Home Run!


It was so cold! Hard to think it would be June soon. It was brisk and misty, and all around unpleasant, but that couldn't stop her from doing her run. She, like a few other stubborn park goers, was weathering the dreary morning. It didn't bother her too terribly, but it did keep her from her usual smile as she jogged along the paved path that encircled a wide open green space.

In the field were a few boys tossing a baseball. Or, really, throwing it at one another in hopes of nailing each other in the thigh or back. One of them had particularly bad aim, and Vidya watched as the ball sailed across the path and into the treeline to her right. The one that had thrown it jogged after, crossing the path a few yards in front of her and diving in for the ball. Vidya paid him little mind, keeping her eyes forward and her mind on her breathing. So, when the baseball came plummeting straight for her face, she wasn't entirely prepared to dodge it. With a resounding crack, it smacked her square in the side of the nose and beneath her cheek. Vidya let out a yelp, staggering forward as her hands moved to clutch at the sudden rush of blood dribbling from her nose.

The cat was immediately scrambling to the front of her mind, flashing images of shifting and rounding on the boy that was shuffling out of the trees and staring at her with a pale face. But she gritted her teeth, took in a sharp breath, and forced herself to turn away and march toward a park bench as blood seeped over her hands. It was only a baseball. Only a nosebleed, right? For now, it didn't hurt that bad. She could just pinch it and wait for her body to stop the bleeding.


Ashley didn't have any kind of magic speed or super powerful vision or anything.

But sometimes, even as a boring magic person, you got to watch some moments seem to unfold in slow motion. She was slurping from a water fountain on the way back from an unsuccessful healing effort. (Surprise, she couldn't fix hangovers!) Her head tilted to face the scene, water ran dumbly from her open mouth as she saw it.

Ball sailing, turning in the air, moving like a guided missile... straight to someone's face. Oh no. The sound of the impact was fleshy and audible, and she winced, pulling away from the water fountain and making a beeline for the obviously bleeding woman who briefly looked like she was about to punt the wanna-be pitcher across the field. (And who wouldn't, really!) Ash gave the kid a scrunchy glare before approaching the bench, one hand clinging to the strap of her bag.

"That looked like it hurt. I might be able to help?"

She was already reaching one hand into her bag, feeling an automatic, practiced sort of calm roll over her.

Vidya made it to a seat, and with ginger fingers she pinched at the nose. Not broken. It did hurt, and there was a surge of pain as she tried to tilt her head back and stop the bleeding from dripping down her chin. A tentative sniff in was cut short with a surprised gasp as a woman's voice sounded beside her. She hadn't even noticed her approach! With the cat's grumbling and yowling, and her ears wooshing with the pain, she was caught off guard. Vidya looked to the girl with paled, golden eyes, blinking a moment as what the woman said settled in. Oh! And offer for help.

"Oh," She said, sniffing again as the creeping feeling of blood pooling from her nose already began to ebb away into a slow crawl. Whatever the girl could do to help, it wasn't likely to be more helpful than what her body was already doing. Vidya realized a bit too late that if the girl got too close, she was likely to notice the fact that the bleeding would stop and the bruising would quickly begin. She moved to cup her hands back over her nose. "I just need napkins, if you have any?" She said, nasally.

Oh, wow. This woman's eyes were so strange and pretty. Ashley's eyebrows rose in surprise before she quickly returned to the effort at hand.

"I do," she said, because thankfully she was... well, prepared for nose bleeding! There was the little black hand towel she often used as well, but that was sort of sacred to Ash-bleeding-only.

Taking a seat, she rifled through her bag to grab a wad of brown paper napkins from... McDonald's. Classy! She handed them over, looking at the woman's face as it seemed to be almost bruising already. What an awful hit!

"This is going to seem really crazy but, like, I have healing powers? I'd need to touch your face, but I can make it go away a lot faster."

Vidya took the napkins in one hand with a mumbled thanks, and did her best to keep her head down as she first wiped her hands of the blood that had dirtied them. She discarded that one to the side before putting one agains the the base of her nose, staring pointedly at the ground with furrowed brows. What the girl said next, though. She could not help but look up at her, caught off guard by... healing powers? Like what Asha and Abraham would have? Vidya stilled a bit at the idea of letting the girl touch her face. The cat was already teetering on the edge, grappling for control as her nose throbbed and the bleeding stopped all together. "You... what?" She questioned. There was definitely bruising now, extending eve to the top of her lip, which hurt as she spoke. Ugh!

Oh, wow. The bleeding seemed to be stopping, which was... great! Though Ashley's brows came together in concern as she watch the bruising seem to blossom much faster than was typical.

It felt a little like a CGI effect, and she was left briefly speechless. Automatically, she ran a hand beneath her own nose briefly, wondering if she was bleeding somehow. Like maybe she was healing the girl without even touching her face? That would be incredible.

But. Nothing. She blinked.

"I know, it sounds crazy, I promise I'm legit," she said, giving her best "please trust me" smile. She grasped the water bottle from her bag, then moved to unceremoniously pour a little water onto her hands. "I just need to touch your face a little, I'm one of those people with, um, powers!"

What... was even happening! The girl was imploring her to trust that she was legitimately able to heal her. Just needed to touch her face. Vidya watched her with knitted brows as the girl pulled out water and wet her hands. "No, I..." She didn't have any reason, without blatantly saying 'no, I'm already healing on my own, thanks!' So instead she sort of scooted away, unsure of how to handle this. It would be rude to just get up and run! "The bleeding's stopped, I think I'm okay." She implored, sniffing for emphasis. She could tell her nostril had swelled, the skin beneath her eye tight as well when she blinked. Oh no, oh no...

It wasn't entirely unusual for someone to reject her offer. Ashley, honestly, wasn't even upset. Normally she'd just be disappointed, but right now she...

She was witnessing something she couldn't really account for. The woman was healing in front of her, a process Ashley was deeply, deeply familiar with. The swelling, the bruises changing from one shade to the next. Her mouth hung open a little, and again she ran her hand beneath her nose, expecting blood.

"You're- you're healing already, like- fast," she said, then looked from her hands to the woman a few times. "I... I might be doing it? I don't know how, but I-"

The growing excitement was palpable in her voice. Was she healing someone with her freaking mind?!

Oh no! The girl noticed. Of course she did! The beginning stages of an injury like this were going to be in fast forward. Once, she'd watched a cut from her shears seal and scab in the matter of ten minutes. She wasn't sure how fast this would be, but she knew it was too fast to be normal. The girl, however, thought it might be her? She believed she could heal people, anyway, so? "No-" She paused, swallowed, and tried again."I-I mean, um!" Vidya said, trying for a smile, "Maybe? It's feeling better!" Her voice was abnormally high, and the accent that had shallowed some since she moved to America thickened. She needed to go. "I should go, I think I got blood on my shirt." She said, and stood.

Oh, no. She felt some pang of guilt, like maybe she'd used her power without permission? And that was probably pretty frightening even if it was... helpful?

Somewhat unintentionally, she rose too, one hand going to her own chest in an expression of sincerity.

"No it's- it's okay, it's not- it's fine! I promise it's safe, and it's-"

Incredible, honestly, because it was still healing, and she still didn't know how she was doing it.

"If you look on like... selfie mode on your camera, you can see it."

She was really, really sorry! The girl seemed so nice and genuine, even if her claims were outlandish and confusing. But, she kept on, kept pressing about it, and it started making both her and the cat feel incredibly cornered. Another sniff, in which she noted the swelling had clogged one nostril. It hurt a bit to keep her left right eye open. She just needed to get home and ice it, and wait it out. "It's... no, I believe you. But I think I just need to get some ice and lay down?" She suggested, taking one step away. Again! Really sorry! She did what she could not to look the girl directly in the eye, aware that the cat was almost certainly making her eyes yellow.

This was going super poorly and Ashley wasn't even sure why. But confusion wasn't enough to make it worth ignoring, so she took a breath and just...

Let it go. Let this poor confused woman go.

"Okay, um, good luck. Maybe- maybe don't drive if you feel like you have a concussion?"

Or run. Because the woman was running, so she probably had a ways to go back to wherever her car was. Whatever the case, Ashley would let her go, hands wringing apologetically at the strangeness of it all.

"Okay, thank you!" Vidya said, unfortunately short as she turned on her heel and cupped her hands over her nose. The quicker she got back to the car, the easier it would be to calm down. So, feeling just horrible for it, she left the girl that had been so nice to try and help her. And, she left the napkins she'd bloodied. Horrible!

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