Feed her to the wolves.

Cedar Creek 
A completely random chance encounter on her way home from work had lead to an equally unexpected outcome, not that she really minded. Alina didn't have to offer Alex a place to call home when she had accidentally wondered right onto her doorstop so she kinda owed the alpha anyway for that one and since she herself had once been on the run.. she felt quite open to the idea of helping out Kenzie until she could get on her feet.

After the little snack at the Chinese shop she had gotten Kenzie to follow her bike through the little township until they reached the underground parking for the apartment building, once there she swiped her key card and the big garage doors opened with enough time for both her bike and Kenzie to get through.

Once inside it was then only a matter of leading her to 201 A&B stalls that had been assigned to her apartment, luckily for Kenzie Alex only had the bike so there was no issue in that area. It had been part of the 2 bedroom deal with her apartment and had just become an empty stall, until now.

Kicking out the stand for her bike she turned the ignition off and pulled the full faced helmet off and sat it down on the bike as she swung her leg over the side.

"First thing you need to do is to stop thanking me."

She spoke soon as Kenzie had stepped out of her vehicle because she had a feeling the woman was going to try again.

"I don't mind, I've been on the move before, I get it. I've got the spare room collecting dust so you may as well put it to use. "

Kenzie let out a long sigh as she shut the taxi door.

"Okay," she conceded.

Since leaving the restaurant, her insecurities and anxieties had started to creep back in — though not as prominent as they often were. More than anything, she felt awkward being thrust upon this woman like this. The kind paramedic had assured her that it was okay, and Kenzie did feel a certain je ne sais quoi ease in her company, and yet still, it was an alien situation that came with mixed feels.

"I'm just not used to..." She crinkled her nose, unable to come up with a suitable word to describe this sort of charity, without calling it charity (altruism would have been a good one to use). Kenzie shrugged. "I guess just let me know what if anything you want in return." Inwardly, she cringed at the idea of paying rent. Not because she didn't want to (she absolutely wanted to fund her own keep), but because she didn't know how she would manage to.

"I make a good grilled cheese?" She grinned sheepishly, holding her hands out palms up.

One didn't need to be clairvoyant to pick up on just how anxious the woman had been back at the Chinese shop but to give the poor woman a break, she did had been going through a rather stressful meeting so compared to that this should be a slight bit easier. Probably awkward but at least easier.

With the key to the bike stuffed into one of her pockets she gave Kenzie the moment to sort out her thoughts while fetching the apartment key out of the same pocket. Her reply hinted that she had seen some harder times then she was letting onto but Alex wasn't about to pry, they had all seen some shit at some point in their lives by this point.

"'Just get on your feet, worry about the rest later but... food is always a safe bet."

She gave the other woman a small little grin and then once she was ready, lead her to the elevator and from there up to the top floor. The apartment was at the end of the hallway and once Alex opened up the front door, she let her house guest follow her in.

The apartment itself was only a few years old but with Cedar Creek being what it was, she had no problem paying for it with a paramedics wage. Past the entrance way was the kitchen on the left with the living room (more or less) directly past that. The master bedroom (Alex's) was down a short hall and the spare room was midway along the same hall, the guest room wasn't all that well set up but it did have a new fold out futon and a dresser which would probably work just fine until Kenzie had some cash flow.

""Hungry? I have some burgers in the fridge from yesterday.""

Kenzie smiled and nodded appreciatively.

She followed Alexis into the apartment, her gaze eagerly roaming to take in her new surroundings. Peering into the guest room — wait, that was her room! — her eyes lingered on the futon at length. She would have a bed to sleep in tonight. It had been a long time. Beneath the hum and buzz of her insecurity and anxiety there was excitement building. This was happening. She wouldn't be in a junkyard car tonight. She wouldn't be under a bridge tonight. She had a bed! She even had a dresser and wouldn't need to carry everything in her bag!

I won't be cold...

Alexis' question drew her attention away from her room and served to stem the tears she felt forming in her eyes. "Food is always a safe bet!" She grinned, using the woman's own words. She felt an urge to rush over and hug the paramedic, but she refrained. "Is there anything I can do?" Kenzie shifted forward and back on the balls of her feet, her hands held behind her back.

The air of excitement coming from Kenzie was vastly different then what there had been before and with it came wit some promise, maybe having a place to settle roots would do the woman good. Alexis had been on her own for a short while as well and knew how hard it could be but she had been lucky in that she had been able to support herself. Kenzie hadn't had that benefit, at least not until now.

"You can help by make yourself at home."

Leaving Kenzie to look around she unzipped her leather jacket, took it off and then hung it in the closet by the front door. The dark navy blue work uniform top was the next to go as she unbuttoned it as she walked towards her room and pulled it off to leave herself wearing the white tank top underneath.

"I have weird hours so you might be eating on your own at times but you're welcome to eat whatever, once you get a paycheck you can help keep the food stocked and not feel so guilty."

Going into her room she took the armoured bike pants off, the bottoms of her uniform and then slipped into some cargo pants before coming back out and walking into the kitchen. The container of burger patties didn't take long to reheat but it gave her enough time to set out some buns and toppings on the kitchen bar.

"So how'd you end up in our 'little town'?"

She could make herself at home.


Kenzie wasn't sure what to do, really, to make herself at home. So she went to her room (!) and sat on the bed for a moment as her roommate (!!) went to hers. She gave the futon a cursory bounce (okay, maybe three) and found the mattress wonderfully soft. Compared to benches and gravel, it was no wonder that she did, but even so, it was a decent mattress. She grinned foolishly at this, her tongue stuck out between her teeth.

"Oh that's no problem. I'll be sure to buy us lots of goodies when I can!"

She slid her backpack off her shoulder and chucked it over to the dresser. It didn't... quite... hit its mark. Half draped over the edge, the old canvas soon slid off and thumped on the floor. The girl rolled her eyes and palms on the mattress, she hopped nimbly off to retrieve it. She placed it where it was meant to be and shed her jacket, laying that on top of her bag for now. Not unlike Alexis, she was now wearing just a tank top. But hers was a minty green color.

She joined Alexis in the kitchen, her eyes brushing over the buns and condiments before finding Alexis' as the woman asked her a question.

"Running from shit," she answered with unintended bluntness. That was one of those questions she hated and yet there it was, and she was answering with far greater readiness than she had before. Hrm. "I've been... looking for a place to belong, you know? Guess I found it. Hope I found it at least."

This was the start of things going up right? 

"What about you?"

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