A thousand drops splashed over doomed glass of the conservatory. Pattering to the tune of a lullaby in his head. The fresh scent of grass and dirt surrounded him, along with the brushes of plants against his jeans. A flower petal slid across the opening over his knee, leaving a velvet after feeling on his skin.

A sea of colors swam before his eyes. Cerulean blue, Royal purple, Rose pink, all glittering in the flapping of tiny wings. Swirls and faces all outlined in black stared back from could of butterflies. They sparkled in the few lamps that glowed along the path. Almost like little fairies. Dancing across the lips of roses. Tasting the honey drops of dew that spread like spider webs over leaves. Wings watching like eyes along branches in the trees. A fantasy world he had stepped into.

Somewhere above thunder rumbled. A gentle mist spread like vaper over the ground, covering the plants and his shoes in tiny droplets. He followed along the well worn flagstone paths. With the weather being as it was the conservatory was mostly empty of people. Creating the illusion that he was alone among the butterflies.

In a place where past and future were only concepts that held no meaning over him. As if time itself had frozen to watch the beating of wings, and the flash of colors in the air.