbing a cut watermelon, he held the rine so as to avoid sticky fingers as much as possible, the juice dripping a tad. ”Nope, hadn’t even considered it. Guess it’s time to brainstorm.” And he took a bite of the melon in thought.

Thanks for outing him, Natasha. Apparently the naming thing wasn't all that common, or maybe the twins hadn't thought about it, and that was fine. Melon quartered, he went about distributing slices to everyone. It would only be fifteen or so more minutes before the decision to head out to a shifting spot was made, and with the wagon in tow, the group made their way out into the scrub that was the Sanctuary.

They made it to a spot near the river, and after about thirty minutes of setting out the water melons in spots that were plenty far enough from one another that it would hopefully avoid spats, they are converged again to start the process of stripping and shifting. It was super exciting, shifting with two new bears, and Smokey was all too eager to get his big fat feet on the ground. Cliff didn't fight it, and the shift was painful, but not all that long. Short enough that he was fully finished a good few moments before the rest. The behemoth would pull itself up, snuffling and huffling, and shake out its dense fur as he waited for the others to join him.

The shift for Natasha was neither quick or painless. Nope, just as agonizing as ever as her body instinctively fought the process every step of the way, eventually just passing out as Mary took her place. The cinnamon colored bear was happy to be out and free letting out a maroo of excitement as she bounded her way towards the others, giving tentative sniffs at the new presence.

Who were these people? Hello. Hi. I'm here.

Shifting with other bears wasn't entirely new to Locke, his brother a faithful companion since their turning. He was grateful for the distance between each person though, sometimes your bear just needed a little space and while the twins may have taken baths together as children, there wasn't any dangly bits of Emmett's he wanted to see up close again unless under extreme duress.

Undressed and kneeling, Locke let the shift overtake him. The worst part was always the spine, breaking and then elongating to suit his bear's size. Sharp, muffled gasps of pain turned to wuffs of hot air as a lumbering coffee colored bear emerged from the trees, beelining for the clearing. A wealth of scents hit his nose, so many other bears out tonight, he must go investigate. Stealth was not his forte, so Locke Bear would be gallop right up and make his presence known.

Watermelon was consumed and he was sure to remember where he’d placed his own personal favorite melon for later as they spread everything out. Giving everyone well enough berth, he undressed and used to the pomp and circumstance, the grizzly was eager to come out. There was a lot of pain during the whole unfolding refolding of himself and Emmett wouldn’t admit it to anyone if asked, but his eyes had definitely watered a considerable enough for a least a tear.

Soon enough, the bear was there in all its furry glory, who would’ve sat down, but stopped immediately as it noted Natasha’s bear running towards them. While Locke’s went forward, Emmett’s own bear wasn’t the best for bear hugs immediately. With a cubbish grunting cry, it looked behind and yes! There was a nice bush nearby. Inwardly facepalming, Emmett watched as his bear went and hid behind the saddest excuse of a bush with its scraggly branches and little foliage, as if that would hide his gigantic brown frame.

Eventually, he wasn't alone. The bears marood and wuffed and grunted, and the kodiak watched with loose jowls and a flaring nose. He would lumber up to the familiar cinammon bear, pushing his big fat bear head against her side as he moved along the length of her. Greeting done, he'd turn his attention to the two newcomers. While Cliff himself had met them, and the bear had been able to aquaint to some extent. this was a whole new level. So he moved toward the shier of the two, stepping heavily forward but not in a crowding way. He lingered some feet away, swaying and lifting his head to peer at the smaller brown bear. "Maarooo."

Mary would nuzzle at Cliff as he came by, excited to see her friend before shifting her attention towards the new friend as Cliff did. She wasn't quite as courteous as the larger, and while he spoke with the bear "hiding", Natasha would bound towards the friendlier option. She would offer sniffles and snuffles towards the others face, body practically vibrating with excitement.

Locke Bear returned the happy snuffling from Mary, huffing out a hello and how do you do in the equivalent bear language. Large paws scraped the ground, an excess of excited energy causing Locke Bear to shake out his coat and poke out his tongue. A familiar scent hit his nose and the big bear turned his head to peer around Mary. Ah, his brother's bear was already starting a game of hide-and-seek. Nice. However, his jowl snapped shut upon seeing the mountain of Cliff's bear casting a shadow over Emmett Bear. Uh oh.

Brother Locke saw a disaster waiting to happen, Bear Locke saw a huge Kodiak that needed to be scented immediately, so they split the difference. Lumbering past the friendly female with an apologetic huff, the bear came right up to the larger male, taking a couple of whiffs and then nudging his head directly into its side, marooing softly. Emmett Bear needed a little wallflower time before he'd feel comfortable playing, so come play with Locke Bear instead.

Big dude was heading his way and that was uncomfortable. Offering a bear marooing whine, he backed up to keep some distance, slapping the ground some in warning. Nope, the bush is a line, do not cross.

Familiar brother bear suddenly coming in from stage right was a godsend and tension left the grizzly’s shoulders, feeling comfortable in snuffling the air. Look, he’d warm up or at least Emmett would try his best to get the bear to do so, just had to take it slow. It wouldn't take long though hopefully since there was a massive string of curiosity about the two other bears. Stepping to the side, it would make to go around, using Locke’s bear in between them as a nice barrier, watching the two strangers carefully.

The meeker bear was sending all sorts of uncomfortable signals, so the kodiak stopped in his tracks completely, not daring to come closer. The seconds of the two abandoned Mary, coming to insert himself between him and his brother. Smokey was cool with it, his lips flapping as he pushed out air and swung his fat head around to snuff into the top of Locke's bear's head.

Left to entertain herself, Marys head swung back towards new bear and familiar bear, before swinging back towards something rather bright. Waddling up towards it, she would give it a sniff, recognizing the smell as food. Paw pushing against the hard surface, it didn't take much effort at all for the bear to break into the sweet fruit, sniffing at the red substance before chowing down.

The larger bear sniffed at Locke's head, damp air from the huge nose blowing Locke's hair in different directions. It actually kinda tickled. Satisfied that he had captured their full attention, Locke Bear lifted a paw to pat on Smokey's shoulder. He struggled to reach all the way up, bear arms weren't that flexible on all fours. Smokey was huge, a bonafide Unit. It was insane to associate Cliff's smaller stature with such a massive beast. Guess Cliff's a grower, not a shower.

Locke continued to marvel at the discrepancy while his bear formed an idea. On hind legs, Smokey had him beat, but if Locke Bear was on two feet while Smokey stayed down, then he by definition had the higher ground. Shaking his furry head, Locke Bear shuffled back a step and lifted up, balancing delicately on his back paws. He clapped once, rumbling out the bear version of a gleeful laugh and then like a reverse trust fall, plopped down across the larger bear's back, marooing triumphantly.

While the two big dudes had their snuff and greet, the grizzly waddled by with a big berth. The sight of a smaller bear attacking something that smelled nice drew his attention. Ears flicking, he swerved his head over to see his brother currently comparing sizes to then back to Mary. This time, he could approach on his own timeline so there was a surge of confidence.

Making big steps over, the bear sniffed and stopped a few steps away from her. That melon looked really good and y'know what he wanted some. Getting closer, he batted at the melon, trying to get it to slide away from her through the dirt.

For as big as they all were in comparison to naturally sized bears, Cliff was always the biggest. His favorite change of pace, honestly, and something that gave him some of his confidence when he wasn't on all fours and weighing two thousand pounds. The smaller bear reached up to bat at his shoulder, and he moved to nudge his nose against the extended leg. When he reared backward, the Kodiak pulled his head back and rounded his shoulders, chuffing at the excitement of the grizzly's discovery. He staggered some at the impact of being fallen upon, and reached around with his outermost paw to bat at the side of the brown bear's haunch. With a dramatic maroooo, he began to topple to the side purposefully, as if he was buckling beneath the weight of his companion.

Mary was thoroughly enjoying her melon, crunching happily at the rind. It was as she gave a solid cronch to a particularly large piece that she noticed the other bear, ears swerving towards the sounds of paw steps before her lug of a head followed. Blue eyes would watch as the new comer delicately rolled a melon away, eyes narrowing just slightly.

She thought about taking it back, but given there were quite a few others surrounding them, she would allow him this one. She would give a snort in his direction, before waddling around, turning her body so that she was no facing the other bear, sitting back down with a loud thwump. She would continue to crunch, but this time, her eyes would be on him.

The body below him collapsed resulting in Locke Bear draped clumsily over the side with toes wedged into Smokey's belly. A wad of thick hair flew into his nose as he braced for impact causing a mighty sneeze. He didn't expect Smokey to go down like a stack of bricks, well played larger bear. Locke wasn't below using his new position to his advantage though, so he wiggled around, rolling all the way over until he was star-fished on his back. So comfy.

As blue eyes fell on him, he slowed down, but the paw continued to bring the melon his direction with light delicate giant claws. Despite the shifting in attention from her, the grizzly seemed home free. Sitting down with a hmphf, he used both forepaws to roll it over before diving his face into it. Big maw pushing down with great force, eventually the rind gave away and burst open to allow access to the melon inside. Spitting out what was in his mouth, the bear descended into the red and fragrant inside, snuffling and chewing on the feast, not minding the juice getting all over his brown fur.

Not comfy >:C.

The bear's wiggling was kind of painful even through the layer of fat, pressing on his ribs and guts. Eurgh. The Kodiak grumbled playfully, lifting his head up and curving it over his shoulder to try and grab a leg or paw in his mouth and tug, not harmfully, but enough to be a nuisance. Meanwhile, the sweet smell of something being broken into and the delicious sounds of munching reached his nose and ears. Play was fun, but food was something more important.

The other bear managed to get into the melon, and while Mary did indeed have her own that she was munching upon, she still felt a pang of jealousy at the other bears snack. The other melon was fresher now, more pungent in sweet smells, and most of all, there was more of it. Mary had already torn through half of hers already, and this other guy was just starting!

Harrumphing, Mary ducked her head down to finish off her scraps quickly. She could easily just grab another melon, but some very deep connection to the human inside of her told Mary that she needed to finish this off first.

Smokey didn't want to play anymore. Fine, he couldn't handle Locke Bear anyway. Humph! Taking his sweet time, Locke wiggled off the larger bear and rolled to his front. The sweet smell of sticky fruit was pungent making the bear drool for a mouthful. He turned to Smokey, flicking his ears excitedly. The other two had each claimed a melon, but there were a few still laying out, but they'd need to be quick. Bears ate like they were starving at all times.

Maybe his brother would share? HAH. When hell froze over.

Padding over, Locke Bear sniffed his way to his own watermelon, lowing his bulky body over it to hide it from sight. He didn't trust any them. Friends are friends until they steal your melons.

Emmett’s bear had zero hesitations about what it wanted, a shared trait unfortunately when it came to food. He was a good halfway through the yummy watermelon red insides as Mary made a noise that had him flicking ears. Looking over to her with large smacking bear mouth movements, he decided, y’know what, two melons even if one was almost gone, was a lot better than one. So, he made a discontented sigh in her direction. But then, two lumbering shapes were coming around for melons too. That meant there was a race to have more!

The bear swung its head towards its brother and then Smokey and dipped its face back into the melon with force and the need to go a lot faster on getting fat off of it. Then suddenly, there was a point where he actually felt the rind hold in his face and Emmett sincerely wondered if this was the end, death by melon and his bear’s own stupidity. They were going to suffocate, Locke would laugh and cry at their funeral. The grizzly lifted its head up a smashed it against the ground with no luck. Standing on four paws, it began to slide forward with vigor and finally the melon unstuck and broke as it banged its head once more onto a tree. Free, a triumphant maroo was let out before a very human like laugh escaped it as both the bear and Emmett realized they’d banged their melon face right up against Locke to get free.


His favorite time at any given moment, really. The kodiak would lumber right after his companions, fat nose to the ground as he searched for a melon he'd hidden by a log earlier. His lolling tongue swiped at his jowls as he fit his entire mouth around the fruit. With a wet squelch and a pop, the watermelon burst between his teeth and unleashed sweet juice into his mouth that he slurped against to keep from pouring into the dirt. With a low maroo, he turned to lazily observe the others as he munched, dropping chunks from his mouth that he intended to lap up later.

What he saw lowed his efforts. A bear stuck in a watermelon. His head lifted some to observe the smaller grizzly as he thrashed about, cracking his melon head on the ground and on the tree and on his brother. Even as a bear, Cliff could not help but let out a series of huffs that was reminiscent of laughter.

This is what happened when you were stingy friend. Mary would watch as her new pal banged their head every which way a smile on her face as she munched at the rest of the rind. She did feel a bit of pity for the brother however, subjected to a head slam so hard that the melon finally broke freeing shy bear from its grasp. She only hoped that no sort of conflict arose from this assault, although she would not be taking her eyes off of it if one did just so happen to start up.

The hell kind of sibling abuse was this? >:0

Snorting into his paws when the melon fused Emmett' s head turned into a bellowing roar as he was unjustly rammed with said melon rind. The rind split with a squelching crack and rolled off in the grass. Big brown bear eyes blazed with righteous fury, a sharp teeth baring down. Using his paw's, Locke Bear encircled his brother's head and pulled it down to his chest. A massive arm slid around the neck to hold Emmett and place while the other balled into loose bear fist and delivered swift punishment, rubbing vigorously on his brother's head.

Ultimate Bear Noogie™.

There were bear laughs behind him and as the melon let Emmett's bear go, silver eyes took in the angered grizzly right on him. With a loud whiny marroo, his neck was encapsulated with fur not his and a fist with giant claws noogied him.

How dare! >:V

Using two great big bear paws, he pushed harshly on his brother’s form to get out of the hold and was successful. Letting out a huge huff, the grizzly shook its fur out, finding anything around his face still sticky with juice. Gross, but maybe some of it had vaulted onto present company.


The two brothers continued to tussle, ending in a sleepy bear pile. Smokey and Mary watched in amusement, chowing down on the other melons, including the one Locke tried in vain to hide. :(

As the moon journeyed across the sky, the bears continued their romp, tugging on ears and playful headbutts.

All and all, It was a successful shifting party at Pine Peak Sanctuary.


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