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Safiya was proactive! As soon as the sun went down and her eyes opened, she was springing into action. First, take care of Osiris. Feed, cuddles, play, short walk with potties, and back upstairs. Then, she got dressed in the outfit she'd set out for herself, put her hair up in a ponytail that exploded out from the top of her head like a firework, then did basic makeup. With that, she was kissing her puppo goodbye, making sure he had Golden Girls playing so he didn't get lonely, and off to Larkspur she'd gone. Thankfully, it wasn't a far drive, and she had time to get one meal in before the time she and Sokol had set up to meet. See! Proactive!

She was feel good, having found someone that was pretty drunk for this early in the evening. A smile hung out on her lips as she waited outside in the front of the club, checking herself out with that gender swap Snapchat filter. She was a sexy dude. A lion wasn't hard to spot, though, and she looked up when the smell hit her nose. Conveniently closing her nostrils up because vampires didn't need air, she looked into the gaggle of approaching people and spotted Simba at the back. As he approached, she grinned, then glanced down to flip the camera on her snapchat and slide over to the female setting. When he was close enough, she held up the phone and fixed it on his face. "Ha!" She exclaimed, snapping a picture as quickly as she could of Sokol-ina. "You're so pretty!" She giggled, and turned the phone out for him to see.

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Vampire date! Sokol was excited, in that kind of languid post-shifting way that made everything very pleasant and secondary to his actual life. He had cut his exercise routine in half and spent the majority of the day watching HGTV and eating a whole box of danishes, catnapping until it was time to go out because he was really older than he liked to think. Larkspur was as dumpy as he remembered it, though the street housing Barbarian was busy enough with foot traffic; he made it to the door without incident unless you counted being saturated by a dozen different brands of body spray. Safiya he glanced up ahead, in her own pool of odor.

She pointed her phone at him, and his response was to smile brightly for the flash. She showed him the results as he made it to her side, and the smile swiftly inverted; what had she done to his beautiful face? "Why did you give me old woman hair?" And how could she??

He was so cute with his dumb smile, what the fuck. His disgust at the filter made her giggle, and she glanced up at him with squinted eyes. "It just mimics the hair color it sees. So, the grey is because," She frowned a bit, apologetically as she reached up to brush her fingers on his hair, "Well, I didn't wanna tell you." For the record, Sokol had zero grey hairs.

Safiya was being very mean to him immediately. He put on a pout that made him look far too young for grey hair, his shoulders slumping as the vampire patted his hair. "I shouldn't be surprised you go right for the throat." Get it :(?

He sighed wistfully and straightened, giving the girl herself a look. No eye contact, remember? "You forgot your pants."

"Well, it's my favorite body part." She said as her hand dropped. "Well, one of them." Heh. Also, his throat was... not appetizing. Anyway, he was juding her clothes, which she guessed was fair because she called him old. "And you forgot your prom date." She countered, eyeing his suit. "You dress up this nice for all the girls you go to the club with?" A raise of her brow, where it wiggled at its apex.

Funny how being a lion for several years made conversations about human bodies as slabs of meat so very casual. It was nicer to focus on this than it was to dwell on Safiya mocking him; a little good-natured ribbing was tolerable, but only if it was balanced out by a great deal of coddling. He squinted at her, trying to judge the root of all this teasing. "I always dress nicely," he answered with a little lift of his chin; "what is prom?"

So he was a Beau type. Always dressed like the president of the country club down the street was going to call at any moment and ask to go out for tapas and white martinis. The next question caught her off guard, but remembered that, hey, most places didn't have prom. "It's a big dance American high schools put on. Basically a bunch of underage kids dress up and drink illegally and have sex in some hotel bathroom." Totally not her own person experience. Shut up.

"Where are you from?" She followed up, and prompted them to move out toward the bar in case he wanted something to drink. She could also start scoping for a meal, too.

He made a face at her, picturing several teens fucking in a motel bathroom. Safiya was full of unpleasant imagery tonight! He walked with her, taking a look at the young people around them; all of them loud, bright and soft. Wasn't it curious, that he continued to feel himself as fundamentally human, and the humans around him as something less?

Well. Thank god for others on his level. He smiled at Safi while in the process of muscling his way over to the bar. "Czechia, which used to be Czech Republic." No one on this continent ever knew where or what his country was. Scotch on the rocks, thank you! "Were you born in this country?"

Czechia, or Czech Republic. She'd read about both in school, but she really couldn't tell anyone anything about it other than there were apparently really hot and tall girls that came from there. Which she was so into. And, which apparently carried over to the men if Sokol was a good example. He ordered a drink she'd hated as a human, but she didn't say as much, and instead leaned against the bar and looked to him. "Mm, no, I was born in Maryland. But my parents are immigrants from Egypt." Could he tell, she wondered?

He bought this story, smiling sweetly down at Safiya as his drink was poured. "Really? I never have been to Africa. Did you ever visit?" And what was Egypt doing, anyway, since the Arab Spring? He would have to snoop now that he had a reason.

That sounded like something someone that traveled a lot would say. "No, I haven't." She shook her head, frowning some. "My grandmother always wanted to take me to visit but..." She trailed off there, huffed out a small sigh, and blinked back from where she'd been eyeing an abandoned olive on the bar top. "Have you visited a lot of places, though?"

Oh, right. Not likely that she was from a family of vampires. Unless he wanted to do some hand-holding and work very hard to hold his eyebrows up, best to avoid that topic. He took his drink and smiled at her. "I have. Mostly when I had nineteen years and all I wanted was to drink and sleep with as many girls as possible. Barcelona was my favorite, though, from what I remember." What he remembered was a lot of beach and warm sun, and that made the Colorado night club feel dank in comparison. "The girls did not wear many pants there, either."

He took a respectable swallow of his drink, feeling a little loss for the days when he could manage to be drunk and soft and stupid, and waited to hear Safiya rise to the bait.

Oooh, sex and drinking had been her two main interests before she was turned. Now, it was blood and sex, so similar. Plus, you know, work and clutch duties and yadda yadda yadda. Barcelona sounded magical. Sokol in Barcelona fucking a bunch of chicks that didn't wear pants sounded... sinful to think about. But, she did anyway. "Is that because they were slutty or because you took them off?" She questioned coyly, her brows raising a fraction as she looked down at his own pants. She wouldn't mind taking those off. But, you know, pacing herself and all that good stuff. This was still too early in a game she had a feeling Sokol intended to draw out. In the end, she wasn't even sure if there would be a winner. Ideally, she'd get him in bed, and he would have his little pussy cat world turned up side down. For the better, of course.

She was very focused, Sokol had to give her that; though nothing could top the matter of her sober and vomiting on the sidewalk and then making a pass at him minutes later. It was fascinating. He only smiled in answer, though she went ahead and looked at his dick as if asserting dominance over those imagined Spanish trollops. Goodness. "I am too much dignified to answer," he conceded, smugly, to keep the moment from escalating. "When does the show start?" Meaning...vampire food show, though he hadn't managed to be clear.

Too dignified! Someone who'd drank and fucked his way through Spain. Sure. She huffed out a small laugh and looked back to his face as he prompted her for what he'd come for. "Sorry, am I not an entertaining conversation?" She questioned teasingly. But, ultimately, this is what she'd promised. So, her eyes roved to the patrons of the bar, someone she'd been eyeing before he'd gotten here. A girl, who'd she'd made sure was alone. Not the most stunning, but averagely pretty. She was short and a little rounder around the edges, but still cute with her hair in a bun and rocking a jumpsuit. She tapped the bartop for his attention, then gestured with the same finger that way, "How about her?"

She was very entertaining! But the truth was, Sokol did not like to feel preyed upon. Better to redirect her to more appropriate targets. And she didn't seem to mind, as well, already assessing the crowd. He followed her hand: the young woman indicated was not particularly pretty, though pleasant. His eyes narrowed very slightly, and he turned to look down at Safi with interest. "What do you look for?"

Good question! Safiya looked back to Sokol, wondering if it was safe to tell him. What could he do with it? Warn someone, probably. But the things that protected people from getting fed on by a vampire were things that were also promoted to prevent being attacked, robbed, raped... basic safety stuff. So, really, him warning someone not to go out alone and drink wasn't going to have much of an impact on the food pool. "Usually, people that have been drinking. Alone or with enough people that its hard to notice that they're gone for a few minutes." She said with a shrug. "It sounds creepy, but I'm gentle about it."

He glanced at her, but largely now his eyes were on the girl in the jumpsuit, putting on the lens of a predator; drunk girls he liked, but singling out a woman all alone did make him feel like a ghoul by association. He tried to set the notion aside. "And girls, always?"

Innocent! Innocent question.

She giggled, looked back to him with a shake of her head. "No, boys too. Or, really, anyone. Especially at Pegasus, you been there?" She questioned, side tracked for the moment. Whoops!

He had been baiting her, but already he had fallen into a sort of horror at the reality of the night's premise. She spoke next to him, and he stared forward into the crowd and worked to reorder his thoughts. An inappropriate spill of empathy for what was a lesser animal than both himself and Safiya. Clean it up.

He glanced back down at her, making his way back to the moment. "Pegasus?" Excuse her. "The gay club. No."

Boo. "If you get a chance, you should." She informed him with an impish smirk, then turned to look back to the girl. She'd turned to her phone. So, now was a good time to strike. Without waiting to hear what Sokol had to say, she would move toward the girl, and stop beside her, leaning tentatively against the bar, "Hi... can you do me a favor, girl?" She questioned, baiting for eye contact. When she got it, she'd quickly take the opprotunity, "Follow me to the back," And it was a failure, but she'd gotten the hang of preparing for those, "It's kind of embarrassing, so I don't want a lot of people around." A save that would win her a momentary pause, before the girl smiled pleasantly and nodded with a slightly slurred 'sure.'

With that, she'd step back for the girl to hop from her seat, and would glance over her shoulder at Sokol to motion for him to follow. Wether or not he did, she'd lead the girl back toward the bathrooms, but wouldn't go through the doors or anything. There were just less people around, and the ones that were around weren't focusing on them. She stopped near a cocktail table, and sought for the girl's eyes again, "Take pleasure in this, because you're gonna forget this happened when I leave you." Bingo. She felt powerful. It would have sucked if Sokol was watching and saw her blunder. The girl seemed confused, but a small smile bloomed on her lips as Safiya moved to direct her head to the side and press a few kisses into the crook of her neck, stepping closer to her. The girl's hand found Safi's side, and she mirrored it for the moment, then bit down into her soft skin. To the outside eye, two girls were getting a bit too comfy in the corner. Seemingly harmless. Meanwhile, Safiya had a meal to make quick.

Just a smirk, and she was on the move, a different target in her sights. He sipped at his drink and worked to watch casually as she leaned in and engaged the girl.

They spoke quietly to each other, and Sokol picked up some of the words, then smiled at Safi as she nodded him over. He took a little time about it, and not being a giant, he lost sight of them for a minute or so. Reemerging, he found them with hands at each other's waists, Safiya's face obscured, and it certainly did not look violent. Perhaps there was a similar mechanic as with vampire bats — didn't they have numbing saliva?

Well, anyway. He turned to keep them in the corner of his eye, appearing to stare out at nothing while quite intently listening to them both. This was less dramatic than he had assumed, but in a way it was a relief.

Her blood was definitely sweetened with the alcohol, and after a few moments, Safiya was feeling heady and warm. She lapped at the tiny wound she'd left, then pulled back to see the girl was flushed and had her lips parted, her eyes heavy with... probably a mix of arousal and relaxation. Safi smirked at her, gave her a tiny squeeze on the side, and then made to step away. A swift retreat, which she made by slipping into the crowd and disappearing from the girl's sight. The girl would look after her for a moment, dumbstruck, before blinking and looking about her surroundings apparently confused as to how she'd gotten here. Safi was sure she'd write it off as blacking out from drinking too much, and hopefully she'd call an uber and call it a night.

As for Safiya, she made her way around to Sokol's side, smiling a numb but valiant smile. "Like magic." She said.

He smiled back, briefly meeting her eyes before shifting his gaze to the side. "Maybe not like magic. It was like you said, very subtle." His smile grew, and he was complimenting her, even as he was indulging in a little childishness. "I really had hoped it would be dramatic. Fainting, hissing. But that was like pouring for yourself a beer!" He had a wild guess that Safiya would relish in being complimented!

Sokol would be one hundred and thirty percent correct with his assumption. The compliments reached into her like warm fingers, unlacing whatever playful little walls she'd put up against not letting Simba get to her too much. What a dick. But she liked it. She knew what he was doing, playing her own game against her. "Well, now you're just stroking my ego." She said with a narrowed eye and a coy smirk.

He shrugged disarmingly, playing innocent under a veil of very real enthusiasm. "I thought it was very cool! You should give yourself credit." Finishing off his drink, he stretched to set it at a table and rounded in closer. "Was that the easiest it has ever gone?"

Listen. Sokol wanted the juicy vampire stories. He was being so good.

She refrained from rolling her eyes, but she did let the compliments warm her. Even if she knew they were probably not too genuine. Maybe they were, and she was just a dick. "Well, thanks." She said with a laugh. At the question, she paused to consider for a moment, "Hmmm. That was pretty easy, yeah. You can imagine it can go to shit really quickly."

His eyes widened, and he shook his head. "I can't imagine! You'll have to tell me." Joking but also 100% serious and focused until called on it. "What's your worst story?"

That was a lie and she didn't even have to have her power for it. He could guess. He had a brain and seemed like the kind of guy that could come up with all storts of horrible shit if he tried. But she wasn't going to shy away from a story. A grin stretched wickedly wide along her lips as she considered... there'd been the one that the girl died in, but that was more sad than excitingly disastrous. The most recent and one that came most to mind was ice boy.

"One time, this dude was just, being a huge dick. So it was already pissing me off. Then, he fucking just... he just shot ice at me. With his hands. And so I sort of lost my cool a bit, cause thats pretty fucked up, right?" Playing innocent, he didn't need to know she could do magic shit too. "So then I was feeding on him, not really all that gentle, and he put his hands on my stomach," She mimicked the placement with her own hands, hovering before Sokol's torso, but not actually touching, "And shot ice. Into my stomach. Like shards of ice. It was gross and it fucking hurt, but," She shrugged, gestured down to her intact self, "Obviously stuff like that can't kill me."

This was exactly the kind of juicy thing he'd hoped for, and he followed along bright-eyed, every little omission and vagary making him regret the loud, crowded venue where they stood. But she had been impaled with ice??? That was one of the most incredible things he had ever heard. At the end he was left wondering what did kill a vampire, but no amount of charm would make the question appropriate.

Instead he gave the story its due, grimacing in horror and placing a hand on his own little paunch with sympathy pain. "That is truly disgusting, Safiya, and I mean it as a compliment." He would never in a thousand years have guessed what a little berserker this girl was. "You can impress everyone you meet with that story."

Honestly, she took it as a genuine compliment, her head sufficiently full. A smirk played at her lips as he continued, and she batted her eyes up at him as she shook her shoulders about. "You're impressed? King of the jungle?" She said, feigning as if she had a mouthful of humble pie.

Sokol kept holding his belly. "Yes! I think I would die if that happened." And Sokol very much did not want to die! Also, he was happy to build her up after this display, not wanting to overspend on her good will. "Normally this is where I offer to buy you a drink, but..." No, accidentally he had walked them back to the time she spewed publicly. "I think I remember you don't like that."

"Maybe." She said with a shrug. Didn't shifters heal quickly, too? He circled toward the topic of drinks, and her smile fell some as he reminded her of her puking everywhere. "Ugh, don't remind me." She said with a shake of her head. "How about I buy you one, and you dance with me for one song. Then you're off the hook for the night." She promised with a devilish smile.

'Maybe' was right, but that was more frightening certainly than the case for Safiya. No food, no drink, and being impaled wouldn't stop her. Like a zombie.

She took the accidental ribbing with good humor, and offered to buy him a drink, which was unusual but flattering. "Until we go and race in the parking lot," he agreed with an answering grin, and began to nudge his way back to the bar.

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