You didn't keep a lot of friends when you became a dog sized raccoon. The few friends Alice had, had before the change left when faced with a constant irritability (that was some how worse than usual) and a constant changing of plans when the raccoon decided that human contact was just too much that day. It honestly sucked, and she had one person to blame for it all.


This is why she was currently making her way up the stairs to his apartment, giving the door a few sharp knocks before taking a step back and waiting for him to answer. She knew he was home, having sent a text just to see "what he was up to" for the day. She supposed she could of asked if he wanted to hang out through there, but it was a lot harder for him to say no to her face than it was through text.

When he answered with “nothing much” to the text, he didn’t expect much of anything in the way of followup. He went back to playing Red Dead Redemption 2, effectively forgetting about the text message all together.

Until? There was a knock at his door. Asher jumped a bit, frowning numbly as the joint he’d smoked made his face feel fake. What. He paused the game, abandoning a shoot out in favor of peeling himself from his couch and shuffling to the door. It was when he put his eye to the peep hole that he realized the chattering and squeaking of the raccoon wa shieghtened by the realization that this was a friend!!!!!

Alice. What the fuck. He opened the door, in nothing but a pair of shorts, blearily looking her over. “What...?”

It didn't take him long to answer the door, all blurry eyed and exposed. She couldn't help the smile that spread across her face, eyes doing a quick once over.

"Aw, cute." She hummed, giving his chest a pat before inviting herself in and placing herself neatly on the couch. It was clear from the smell of the house what he had been up to, and while the thought of just having him light another one up and chilling was appealing, she had already bought two certain tickets.

"We're going to see Endgame."

He glanced down at her hand patting at his chest, puzzled and disarmed enough to not be able to stop her from pushing her way inside. Not that he would shut her out. The raccoon would likely tear him up from inside out if he did. So he shut the door and turned to trail after her, scowling at her as she made herself home on the couch. At the news, he blinked once, twice, then answered. "Um, now?" Of course, now. She was in his apartment and dressed to go.

"We have an hour and a half to start." She answered with a smirk, glancing towards the television that was currently displaying some weird ass cowboy game.

God, men found entertainment in the most strangest things.

"Plenty of time to get showered and ready." She would continue, eyes moving back to him. "Its a drive-in"

Ugh, just enough time for him to decide he would just rather not go. "Those still exist?" He questioned skeptically, moving to the couch again to grab the controller and navigate to saving then turning off the PS4. "Why didn't you ask before coming over?" It was rude, and yet he was here, not protesting.

Well obviously, what was with Asher and these stupidly obvious questions today? "Yep and I paid so you have no room to complain." She answered quickly, eyes following as he went to save weird ass cowboy game, eyes clearly judging. At the question that followed the ridiculously obvious one, Alice raised a brow, crossing her leg as she placed her hands on her knee.

"What? You aren't happy to see me?"

Well, that was.... proactive. Game saved, he powered off the PS4, and huffed through a puffy frown at her assumption. "Never said that." He didn't hate Alice, and didn't hate spending time with her. She was a brat, obnoxious, but ultimately they got along. Probably thanks to the raccoons, but they'd been fine before that happened. More than fine. Best not to revisit how that had ended, though.

"I would have waited," He said, and moved to grab his pipe and a lighter from the side table, "But feel free while I'm showering." He said, and offered it to her as he stood. If she took it, he'd move toward his bedroom, but pause to cock her a smirk, "Unless you need one, too." Joking, only joking.

She couldn't prevent the smile that traced her lips at his denial of her statement. She liked hanging with Asher, and if he honestly had not liked seeing her, then she might of been a bit put out... Not that it would have changed her coming. They sort of were stuck together thanks to the whole raccoon thing. It was still nice to hear though.

There was no hesitation in accepting the pipe, taking a hit as Asher made his way towards what she assumed to be his bedroom. "As tempting as that is, I didn't bring my makeup."

As if that were the only thing stopping her, and not the giant trash rat that she would turn into if she got too excited.

It was nice to pretend that that would be the only issue. With a chuckle and a shake of his head, Asher pushed into his room and through to his bathroom. It wouldn't take him long to shower, and he just put the same underwear and shorts back on afterward because he could, then he moved to his closet to get the rest of the outfit put together. His shoes were in the living room, so he grabbed clean socks and headed out to flop back onto the couch and grab them from where he'd kicked them off and set them down beside. "How long is Endgame supposed to be again?" He questioned. In all honesty, he wasn't the hugest Marvel fan. Not that he disliked it, but it was just a sort of casual enjoyment.

By the time Asher was out of the shower, Alice was lounging on the couch as she scrolled through her phone, the pipe laying back on the table where Asher had picked it up from. Glancing up, she would give him a quick once over before her gaze returned back to her Twitter feed, the beauty guru drama was just never ending.

"I'm not sure, I think someone said it was over three hours." She hummed, locking her phone with a click as she straightened back up on the couch. "I figured we could sneak in a few pizzas and some beer or something.

"Three hours?" He questioned with a scoff that was accompanied with the sound of his shoelaces whispering against one another as he fastened them. He straightened up once they were finsihed, looking to her at the suggestion. "Sounds like a plan. We can also take that," He said, nodding toward the pipe, "I have a gram in my car." Honestly, a drive in sounded preferable to an actual theatre. How had he not realized they still existed?

Weed, Avengers and food. There was absolutely nothing that could make this coming night any better, and Alice grabbed the pipe with a quick nod of her head. "Sounds like a plan then." The excitement was clear in her gaze, although her voice remained at it's typical tone. "We haven't hung for a while, not outside of being raccoons. This will be fun."

A plan he barely had a say in, but he didn't hate it. "You're probably the only person I've actually hung with since I got bit." He said with a huff of laughter. It was kinda sad, but the truth. It was hard to act normal when a giant raccoon was living in your brain.

It was kinda nice knowing that she wasn't the only one who had lost friends in the appearance of their new animal 'friends', Asher has ended up just as isolated as she had. "Well, it's not like normal people could even remotely understand what we're going through." She reasoned with a shrug. "Better to be around people who understand if you ask me."

"Guesso." He said with a nod and shrug as me moved to stand. It wasn't like he wasn't used to sort of being a loner. Being an only child of a pastor, it sort of came with the gig. "Ready? We'll swing by Little Caesars." He said, and moved to grab his keys and wallet from the kitchen island.

Little Caesars sounded fucking amazing in this moment, and so there was no complaint from Alice as she rose from the couch, pipe and bag in hand as she made her way towards the door. "I like the way your mind works." She hummed, taking no time to exit through the door, standing off to the side as she waited for Asher to lock it. "Thanks for coming out with my by the way."

If that was all it took, it was probably going to be an easy time making Alice happy. Not that he'd go out of his way to do so, but it was easier if they didn't butt heads. They headed out, and Asher paused to lock the door, smirking at her gratitude. "What, you think I don't just want to go see Endgame for free?" He questioned, moving past her to lead down to the door that lead to the parking garage.

She would follow after him with a roll of her eyes and a slight smile. "Yeah, I guess you would have to be a complete idiot to pass it up" She answered, for although she didn't think Asher the smartest man she'd ever met, she didn't quite think him brain dead either. He had something going on in that little noggin of his.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at his jeep, eyebrow raising as she took in the color of choice. Never in her life would she have chose lime green for her G-Wagon. Ew.

"So what exactly possessed you to get this color?"

So much judgement, when he was the one offering to drive without any word on it. "Hey, not everyone loves all black all the time." He said with a click of his tongue as he moved around to the door and got settled in. Fuck off, Alice. "You emo." Key in the ignition, he turned the engine over. The Jeep roared to life, but he waited for her to get settled before he pulled out, moving to grab his phone and plug in the aux cord. "Any preference?" He prompted her as he opened Spotify.

"Listen I don't like black all the ti-" She stopped mid-sentence knowing full well that it would be a blatant lie, and a very obvious one at that. Pressing her lips together, Alice somehow managed to hold her tongue, although it was quickly undone by the comment of 'emo'. She was far from that, and there was a HUGE difference between emo and goth.

Fuck him.

"Fuck you, I'm not emo." She answered, climbing into the jeep as she said this, snapping the seat belt with a huff. Stupid Asher was Stupid. At the question of music, she would wave a single hand."Anything but country."

Said the girl in all black. What was she, if she wasn't emo? She even had an emo answer for the music. "Then what are you?" He questioned as he clicked on Dead Poet Society. Lo Air piped up, and he moved to drop his phone in the cupholder as he turned the volume to thirty.

"Goth." She answered quickly, nodding her head in approval for the music that was chosen. "If anyone is emo, it's you." He sure did act moody as fuck most of the time... That was the character trait for that aesthetic right?

"Oh, fuck off." He said with a scoff as they wound through the parking garage and down toward the street entrance. "I don't listen to motherfucking... I don't know, Fall Out Boy." That was the extent of what he knew qualified as emo music.

Laughing Alice just simply shook her head, unsure if Fall Out Boy really qualified as 'emo', but not having enough knowledge of what did qualify, she would keep her mouth shut. "Good so we have come to an agreement that neither of us are emo then." She answered, gaze slipping back towards the window.

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