I'm Brushing Up On Looking Down

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Safiya was, feeling... different. Restless, kind of? More energized. It was weird, but not something she thought was concerning enough to ask anyone about. She just took it as face value and decided she was feeling good. But, with that brought a sort of unfulfilling sensation? Like there was so much she could be doing. Again, weird.

Her only solution was to try and find something to entertain her. And you know what was really entertaining? Seeing how much she could flirt with a lion boy. What was better was that there was a pretty big obstacle in the way. Not that she was dead and he was a giant cat, but he'd seen her vomit. And how fucking amazing would it be to still get him to bend after seeing her yarf up her stomach acid? She'd gotten his number, so there was one step already done. Time to play.

What’s up, Simba?


She had beaten him to it.

Bored already hmm
I'm not up to much, making a salad for my warthog and meerkat friend

Full disclosure, he had needed to look up the English translations for Timon and Pumba.

Listen, he'd be bored too if he just had an entire night where there was only so much hunting that could be done before you were left with hours to just... exist. She'd fed heftily the night before, and wasn't feeling anywhere near as hungry as she usually did at the start of every evening. Weird!

A grub salad, i hope! Slimy, yet satisfying

She wondered how many Lion King references she could make without losing him.




She was lucky; being a child of the 90s, a were-lion and profoundly self-centered, he was halfway in Lion King territory at all times

[Image: xqI_LU.gif]
Does this mean I can assume you were flying around as a bat all night?
Seeking the blood of virgins

That was a thing with vampire stories, right? He had typed out a reference about candles and organ music, but then he thought that was just the phantom of the opera.

Safiya scoffed loudly at the gif. Amazing. Also, scoffed a bit more quietly at the stereotypes. Not so amazing.

not all of us are bats

She wasn't. She wasn't even sure what she would be able to turn into, honestly? There was no telling when she'd be able to do it, either. One day.

And I don't do so well with virgins. I like them experienced 2_face_devil_happy
They were still talking about who she liked to feed from, promise.

He knew about the bat thing, actually. Prague was full of vampires skulking around as all manner of little creatures. But Safiya did not mention what it was she could turn into, leading him to speculate.

You have been going to vein drain after all
How often do you have to eat?

Safi might have been trying to get some lion dick, but Sokol was far more interested in the logistics of being undead. Also, it was late and he was sleepy.


Hahah. That place sounded so fucking sketchy.

usually every night because I go out every night, but I could do every other night if I want

This reminded her of the night with Asha. She’d been so into seeing it all happen.

You should come out with me. Maybe you’ll get a show


Safiya the party vampire. Whatever vibes she was trying to transmit, Sokol was oblivious and content, tapping away as each text came in, a lazy distraction from the television.
I really am curious I admit
What does a show look like?



anything in particular you wanna see? i can show you how i hunt. or show you how fast i am.

She was sure he would pick the former.

One of those sounds much more fun


i knew you'd want to race ;)


but, really. come out with me and i can make it happen


I would like to do both
I can definitely beat you in a race.
What is an evening that works well for you?


They could do both.

I can make any night work. Whenever you’re free. What do Simbas do for work?


She made it sound as if she might not have a job, herself. Sokol flipped over to his calendar.

I sit in meetings and make phone calls all day, very important
Saturday night



oooh, a businessman. I like a guy in a tie and slacks.

Saturday night.

Its a date ;)

Not really, but really. Hopefully that didn't scare him off. But Sokol seemed easy enough to convinced to do... anything, really. If he thought there was something he was getting out of it. They were the same in that regard, which is probably why he hadn't gone full Scar and mouse on her yet.

[Image: 2014-01-31-Briefcase.png]
Where will we go


Hello, she was in love with a comic. This was amazing.

We could do Pegasus (its a gay club though) or Barbarian or Echo Echo. theres also a place in cedar creek called ice house I have always wanted to go to but the wolves would make me a scooby snack :(


He took a moment to google Barbarian — ah, Larkspur. Perhaps Ingrid would run into them and he could undo all his hard work at ass-kissing. Being more interested in a club atmosphere than something centered around a music venue, this was his choice.

Have not been to Barbarian, looks fun

Did she only do her hunting at clubs, or was she angling him into an opportunity to dance with him? Who knew.

What time works for vampires?



She wouldn't mention the thing with Raziyya killing that one girl there. Dark times.

any time after sunset. lets say 9:30

That way, she could... feed before feeding, because the last thing she was trying to do here was lose her fucking cool in front of Sokol.

Ok, see you then
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=9872292]


thats how im rolling up into the club so be ready


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