Confectionary [nsfw]

Lavender Heights 
She had the underdone look of a woman fresh out of the shower when he spotted her next. Beauregard couldn't claim he had any fondness for such an appearance.

She came with a concern that had only briefly crossed his mind. Beauregard took no joy in "protection" and kept none with him for that reason. The simple excuse of "So sorry, I don't have any" did wonders in placing enough pressure to get rid of the issue.

He wondered if she was truly so foolish as to only remember it afterwards, or if he'd wordlessly pressured her into it. Beauregard hoped for her sake the latter. Motherhood did unkind things to a body.

"Nothing to worry about," he said easily. "Vampires are... ah, sterile. In both meanings of the word."

Oh god that was good. Except it occurred to her to be confused over "both meanings of the word" and Rika was briefly confused for one embarrassing second. Until it clicked: no diseases, he meant.

"Oh," she breathed in understanding, doubly grateful now. "So there's no— oh that's great."

Though when it came to things that were transferable, Rika had to ask. "So how does, umm... how do I not become a vampire?"

It was great. Deeply convenient. Her next question was alarming at first, before he realized she thought it was somehow sexually transmitted.

"Oh goodness, we're not like the beasts," he said, waving a hand. "To be turned is an act utterly separate from sex. It also involves dying, so it's not typically something done by casual accident."

Her curiosity would likely lead to further discussion, but perhaps she would let it go as he wandered toward the food that was left, hoping she might eat at least some of it.

She watched him walk and so she... followed. Dying, though.

"Um. Just... regular dying?" she asked for clarification, seeing the food and not feeling particularly driven to eating it just yet. But she could pack it up and take it home, in a bit.

But! She could have another truffle. She did that.

"There are other bits involved, but the end result is that you die. Completely. And then wake back up again, if whatever killed you didn't break you beyond repair."

Beauregard knew this would only go further, and he supposed in the end she would find out about vampire blood one fucking way or another. Everyone shared secrets and failed to control their spread.

He leaned against the island, eyeing her and continuing for the sake of distraction.

"Someone can't come back from... decapitation, for example."

"Oh," she nodded, that all making sense. Including the bit about decapitation.

"How did you— you know. Die. If that's okay to ask?"

Grimace emoji. She took another truffle because one wasn't enough while talking about death, apparently.

This was a question he didn't mind answering these days.

He put a hand to his own throat and made a crude choking sound.

"It was quite surprising and lasted both a very short and very lengthy amount of time."

It had been a very ugly thing, but it was far enough away now to make a very good story.

Rika's eyes went wide.

Watching him act out his own death was something. Also startling that it had been a strangling.

And then she gave a huff. And then a giggle. And... then a laugh, covering her mouth sort of with her hand as she threatened to double over.

Strangling. Beauregard. Imagine that.

Now that was just rude!

"Did you inhale your truffle?" he asked, eyes narrowing at her in the true question of what the hell she was laughing at.

"No, I—" she stumbled, giggling still. Oh god, how could she get all the words out.

"I'm just — it's funny?? Because you... "

Her hand went to her own throat, loosely holding. "You like to do that to me. Nicely."

Being strangled to death was hardly funny. It was a story he was willing to share, but not with the intention of being laughed at.

And then as she clarified, his mouth fell open, then his brows furrowed.

"Not because of that," he said, waving a hand at her. What happened while he was very high and lustful hardly needed to be discussed now.

"You put your hand on mine every time and it's not to pull it away."

Oh no he was so offended. Rika fell into giggles again, more devilish, but she was calming down enough to words.

"I know," she answered, keeping a little smirk. "I guess I started liking it."

It was sort of like playing with the tomato face boy. Hux. Except Beauregard would probably get mad instead of blushy.

How come he couldn't blush?

Beauregard was fairly certain she simply sought to please him, and if liking a hand at her throat seemed to fall into that category, she would convince herself it was pleasurable. That suited him, in the end.

"Didn't take long," he commented simply, one eyebrow rising.

She was smirking, proud of herself, but he wasn't entirely sure why. It was a cute enough expression, he supposed.

Now it was her turn to gape, and she was the one that turned mad instead.

"Rude!" she feinted a throw of her next truffle at him, only to eat it right after and look at him with a playfully hurt expression. Yeah... maybe it hadn't taken long, but she was kind of insecure about that Beauregard >:[ Last thing she needed was to feel like some kind of slut.

She guessed it was time to start leaving, and she'd look at her things if he didn't distract her somehow.

"Typically," he agreed. If she threw her food he would have been furious for the waste, but she proved wider.

She wandered to start looking for her things, and he breathed a very quiet sigh for the amount of food left. And also for what this dip into sex would represent going forward. He decidedly wasn't interested every time, but likely she would be hurt if he rejected her.

Messiness for another day, he supposed.

Something else crossed his mind a bit unexpectedly, and he spoke out to wherever Rika was in the process.

"How is Niamh?"

No, she didn't expect him to ask about her friend, either. "She seems okay," Rika started. "Excited to start working at the Planetarium."

As much as Rika knew, anyway.

"When her lease is up at her place she's gonna move in with me permanently. I sorta bullied her into it."

There was pride there for it. Rika packed up her food carefully, piling it all on one tray so she could eat it all. In the end, for all he gave her, it was a little lonely eating it by herself.

That was unexpected. He supposed it was good for Rika to have a friend, especially if Spencer was...

Well, Beauregard would be making a visit in the near future to ensure Spencer was out of the picture.

That aside, it was good for her to have a friend. It reduced her potential for dependency.

"I imagine you could be a competent bullier," he teased. "When will that be?"

"September!" she chirped. "Soooo far away. But I can be patient, I guess."

Big sigh. All the food gathered for her to take home, she pondered the wine bottle. It... was bad to waste something he'd spent money on. Even if it tasted less than good now.

Fine, take it. She popped the top back in and set it up so she could carry it.

Last thing she needed was... her... purse! And shoes. She'd move to grab them.

He hummed thoughtfully.

"I could probably make that happen sooner, if you'd like."

Beauregard watched her flit between things she wanted to take, content still with his place at the island.

That gave her pause, and her head tilted a little bit as she slid her feet into her heels.

"Hmm... how do you mean?" she decided to let him answer, interested in his aid but also cautious to leap to conclusions. Especially if... they involved him messing with Niamh?

Nah. He wouldn't. Probably.

That lacked the positivity he wanted.

"It's silliness," he said with a waved hand. "Likely for the best you don't move in so quickly. The two of you haven't been friends for terribly long."

Beauregard knew the fickleness of young women.

Hey! No fair!

"Wait, no, tell me," she pressed, now paused entirely on the whole getting ready to leave thing, though thankfully she was in both her shoes. "Please?"

"I have already talked myself out of it," he said.

Not untrue, though perhaps it had been a group effort.

"But perhaps I could have convinced her landlord to let her out of her lease sooner."


"Oh man," she whined regretfully. "If you wanted to change your mind, I—"

She what. Rika was out of bargaining chips; he already had her blood and he'd already gone even further that just a feeding. What else could she, some little psychic girl, offer.

"I wouldn't even know how to thank you."

Beauregard sensed the limit of what she could offer. Truly, in his softer moments, he did not feel she would especially owe him for such a minor favor.

"If all is well at the end of... June, and she hasn't had any new vampire incidents, perhaps you could mention it to her."

Inevitably she would likely complain anyway.

"Your safety is very important to me, and Niamh is a bit fresh off an incident."

The end of June. The beginning of July. It was very fair, and the timing felt... significant.

Rika smiled and nodded, understanding, grateful that he made it seem like her safety was so important. Part of her wondered if there wasn't some interest in Niamh, but he seemed to be largely concerned with her — Rika — and it was impossible not to feel very special for it.

"Thank you. I'll do that."

If he would allow it, she'd come in for a tight hug — the typical third to last of their goodbye rituals.

She could be good, at times, and he appreciated it.

Rika came in for her hug, and he wrapped his arms around her, feeling some sincere protectiveness. She was far from perfect, but undoubtedly she had her moments, and Beauregard did enjoy her company greatly.

"Rika Henriikka," he said in a fond sigh, holding her with greater comfort in the gesture than he had in their earlier days. "I'll help you carry things to your car?"

Said as he still held her, though he'd set her free at the first indication she was ready.

That damn nickname. Rika huffed happily, feeling very much safe here in the hug he gave. He proposed the second to last of their goodbye ritual, and she giggled a little.

"That would be so nice. You could even have dessert," she teased fondly. But he already knew she was looking forward to what amounted to a goodbye kiss, given what it did for her.

How could he resist dessert, truly. She'd trained him to be even greedier than was his natural inclination.

The two of them would be more than capable of carrying her things into the elevator and out to her car. There was a sprinkling of rain, enough to make him worry about dampening his hair, but not enough to make him worry about dampening his belongings.

It would be after they'd settled everything into her car that he would fall into the familiar routine, fangs pressing lazily forward for the promise of one last meal for the night. He was reminded freshly that she was wearing the white dress and found amusement in such a virginal color.

"You will have to decide what we do before dinner next week," he said. "You seem the craftier planner for such things."

Spoken as he moved to square up before her, as was traditional.

Urgh, rain. She would keep closer to him for it, mostly concerned with her dress more than anything. She should have brought an umbrella.

A huff as he stood before her, giving her that hungry look. The collar would be in the way again, and so he'd... hopefully be okay with adjusting above it. Rika was not unzipping her dress out here.

"Done. Maybe if it's not raining we can go... people watching for a bit. And mess with them a little."

A smirk and a callback to their first, uh, date. Also, it would be cheaper. Safiya's comment still stuck with her — he claimed to enjoy it, but she didn't want to sap his money every time.

She tugged with a gentle finger at her collar as she tilted her head up, the fabric not giving much, but it would hopefully be enough to give him room where he liked her best.

"I think that sounds delightful," he said, and he meant it. There was fun in flexing abilities. He rarely played games with his these days.

Beauregard could find a comfortable enough place to feed even if she hadn't moved the collar aside. It was hardly a turtleneck. But it was considerate of her, he recognized.

One hand, regretfully cold as always, would travel to the side of her neck. The other would wrap around behind her, both pulling her nearer as he sunk his teeth into her skin and began to drink for...

Longer than was typical for a goodbye. Certainly no amount she'd truly miss, but he couldn't help that she'd given him bad habits.

Heck. Rika closed her eyes against the rain and the good feelings and the unpleasant cold of his skin all at once. She was happy, at least.

He took his fill, and she kept a hand over his, thinking of the tease earlier as her little heart beat away. At least it wouldn't be left struggling this time.

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