Fairy Lights

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A thousand drops splashed over doomed glass of the conservatory. Pattering to the tune of a lullaby in his head. The fresh scent of grass and dirt surrounded him, along with the brushes of plants against his jeans. A flower petal slid across the opening over his knee, leaving a velvet after feeling on his skin.

A sea of colors swam before his eyes. Cerulean blue, Royal purple, Rose pink, all glittering in the flapping of tiny wings. Swirls and faces all outlined in black stared back from could of butterflies. They sparkled in the few lamps that glowed along the path. Almost like little fairies. Dancing across the lips of roses. Tasting the honey drops of dew that spread like spider webs over leaves. Wings watching like eyes along branches in the trees. A fantasy world he had stepped into.

Somewhere above thunder rumbled. A gentle mist spread like vaper over the ground, covering the plants and his shoes in tiny droplets. He followed along the well worn flagstone paths. With the weather being as it was the conservatory was mostly empty of people. Creating the illusion that he was alone among the butterflies.

In a place where past and future were only concepts that held no meaning over him. As if time itself had frozen to watch the beating of wings, and the flash of colors in the air.

There was something super calming about being surrounded by plants. Forrest couldn't quite say what it was, but he often found himself wandering the paths of this little wonderland built towards the outskirts of Magic Hollow. Pushing his face towards the misty breeze, Forrest took in a breath expecting cool fresh air to fill his lifeless lungs, but instead caught something mouth watering instead. Blue eyes opening once more, Forrest gaze pointed towards the direction it was coming from, catching just the slightest figure of a man just around the bend.

It had been a little bit since he had tasted the blood of a human nearby, having it been a minute since he last ate, his mouth began to water with longing. Forrest would hold back however, scolding himself in his head as he made his way towards the human, a friendly smile playing at his lips as he came into view. "Good evening. I didn't realize anyone else was over here." A very stupid greeting, but one made all the same.

The illusion came to an abrupt end as a voice spoke from nearby. Time came back, like a stone to weigh heavy over his heart. A frown slipped over his lips and it took him a few minutes to pull his eyes away from the tiny fluttering wings.

A man stood only a few steps away, light brown hair a mess with bangs in short waves over the mans forehead. There were silver wired glasses enlarging the man's blue eyes...Blue eyes. His own heart gave a painful jolt and his breath caught. No, it was a different shade, not as light as the one he had known for years. Still the panic had made him take a step forward, towards this stranger. A name on the tip of his tongue.

A moment passed and his thoughts settled along with his heart. Of course it wasn't Jason. His father was back in Seattle currently standing trial for over fifteen murders. He didn't want to think about it. Was suppose to be relaxing, letting his heart heal both emotionally and physically. But then it wasn't really his heart anymore. It was someone else's that had been replaced his own.

A minute or more had passed and he hadn't answered the question. A blush spread up his face as the realization dawned on him. "Sorry, I was distracted by all the butterflies. It's my first time here."

Forrest hadn't really been expecting the step in his direction, or the long silence took place. The smile remained, although Forrest was beginning to wonder if the man was actually foreign, and had no idea what words had just been said. Panicking on the inside, Forrest wracked his brain for any other types of greetings that could be said, totally ignorant in any other languages.

Just when he had resigned himself to speaking another greeting of "Hola" the man spoke, relieving Forrest of any future stresses. He spoke English, thank the lord above. Raising a single hand, Forrest shook his head. "No need for apologies, the little guys are definitely enrapturing." He answered, eyes wandering the one fluttering nearby. "I am luckily immune to their charms thanks to my many visits."

The man looked almost panicked, making Ash even more embarrassed about taking so long to respond. At least the man continued the conversation instead of just walking away. This time Ash was quick to reply, an attempt to make up for the pause from earlier.

"You come here often then?"

Okay that was a given. It was the first thing that he could think of though. He racked his brain for something more to say.

"I just moved here and thought this place sounded interesting."

"Here and the Zoo eat up most of my free time." Forrest answered easily, gaze returning to the boy as the butterfly made its way further into the foliage. "I just love visiting the many creatures that share this little world of ours." There would be a brief pause before Forrest would continue on, not missing the boys statement a second time.

"You mentioned moving. Where from?"

They had a zoo? He was definitely going to have to check that out, maybe on a less rainy day. How big was the zoo? What kind of animals did they have? All very important questions, that would probably not be the best thing to ask the man. He would do a search later when he got back home.

"I'm from Seattle. Are you from this area?"

Hopefully the conversation didn't linger on Seattle. The city was beautiful, but it brought up mentions of other things that he would rather not talk about. At least there wasn't a new station playing. Just them and the butterflies, with the only sound being their voices and the splashing of the rain on the ceiling.

Ah Seattle? Forrest hadn't ever been there before, but he had definitely heard about it multiple times in his long life. Forrest just wasn't the traveling type, he was comfortable here, and so had no desire to really change that. "Born and raised." He answered easily, with a wide grin. "Not much of a traveler I'm afraid. What made you want to move towards the mountains?" He was pretty sure there were no mountains out in Seattle, just a lot of pavement. Forrest had been wrong before though.

They were lingering on Seattle. The very topic he did not want to talk about. "Just needed a change."

His reply came out a little shorter then intended. He did not want to talk about Jason, the trial, or any of it. Not that this man was aware of those things (or most likely he wasn't). Although the question was irritating the man wasn't so far so Ash put a smile on. "So, born and raised. You must know all the good places to go in this city then. Have any good suggestions on things to do? "

Hopefully they wouldn't go back to the topic of Seattle. Didn't people like to talk about their home towns? Besides he really was interested in things to do. He had a whole year of free time to fill up until he had to get a job. One of the benefits of having a heart transplant.

Forrest didn't miss the change in tone of the boy at his question, Forrest back peddling a bit in his mind, and making a note that Seattle seemed to be some sort of thorny topic. He was burning to know what it was about Seattle that was so forbidden, but wasn't quite comfortable enough in risking pissing the boy off. He would let the topic settle for now.

"As I said this place and the Zoo are my absolute favorite." He answered with a wide grin. "However there is a pretty neat planetarium if stars are more your thing." Sure it was ran by vampires, but his species wasn't that bad, and Beauregard was pretty strict on keeping a low profile.

His eyes lit up. Wow a zoo, a butterfly exhibit, and now a planetarium. Did this city have all the cool things? He should start making a list. They all sounded neat, but they wouldn't fill up his whole year, maybe only a week unless he went as often as this man apparently did. Were they that amazing?

"Sounds interesting. I have a whole year to see the cool sites. Are there any festivals in town?"

Art had always been a big thing in Seattle, along with the museums. He missed all the different festivals and other activities that went on. Although more then anything he missed the cool white of Jason's house, the scent of rain mixing with turned soil, and the chemicals of the morgue. Would it be creepy to ask if they had any body exhibits? Probably.

A whole year? Then this boys time was limited?

"I, unfortunately, don't keep up with any sort of festivals." He answered, genuinely regretful that he had no clear answer for the human. "From the way you speak, it sounds as if your time with us is limited. Do you plan on leaving already?"

It wasn't particularly his business, but if the boy was going to mention himself only having a year, then he had no right to complain when Forrest asked about it. A curious thing to move with the intention of just leaving within one year, definitely not too common.

He gave a small shrug before responding. "I'm on disability until the end of the year, so after that I'll have to get a job or move away I suppose. I haven't really decided what I'll do to be honest."

Moving back to Seattle wasn't a great idea, but that's where his life had been. Where everything was. If Jason was convicted it would be the only place where he could go see his father. Thinking about Jason made him search out the man's eyes again. They were a darker blue, but there was only a shade or two of difference between this man's eyes and Jason's.

Disability? Forrest couldn't quite see anything wrong with the human. Would it be rude to ask? He was pretty sure it would be, and so he let yet another topic settle to the back of his mind. "Well, I certainly hope you choose to stay. I can definitely help you find a job if you like." Forrest had a pretty easy job as night security, and if this boy was truly on disability, it would be easy enough perhaps.

The boy was looking pretty intently at him, and Forrest averted his eyes towards another butterfly fluttering nearby, unsure on how he should take the stare down. He hadn't said anything weird right? If Forrest were alive, he'd surely be blushing in this moment.

Stop staring, he had to tell himself, pretty sure he had hit the creepy level. He pulled his gaze away as the man turned to look at one of the butterflies. The man had just offered to help him find a job and here he was being a creep. It was surprising to have a stranger offer to help find a job though. Maybe people were more friendly out here on the mountainside. Possibly once the year went by the news about his father would be forgotten in this small town and he would be able to find a job.

"That's very nice of you. I'm Ash, Ash Reedon."

He held out his hand.

Oh shit, names! He had completely forgotten.

Turning back, Forrest would take the younger mans hand, with a hard shake. "Forrest." He answered a wide smile stretching across his lips. "Pleasure is all mine."

The hand that touched his was cold, most likely from the rain and cold weather. He wasn't all that warm either. At least today he had managed to stay dry instead of getting soaking and meeting a raccoon. That had been a memorable day.

"Well I just had a heart transplant a month ago, so I don't think I'll be looking for a job until after the disability checks end. But I can give you my number and message you when that happens...Or I mean if your not opposed we could go out for coffee sometime?"

It would be weird to not talk to someone in a year and then hit them up asking about jobs. The man was good looking anyways so going out for coffee would be pleasant. Of course that was if the man said yes.

A heart transplant sounded like a harsh surgery. Strange how advanced humans technology had come, with the ability to replace such a vital organ. Forrest couldn't help but think about how useful it would of been back during the war, how many lives might of been saved with not only the newer technology, but medicines as well.

"I am very sorry to hear that, but I am happy that you are able to still walk among the living." It was a sincere statement, no matter how new Ash was to him, Forrest did not enjoy the thought of death.

At the mention of coffee, he would give a nod, smile returning. "Yes that would be nice, although I'm afraid I work through most of the day and so night is typically my only scene." Curse the sun and what it did to him! "There is always dinner as well, if coffee doesn't suit your tastes at night."

A smile found its way over his lips. People had the same general reaction to the news of his surgery, what else was there to say then 'its good you survived'. But Forrest did offer dinner instead of coffee, with the explanation that he worked night shifts. Oh Ash new all about night shifts. Of course Forrest wouldn't be doing anything remotely similar to what Jason had been doing. "I'm happy to be a live as well. Dinner would work great for me. Do you want me to write down my number for you?"

He didn't have any paper or pen on him, but figured they could make something work if need be, He had his cellphone on him, so he could always add Forrest as well.

No need for pen and paper, not when Forrest was so prone to losing things. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Forrest type in his four digit password and pass it to the boy. "Just go ahead and enter it in. I'll shot you a text afterwards so we both got it before we leave." How did humans ever stand to communicate before cellphones, Forrest couldn't even remember, more than accustomed with this particular technology. It was like having the whole world at your fingertips.

Ash navigated to the contact page and entered in his number before handing the phone back. Easy for them both. Technology certainly had made many things easier. "There you are. I'm up a lot at night so feel free to message me when ever."

It was hard to sleep at night. When he closed his eyes he could still see the crime scene pictures in his mind. The interview with the police was crystal clear in his memories. Probably would be for the rest of his life.

Fancy that, it was almost as if this kid had been made to become friends with a vampire. Forrest absolutely loved it! "Sounds good, I'm the same way so the offer goes out to you as well." He was already sending a text with his name to the human now, watching the message go through with a little 'waloop' from his phone.

Ash's phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out to double check that it was Forrest's text going through. "So um, when would you be free for dinner?"

The words came out a little awkward. It sounded like a date. Was this a date? It was just the start of a friendship right? He had no idea. Either way it was awkward to ask. But he wasn't the one with a job.

Lets see today was Thursday, so...

"Saturday work for you?" He asked, already wishing he had said tomorrow instead, mouth watering to just go ahead and eat. Patience was key however, and with the potential of a friend, he would force himself to wait until he moment was right, when he was a bit more confident in his whole suggestion thing.

Saturday, he didn't have any plans. "That works for me. You can message me a time that works for you."

He gave Forrest another smile and put his phone away. Saturday it was. He was going to have to check if he had nice clothes somewhere in his closet. There had to be something that didn't have a rip in it. Well his current emo look hadn't thrown Forrest off so maybe the fashion wouldn't be a bad idea to where. Was this a date?

Forrest was grinning from ear to ear at this point, excited by the whole idea. He hadn't ever taken a human out before, and the whole idea sort of struck him as both odd and excited. Feeding the food, before you ate it. He wondered if Ash would taste better after a good meal?

Guess he was gonna find out.

"Sounds good, can't wait, as nice as the scenery is here. It might be easier to talk over food."

He was pretty sure the rain was getting louder, so it was great that they could have a conversation at a different place. "Okay. I'll see you Saturday Forrest."

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