Damn right, it's better than yours

Union Square 
Most people had three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, then dinner. Specifically in that order.

Charlie on the other hand had many meals a day, and there was absolutely no order. He ate whatever was available to him, as soon as it was available, all day long. Was it a problem? Nah, fuck off.

Having just moved here for his new job, he hadn't explored the whole city yet, so he'd set aside the noontime hours for a walk through Cordova. (Un?)fortunately for him, there was a lot of food available along the path he took, and by 12:00 Charlie had scarfed down a fast food burger, a sloppy street taco, and was now sitting on a bench in Union Square with a strawberry milkshake. It was honestly impressive how well toned the boy was, considering this was his usual diet.

Charlie wasn't worried about looking too comfortable either - leaned back against the bench, his long legs stretched out and crossed on the pavement. The sun was bright above him, the heat not enough to make the park a living microwave, but enough to turn his milkshake into milkjuice in no time at all. Good thing Charlie didn't plan on taking too long with it, he'd already gone through half the cup.

The day had been great. It was warm enough that Orri could go for a quick run (on four legs) that morning. Which left him rather hungry in the afternoon. Having already ventured to a few places in Red Rock he had decided today was the day to explore Cordova!

If Paris hadn't been crazy with it's traffic then Cordova might have sent him into a shift. But he was prepared! Keeping mostly to the parks and sidewalks he sniffed at the air trying to decided what to get for lunch. It was during this preliminary sniff that he caught the whiff of strawberry. Well sort of strawberry. The sugary fake kind that American's used in a lot of stuff. Still it smelled great.

He was met with some disappointment when he found the source of the smell. A milkshake, in the hands of a human, who was draining it far to fast to be willing to share.


He called out joyfully and bounded up to the bench. At the very least he could find out where the milkshake had come from.

At first Charlie wasn't sure if the hello was meant for him, he paused mid spoonful and turned his head to see if there was anyone behind him. There wasn't, just more sunlit park space. Huh. When he looked back, the kid had more bounced than walked his way over to the bench where Charlie sat, carrying with him an abounding aura of friendliness. "Oh me!?" he half exclaimed half asked, pointing a finger at his own chest to clarify.

"Yep. You!"

He replied bouncing on the balls of his feet. Energy and friendliness was something he had always had, it made youtubing easier at least, but with the change into a fox he had more energy then ever before. Not having any other shifter to play with also meant that energy was contained to his human shape and meant all the other poor souls he met had to deal with it.

"Is that a strawberry Milkshake? Is it any good?"

The younger boy confirmed that he was talking to Charlie, who paused one more moment before his expression eased into a smile and a laugh escaped his lips. He shook his head, golden brown hair swaying softly at his brow. "Sorry, I just like wasn't expecting it," he said, exuding friendliness in his tone and body language similar to that of the platinum blonde. Luckily for Orri, Charlie had the energy to keep up with his

The other's question came before any other sort of greetings or introductions, Charlie glanced down to the cup and held it up, "Yeah it is! It's just mcdonalds, most of the food there isn't great but the milkshakes kinda slap," he joked with a boyish grin. "I'm Charlie by the way! Or Chuck, either's fine," he went a head and introduced himself.

Orri gave the hand a vigorous shake.

"I'm Orri! Nice to meet you Charlie."

He was a little disappointing it was Mcdonalds. He didn't care much for their food, especially the kinds they had in America. Although it was a cheap way to feed the foxy.

"Are there any other good places in the area you know of? I'm looking to get lunch. And I wouldn't say no to some conversation."

His father sent him a decent amount of money, understanding the amount of food needed to feed a were. Orri could spare some to help feed this young man, especially if it meant company.

Orri, it was a different name for sure, but the guy also had a bit of an accent. He took Orri's hand and shook it, then went ahead and stood as the other asked his next question. Charlie didn't need another lunch, but he didn't want to pass down a conversation. It's not everyday someone walks up to you, introduces themselves then invites you to lunch, so might as well try it. "I actually just moved here, I don't know what all is around but I'd be down to go find something," he replied, then shoveled the last of the shake into his mouth.

Ah, goodbye sweet shake, it was good smelling you, Orri thought as Charlie finished off the drink. He would just have to get himself one at some point today. As for lunch the question remained unanswered as Charlie admitted he too was new to the area.

"You're new too? Where are you from?"

He sounded pretty american, but Orri liked being surprised. Maybe Charlie would turn out to be from Canada, or Alaska! Both were exotic places. Orri wanted to see Alaska at some point although he liked Red Rock a lot. Hopefully his two year trip could be extended and he could go see other places too.

Charlie started walking, assuming Orri would follow. The blonde suggested he was new, to which Charlie gave a nod and a small smile, glancing down to turn the milkshake cup a few times in his hands. "Mhm, yeah I just moved here from the east coast. I'm a park ranger up in North Glenn," he replied, looking back to Orri, and wondering if he had been there yet. Charlie had only been in Cordova for a week, which had felt like the longest week of his life. Periods of big changes like this had a way of lengthening the days, which gave the person subject to it either more time to explore it, or more time to hide from it. Luckily Charlie was more prone to exploring, his adventurous side ever present in whatever he did.

"And you?" he returned the question to his companion.

He was quick to follow after Charlie the moment the man started walking. Walking meant food, something he was very keen on finding right now. Charlie still supplied conversation as they moved.

"Ooh! I went for a night just to try the Hot springs. As for where I'm from well, I lived in Paris for the last two years but I'm more from Iceland since that's were I lived most of my life."

He had met a funny vampire at the springs. Being a park ranger sounded cool and a lot of exercise. Although maybe it was dangerous if a lot of other weres like to let their other side out in the forests.

The hot springs, somewhere Charlie hadn't been yet but wanted to find. He was still technically in the training period, there was a lot more in the Glenn to be explored. He made sure the mark the hot springs, though, as his next destination.

Moved to Paris, from Iceland!? Ok king, traveling and stuff. Charlie had been out of the US once, and that was to visit distant relatives in Puerto Rico. So Orri's resume seemed impressive to the boy, "Oh wow! So how different, actually, is America from Europe?" he said with a light chuckle, as they arrived at a food truck along the road. It sold hot dogs, with various different condiments and toppings, and they smelled delicious. He knew, as much as he wanted it, that he shouldn't spend any more money on street food today, plus his stomach was begging him not to. But Orri was more than welcome to it, so he paused to see if the other boy had any interest.

His nose twitched as they stopped before a food cart for hot dogs. Pulling out his wallet he ordered ten. That should feed the fox.

"Well there's just a lot of stuff in America. I was in the grocery store the other day and they have a whole isle for cereal."

Raisin Brain was decidedly yummy. He was rather glad he had met Cliff there during the dilemma. Now he also had a place to shift and explore as well. How exciting!

"Do you want a hot dog?"

They had aisles full of almost anything you’d ever want to eat in American grocery stores, that’s why grocery stores were his favorite places to shop. ”Yeah I guess we do have a lot of stuff.” The fact that the aisles of cereal had surprised the European made him wonder what filled the shelves of Icelandic stores.

Ten?! Now THAT’S impressive. Charlie thought he ate a lot! His surprised expression widened into a smile as he chuckled, ”Dude, that’s a shit ton of hot dogs.” It was kinda crazy, but the kind of crazy that the boy admired. He was then offered a hot dog, and normally he would’ve politely said no and hope that the other would insist so it wouldn’t seem like he was being greedy, but considering there were ten on the way, he saw no reason to hold back.

”Sure, thanks!” he replied, and eagerly awaited his third “lunch”.

Orri turned back to the truck and ordered another hot dog for Charles. His mouth was already watering in anticipation of the food, but he tried to turn his attention back to the conversation. After all he was the one who had asked for company.

"Yeah there are just so many options to choose from. Thankful I ran into a guy who suggest raisin bran to me so I didn't have to pick one out."

He gave a laugh as the other commented on the amount of food. Considering how much he had to eat due to the fox he wasn't too surprised by the others reaction.

"I eat a lot. Have to keep my energy up!"

Charlie was also totally here for some conversation, but the hot dog smell was undoubtedly distracting. His stomach was saying, ‘chuck really?’ But his heart was saying ‘chuck yes’, and who was he to deny a heart’s wish. He glanced to the food truck a few times, his tongue swiping over his lips, but he actually did a good job of keeping his focus on the conversation.

Probably because it too was about food. Cereal, and how Orri had such a hard time choosing the right one. ”If you ever wanna shake it up a bit, I highly suggest Frosted Flakes. Perfect for any occasion,” he said, unable to deny how grrrrrrrrreat they are.

When Orri remarked on how he had to keep his energy up, Charlie couldn’t help but laugh. The idea of this small guy needing 10 hot dogs worth of sustenance was pretty funny, but hey you do you. ”Go off I guess,” he replied with an impressed smile.

He held back a laugh as frosted flakes was suggested. He still clearly remembered the boxes with the tiger on them, especially as he had helped pick up quite a few of them. One of the hot dogs came out and Orri handed it over to Charles. If he started eating he might forget that he had ordered one for the human.

Inside his mind the fox was licking its chops eagerly. Soon, soon he would eat.

"I'll keep that in mind. Do you like mountainside?"

One of the hot dogs 'dinged' ready, and was passed over to Charlie, who took it with a hum and major heart eyes. It looked delicious. He looked back over to the other man, who's generosity could never be more appreciated than it was now, and said with a wide grin, "Thank you SO much!" He then moved over to where the condiments were in their nondescript bottles marked with respective colors, and covered his hot dog in the contents of the red bottle. Charlie loved ketchup.

As he pulled a few napkins from the dispenser, he was asked another question, this one about how he liked the mountainside. He turned and gave Orri an 'are you kidding' look and replied, "So far I love it, they've got a bit of everything here. The nature especially is amazing." He had gone to stand beside Orri again, and took a bite of his meal.

He grinned at the 'are you kidding' look Charlie gave him. Hey he just wanted to know.

"Oh my gosh I love the nature. I decided to stay here because of it! I mean the rocks are red! And I heard there are hot springs and waterfalls and forests and caves and oh my gosh just so much to see!"

He had to pause eventually to take breath. Excitement was strumming through him and he was bouncing on his feet again. The fox was pacing around in his mind hungry and wanting to play with all this energy. But Charlie wasn't another were, and would get hurt if they played. He didn't want to change the man's life by accidentally infecting him.

Charlie smiled with his mouth closed through a mouthful full of hot dog, as his companion rambled about all the things he loved in nature. Orri was very enthusiastic. He waited for the other to have to take a breath to say his bit. "For sure! And hey, if you ever want to go on a hike up at the Glenn let me know, park rangers are technically guides anyway," he offered with a shrug. He had lots of places to explore for sure, but everything was more fun with other people to share the discoveries with. And Orri seemed to think it was all just as exciting as Charlie did.

A guide! He could have a guide take him around! That would be so awesome! Of course he would have to go on two legs instead of paws, but still it sounded super fun. Maybe he could vlog a little too.

"Really! You would do that for me?"

Thankfully more hotdogs came out and he could turn his boundless energy and devouring them. He scarfed down two without even bothering to put condiments on.

Of course he would! If he didn't he would be sort of shit at his job. Also though he simply would enjoy the company.

"Yeah sure, no problem! You could just text me on a day that you wanted to go out, I'll probably be working and I'll come find you. We could do a trail or whatever," he said with a grin, pulling out his iphone and opening up to the contacts, for Orri to put in his if he wanted. As he did so, he watched the blonde wolf down two hot dogs, no ketchup or anything. He'd just finished shoving that last of his one hot dog into his mouth, and the shorter guy had eaten two just like that? Seriously impressive.

"You're really hungry huh?" he asked with a soft smirk and his eyebrows raised.

Oh! Another phone to put his number in. His group of friends was going! First Cliff now Charlie. He leaned over and typed in his number while finishing up the last bite of hotdog. Which got commented on with a smirk from said human.

"I went for a hike in Red Rock before this, so yeah I'm starving!"

A few more hotdogs came out, these ones he poured ketchup on before downing them in only a few bites. Did having a bigger were mean you had to eat more? Maybe thats something he would have to ask Cliff. Imaging having to feed a bear.

Charlie took back his phone and stuck it back in his butt pocket, then brushed the hot dog bun crumbs off his hands. So Orri had gone hiking already today, that explained hunger for sure but this was more than hunger, this was gorging. Like logically Orri should explode right? Oh well, more power to ya. Charlie's tongue quickly swiped over a sticky ketchup smudge on his chin, before he asked, "I haven't been to Red Rock yet, that's uh west of here right?"

He gave a quick nod around swallowing another hotdog. Slowly the fox was becoming mullified. A few more of these and he would be set.

"Yeah it's really nice. I recommend it if you wanna go hiking somewhere you don't work."

Charlie nodded at the recommendation, a Red Rock hike was now officially on his bucket list. "Sounds good, I'll get to it then," he said. As he stood there at the stand with Orri, he began to feel the effects of eating as much food as he had today. His stomach was begging him to rest, and at the same time threatening him with mad cramps for what he'd done. He probably should go home and nap, maybe he'd go out again later to explore.

"Hey Orri, thanks for the hot dog. I gotta get going though, stuff to do at the new apartment. Catch ya later?" he asked, genuine about it too. Orri was cool, excitable but cool. And he'd bought Charlie food so double plus.

"Oh yea. No worries! You go do your stuff! Thanks for the conversation!"

He was starting to become invested in the hotdogs anyways so it was probably best for the conversation to end.

Orri said his goodbyes, and Charlie did the same, turning to leave the other guy to his dogs. It was nice to know that people in Cordova were friendly enough to introduce themselves like that, though then again Orri wasn’t technically from here. Still the boy deemed it a productive walk in the city, and it was now time for a productive nap on his couch.

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